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    Strange I read it as C&RT explaining and informing what is required and if you try to bend the rules, you only have yourself to blame when your boat is removed.
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    I mark mine by tying a narrowboat to them with thick ropes. It really helps to draw attention to the small bits of metal if you have a colourful boat, with obvious decoration on it, left near the path in the wet bit ...
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    After many weeks of research and taking advice plus countless looking on Apolloduck today I went to Sawley Marina to go for a demonstration cruise with Dave and Trudy the lovely owners of Once upon a time 65x12 Widebeam. I first saw her ( the boat) on a random visit to Sawley a few weeks ago and although I had no appointment to view Dave was happy for me to step aboard and take a look .... both he and the boat impressed me to the point where I could not stop going back on line looking at her. I then went back to Sawley with my daughter to show her the boat and again even though it was a random visit Dave invited us aboard and gave us a tour and answered countless questions I asked of him. I did look at other Widebeam boats one in particular moored at Mirfield and despite it being better equipped and only 57feet so allowing a lot more cruising the owner was without doubt one of the hardest people Iv ever tried doing business with. He seemed reluctant to cooperate with any requests and seemed unsure on many points Iv raised to the point I believed he was definitely hiding something from me.... anyway his attitude and rudeness sealed the fate of that purchase ever happening. So a call to Sawley and a little bit of bartering and today’s cruise was arranged. Now the experiment the moment I stepped aboard was without doubt fantastic Dave and Trudy had the boat built and it was very clear their connection with her was very strong indeed. We drank tea and chatted before Dave showed me the cellar as his wife calls it and he wanted me to feel the engine so as to see it was stone cold be for he turned the key and she sprang into life before settling into a nice burble. A demonstration taking down of the pram cover followed and we were on our way. Turning left out of sawyonto the Sawley Cutting Dave steered whilst giving advice in a clear understandable manner and once we reached the Trent he stood to one side and handed control of his boat to me. Iv been told many times these fat boats swim like a brick but if that’s the case then this was a damn good brick. I soon found myself at one with the boat she steered clean and responsive and at no point was I fazed by her. We did a few locks and went under a few low bridges on to Shardlow where Dave demonstrated a relaxed trouble free turn around for out trip back to Sawley.To say I had a smile on my face was an understatement and a few cups of tea and a lot of questions later I handed over my deposit. So in a few weeks time at 63 I’m about to start a new chapter in my life and like all great stories it begins with Once upon a Time. I would like to thank Dave and Trudy for their honesty and openness today plus I need to thank Peyerboat and Tony D who over many weeks have advised guided and listened to my many wows on issue I was experiencing trying to find the right boat for me. So once she’s mine I’ll be changing her name to Misty & Me ( That’s my Labrador ) together we are entering a new phase in our lives amongst you guys.
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    Hi all I can see everyone on this forum is waiting for more information about the theft, so having just returned home from recovering the boat let me fill you in on what actually happened. Firstly though let me start by thanking everyone who posted positive messages on this forum, or replied to me individually - your contributions were really appreciated, and ultimately it is the publicity through this forum and onward posts to other forums or Facebook that led to the boat being identified 24 hours after the alarm was raised to the community. In particular I owe enormous thanks to the individuals who actually identified the boat in the location where it was found - near bridge 105 on the Staffs and Worcs, not too far from the marina it was stolen from. I won't go into the detail of exactly what happened after it had been found, but I must thank the efforts of both CRT staff and Staffordshire Police last night (Wednesday) once the boat had been found - they were extremely supportive and helpful. The person that stole the boat is a 60 year old male who is known to the police and has previous convictions - I won't be giving his name on this forum though as the police are following up. When the boat was found yesterday he was not on the boat but all, and I mean all, his possessions were piled up everywhere - he had basically moved in. The boat was full of his clothes, prescription medicines, dubious electrical gear, fishing equipment, food, dog food, roll ups - the lot. And there was cigarette ash around the place, including in a cup by the bed. There was also some personal correspondence which had his name on, as did the prescription medicines. However I'm sorry to say that he had removed all of the personal possessions we had on board - everything. Clothes, bedding, tools, books, DVDs, maps, pictures, soft furnishings, the boat manual, service record, our log books etc - everything had gone. And as you will probably have seen from the pictures he had made an attempt to cover up the boat name by overpainting it with red paint which he had bought specifically. However he did not start to overpaint until last week. He is clearly used to narrowboats - he has been managing through locks on his own (presumably) and when mooring had tied up neatly. And the interior of the boat is not in too bad condition - once the interior has been professionally cleaned, and the exterior repained it should look OK. It will, though, never be quite the same boat to us. Anyway it looks like he accessed the boat by managing to pick the yale lock at the back of the boat, which is now damaged and fixed in the locked position. The engine key is more of a mystery but our engine key is by no means unique. At the moment there is no suggestion that he had duplicate keys from anywhere including the marina, or any other individual. However the question remains why our boat out of all the boats? As others have speculated on here why pick a boat in a marina - why not on the towpath. More particularly how did he know our boat was unattended at the time? - we have liveaboards all around us in the marina! At the moment this remains a mystery - to us, and to the staff at Kings Bromley who have been extremely supportive. But we have to speculate that someone somewhere other than the thief knew our boat was unattended. I hope the above explains something of what has gone on. Please though don't now inundate me with further questions as we have a lot to deal with in the coming days and I have done my best to explain what we know. If I have anything more useful to add I'll add it on here when I'm able. Finally then huge thanks again to all those who have made a positive contribution to the boat recovery or provided helpful comments - the boating community collectively pulled together to help and we are very grateful.
