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    To say that is incredibly unfair and infers unknown "misdemeanors" on my wife Ange's part. She doesn't deserve that.
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    I don't post much these days, CWDF is a brilliant example of the archaic world many of us are trying to oust! however, banning Ange, a longtime contributor and incredible women is both silly and unfair. If the Moderator who took this decision actually owns big boy trousers, now is the time to put them on and apologise.
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    That's an interesting question. How it can be my attitude or demeanor is beyond me though. The "problem" I was referring to was people making the otherwise green and pleasant land into a shit tip, and then eventually moving on. I've lived aboard and moored on the towpath, but at no point felt the need to turn my surroundings into a dump. It draws attention to the culprit more than anything, which you'd think is the last thing they'd want. It doesn't cost anything to keep your chosen spot clean, most of us manage it. If you want to live aboard some kind of overflowing floating skip that's your choice, but don't inflict your scruffy ways onto other canal users and wildlife.
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    You can go in 20 shops a day, but you cant sleep in your boat, if you own a house. Nonsense. Your child can go to the zoo to those 20 shops and visit their grandparents, but cant go to school. Nonsense If you are part of the inner sanctum you can leave london with your covid ridden Spouse, go and live in a house built with no planning permission , and not paying council tax, and visit beauty spots at will. As well as driving with dodgy eyesight. Nonsense No wonder people just do what they like.
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    Well Athy is a bit odd at times, a throwback to a bygone era where people said clever words and knew grammar, there are a lot of slightly odd people on the cut so I expect there must be a few on the forum. Odd people are usually more interesting than normal people. Not sure about the borderline between odd and ridiculous. There are fewer and fewer knowledgeable boaty people on this forum so banning any of them is a bit daft, possibly even ridiculous. ...............Dave
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    Schools have never closed. Teachers have never stopped working, they've been contacting kids via email and internet, running distance learning, rewriting lessons so they work that way. Round here, they've been opening at 7am to keep the breakfast club going that feeds a stack of kids from the local estate. Schools have been teaching NHS and essential worker's kids as well as a stack of the disadvantaged ones. It's as ignorant a comment as saying teaching is a cushy job because they get such long holidays - so cushy that loads leave every year because the pressure on any home life is just too much - most teachers do about three hours work a night at home and at weekends. The government thinks that schools are basically just childcare so their parents can go out to work. There's actually a bit more to it than that.
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    Of the house, not the boat. This is in Arts and Crafts not because it's Art, but because the dog is crafty - she got her modelling fee.
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    I came up the Marple flight this morning. I wasn’t looking forward to doing 16 locks single handed in the rain. Luckily two volunteers showed up at 8am. Not in uniform because they’re all officially off work, so they weren’t representing CRT. They simply wanted to be of help. And their help was greatly appreciated. So hats off to them for turning up in the rain when they needn’t have. It made for a pleasurable journey instead of a chore.
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    As a very long term liveaboard I have to agree. When I engage people in conversation at a mooring and the conversation comes round to them realising we are liveaboards there is often a look of suprise and people say they didnt think we lived aboard. It may be something to do with no crap on the roof? No tarpaulin? No chicken run? or no pallets or rusty push bikes? Not having a purple boat or wearing 1960s hippy clothing seems to throw them off the scent also. It takes all kinds to make a world but the same as you when we leave a mooring apart from a bit of squashed grass you would never know we had been there. In all honesty I dont care wether people have a shiny boat or a scruffy old yoghurt pot but leaving the path and surroundings like a tip whilst moored or indeed when moved off pees me off. And dont get me started on plastic oil containers at rubbish points left at the side of the wheelie bins full of old oil!!
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    Been getting bored during lockdown so started playing with my Dremel, come winter I'm going to have trouble deciding which log to burn first
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    I too have had that very rare experience but I'd rather wait that couple of minutes, and help a newbie learn at the same time, than the more frequent hours or even days because someone drained a pound. We all have to learn best practice from others - few go out in the early days with more than the scantiest skill set - and, in reality, it is not only selfish but counter to enlightened self interest, not willingly to help others to learn in a constructive way, rather than just being grumpy (or worse) directly to them. The opportunity to teach and educate, especially youngsters, is one of the greatest delights of canal cruising. Also, if faced with a lock surrounded by a group of eg teenagers, involving them and talking with them is the best antidote to any sense of fearing them.
