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    Went up the newly 'open' two miles of the Pocklington Canal this morning. Andy, a chap on a boat in Melbourne Basin, had sold me a Head of Navigation plaque - I'm not a plaque person, but having got it I thought I should go, despite him informing me that the pub in Bielby had closed. Two locks, a swing bridge and lots of reeds. Walbut lock and the swing bridge have no landing stages. Best moor under the bridge when going up the lock (not like I did - see pic) - there's a bench to tie to. The swing bridge is difficult singlehanded, but possible (obviously). Rather bleak at the end, and no easy access to the village, as the Bielby Arm is not yet navigable (last pic), so I didn't stay (no pub). Two hours each way for the two miles.
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    Let's not forget though we are reading an article written by someone who likely has no knowledge of the canals and then edited by someone else who is also likely to be unfamiliar with the issues involved. No one here knows any of the back story that's led them to this point and tbh it's not really our business. I would just be a bit cautious making a judgment based on the information in that article. Not saying I support them, just saying some caution should be taken before judgement is made
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    As the law will require commercial boats to empty their tanks on a Friday night (before the 'leisure' use kicks in over the weekend) our marina is ahead of the game offering this service. The 'Red' can then be sold back to them on Monday morning at a discounted rate. Everyone is happy !!
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    Lived on a boat " Near Bradford on Avon " for FOURTEEN years claiming to be a ccer
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    Not a scam but a cold caller.... While visiting my mother in the UK I answered a call from a chap with an Indian accent a while back...... Him... We are installing house insulation in your area with large discounts. May I ask if you have loft insulation? Me... Yes thanks Him... May I ask how thick it is? Me... About 8 foot Him... That's not really thick enough sir, you need at least 20cm Me... F**k off Click
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    A few shots of a convoy trip from Limehouse to Brentford, via the Thames Barrier. The river was very busy! https://nbsg.wordpress.com/iwa-trip-to-margaretness/
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    The author of this Guardian Cryptic Crossword seems to be having a laugh....
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    Are they the semi-pacifist rock band? ... the guitarist is agressive but the drummer is 'armless!
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    ....That is a bit drastic for banned members.Even a bit strong for sock puppets.
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    Frankly, don't ask in the first place. Just start living there. If you keep your head down sufficiently no-one will notice or care. If you get rumbled and challenged, you'll know you weren't flying below the radar enough.
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    He dropped the bra wire down the back of the server
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    It does come back to the fact that people like to stay in places they know and have connections. Work isn't as easy to come by these days either as it wss fifty or even twenty years ago, so they tend to want to hang on to it if they've got it. Lack of reasonably priced housing is a political choice made by our political masters for their own reasons. It's bound to spill over onto our wet bits - every time I go past the unlicensed scruffy boat that some poor sod is living on on my local bit of pond, I do try to temper my initial harrumph about blasted freeloaders by remembering that everyone has to be somewhere and should have some kind of roof. And that I've served a bit of time sleeping in bus stations and park shelters myself. As well as on a leisure mooring in the boat.
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    I’m not sure he does find it a problem. He’s probably just angling for a response from people here who spend too much time bothering themselves about what other people are doing. At the end of the day the arrangements between MK Parks and their mooring customers aren’t our business. Nor can I get too excited about whatever arrangement exists between MK Parks and CRT. JP
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    A case of glass houses and stones I would think. Tony made himself a very public and outspoken figure on this forum, and made his battles with CRT very public. He has also made all manner of untrue accusations about various people, myself included, when they were not in a position to defend themselves. If he had won anything he would have publicised it extensively so can't expect privacy if he has lost. .............Dave
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    Thanks for the good bits of advice, as usual the replies did stray slightly off topic! I had a great trip down the Severn from Stourport, no issues with the locks, flow or state of the river. The week I spent on the Gloucester & Sharpness was one of the best trips on my boat. Coming back up the Severn was a bit different as the flow and wind were quite strong, I struggled along at 1.5 mph until I picked up a very useful spring tide helping me up towards Tewkesbury. The lock and bridge keepers on the Severn and the G&S were all brilliant and very helpful. I would strongly recommend a hand held VHF for anyone contemplating this trip. I bought a 2nd hand ICOM and it was worth it's weight in gold. Yes, you can use a mobile phone but I found the hand held VHF very useful for keeping in touch with the lock and bridge keepers, also good for hearing what other boat traffic is around. The Avon locks were a faff on my own but all in all, an excellent trip. The biscuits and John 6767 get the prize for the most sensible bits of advice.......thanks