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    Following the meltdown of the past week, it's clear that a lot of members have been unhappy with heavy handed moderation. However, that pales to insignificance when compared to the issue of moderators receiving abusive and threatening phone calls. What the hell is wrong with some people? This is supposed to be an enjoyable website and is appreciated by thousands. I wouldn't blame Daniel if he just closed the whole site down. Good people who offer their time and energy voluntarily should never have to put up with anything like that. All the forum staff: you have my sympathies, and keep up the good work. I do look forward to a bit more explaining of moderator actions though.
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    I'm amazed you have the gall to post here. I stand by what I said earlier in this thread, you have singlehandedly ensured that a huge number of boaters will no longer share information publicly for fear of falling prey to your particular style of personal vendetta, and its publication via falsehood on the vanity blog that you are associated with. Clearly you don't understand the meaning of libel any more than you do the meaning of journalism. You're a disgrace.
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    I see no reason to focus on the words junk or rubbish in this thread. The opening post here was talking about C&RT removing items that have no place on a towpath like dog bowls and bird feeders and now bikes and piles of logs. Then we hear they were warned weeks ago and even had offending items labelled. What exactly is the problem here? Items left unattended on public accessible land next to water stand every chance of ending up in it. I don't want to see towpaths looking like an Asian Slum Waterway. Inland Waterways are our heritage and not a housing estate for those who don't see a need to be tidy or respect land they not only don't own but also have no right to use for their own personal misuse.
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    So, if you can't afford something, you can just choose to ignore that rule. Can't afford car insurance - no problem, just drive around uninsured. Can't afford a TV licence - fine, don't bother. Can't afford a mooring - yeah, just allocate yourself a bit of towpath.
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    As an attempt at redressing the final post from 'eyesonfreeloaders' - a new member with an obvious agenda and grudge to match - I shall address each point this person so eloquently alluded to on 'The Floating Market' thread before its eventual demise. Although not particularly obvious to those not of these parts, it was, indeed, levelled at yours truly and his long suffering wife, Mrs Doorman. Initially, it was suggested that we don't support roving traders, when in fact I've lost count how much we have spent over the last seven years with canal based traders, many of whom post on this forum and could endorse that fact.We have also spent a sizable chunk of our hard earned pensions in The Audlem Mill, even to the point where we ordered two expensive rag rugs from there, knowing that they were made by a roving trader that moored opposite to us here in Audlem. In doing so, we probably spent far more than had we gone direct to the trader, but felt that we were spreading our business around and supporting both roving traders and The Mill. Following recent shambolic events and revelations, we shall now limit our cash flow to the canal traders and save a fortune in the process. The next and most childish remark was about the alleged 'free car parking' in The Fly car park, that up until this week, we thoroughly enjoyed and were grateful for, given that Chrissie is not brilliant on her feet! Previously, the original licensees of this former iconic tavern, would permit local based and even transient boaters to use this large car park regardless of whether they were customers or not, so maybe we were guilty of naively thinking that this tradition was being upheld. Nevertheless, we read the very polite letter that was left under our wipers, that appealed to us from refraining to use the car park during the busy season and that we were most welcome to return late autumn when things quiten down again. Complying with their request, we relocated our car to The Bridge car park some fifty metres away and in truth, we frequent that friendly pub far more than we used to visit The Fly, especially as since the deplorable Tea Boat fiasco, we haven't set foot in the place. The next rambling mutterings were about land based traders being the salt of the earth and how they have such a loyal customer base and fear not the imperious advent of roving traders steaing their trade. If this were true, then why on earth did the Tea Boat incident occur and why are trading boats actively discouraged from mooring in the pound between locks 12 & 13, adjacent to The Mill and The Fly? A reference was made to me posting anomynously by this person whom entered the thread as; 'eyesonfreeloaders'. It would seem from that statement, that the author was someone who didn't appear to place much thought about their actions, someone perhaps who would stride down the towpath and hurl a string of abusive comments at a roving trader, whilst their family of customers and young children were within earshot. The suggestion "that they have too much time on their hands so must get bored and forget how lucky they are" was a thinly veiled slight at the two of us. One of which has terminal cancer. The other, whom was lucky enough to work over 70 hours a week for twenty years to carve out a business career, to enable him to retire at 54! How fortunate is that? And, simply to alleviate our perceived boredom, helped raise over ten thousand pounds in favour of Cancer Research UK. Lazy pair of sods! And finally, the most pointed statement that enlightened us to those whom were responsible for tying a despicably worded poster on an elderly continuous cruiser's boat, who due to serious illness, wanted to pay CRT his winter mooring fee, simply in order to allow him to moor close to his chosen surgery, here in Audlem, as they were treating him in conjunction with the local hospital, for what could have been a resumption of his previous condition of Leukaemia. Their words; "Anyone who cheats on our inland waterway is stealing from a charity - how low is that?" Well, when it comes to strong words of morality, anyone to places a poster on a sick man's boat that states:- "CHARITY THIEF SOD OFF AND PAY FOR A MOORING SOMEWHER ELSE" without bothering to learn the full facts, are hardly paragons of virtue are they? The rest of the post I will not bore you any further with as it simply implies that we are all taking the p**s in taking CRT for a ride and should pay more in taxes and fees towards the upkeep of not only the canal, but of the country in general. I can assure this anomynous person, that both myself and Chrissie have, and continue to do so, paid more fees and taxes than most. Thank you for taking time out to read this long winded but well meant post. Michael William Christian
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    You want to know why I think some are doing this? CWF worked very well for many years and many people invested their time into making it success including those who discussed interesting subjects. Somewhere along the line it was decided that forum members should be treated like school kids for entertainment value or maybe someone's psychology project. It's not surprising that some want to play the same game back for their entertainment. Only a guess mind you.
