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  1. I get the automatic stoppage notices from CaRT for my local waterways in S Yorkshire. Had updates today for those locks that have assisted passage from CaRT employees, like the Tinsley flight (usual practice) and Aldwarke lock (after the boaters downstream access pontoon was swept away and destroyed in the November flood). I don't know if this is just this region, or on all the system. Jen Update on 30/03/2020: Please note that from Monday 30 March, unless there is an emergency or boaters require passage for one of the reasons below, all our employee-operated locks, bridges and tunnels will be closed. To access water or waste facilities To access essential food and supplies To access urgent medical treatment For emergency mechanical service for your boat For emergency vet treatment for your pet
  2. Don't forget to include the height of the low loader the boat is sat on! Also, you'll be limited to just the left hand side of the bridge and then have the problem of crashing head first in to the oncoming car that is on the wrong side of the road. The dip in the level under the arch is useful though. Why can't CaRT do something like that? I've only seen the Paddington Arm once, when I went for a walk while waiting to meet someone arriving at the station. I don't remember any bridge looking like that. Jen
  3. Could that company be Google? Could the World Wide Web be a safety net to catch anything falling off the edge? Apologies to @alistair1537 for what we have done to his topic...
  4. If it were too high for cats to jump, then they'd climb up. If it were too high to climb, then you'd be able to see it from anywhere in a flat world, which you can't. I can see cats, I can't see the H&S edge protection fence, therefore the world isn't flat!
  5. This moon landing was faked in a British, rather than Hollywood studio:
  6. You wouldn't see cats anywhere else in the world if the fence were built. They'd all be walking along the top of it. You see cats all over, therefore the fence doesn't exist, therefore the world isn't flat.
  7. If the world were flat, cats would have knocked everything of the edge by now. 😁
  8. Humans seem to be doing a pretty good job of wiping out other animal species, so the risk is steadily going down. The source automatically answers your question. 😁
  9. Found this photo of the sharp bend at Outwell. Turns out Nicholson's were right! 810 degrees by my reckoning.
  10. Since CRT is a charity, it cannot make a profit. It might have a surplus on its account, though. The executives can still get big bonuses though. 😁 A similar death toll to nuking a city or two. 😱 Sequels are rarely as good. This one only has one exclamation mark in the title, not three. Jen
  11. Normal yes, but problematic. My boat has a cauliflower and a couple of rads heated by a gravity circulated stove back boiler all in series through big bore copper pipes, caloriifier before the rads. If I come to the boat and the cauliflower is stone cold it sucks all the heat from the stove for several hours after lighting it till the water is up to temperature. Only then does the boat itself start to warm up. With a pumped system and parallel balanced feeds to the cauliflower and radiators the boat would heat up more quickly, with a corresponding longer time to get hot water. Jen
  12. There is a nice long pound between Goole and the first lock, or movable bridge on either the Aire and Calder, or New Junction. Possible to go up there for a bit and scuttle back to Goole if necessary without being trapped. More isolated than being in Goole Marina. Most of the bank is deep crinkle cut piling, which is too deep for normal fenders to space you off. Also, if a big boat passes, the wash will rip out normal mooring pins, so you need to moor to something more substantial. If you can cope with deep crinkle cut piling, then fine. If not, then there are a number of mooring spots that let you moor with normal fenders and to rings, or bollards. Jen
  13. Clearly CaRT management have been replaced by pod people to behave in a way so out of character. The invasion has started! The lock down is just to make it easier to carry out!
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