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    Taah Raaah..... Thank you for your help, a great improvement don't you think? The middle pic is the result of painting some paste of Bar Keepers, leaving overnight, and washing/brushing off the next day. The final pic is a bit shiny, that's cos the satin varnish was still wet when the pic was taken. I'm really pleased
  2. 4 points
    I suspected that. I find it interesting that if CRT deviate from the law in a way boaters don't like there are howls of anguish but not a murmur when it is something they are happy with.
  3. 3 points
    For a minute thought you said the Brexit thread was like a bug and should be fixed. 😁
  4. 3 points
    I prefer this music to the Rhythm of Life
  5. 3 points
    Bought a pot in B&Q today and had a go. Mixed it into a paste and painted it on with a brush, eventually I started putting a bit more effort into cleaning the wood, working the powder into the grain with an old nail brush and scrubbing. Think it's made a difference. I'll give it another go tomorrow. When it's dry, I'll sand the wood, and give it a couple of coats of yacht varnish. Thank you @WotEver, and everyone, looks like Barkeeper has done the trick Knew someone on here were know some 'magic'.
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    Whenever I think about watching Top Gear I just walk the dog up the road to the local park and watch the 5 year olds playing. Saves electricity and exercises the dog.
  7. 3 points
    We have that on here but the technical bits on how each of you have done it are spread across threads and buried inside topics so I suspect the ideal solution would be for a mod to set up a new "closed" forum and invite specific individuals to post "how I did it" pieces. Maybe a sub-forum on "how I am getting on with it" and perhaps another "problems I found". That way the rest of us could not muddy the topic s with a load of questions but could post questions on (say) the maintenance forum. I would much rather trust a UK forum with contributions from people with a proven track record across technical subjects than something from the USA.
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    O' I don't know. A 4" Beef & Onion tends to be 4" Beef & Onion irrespective of you being a Plumber or an Electrician
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    You stated that in order to comply with the BSS : Throwing RCD, PD54823 etc etc is just trying to bluff your way out of a big-hole you have dug. I repeat the question : "Where in the BSS does it say that an oven should be installed using" copper pipe". If you can show me the relevant clause I will gladly retract my statements and apologise, if you are unable to substantiate your claim then I am afraid that this is yet another example of a 'rogue' examiner making up his own rules that has resulted in the current perception of the BSS.
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    Let me just play Devil's advocate again for a second. There are quite a number of genuine, honest, law abiding citizens who have neither a drivers license or a passport, nor is there any law in Great Britain that says that if you are a British citizen you must have a photo ID of any sort. (no, there's not, I looked it up before I started) So you find the boat of your dreams, you are VERY keen to buy it, there is a plethora of original documentation including invoices all bearing the name of the boat owner, but the owner tells you he has neither drivers license or passport. Now if he had stolen the boat (and the paperwork along with it) he would have all that same paperwork and would tell you he had no drivers license or passport. As Alan has stated in post 18 a lot of people on the cut aren't that keen on paper work, don't bother with it if the can help it and/or do a lot of the work themselves. If you have a rummage around on here you will find loads of examples of people who have stated they will only pay in cash or who don't bother keeping invoices or couldn't find then if the did. I'm not being contrary for the sake of it, I'm just saying that just because that's what you want doesn't mean that's what you are going to get. There is nothing wrong with being vigilant and I'm not suggesting you through caution to the wind.
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