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    No, here most days for a looksee! I just don't post so often for the reasons that I gave and because I've had other things to deal with this year, like sorting out an estate after my Mum's death late last year and doing a job that has been beyond stressful. In truth, I miss the cut and thrust of the forum but I do think the episodes of cyberspace bullying to be utterly unnecessary. If you knew what crap I've dealt with this year, you'd understand why I've stayed away. This forum forms part of my leisure activity and, quite frankly, given that I've now had nearly four months off school with severe depression, you'll also understand why given my reception last night, I felt I needed not to participate prior to this. One of the reasons I find the kind of winding up that takes place to be sad, is the constant development of fallacious arguments. The NC/TD spat became completely unacceptable when it dragged a third person into the argument. The kind of taunting that ensued would've been shameful in a playground amongst children let alone sentient adults. Personally, I think the forum needs to decide whether it is a serious place for the discussion of boats and all that relates to them together with social gatherings, or, whether it is a place where people are allowed to expand on their challenging viewpoints and then claim that their right to free speech is being curtailed, hissing and spitting at anyone who even mildly disagrees or objects. I, personally, don't think that objectification of the opposite sex is a wholly male problem, I find the regular objectification of male behaviour by women to be objectionable too. This forum, however, seems to be a particularly male space and any woman who attempts to enter should expect to be tested. This is far more marked than it used to be and I've been a participating member for over 10 years now. I'm old enough to remember walking into pubs and being a given a constant barracking until I left and the reception I was given last night felt just like that. In this kind of environment, anyone who doesn't fit with the perceived norm, be it age, sex, race religion or orientation won't be accepted because they can't be; the best that they can work for is toleration. I'm not sure I want to spend my precious leisure time being tolerated by people whose opinions have proved they are not worthy of my respect.
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    Could we just say a massive thank-you to all those who came and made our day so much fun and so special. We just wanted everything to be enjoyable and not stuffy, we think we managed it even though my best man Kiwidad did his utmost to stick to tradition and crucify me. Kevin says you can return to being nasty to her from today.😎 Thanks to everyone who helped out beforehand and afterwards (especially Paddyr who knows how to do technical stuff unlike most of the marina moorers), but we love them all for their input anyway. Bob from Stowe Hill Workshop gets an MBE for his services in organising and hosting the bash. Many Beers Everytime. Thanks to all who brought gifts and cards, we are just starting to open them now. I can certainly say the fish n chips were fantastic, I cant believe it took me an hour to eat a hog roast cob...but you lot kept me talking.., the vegan paella made by James from Rughy Boats was wonderful, highly recommended by my vegan daughter and boyfriend, and Lonewolf certainly made sure the rest wasn't wasted.....and good knows what Smudge had in his 2 bulging carrier bags...he will be eating hog for weeks....!! I didnt even try the chicken paella...one of my fave dishes. The Home Front Defenders did an awesome job in the pub, I cant believe you lot let me down and didnt drink all the beer., The kids enjoyed a trip on Tilly courtesy of James and Claire, RugbyBoats new day boat and generally had a brilliant time being kids, I am now officially GrandpaBoats. Once the DJ had found our spotify playlist, the dancefloor bounced and moved, glad I dont like music and cant dance.😁 Kathy and I have had the best day of our lives, and are over the moon that we managed to share it and enjoy it with you all.
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    This is pretty well exactly the case. I am not banned; I have no particular ‘allegiance’ to transfer, nor am I flouncing off anywhere, but it has been forbidden to discuss the content of the locked topics or to start others dealing with the same subjects, on penalty of being suspended. There is a peculiarity about this following so close on what almost amounted to judicial approval of my use of this site as a resource for boaters over legal issues, but the rules of the playpen are those of playpen owner [to crib from Judge Judy]. For so long as I used the site for the purpose of promoting my own ideas as to how the running of the waterways should be improved, I felt it appropriate to contribute via a nominal standing order, which also gave a feeling of a stake in the site. None of that any longer applies, but at least I can still provide the information, updates and commentaries elsewhere – it is just a small pity that this site no longer wishes to provide that platform. No complaint – just a fact of life and I do not wish anyone to feel at risk because of me. I do agree with Geo though; any genuine risk of libel suits over my content [i wish] would be down to me alone, because I do not hide under a pseudonym or ‘user name’; CaRT have demonstrated that they know exactly who posts my input, in copying them to the Court. But as I say, it is not my call now that I do not contribute towards the upkeep of the site. Some have hinted that locking the threads was for the protection of the protagonists’ privacy who were not forum members. That, in Leigh’s case at least, seems too absurd given the Court’s quoting of Leigh’s wishes in this respect, so that can hardly comprise logical grounds. As to suggestions that CaRT &/or Shoosmiths might have done some leaning, that seems improbably stupid even for them; a direct conduit to the thinking of the perceived opposition has been cut off, and I would hardly have thought them so thin-skinned and unprofessional that they would willingly forgo that advantage for the sake of any affronted feelings. To those who have voiced kind words over my input – thank you; I am human enough to be glad knowing that some have seen value in my contributions. Hopefully enough such material has survived the occasional deletions of posts and whole threads for this to remain a potentially useful resource. The biggest personal regret is that I will no longer have the benefit of some oppositional posters here, with their reasoned rebuttals of some of my arguments; being denied such worthwhile opponents as mayalld is a serious loss. However gratifying agreement may be, the most value comes from thoughtful disagreement. Obliquely apropos – I do hope that I have not left too much of a ‘fluffy bunny’ reputation behind me; it would be dreadful if my occasional more ascerbic bouts had proved too subtle for the sharpness to be noticed. edit to get a name right - in response to Geo's comments on liability.
