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    Could we just say a massive thank-you to all those who came and made our day so much fun and so special. We just wanted everything to be enjoyable and not stuffy, we think we managed it even though my best man Kiwidad did his utmost to stick to tradition and crucify me. Kevin says you can return to being nasty to her from today.😎 Thanks to everyone who helped out beforehand and afterwards (especially Paddyr who knows how to do technical stuff unlike most of the marina moorers), but we love them all for their input anyway. Bob from Stowe Hill Workshop gets an MBE for his services in organising and hosting the bash. Many Beers Everytime. Thanks to all who brought gifts and cards, we are just starting to open them now. I can certainly say the fish n chips were fantastic, I cant believe it took me an hour to eat a hog roast cob...but you lot kept me talking.., the vegan paella made by James from Rughy Boats was wonderful, highly recommended by my vegan daughter and boyfriend, and Lonewolf certainly made sure the rest wasn't wasted.....and good knows what Smudge had in his 2 bulging carrier bags...he will be eating hog for weeks....!! I didnt even try the chicken paella...one of my fave dishes. The Home Front Defenders did an awesome job in the pub, I cant believe you lot let me down and didnt drink all the beer., The kids enjoyed a trip on Tilly courtesy of James and Claire, RugbyBoats new day boat and generally had a brilliant time being kids, I am now officially GrandpaBoats. Once the DJ had found our spotify playlist, the dancefloor bounced and moved, glad I dont like music and cant dance.😁 Kathy and I have had the best day of our lives, and are over the moon that we managed to share it and enjoy it with you all.
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    Just a reminder to all you folks, myself included re the dangers of Co and possibly waking up Dead!! Alarm went off on boat next to mine late last evening, proves the worth of alarms. They had left their ash bucket full of hot ashes inside the boat!! Dont do it, they smoulder as we all know for a couple of days even if freezing cold outside. So ashes outside every time please. Thanks and sleep safely.
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    I've noticed several quite readable threads recently infected by the B word. Now apart from a few contributions early in the first B**x*t thread, I have for health reasons (sanity, blood pressure, etc.) studiously avoided the subject. Is anyone going to join me in an appeal against this pollution of otherwise informative/amusing topics?
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    Only my own opinion, the canal has been there how long? At a guesstimate more than 100 years. Is there really a need for fences,cctv and other measures. Sad that it is, that someone has suffered by falling into the canal, but I live on the canals and have fallen in once, due to my own incompetence. And I was sober!!
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    Sent PM but don't know if it has gone. When do you want to go? Am moored 4 boats up from you and live locally.
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    I wasn't being sarcastic! You have started or contributed to several threads doing nothing but complain about how CaRT aren't doing something that YOU think should be done or done in a particular way, and do not seem to accept that they obviously know better than you, since they have the experts to deal with these things. I would suggest that the ugliness is more in your negativity.
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    They didn’t, they mistakingly thought the lock was sett.
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    Had we not had successive governments over the last thirty or so years which have reduced taxation on those being paid the most - they certainly don't 'earn' it, given the state of the economy - then there would be much more money. They could also address the small tax payments made by multi-national companies and the like. And what about football players and others in the media being given half a million a month, when others are living in poverty and the general public are being provided with inferior services. We are living in an increasingly divided world, which some of us want to change so life is better for people in general, rather than just a few individuals. We might even be able to maintain a canal system which doesn't have regular closures. Yes, it is about money. It is just whether you want that money to go to the most selfish individuals, or to society as a whole.
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