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Rules & Guidelines





Please take a moment to read this document because your use of the forum signifies that you have read and accept these rules and guidelines.



Canal World (aka ‘CWDF’ or ‘the site’) is an extensive online resource where registered members generate content and participate in discussions where they can also find advice on all matters relating to the inland waterways of the United Kingdom. We wish for our members to enjoy their time on our forum just as much as they do their time on water. It is therefore required that members be respectful and civil in all communications on the site. CWDF provides an inclusive online waterways focused environment suitable for all ages and the nature of the language and images used must reflect this. CWDF is funded solely by voluntary donations received by its members and remains free of advertisements.
Any user who encounters content that they feel breaches these Rules and Guidelines or is otherwise objectionable should contact the moderation team via the 'Report Post' feature located at the top right of each post, or via email at [email protected]
CWDF is privately owned and the decision of the Site Owner in all matters is final.
Any views expressed on CWDF are solely those of the member whom posted the content and do not, either expressly or implicitly, represent the views of the site owner or site staff. Furthermore, CWDF accepts no liability for any user submitted content.

  • CWDF is not responsible for the content of any message, user profile, signature, or avatar.
  • CWDF is not responsible for any links to external sites, nor the content of any external sites linked to from CWDF.
  • CWDF cannot vouch for, nor warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any posted content (including advice, comments, messages, images and diagrams).
  • CWDF shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. Anything which may be construed as illegal activity may be reported to the authorities, along with any details held regarding the member(s) involved. Please note that all content posted on this site is the © copyright of its respective owners, permission should be sought from the copyright owner before reproducing any material on this site.

It is not permitted to use CWDF to engage in or promote illegal activities.
Members are required to conduct themselves in a reasonable fashion in the way that they post, including the language they use and the way that they respond to others.
It is not permitted to post any material, anywhere on the site, unless the copyright is owned by you, or you have permission of the copyright owner. Members are legally responsible for the material they post anywhere on the site.
Inappropriate usernames, and/or avatars or profile images is not permitted. This covers any that may be considered to be of false, defamatory, deceitful, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, inflammatory, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, bullying or invasive of a person's privacy.
Duplicate or multiple user accounts ("sock puppets") aimed to deliberately deceive or circumvent disciplinary action are not permitted.
As a spam-limitation measure, new members are not permitted access to the Chat or message systems until they have made at least ten posts in the main forum (excluding posts made in the the ‘Virtual Pub’).
As part of member validation process, new members are not permitted to post in the ‘Virtual Pub’ area until a minimum of 10 posts have been made elsewhere on the forum and to the satisfaction of the moderation team. Posts made in the Virtual Pub area do not count towards a users post count.
You will not use CWDF to post or reference to any material anywhere on the site, or send any message, or make a series of posts or messages which cumulatively are; knowingly false and/or defamatory, aimed to deceive or ridicule, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, disruptive, intimidating, threatening, inflammatory, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, bullying or invasive of a person's privacy.
Personal attacks on any person by name-calling, ridicule, obscene or vulgar language are not permitted.
Disruptive posting such as seeks to test the limits, or otherwise push the boundaries of these rules and guidelines is not permitted.
Attacking or harassing another person through the posting of off-site links is not permitted.
Posting any material, anywhere on the site, that is deemed to have a primarily political theme that is not strictly related to inland waterways and/or boating is prohibited. In addition, content containing a religious theme, or content that makes commentary on religious issues, is not permitted. Exceptions to this rule may be made in special circumstances with prior approval of the Site Administration.
Postings about waterway legislation, regulations, management, navigation, moorings, maintenance, and finance are permitted.
It is not permitted to engage in inter-site ‘flaming’ whereby disruptive content from elsewhere other than CWDF is discussed in relation to member activities on CWDF.
Threads openly criticising moderating decisions will not be tolerated.  Any questions concerning the running of the site or moderator decisions must be sent using the report link, by PM to the moderation team, or by e-mail to [email protected] The site owner and moderators will discuss problems privately and individually but NOT in the open forum
Any private communications to the site owner or moderators that are abusive in tone or language will result in instant exclusion from the site.
Commercial advertising is not permitted anywhere on CWDF, this includes user profiles, postings and messages unless otherwise agreed by the Site Administration.
Postings about commercial products and services are permitted within the context of topical discussion.
A single link to a personal and non-commercial website, such as a blog or personal site, is allowed in a members signature.
Private for-sale adverts are permitted but must be posted in the dedicated sections provided, and are subject to moderator approval.
Members are permitted to place useful links to both commercial and personal websites in the Links Directory, under the relevant section. Note: this is not intended to house adverts or links to commercial sites in which the member has a vested interest.
The Site Owner may otherwise permit advertising at his sole discretion, including links to personal businesses or commercial interests may be allowed in your signature on application to the Site Owner. Please use the email address '[email protected]' for this purpose.
Anyone who encounters any material, anywhere on the site, that they consider to contravene these rules and guidelines should contact a member of the site staff as soon as is practicable by using the 'report' feature by the side of each post. Non-members may contact us by email at [email protected]
The Site Owner and staff determine whether the content posted by the members is appropriate for CWDF and act accordingly. The moderation team can be identified by the title 'Moderator' beneath their name. It is their responsibility to make sure, where possible, discussion remains relevant, on-topic and within the forum rules and guidelines as stated within.
The site owner and thereby the staff team, reserve the right to edit or delete any content anywhere on the site deemed not within the ethos, rules and guidelines as given in this document. The site also reserves the right to retain in published form any material posted anywhere on the site.
The moderation team aim to be as transparent as possible and endeavour to ensure that all actions taken are fair and in line with the ethos, rules and guidelines given in this document.
The site owner and thereby staff team, reserve the right to limit or suspend member’s access, including revocation of membership, at any time. The moderation team do not have to provide a reason for any decision made. However, where appropriate, a reason shall be provided to the individual concerned.
The moderation team will not discuss disciplinary actions within any publicly accessible forums.
Any attack, harassment, intimidation or threat to any member of staff will result in an instant termination of membership and the offender may be reported to the police and/or the relevant Internet Service Provider(s).
Members who are deemed to have breached the site ethos, rules and guidelines, or who otherwise incite disruption of CWDF will be acted upon accordingly and will receive notification via the warning system, personal message or both. The action taken may range from an informal notification (zero point warning) to a suspension of service. (Ban) Your warning level is only visible to yourself and the site staff. It is shown by the side of each post and in your profile. Members receiving or accumulating three or more warning points, or otherwise deemed sufficiently in breach of the forum ethos, rules and guidelines, will have their access to the site limited or their account suspended. Limitation of access may include temporarily placing an account onto moderator approval (mod-queue), or a temporary suspension while an appropriate longer term action is considered. While on mod-queue each post made will be reviewed by a member of the site staff before it made visible to the public, which may take up to 24 hours in some cases.
We strive to ensure that CWDF is a safe and enjoyable place for all and as such, these rules and guidelines are subject to change.

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