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    Hi list. We have decided the time has come For us to post the forum, it has been agony watching your posts and all the activity you have undertaken to help us find our boat, and being unable to post any answers, or comment. Our hands have been tied as the Police are still investigating the theft, so our report to you can only be limited at the moment. We had a phone call Thursday morning just after 9o'clock from a Phil and Barbara stating that they were sure they had just passed our boat. The police confirmed this after investigating. We, with our loss adjuster headed separately, to Staffordshire and identified the boat as definitely being our boat. we were on our boat when We noticed someone taking a photo of us, and sorry I did not mean to sound aggressive. well done for being observant. But it was us. We took her to a more secure mooring at Weston that evening where someone could keep an eye on it. Sorry to you very kind soul for Waiting for the Police for two hours in the early morning, And the Police not turning up. Saturday we took our boat to a safe place. We know much more but once more we have been asked to remain silent until further investigations are complete. Now we really must say how absolutely fantastic you have all been. Some of you, lots of you, have gone beyond anyone's expectations and spent so many hours scouring the canals, walking, driving, cycling, giving out leaflets, talking and spreading the word and without you all we would not have our boat back. No words can express our gratitude and we are so proud to be part of your community. We cannot describe our feelings when Graham once more held the tiller and I cast off the mooring ropes, it was terrific! Little in my wildest dreams, when we woke in the morning, did I imagine that we would, once more, be on our boat again by the evening! You really are st We will give you further updates when we are allowed, but it may be a while.
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    So, as most will by now have gathered, I have just sold 'Heart of Gold', after three eventfull years on the canal. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster, with spectacular highs, and some crushing lows, but at the end of the ride, I have no regrets. Well, not many, anyway. When I set of on this adventure, I was hoping that it would be the start of a 'new life', and initially it certainly was. The first year and a half will remain in my memory as hard, but happy. 2012 though, was not a good year. Incesant rain and breakdowns (mechanical and relational), nearly broke the camels proverbial back. But giving up was never on the cards, there is always 'tomorrow'. Winter 2012/2013 saw a resurgance of the spirit, even if in 'slimline' version, and had all the makings of a positive outlook, and bright start of 2013. But, of course, something had to throw a spanner in the works. A cock-up of my HGV renewal meant no licence for close to three months. No driving work really put the icing on the cake. Of course, work and money are only half of your life. Somewhere inbetween you need to fit in the remnants of (a previous) family life. There is only so long that people can be pulled about. Some longer than others. Some harder than others. I am well aware that there are many people out there, who have been dealt a much harder hand than me. But sometimes there comes a point in time, where you have to sit back, and call time. And for me, that time has come. I have not liked the way I have been recently. And it is getting worse. I need to get out of the hectic helter skelter that I have been riding. Driving a truck at night, working a boat during the day, and trying to fit in the demands of children, ex partners and a lover, ... Something has to break. Time to find a new job (done), find a small boat in a quiet corner of the world (working on that), and re-boot the car crash that is my life. Funny really. Everybody knows that it is easy to shoot from the hip 'on-line', pick arguments, and be a general obnoxious pain in the ass. Even if you would never be like that in real life It is actually just as easy to say how you really feel, even if you would never do that in real life. I will miss 'Heart of Gold', she is a good boat. But I know that Matt will look after her.
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    Following The IWA statement issued yesterday concerning the Nick Brown Judicial Revue I have sent them the following email
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    A few years ago I was waiting to go down at Maureen's lock (Wardle lock) in Middlewich. It was quite busy with a few boats waiting to go up. A "working" boat turned up and the crew put the boat straight into the Middlewich Branch under the bridge, just below the lock. As one of them came up all smiling and swinging his windlass, complete with waistcoat and neckerchief, Maureen told him in no uncertain terms to get to the back of the queue and don't ever try and pull that "working boat" stunt again. Crew went back sheepishly to the boat and it backed out to wait its turn. Lovely to watch!
