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    Well done LadyG (Jo) It takes something to stand up and say you are sorry. I'm sure every one of us has at sometime got wound-up and said or done something we regret - admitting it clears the air and lets everyone 'move on'. You like the 'one-liners' so just remember "The man who never made a mistake, never made anything" Stick with it Jo !!
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    Apparently, in 1888 there was a competition in 'Answers Magazine' for people to submit their predictions of what England would be like in 1988 This won the competition: (Makes me feel quite odd)
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    I too extend my thanks for LadyG’s time as a moderator. It is a thankless task at best and I think as a relative newcomer to the site she fell victim to a lack of “history” of the forum. I do hope she keeps posting as a mere mortal like the rest of us.. Happy Christmas Everyone..
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    Strange how this thread has gone from one of 'thanks' to one of virtually continuous criticism and 'we are all going to die'. Shame really.
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    Long time ago at the Cinema seeing 2001 Space Odyssey Fillum and when they showed the Bone which had been used as a Weapon being hurled into the Air which then became a Space Station ,The 'Blue Danube Waltz was Played as Background Music. about half the Audience started Singing "Shippams for Tea for Tea for Tea" which had been heard lots on the TV Advert.
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    OLD SCROTE'S ALMANAC 2019 A powerful Western Leader will create much mirth and hilarity for the world while at the same time cause his own people to scratch their teeth and suck their chins with embarrassment. An Asian country with a population of 1.4 Billion lacking health care, reliable housing and having 18 Million street children; will cheerfully spend another Billion dollars firing space rockets at the moon. It's predicted that by the end of a few more years of homeless child death they will have succeeded in replicating nearly everything The Americans achieved by the end of the 60s. In Britain plans will be announced to begin preparing for another Royal wedding. Some off-spring of a minor prince(ess) will excitedly proclaim their intention to marry someone with only one name. Something like Judd or Mauve. Their fame as a meaningless celebrity or Bare Knuckle Fighter will instantly cause the British population to yawn as one and mutter "Isn't it time we exited from Brexit or some'at?" Brexit will shortly be followed by Frexit, Spexit, Gerxit when those countries come to the conclusion that they don't want to be tied in a club with equally greedy, spiteful and nasty minded misanthropes as themselves. The remaining countries not bothered about their bed fellows will think twice when they realise that Turkey, a country that turns a blind eye to old men marrying 12 year old girls is on the verge being accepted. The UK Prime Minister will publicly hope we enjoyed being out of austerity at the end of 2018 as it's now time to go back into it again. This will happen as soon as MPs have voted themselves a fat pay rise. Petty crime, larceny, Twoc'ing, drug dealing and muggings are all expressions that won't be described as being in decline. However they will all appear on the employment options given to school leavers, replacing any mention of The Police Force, Prison or Probationary Service. Gatwick Airport will get out of the red and show a profit once again. This will be achieved by operating training courses in flying drones. Strictly will be won by someone "cutesy" defeating all those demonstrating skill and potential through hard graft and training. C&RT will rename themselves The Canal, River Undertaking Dept. while asking for volunteers to come forward and close them down. Near the end of the year you will waste £3.50 buying OLD SCROTE'S ALMANAC 2020
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    This should clarify what baffles do in a skin tank. This was on a boat I built some time back and I took the pic to ensure I'd got the path of circulation correct. In this case the tank is 1/2" wide ( thickness) and functions as expected. Hope this helps.....
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    But it’s now going stoattaly off topic..
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    Black Sabbath are a rock band. A proper one... RIP Cozy & Geoff

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