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  1. 5 points
    I know I should not because it could be osntrued as political rather than fair comment but would that be the same pot the Tories use when they need to bribe the Northan Irish so they can stay in power?
  2. 4 points
    I have no objection to tents being referred to as X man tents. I was however, very disappointed several years ago when I bought a two man tent and found there were no men inside. haggis
  3. 4 points
    It is nothing to do with showing consideration to women. It is about using words that have been around for centuries, in the usual way and not pandering to a tiny minority of silly insecure people (usually of the female gender) who want to make a fuss. They don’t really care what the fuss is about, they just want to make a fuss, although preferably about how hard done by they are due to a group of letters. It’s pathetic. if you ask 1000 women whether they object to the term “manhole cover”, I’d say 900 of them wouldn’t care, 90 wouldn’t know what a manhole cover is but the remaining 10 would make more noise about how they were OUTRAGED and GROSSLY OFFENDED by it, than the other 990 put together. Its about time people realised that the “man” in, eg manhole, refers to human. Or are we going to have to stop using “human” and replace it with “hupersonofnonspecificgender”. I blame you and your employer for encouraging this first world problem which takes up far too much air time, whilst actual problems are ignored. So there.
  4. 4 points
    Buying the kit from Victron gets you closer to 6k, which is far more than I can afford. This project will cost about £400 in bits, and the cells are about £1500 retail, but hope to do a bit better than that. I'm not expecting to come out ahead financially for about six years, even counting the cost of the large amount of my time it will need at zero. On the other hand, I get to play at a fun project. If it works I can stop stop stressing about my batteries sulphating because it's basically impossible for an off-grid CCer to get them fully charged. I won't even need to try to get them fully charged! I'll never again have to spend time babying a dying set of batteries and jump through hoops to get new ones cheap or buy over priced tat from chandleries. I'll have less generator or engine run time for battery charging. I won't have to top up electrolyte. The space under the floor in the engine room where the LA batteries live at the moment will make a fine new tool store once the Lithiums are tucked away under the bed. Try new things sometimes, smelly. Live a little! MP.
  5. 3 points
    It's easy to moan about the police, until you get robbed and need someone to show up two days later and shrug.
  6. 3 points
    My boat currently has a machine mart 8kw stove in it which is : A) ridiculous overkill for a 32ft narrowbeam Absolutely deadly in my opinion as its so poorly made. Boatman stove on order and hopefully coming next week so I can scrap the hideous poorly made death trap
  7. 3 points
  8. 3 points
    "That's cos you're a man!" (whoops... did I really type that..... )
  9. 2 points
    Must have gone to same place as you went? Please edit in your twice daily compilation.
  10. 2 points
    I'm not sure it was as easy as that when MtB was having his problems Peter, but I forget the detail now as the debate went on for so long. If the Smartguage really was that simple, how come it generates so much discussion? I think you're about right - the less you know, the better an aid it is. This is no bad thing imho. I assess my battery state primarily by voltage when discharging and tail current when charging, but that's not for everyone and I certainly don't trust my BMV SOC reading, although the Amp Hours Used reading may be a little more use. For a simple SOC readout I guess the SG is hard to beat so far.

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