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    In the nail bars I used to frequent, the staff were 90% male. Around 50% of all of the people who have ever cut my hair have been male too. I have worked in my life in two very different, and yet in some ways, very similar, highly white-male-dominated blue collar careers. I worked on and off from the ages of 18-31 as a door supervisor, security escort, and private security sector operative. In my first role, I was one of two women in a team of 80. I had to wait six months to get my place, until one of the original two women left. Many male officers came and went during this time. High points of this job included: Reporting a colleague for calling me a “f*cking whore” over the radio. When the male manager investigated his bro who did the talking, he came back to me and said there was no wrongdoing, as the lad hadn’t called me a “f*cking whore” over the radio, he had said I had an “ass like a horse,” so that was ok. Oh, and BTW, I should apologise. I was frozen out by other members of the team for some time after this. My second security role, no one knew how the hell to treat me, but “as an equal” was never even an option. The first night there was a kick off, as we all bundled down the stairs to intervene, my head doorman and two other lads physically wrestled me into a store cupboard, locked me in, and didn’t let me out until the fight was over as “they did not trust me to stay out of the way.” My first role abroad, I was the first female officer the company had employed. This did not go down well with the white steroid boys, and while off duty one night, two of the male officers came in and fought me/beat me, wearing steel toecap boots, while I was barefoot and in a dress, to demonstrate that this was not the world for me. I could go on, but let’s look now at my second working environment, with the Royal Mail, where I worked from 2003-2006. During my interview, the manager said to me “are you sure you can hack this, being a girl? It’s a very male-dominated environment and the language and conversation can get pretty blue.” Rather than being offended that the issue appeared to come down to warning women about the job rather than making the working environment more acceptable to the female staff, I found myself reassuring him that I would be fine. On my first day when I was shown around, an office/factory floor of 240 men and five women, as soon as I walked onto the floor, everyone started banging the delivery frames and hooting. The guy showing me round introduced me to his mate and said “If his cock is too small for you, he’s got that huge nose.” The morning ended with ten or so guys working around me chanting at me “does she take it up the arse?” The one ethnic minority guy in the office was known as the Paki, and he was largely frozen out by everyone as he was not in the union, and a bit too Muslim for their tastes. I ended up in a disciplinary in 2006, for slapping one of my colleagues. I had been working there for some time by then, very much enjoyed the place, but found that it was still possible to shock me, when a colleague said to me, “Star, is that your feet that stink?” When I said “no,” in surprise, he said “ahhh well it must be your c*nt then.” Funnily enough, we were both advised to drop our complaints against each other. One guy in the office used to be thoroughly obnoxious, I was warned by another woman on my first day not to get into close quarters with him. He would take every chance to stand right by you in a group situation and rub up against you. Ultimately, myself and another woman jointly complained about him. We were told he’d been there 30 years and was retiring next year, so the manager would prefer not to make anything formal because this guy might lose his pension, but that he would “have a quiet word.” Guess what? Me and said other woman were frozen out by that section of the office for weeks. I could go on ALL. DAY. with further tales, lewd graffiti with my name on on the toilet doors, managers laughing when I complained and ask it to be removed... I'm frigid, gay or stuck up if I don't want to date one of the lads, but a slag if I do... "She knocked me back when I tried to get off with her, I asked if she was gay and she told me to mind my own business and that it was irrelevant, so obviously she is, else she'd have said, innit!" And a hundred other things that I can remember, and many more I have no doubt forgotten. The thing is, I loved these jobs, both of them; security in various different organisations, and the Royal Mail. The work itself appealed to me and challenged me, and the team and camaraderie these pressured, close-quarters environments fostered became, in ways, like my own dysfunctional family. But I am an incredibly confident, borderline bolshy gob on a stick who really wanted to work both of those jobs, and who is not easily embarrassed or intimidated. While I do not accept that the treatment I received in any of these examples is ok, or the multiple other instances that occurred, the camaraderie, friends, experiences and everything else made up for it in spades. But based on what I have just written, would you want your own daughter walking into a job or situation like that? In the main part, all of these blokes were good old, salt of the earth fellas who would mostly help you out and look out for you against the odd fuck up. My Mother was horrified when I told her I was going into security at 18; she was my inspiration, as one of the first female stock loss control officers Boots ever employed, in the 1970's. Now I think what she went through before my time, it makes my hair curl. But when you take my experiences as just one of a million other female voices in similar workplaces, how can you, a white, cis, British male, tell me, or anyone else, that there is NO BOUNDARY ON WOMEN OR ETHNIC MINORITIES ENTERING OR THRIVING WITHIN CERTAIN TYPES OF WORKPLACE!?
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    That's nothing - last week, I saw a boat with no home mooring charge his batteries by starting up a water-cooled nuclear reactor which drained the entire contents of the Macclesfield canal leaving everyone high and dry. He then left, leaving spent fuel rods on the towpath. The resulting radiation caused the hair to fall out of anyone within half a mile. Damned inconsiderate if you ask me.
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    Went up the newly 'open' two miles of the Pocklington Canal this morning. Andy, a chap on a boat in Melbourne Basin, had sold me a Head of Navigation plaque - I'm not a plaque person, but having got it I thought I should go, despite him informing me that the pub in Bielby had closed. Two locks, a swing bridge and lots of reeds. Walbut lock and the swing bridge have no landing stages. Best moor under the bridge when going up the lock (not like I did - see pic) - there's a bench to tie to. The swing bridge is difficult singlehanded, but possible (obviously). Rather bleak at the end, and no easy access to the village, as the Bielby Arm is not yet navigable (last pic), so I didn't stay (no pub). Two hours each way for the two miles.
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    I've noticed several quite readable threads recently infected by the B word. Now apart from a few contributions early in the first B**x*t thread, I have for health reasons (sanity, blood pressure, etc.) studiously avoided the subject. Is anyone going to join me in an appeal against this pollution of otherwise informative/amusing topics?
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    The thing is, old bean, that is exactly what people ARE doing. A significant number of people are going elsewhere. Some are moving, some are sitting on the fence, but an ever increasing number are throwing their lot in with a site that they wouldn't have touched with a long shaft 3 months ago. Basically, this site is on a downward trend, and heading for a terminal spin, whilst an influx of less over-the-top posters may be taking the rough edges off the other place. Whilst some of the early converts may have had the intention of wrecking CWDF, they failed to do so. Those complaining and leaving now aren't intent on wrecking anything. Some of them are even trying to avert the wreck. I find it difficult to believe that Dan and the Moderators WANT to wreck the forum, but it appears that they are completely blind to the fact that by omission and commission they have caused damage, and continue to do so. You can buy a comedy brass plaque that says "Daily floggings will continue until the morale of the crew improves". One has to ask whether those with the power in this forum understand that this isn't actually a serious suggestion. Action is needed, and is needed today. "Next Week", or "as other commitments permit" won't cut it. Furthermore, whilst the action required a few days ago was "stop doing silly things and put right the ones you already did", the passage of time has probably killed that option off now. The continued mismanagement has so damaged the reputation of the current team that the only way forward would be for a completely new management to be installed.