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    Ange has been one of the consistently even handed contributors to this forum, and that she feels the need to withdraw because of insensitive moderating is rather depressing. I hope you and her enjoy a lovely safe summer.
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    I have to say that I find this comment inflammatory. Athy, you are an intelligent person, please go back and read through your input to this thread over the last page or so. I have to say that while the discussion has been quite passionate at times it has been about the problems with children missing out on there schooling and whether people feel teachers are pulling their weight or not. When someone quotes you with a "?" it is very obvious to anyone reading that they are asking you to elaborate on a throw away comment you made in the quote. You chose not to do that and tried to be clever instead. Ange does not have a nasty bone in her body, she is always very measured in her responses and your reply to her when you yourself are responding to comments in this thread like a bored kid in the school playground was, in my view unnecessary and her ban from the forum is totally unwarranted. I feel it shows a degree of arrogance on your part. I am basing my opinion only upon what has happened in this thread so if I am missing something elsewhere then I may be out of order but .... Maybe I will get a ban for daring to disagree too?
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    This place was always argumentative and frankly a bit daunting but generally once you got involved there used to be a good mix of decent people and I have met a fair few over the years and enjoyed their company. Recently the bile has replaced a lot of the intelligent discussion and I'm sorry to say this is a classic example. CWDF will go somewhere if it continues like this and that will be down the pan
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    Hi everyone (again!), It’s me, Neil (the Gay guy!) who registered on here as “Gayzingalone” and then disappeared a while back. The basic reason for my disappearance was a combination of losing my mobile (Yes, of course in the canal!), and the “Lock down” that prevented me trying to get everything sorted. Even little things like getting a replacement SIM card was a case of “Press 1 for this and 2 for that etc, etc. and eventually being disconnected and asked to call back later, and later, and later. After one journey before lock down to the “Narrowboat Pub” at Weedon I returned to Whilton Marina where I stayed for the duration before leaving there on Friday 29th May. My stay at Whilton was a time to do many things within and on my boat, re-painting, etc. and meeting a lot of new friends in the “Lockdown community”. We all stayed safe, yet were able to have some social distancing events like concerts on the water provided by some very talented musicians. I also re-named my boat to “huami” (think about it!) … Yes, it says “Who am I” and under the name as you will see in the attached photo’s is the text “It’s.me.Neil”. I was very fortunate being a complete “newbie” to have been invited to follow and travel with some very good friends who were my neighbours at the marina. It has been a steep learning curve yet in quite a short period of time I have managed to get through upwards of 100 locks, under bridges without demolishing them, navigated the River Trent (anchor and life jacket!), traveled the full length of the Chesterfield Canal (inclusive the obligatory photo of the bricked-up Norwood Tunnel entrance), and many more adventures. At the moment I am onboard having a week’s “holiday” as my traveling companions have left their boat next to mine near Shireoaks Marina on the Chesterfield and have returned home for a break. Next week they will return and we will continue our journey with a new direction of York where we will also hang about for a week or so. If I feel confident enough to ditch my “L Plates” I will possibly drift off alone and after conveying my appreciation for all their help I will leave them to get on with their life. We have all said we will be heading back to Whilton Marina when things get colder where we will hang around for the winter, and I will look forward to meeting them again. Since recently I have full mobile broadband on board with an amazing omnidirectional antenna which has given me more freedom to communicate so I look forward to saying hello again on this forum. Ideally, I would love to meet some (male! Hey, I’m gay!) traveling companion who might like to share some of the work and at the same time enjoy a free holiday. (He doesn’t have to be gay, just open minded!). The boat has plenty of sleeping accommodation and after this “Virus time” that has been very expensive for many people it might be a nice break for someone without costs. If anyone on this forum knows of anyone who might like to cruise along for a while, they are more than welcome to get in touch with me. So, I might like to change my forum name to “huami” (but I don’t know how!), and please if you see me in passing do say hello. It’s been amazing how many people have said “Hi Neil” ….
