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Please take a moment to read this document. Your use of the forum signifies that you have read and accept the Forum Rules and Guidelines.



Canal World (aka ‘CWDF’, the 'site’ or 'forum') is an extensive online resource where members and guests alike generate content and participate in online discussions. Users can find advice relating to the inland waterways of the United Kingdom along with topics in relation to associated activities. To ensure we provide an enjoyable and safe platform for everyone, it is expected that members be respectful and civil in all communications on the site. CWDF provides an inclusive online waterways related environment suitable for all ages and the nature of the language and images used must reflect this. CWDF is funded solely by voluntary donations received by its members and remains free of advertisements.
Any views expressed on CWDF are those solely of the respective member. The content and views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the site owner or site staff. Furthermore, CWDF accepts no liability for any user submitted content.




  • CWDF is not responsible for the content of any message, user profile, signature avatar or any other user submitted content herein
  • CWDF is not responsible for any links referencing external sites, nor is it responsible for any third party content
  • CWDF cannot endorse, guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness or validity of any user submitted content
  • CWDF is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. Any illegal activity may be reported to the relevant authorities, along with any details pertinent to the matter


  • It is not permitted to use CWDF to engage in or promote illegal activities
  • Members are required to conduct themselves in a civil manner including the use of language when engaging with other members
  • It is not permitted to post any material unless the copyright is owned by you or unless you have permission from the copyright holder. Members are deemed responsible for the material they post on the site
  • Registering duplicate or multiple user accounts aimed to deliberately deceive or circumvent disciplinary action is not permitted
  • As a spam-limitation measure, new members are not permitted to post in the ‘Virtual Pub’, 'Political & Current affairs' or 'Mooring & Marina Review' forums until the member has accumulated 10 or more posts submitted elsewhere on the site. Posts submitted in within the aforementioned forums do not count towards the post count criteria
  • You will not use CWDF to post or reference to any material anywhere on the site that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, aimed to deceive or ridicule, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, disruptive, intimidating, threatening, inflammatory, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, bullying or invasive of a person's privacy
  • All user submitted reviews must be written in a constructive, non-emotive manner and should not reference any individuals
  • Posting any material deemed to have a primarily political theme not strictly related to inland waterways and/or boating is prohibited unless submitted within the designated Political & Current affairs forum
  • Content that includes a religious theme or content that makes commentary on religious matters is not permitted
  • Threads openly criticising or discussing moderating decisions are not permitted. Any questions concerning the running of the site including any moderator actions must be submitted using the report post link or alternatively via Private Message (PM) to a member of staff
  • The use of Large Language Model (LLM) AI generated content is not permitted on CWDF



  • Commercial advertising is strictly not permitted anywhere on CWDF unless prior approval has been obtained by the Site Management
  • Posts with reference to commercial products and/or services are permitted where relevant and in context
  • Member signatures may contain a single link to a personal (non-commercial) website
  • Private for sale adverts are permitted but must be posted within the dedicated sections provided and are subject to moderator approval
  • Members are permitted to place relevant links to both commercial and personal websites within the Links Directory 


  • Should you encounter any material on the site that you consider to be in breach of the Forum Rules and Guidelines, please contact a member of site staff as soon as possible by using the 'report post' link located at the top right-hand side of each post. Additionally any Personal Messages (PMs) can be reported to our Moderator team for review


  • The Site Owner and staff are responsible for determining whether any user submitted content is appropriate for CWDF and will act accordingly. The moderation team can be identified by the title 'Moderator' beneath their name. It is their responsibility to help ensure discussion remains relevant, on-topic and adhere to the Forum Rules and Guidelines
  • The Site Owner and staff reserve the right to edit or delete any content deemed not to be posted in accordance with the Forum Rules and Guidelines. CWDF also reserves the right to retain any material posted anywhere on the site
  • The Site Owner and staff aim to be as transparent as possible and endeavour to ensure that all actions taken are fair and in line with the Forum Rules and Guidelines as outlined herein
  • The Site Owner and staff reserve the right to limit or suspend member’s access, including revocation of membership at any time with or without notice or reason. However, where appropriate a reason shall be provided to the individual(s) concerned
  • The Site Owner and staff will not discuss disciplinary actions within any publicly accessible forums
  • Any attack, harassment, intimidation, threat or anything to be considered abusive aimed at any member of staff will result in an instant termination of membership
  • Any user who contravenes the Forum Rules & Guidelines, or who otherwise incite disruption will be acted upon accordingly and will receive notification via the warning system, personal message or both. The action taken may be in the form of an informal notification (zero point warning) to a suspension of service. (Ban) Your warning level is only visible to yourself and the site staff. It is shown adjacent to each post and also within your member profile. Members receiving or accumulating three or more warning points or otherwise deemed seriously in breach of the Forum Rules & Guidelines will have their access to the site limited or suspended as deemed necessary

    We strive to ensure that CWDF is a safe and enjoyable place for all and as such, these Forum Rules and Guidelines are subject to change.
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