  26. 10 points
    It seems to me that the only people who consistently complain about C&ART changing 14 day moorings in busy places to 24 or 48 hour moorings are those who selfishly want to leave their boat blocking popular places so that they can have easy access to public transport links home. There are plenty of places around the system where boats can be left for 14 days, and there are such things as taxis, or hire cars, which is what we have used on many occassions.
  27. 10 points
    Or you could have a little common decency, realise the boat behind is going faster and make due allowance in the manner in which you drive your boat by getting out of the way? You wouldn't do 30 mph in lane 3 of the motorway would you?
  28. 10 points
    But most on here wouldn't need to have the balls and principles to argue the case to successful conclusion since, having not abused the system in the past, CRT would be delighted to issue the licence in quick time without any drama.
  29. 10 points
    Tony why do people get into the position of having their licence revoked. I have been boating 11 years and for the last two have had a few cancer surgeries and recently the wife has had a knee replacement all needing to stay or be in a very small area for longer than 14 days. We stayed 3 months in one place when I had bowel cancer surgery. Every occasion we informed CRT and out of courtesy, although NEVER requested we on some occasions supplied evidence (admission letter or similar). We have never had any problem with CRT in fact the opposite with EO`s and their managers popping by while in the area to ask how we are, never mention of are we moving soon just checking our welfare. Soon, hopefully in a week or so we will be on the move and will over the summer be a great distance from where we are now and that is why we have no problems with long stays, we get spotted all over the country and are regarded as Cont. cruisers. ie on an ongoing continuous journey. I have been told that we will have no future problems to genuinely stay longer because of our cruising record. Now you, and i respect you as a knowledgeable boater, can come back and quote the act and I agree it can be read different ways BUT i and probably a lot of others work on the principal of it aint broke so don`t try and fix it. A small courteous communication solves so much and that will be the way I will live my life. Respect to you and anyone else determined to fight CRT. edit to add; we do not feel any fight with CRT is needed.
  30. 10 points
    Hello Northern boater, You've charmed yourself straight into my 'top ten most lovely people' list! I've been regularly embarrassed by my relative lack of experience... And warmed & humbled by the many great people who've helped me out along the way. I'm looking forward to one day being an old salty seadog, who can share my experiences with others... In your heart of hearts you must feel like a bit of a weasel, so I don't want to lambaste you too much. I believe in karma.. But none the less, I wish you all the best, and you're welcome to come for a cup of tea when she's shipshape again! You provide the charm, I'll provide the cupcakes. Deal? Marcus X
  31. 9 points
    Moored today on the Macclesfield visitor moorings... opposite what was last year a building site..... this year 62 brand new 'retirement' apartments... Honest Sir we did not know it was the official opening do when we lit a fire... they through open the double bi fold access to the beautiful Macclesfield canal doors to let the lady Mayoress out to cut the official ribbon just as our fire gave the first signs of life.. The more we panicked the worst it got but to be fair they carried on and I am sure the photos will look atmospheric! Then we sat back to 'enjoy' party.... lady in blue cardy kept trying to escape and they seemed to keep pushing her back into chair... 2 seconds she'd be up again ... then it became obvious ... she was not trying to escape ...she just wanted to get at the buffet and it wasn't 'officially' open yet.... Another new resident was already marked as the neighbour to avoid ... dressed in jumper and trainers he was helping himself to the champagne at an alarming rate ... eventually stood alone with one glass in each hand.... I couldn't find the purchase price of these things but he service fee was around 600 per month and when you finally departed this world they charged you for redecorating ... Told daughter it looked very nice and tongue in cheek told her I was thinking of buying... blind panic on her part... no no no mum .. we will look after you... I am going to convert attic... but how will I get down from said attic... get down ??? She says .... no no we are not bothered about you getting down , we just don't want to waste our inheritance on a care home... xx
  32. 9 points
    Hi all, I’m one of the Monday VLK team at Watford and we share your frustration of waiting and queues however 2 hours + isn’t unusual at this time of year. Part of the current problem is that boats are ‘locked out’ of the flight from the previous day which means a queue from the start which has to be cleared first. There’s no policy on the number of boats up/down which is generally based on the time of arriving at the top/bottom. For example, on Monday we started the day with 4 going down and then 7 going up (using the pounds between locks 1 and 3 to ‘stack’ two boats). Luckily few boats were going down that day. Wouldn’t it be great if 3 boats arrived at 1 hour intervals alternating between top and bottom 😀 One of our key roles is to manage the queue and be as fair as possible to all with the aim of getting everyone through by the end of our shift. Currently though it isn’t unusual for boats arriving at say 1.30pm to not get through. This is regrettable and none of us want to refuse entry but it happens. As was mentioned by johnmck there does seem to be a reluctance on the part of some boaters to help others in emptying/filling locks to smooth/speed the passage of others (perhaps that is a reflection of the society of today) but for those that do assist it it most welcome. As luck would have it we cleared all boats through the flight on Monday with none ‘locked out’. Long may it continue and we hope that rain comes so we can extend the hours again. I’ll put my tin hat on now 😀
  33. 9 points
    The big announcement. Team Tawny Owl will not be taking part in the challenge this year. This is because Richard and I are now the organisers, so it might be a bit of a conflict of interest! Tug was intending to tale over the organisation from John and Roy, but due to a change in personal circumstances he is no longer able to, so last Friday Richard and I were asked if we could step in and get things organised for this year. We are just getting our heads round what needs to be done and how to go about it, so for the moment, if you'd like to take part please email [email protected], and I'll get the entry forms out to you as soon as I've finalised all the details. Sue
  34. 9 points
    They didn’t, they mistakingly thought the lock was sett.