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    Ok where are we with the Norman, as i have a spare hour or so from bloody block paving, the house that is not the boat, and totally knackered i will give a late update. I say late as we have been busy cruising Khashoggi and getting the Norman to its home mooring as you will see.We ended up at Wigan Pier where i had decided on going the rest of the way by road transport. This was due to a vibration from the prop/drive when the revs get up to maybe 1500rpm, so not good to do the Ribble Link. Dont want to damage it more than it is.I called around local Hiab companies to see who will take the job on, After calling around a good few they were coming back at between £450-£500 for the 30 mile trip. Average i reckon from the last move si have done but then found a place that does it by the hour.....ooooeeeerrr, not one of them places So i worked it on 4hr job and at £55ph its not bad at all.I have all details to the woman on the phone and all good to go.Well the day began with us being up at 5am as i used the works van to get my cradles to the boat the day before so i had to drop the van off Tuesday before 6am as i have the week off work.Oh well no biggie as we then set off to the Norman to get it ready for the lift. Thing is we hadnt been given an Am or PM time for the lift. We Had a half hour cruise to the lift spot, so dinghy again to get the boat over to the towpath side, move the car to lift spot then walk back to cruise the boat up.Well all going well and on time but for me loosing the Anti vandal vandal key for the locks, but as lucky and unlucky as i am i found that i had left my socket set on the boat and in my tool bag had a spare screw bit adaptor. I knocked that into the 10mm head end and the 1/4 drive socket fits the the Anti vandal key So happy days we set off, two locks and got there about 8am to the lift site, only to find the crane driver wont be there until 12am, oh well off to Mc D`s He arrived dead on 12m and when i started to chat to him he didnt have a clue hoe to lift a boat as never done one before Some folk would of thought WTF, but nah crack on and he asked me how to go about it, so i did all the lifting but for manouvering the crane. I should of got discount lol.Video of the lift https://youtu.be/9dsk9LKuric image: https://i.postimg.cc/3rqXsCLV/20190827-130817.jpg image: https://i.postimg.cc/N0Qm6NM9/20190827-130754.jpg Intake clogged up image: https://i.postimg.cc/JhvPYYQP/INTAKE-2.jpg Hull, not bad to see the state of the rest of the boat. image: https://i.postimg.cc/FHNVpFCH/20190827-132135.jpg image: https://i.postimg.cc/VNH9zqfJ/20190827-132122.jpg image: https://i.postimg.cc/NFZRRB9B/20190827-130500.jpg Now the thing that was giving it the wobble. It took some getting out, infact i had to cut it as short as possible. I have collected all sorts in the past in the prop but never a large inner tube image: https://i.postimg.cc/7ZskhDxh/rudder-prop.jpg Think i will make a new rudder like i did with Khashoggi image: https://i.postimg.cc/VkqXbyYP/20190827-130507.jpg And lifted back in at Garstang Marinahttps://youtu.be/NLVC1TMCHgg As said, a half hour cruise home just a few moorings up from Khashoggi image: https://i.postimg.cc/5Nd2ZXVb/20190827-170626.jpg image: https://i.postimg.cc/9fnW1Mb3/20190827-160745.jpg image: https://i.postimg.cc/Hk3Wc37k/20190827-160815.jpg Plan is now to get it water tight from top down, being replace all windows and rear cabin door to be made, either wood or GRP not decided yet on that. Then the cockpit roof to be made wit canvas sides. And go from there.
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    Woah right there good people. I never meant to poke a stick into the hornets nest. Just looking for advice. Never expected it to turn Into Brexit The Boating Debate Version.
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    Yeah, but what if the people on the boat coming the other way also get their enjoyment out of doing locks - surely it's in both of your interests for them to shut the gates after they leave so that they get the pleasure of that and you then get the pleasure of opening them again? I'm really struggling to see what difference it makes to you whether the locks are set for you by happy coincidence or because of the actions of a volockie. I think I have the answer though. Maybe when you're on a flight where the locks are set in your favour you could sent the volockie ahead to unset them 😂
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    cars are banned from driving on the cycle path or the bus lane even though that may be the best route to avoid congestion. am I in favour of that? not really, but as a motorist I accept the disciplines that have to apply if we are all going to get on with life in a safe and co-operative manner. it's pretty clear that a significant proportion of cyclists do not accept those principles.
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    Marriage councillor to husband, Your wife says you never buy her flowers, Husband, I never knew she sold flowers.
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    I suspect we will never agree but the difference is they were happy to dispose of the rig in a way that would contaminate an area of sea bed where there was another option. All the puff about only 2kgs or 5kgs of this or that is not the point. Shell were trying to save money that's all
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    When you break down in the pouring rain you'll wish you had a trad. When your engine goes bang because of a leak that hasn't been spotted for weeks you'll wish you had a trad. When your wet clothes are drying around the engine you'll wish you had a trad. When your working on the engine in a cruiser stern and you end up cracking a rib trying to get the last bolt undone you'll wish you had a trad
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    It means a load of political bollocks as per usual.
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    That's right. I bought a narrowboat first time. Realised my mistake eventually.