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    We came all the way up Foxton Locks before finding out the boat behind us was also called Harnser, that was a Steve Hudson one. I will probably be in trouble posting this, but who cares A woman walks into a welfare office, trailed by 15 kids. "Wow," the social worker exclaims, "are they all yours?" "Yep, they are all mine," the flustered mother sighs, having heard that question a thousand times before. She says, "Sit down, Billy." All the children rush to find seats. "Well," says the social worker, "then you must be here to sign up. I'll need all your children's names." "Well, to keep it simple, the boys are all named Billy and the girls are all named Billie." In disbelief, the case worker says, "Are you serious? They're all named Billy?" Their mamma replied, "Well, yes, it makes it easier. When it's time to get them out of bed and ready for school, I yell, 'Billy'! And when it's time for dinner, I just yell 'Billy'! and they all come running, and if I need to stop the kid who's running into the street, I just yell 'Billy' and all of them stop. It's the smartest idea I ever had, naming them all Billy." The case worker thinks this over for a bit, then wrinkles her forehead and says tentatively, "But what if you just want one kid to come, and not the whole bunch?" .... "Then I call them by their last names..."
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    Jo Cox Member of Parliament, boat dweller, sometime liveaboard narrowboater her violent death on Thursday 16 June 2016 was a personal tragedy for her and her family, a national tragedy for all of us. May we in our minds eye go to the calm waters of the Calder and Hebble Navigation. As we leave Battyeford Cut heading upriver under a long narrow pedestian bridge and eight boat-lengths further on under another bridge, we have passed through the extent of the navigable waterways of the Parliamentary Constituency of Batley and Spen. It's just one of those things that we will not be able to show her that cartographic quirk on the edge of her constituency. On her parliamentary website it said "Surgeries. Thursday 16th June – 1pm until 2pm @ Birstall Library and Information Centre. No appointment is necessary, please just come along". May that personal commitment to openness and our democratic processes stand in her memory. Jo Cox Member of Parliament: we will remember you. May you Rest In Peace. From my brief tribute at a waterways meeting that weekend. Jo Cox was murdered at her parliamentary surgery that afternoon. Flowers at Birstall war memorial
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    This is where the teacher in me kicks in. Rather than marching up to the boat and and saying that I 'wasn't there to clear up after them' a more effective approach is to smile and ask politely if there is a reason they are leaving the gates open and paddles up? Not always easy, especially when you are angry but shouting at people just puts their backs up. (Even if shouting can make you feel better!)
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    Rattle. The reason listers should be in engine rooms is so you can fix things in a timely fashion. Walk up boat past engine spot diesel leak, walk back fix fuel leak, walk past fix rattling ducting, walk past tighten up manifolds, walk past wipe down another leak, walk past stand back in shock and bang head as there is nothing to do.
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    Big big news. For us anyway. Midnight tonight New Zealand relaxes all remaining covid restrictions bar our closed border arrangements. We have zero active cases. Our last positive test was seventeen days ago, and last identified community transmission was forty days ago. So no more social distancing or gathering size restrictions. We will though almost certainly record new cases, as New Zealander's continue to return from overseas, but hopefully our compulsory border, test and quarantine arrangements are sufficiently robust to contain imported cases. The difference between now and when we first received cases from overseas is that we now have effective border quarantine, effective high capacity testing, and large trained track and trace capability and a good stock of PPE. Open borders with all of Australia will be over a month away as NSW and VIC are at least that far behind in elimination and their Federal Government is unlikely to countenance NZ to individual state opening. There will be covid effects to our economy but this path has minimised the locally sourced damage. It was a classic trade off of intensity versus duration. Australia chose a softer initial response which gave comparable results for quite a while, until it came to extinguishing the tail. Overall it appears their softer initial approach is now costing them dearly as they have had to retain significant restrictions longer. Sweden and New Zealand have taken diametrically opposite approaches. As a person in the vulnerable age group I am extraordinarily greatful to be a participant in the NZ particular control group. We can be greatful for the quality of our advisors, the quality of our political leadership, for listening and then quite brilliantly communicating and implementing a coherent action plan. Even in NZ, and certainly internationally there were "eminent" advisors saying elimination was not possible and the economic cost of trying to high. They been proved wrong. Four and a half weeks of intense lockdown, two and a half weeks of strict lockdown, Australia and UK equivalent, then three weeks of near normal life but with some social distancing, and gathering restrictions has not been that long compared to what others have already endured and what they are still facing.
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    From out of the scrapbook, Dudley Tunnel in the 1960s and the Bottom Road at Curdworth in 1952. There is a butty somewhere just astern, the pair, having brought ingots from Limehouse to Birmingham, now making their way to the Warwickshire coalfields for a return load.