  35. 9 points
    An old post (2007) by Liam : Once upon a time, not so long ago, last Friday, Winston (or Win to all those knew him) was proud to be a British Waterways lengthsman. He was responsible for a length of canal and had a short dumb workboat which he moved along the canal to wherever he thought a job needed doing. The boat had a small wood burning stove and Win, using his boat as a work platform, would saw down overhanging branches from the offside, break them into short lengths, stow them in the hold and use them to warm himself on a freezing cold day and brew a mashing of tea for his lunch. Any trees or other problems which were a hazard to navigation would be reported by Win and dealt with by the maintenance gang. Win would walk a different length of towpath of his section everyday, carrying a long handled blade to clear away any small shrubs growing out of the towpath wall and trim long grass and towpath hedges as he went. Win was responsible for several locks along his length. Every morning he would clear away accumulated rubbish from the by-wash, occasionally oil and grease the paddle gear, paint the balance beams and keep the lock surroundings clean and tidy. He knew the location of the culverts and the best way to keep them clear. Win would inform the local Licence Enforcement Officer of any boat navigating his section without a licence. Win would instruct novice boaters in the workings of a lock and show them the safe way to work the lock and how to wind paddles up and down. Boaters would wave and smile at Win. He would smile and wave back and tell them of any problems or stoppages to the best of his knowledge. Walkers would enquire of Win how the locks work and he found the time to tell them. Win was everybody’s ray of sunshine and instant point of contact and the fount of all knowledge on his length of canal. Win never won awards in the best length competition but his work was respected by all. But ‘The Office’ said, “How does Win do his job without instruction?” So they created a planning position and hired two people, a Section Supervisor to write the method statements and one person to do time studies. Then ‘The Office’ said, “How will we know that Win is doing his tasks correctly?” So they created a quality control position and hired two people, one to do the risk assessments and one to write the reports. Then ‘The Office’ said, “How are these people going to get paid?” So they created a payroll department and hired two people, one to be time keeper and one to be payroll officer. Then ‘The Office’ said, “Who will be accountable for all of these people?” So they created an administrative position and hired three people, a Section Inspector, an Assistant Admin Officer and a Legal Secretary. Twelve months later, ‘The Office’ said: “We have had this system in operation for one year and we are £125,000 over-budget, we must cut back on the overall costs.” And so, of course, the first thing ‘The Office’ did was make Win redundant...
  36. 9 points
    My post wasn't about the harassment by CRT I was just trying to understand her logic or lack thereof. The video opens with her stating that diesels are dirty and polluting and shows her pedalling her boat. CRT revoke her licence due to not moving enough and threaten to oik her boat out of the water and destroy it. Rather than move the boat she sells it and moves into a van, which one can only assume she is going to travel in, the van has a dirty polluting Diesel engine. So her argument for not wanting to pollute is a bit on the weak side. Logically if you are going to end up with a Diesel engine why not just put one in the boat and comply with the cruising rules. I suspect the only movement this boat made was a weekly trip to the water point and back again, how far is a pedal powered narrowboat actually going to get? I further suspect that she didn't want to cruise and wanted to stay in exactly the same spot with the same little community. Just because someone wants to live a hippy lifestyle doesn't mean they are exempt from the rules especially when they are basically saying "look at me aren't I good to the environment by having a pedal powered boat, no dirty diesel here, oh woe is me I can't move far because I only have pedal power." And then they show their hypocracy by moving into a diesel powered van; the argument starts to fall apart somewhat.
  37. 9 points
    Define "works". Having been shown some of the personal attacks and general other demeaning of members of this forum on TB, (including of course our moderators and our site owner), it is not somewhere I would ever want to give any bandwidth to. The mere fact that some people seem to be wallowing in the damage they have caused, (and in some cases are continuing to cause), on CWDF can only enhance my negative view on at least some of the more "hard core" members of TB. I'm really not interested in hearing it has in many ways got better, and may now have picked up a lot of far less obnoxious posters. The nature of its "birth", and the extreme nastiness that followed is enough that I want nothing to do with it, and I personally have interest in investigating how much "less bad" it may have become.
  38. 9 points
    Oh come on guys! This is clearly a change, even if it doesn't go explicitly (or otherwise) into detail or describe a new beginning. What have we got to lose by giving Dan the benefit of the doubt and our support? If he gets that, the result could be a good one. If he doesn't, all we have is a continuing feud and a declining forum. If it doesn't improve, let's make sure it's not for the lack of the members' best efforts.
  39. 9 points
    But on the plus side, quite a lot of people who had completely stopped posting have ventured back, and I for one am pleased to see many of them back. Those who want a place to continue in a largely unmoderated world apparently now have it, so there is always the option of going there, and to stop trying to push the boundaries on here, and then complaining about it when the mods intervene. Once again I would point out that moderators give freely of their time, and should be allowed a life outside the forum. Often only one or two are available, and maybe operating from just a phone in an area with a patchy signal. Easy for those of us sat comfortably on a laptop and broadband to criticise what look like less than perfect decisions, but often far harder for those actually trying to do a difficult job.