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    The lock keepers at Selby and Naburn will advise you. Going up stream you leave Selby as the tide floods, tidal effect generally declines after Cawood but that depends on spring vs neap tides and the amount of fresh (ie natural flow of rainwater down the river). The levels do vary a lot with the amount of fresh and state of tide. Be aware that there are 3 swingbridges, 2 at Selby (one rail, one road) and a road one at Cawood. All the bridges are manned and can be contacted by phone or preferably by radio. Most of the time in a narrowboat you won’t need the bridges swung but always best to check the air draft at the bridges - you don’t want to be bearing down on a bridge with 3 mph of current behind you to find you don’t fit under the bridge! If you are travelling in winter, obviously there is greater risk of high levels to due fresh. Coming back the other way they seem to let you out of Naburn before high tide, meaning you are against the tide to start with, however the tidal effect that high up is normally marginal to zero. You pick up the ebb further down. I think the early departure is to ensure that there is plenty of water over the cill (and over the mud banks!) at Selby. And maybe to get into Selby before the flow peaks. My tips for getting back into Selby are thus: 1) round up (ie turn the boat round) as soon as you are past the bridges, then drift back with the current - no rush! 2) when rounding up, turn left (having first gone over to the right, very close to the old jetty). I noticed that the current was stronger near the RH bank, so this helps to push the back of the boat round. Turning the other way means the bow is in the strong current which makes it harder to turn. Start the turn from very low speed through the water The river isn’t very wide here and it’s easy to run out of room. 3) drift back so that the bow is roughly in line with the upstream side of the lock entrance. Drift slowly sideways towards the lock entrance. Fortunately there is a patch of calm water near the lock entrance which makes it quite easy most of the time. Biggest problem is going from moving water to still water with the same power on and thus hitting the upstream lock wall. When quite close, apply lots of rudder and power to swing the boat round into the lock entrance. It is easier than it sounds! Best to take it all quite slowly. I will also mention that the difficulty varies from “not much” in benign conditions - modest tides, little fresh - to downright dodgy in a narrowboat - large spring tides and a lot of fresh. So don’t go if the conditions are dodgy.
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    1. A toothpick. 2.Spare fuse. 3.Hair clip. 4.Lock Pick. 5.To pick the fluff from ones bellybutton. 6.Window drain unblocker. 7.Clean your earwax. 8.Coffee stirrer 9.Drain/plug hole unblocker. 10.Very small lightning conductor. 11.cruiser stern drain channel clearer. 12.Backscratcher. 13.Woodburner glass cleaner. 14.Paper clip. 15.Christmas card hanger (for billy no mates). 16.Small FM antenna. 17.Removing stones from tyres. 18.Remove stones from horses hooves. 19.Mixing your large Singapore gin and tonic. 20.Spreading butter on toast in the absence of a knife. 21.Plant stem support. 22.DIY lolly stick. 23.Sharpened up as a makeshift pen. 24.Earing. 25.Bracelet. 26.Tiller pin retainer 27.Cable tie 28.Cleaning your collander. 29.Replacement watch strap. 30.Emergency compass needle. 31.Emergency split pin. 32.Putting holes in sausages. 33.Emergency fishing hook. 34.Sacrifical fender shackle. 35.Eco fan dust cleaner. 36.Fire grate unblocker. 37.Circle template. 38.Srcaping the bottom of barrels. 39.Toffee apple stick. 40. Candy floss stick. 41.popping kids balloons (that was Mrs Rusty's idea). 42.A handy bookmark. 43.Cocktail stick for mini sausages and pineapples. 44. Kebab skewer. 45.Replacement car aerial. 46.Paint stirrer. 47.ukulele bow. 48.Boomerang. 49.Bodkin. 50.Crochet needle. 51.Mysterious item in Auntie Waitrose auction. 52.Conductors baton. 53.Removing fluff from keyboard. 54.Citroen tool c56785/98B. 55.Letting air out of car tyres. 56.Key holder. 59.Wire interconnect. 60.Mini jump lead. 61.Sundial pointer. 62.Engine thermostat removal tool. 63.Tyre tread gauge. 64.toilet roll holder. 65.Curtain tie back 66.Emergency anode. 67.Letter opener. 68.Coat hanger. 69. Replacement bra underwire Do we win?
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    Hi, i bought them from ebay, search for item number 161332100650 around £40 each, dont disturb me at night as they stop when it gets dark.
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    You did it, in itself that's an achievement if you're scared of heights, during the time I moored the boat there it was common to see people gripping the railings frozen in place unable to move. Saw one or two crawling back on hands and knees as well
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    Do not power the immersion from the batteries - it will be drawing 100 amps. I have a 1300Ah battery bank and mistakenly left the immersion switched on when we left the land line - within 'hours' the low battery alarm was sounding. In theory your solar should cope with it, but when the sun goes to bed you must immediately remember to go and switch the immersion off. Don't risk it. Plug it into your land line / travelpower powered socket (the washing machine one). Keep it simple.
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    Re-reading the OP I think the author might be better off posting his question on TVworld Discussion Forum. 😁
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    Like you care? After the age of 40 i stopped giving a flying pink pig about what others think of me
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    Vollies are like boat manoeuvres. The more people watching, the more difficult they get!
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    I've just noticed that 77'10" marking on the coping - note to self: never buy a narrowboat that exceeds that limit.
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    Was he fresh in after a day in the woods cutting down some timber for firewood?
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    We just put all of them in on Canalplan - so as long as you allow Canalplan access to your location and your browser gives good values to Canalplan, your options are almost endless! However getting an agreement from W3W was a bit messy as we cache "static" data and they don't like people doing that... which seems odd as surely a place can't change its W3W code....
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    Oh, that's great. I can use it on the way back if we crash!
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