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    However, the guy has died. Regardless of antisocialness of the guy, he obviously had an issue he needed help with, and that wasnt supported by the chaplains or others Having a boat trashed and stolen from after death is shameful.
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    Casual employment, no unions, minimum wage, zero-hours contracts. Plenty more desperate employees where those came from so why bother to try to put any pro-health measures in place. Food factories, sandwich factories, meat packing plants and abattoirs have always been death traps, but they used to just kill the people who worked there, not their grannies as well, so nobody ever gave a toss. Once the dole office start whacking sanctions out on people to make them even more scared of not going to work, it'll get worse. If you look at where the four spikes are, they're areas of serious deprivation & poverty.
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    Standing out in the open on a cruiser stern in the cold and rain? No thanks. Trad stern, back cabin stove warming your feet. No abominable “ pram hoods “ either.
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    I've tried to engage in discourse with Athy, it's like following Alice's rabbit down the rabbit hole.
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    If you are referring to my posts them I apologise. I don't actually see much in the way of shooting down. What I do see is yet another low post count member coming on with a question that by its nature precludes them getting a sensible answer, who has yet to tell us if its for a boat, what kind of boat or land based, and because of that might be a troll. I don't think you are a troll but have just not done much research about living on a boat. If as you imply you do not understand much about on-board electricity then do some research. It will pay massive dividends. Look at the pinned items at the top of this forums sub sections, study the course notes on my website, see if you can find The 12V Bible on line, do some forum searches looking for topics on batteries, charging, and so on. Study the Battery Primer pinned at the start of one of the sub forms. Sorry to say that unless you severely moderate your electrical equipment expectations you WILL be looking at very expensive boat keeping with the frequent or very frequent need for new batteries because you have destroyed the last set by over-discharging and under charging over a prolonged period. Either that or you will need to stayed tied to marine berth by along mains lead. If you are rich enough to select Lithium batteries and their attendant more complex charge control systems then you will go a short way to minimising the charging problems you face because lithium batteries are happy to accept all the charge you can throw at them for long periods of time. Unlike lead acid batteries that after the first half hour or so of charging start reducing the current they will accept until you run out of charging time before they are fully charged. Leaving LA batteries partially charged reduces the amount of electricity they can hold. Getting your use of electricity, the battery bank size, your method of charging, and your charging regain right so you get optimum battery life is an iterative process where you do some calculations, see the results, think about how you will achieve the results and then go back and start again with other assumptions. You are 100% correct in starting with a power audit although I would have done it in Amp hours rather than Watt hours because batteries are sized in Ah but I see no explanation of how Bimble account for alternator charging and the time running the alternator so we can't really comment on its accuracy. What we do know is that a minimum of 6000 Ah - that is 60 x 100 Ah lead acid batteries is unlikely to fit into a typical narrowboat and if you really required that number for your electrical use you would never be able to recharge them while cruising and away from mains power. I know the responses you got were probably very different from those you thought you would but if those with long experience and/or professional competency can see you are heading for problems what would you prefer them to do? Try to point out where you may be making mistakes and where your apparent expectations are unrealistic or pat you on the head and encourage you to carry on. This forum will usually do the former because we want to help and as in your case all too often vital information is withheld so it is asked for. We get questions like yours almost on a weekly basis and all to often the questioner gets upset by replies that do not try to hide the truth. Having pondered on what has been said on this thread and studied a bit please feel free to come back and ask more detailed questions or ask about something you come across but do not understand. You will have to learn to ignore the jokers though. You should also accept that some on here really do know far more than you and their views are real and hard gained expertise. If you don't want their input to your problem - for free I might add - don't ask the question
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    What we do is to pull a loop of rope through the eye-splice, then put the loop we've just made over the bollard on the stern, and then give it a sharp tug before throwing the rope onto the lock-landing for someone to loop over the bollard there. works for us.
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    Go for it! You only live once, and you don't know how long for.
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    Buy the boat rather than live to regret it.
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    Was it you who went past me early yesterday, shouting to your mate about my displayed license being three years out of date with a look on your face like somebody was holding a turd under your nose? For your information, I am fully licensed. The dole pay it for me. 🤪🖕
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    Should be working now.
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