  40. 9 points
    Perhaps with your superior knowledge on the matter you could enlighten on which of these two postings are accurate and which is a load of nonsense since they seem to be mutually exclusive. The cost of the exercise is actually totally irrelevent since, as CRT have indicated on their letter to Mr Roberts, if they had to move the boat themselves they would recover costs of doing so from the sale of the boat if necessary. These boats seem to go for around £250,000 so they should be able to recover £20,000 from that I would have thought. Of course if Mr Roberts didn't want them to move the boat, he was quite at liberty to move the boat himself since there are literally thousands of free moorings he could have taken it to, we call them sea anchorages. If we assume that the boat is indeed seaworthy (and being lightship they do come equipped with a few good anchoring points) he could have avoided all of this hassle if he had complied with the CRT request in the first place. Since he chose not to do so he is hardly in any position to complain about the actions of CRT to move the boat themselves to wherever they wish to take it, it was moved for the convenience of CRT, not the convenience of someone who doesn't pay their debts.
  41. 9 points
    Not for the train driver, some of whom never recover from such an experience. Or for the people who have to collect the body parts from the track.
  42. 9 points
    Listen, if people couldn't be arsed to switch the CA button to off, why was that the responsibility of those posting in it. If they had used the off button, they'd pretty much see the contents page as it is now. And don't give me all that rubbish about it not being boaty; it just wasn't the fluffy stuff that goes down so well with the inmates of limited tolerance who, by the way, post an awful lot of trivia and small talk. Ok, if that's what they want to do, but there's not always much to discuss. I'm not a canal anorak. I think you think it should be de regueur. Post counts have gone down, by those that used to frequent the CA. That doesn't tell you if they are or not reading any other section; something that I do, regardless of whether I sign and post or not. Your observations tell you lies. If the moderators thought that having a CA was not going to be testing, then, they were naïve. Politics and religion tend to up the anti. The display of haughtiness and gloating by some in favour of the ban is as vomit inducing as any bad behaviour the CA could produce. Compliance with the rules is one thing, don't expect respect as well.
  43. 9 points
    Again though it is because some have seriously taken the P***, If you have to commence enforcing something because of abuse, you have to make it total otherwise you get into the problem of "well he/she has a doormat on the towpath so why can't I have a gazebo" It is hard on people who are "bending" the rules but who are not taking the proverbial.......but blame the ones who are and have made it a problem.
  44. 9 points
    Mr. Dunkley; Could I please ask that you stop using my threads as one of your resources to slag off CRT. This is at least the third time you've done it with my threads which; in all cases have either been a simple question or sharing of some insignificant information which may be useful to others. I think we all appreciate your complete and utter contempt for CRT and as everyone you are entitled to your views - but I for one, do find your constant bashing of them to be somewhat tiresome. Please don't take my request the wrong way, I don't agree with a lot of things CRT do or the way they do them. However, I don't set out to trash them at every given opportunity, and do believe some of the employees of the trust do indeed do a good job. It is so easy to pick out the things that are wrong, how about stretching your thought process and surprise us all one day with a compliment or positive comment about CRT. Kind Regards, B~
  45. 9 points
    There is a time and a place and I would suggest this is not it. IMO this thread following the initial post should be reserved for those who wish to show their respect and or offer condolences to family and friends of Steve. If people want to make clever remarks perhaps start a new thread and leave this one free for people to reflect on a good boatbuilder but more importantly a decent man.
  46. 9 points
    Am I alone in getting a but fed up with people who beat on about their "rights" but never refer to any "obligations"
  47. 8 points
    After spending 6 years afloat living on my lovely boat Mr Bunbury it's time to return to shore and move on to the next adventure - although I'm not yet sure what that will be. Six years on the cut has allowed me to explore most of the system, I've made many friends and seen some of the most unspoilt quite areas of our green and pleasant land. I would like to especially thank Daniel for providing this site which is a mine of information for boaters and certainly made my early days on the cut much easier as I learned the quirks of both narrow boats and canals. I've yet to ask a question which couldn't be answered by someone on the fourm Many thank to all who have helped encouraged or just said hello as we have passed. I should thank Starcoaster for her humour and Richard (RLWP) for his help rebuilding my Lister.
  48. 8 points
    I've been found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury several times in my youth, never once did it make the news.
  49. 8 points
    Stood out on the rear deck last night having a smoke and heard the ducks going a bit mental, looked over and saw five males chasing one poor little female, i know its the season! Then heard little ducklings going mental also, as my rear deck backs onto lock 7 at Atherstone i am a few feet away from the pond, had a look and two little fellas were swimming around and could not get out... They had dropped down the overflow bit, not sure what you call it but it looks like a little waterfall, the mother duck could get out and was trying to lead them out, so i grabbed my plank and dropped it in, the mother came up and stood near me watching, first little duckling spotted the plank and wobbled up it and over my arms to its mother, 2nd one went the other way, at this point the mother and first duckling jumped back in... so started again, managed to lift both of the ducklings out this time and they legged it off to be with mother. Took me about an hour of faffing and a couple of dog walkers were giving me funny looks, but it felt awesome to get them out and back to mother! Unfortunatly one little fella didn't make it and i guess the waterfall drowned it.. But two out of three aint bad. I swear they quacked 'thanks' at me as they went past....
  50. 8 points
    hmmm.... I've been reading a few threads lately, where peoples responses to the OPs post have swung to the side of negativity quite quickly, rather than being more positive. Shall we all try a little harder to see the good side of life, and more importantly, post in a more kind, less sarcastic, more optimistic manner? just a little thought ;-)
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