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  1. Jen-in-Wellies

    Mooring halfway between York & Bristol

    Pretty much any mooring/marina on the Trent and Mersey is within easy reach of motorways and major trunk A roads that will take you to Bristol and York. Similarly with the Leicester branch of the GU and the River Soar. True of most of the Midlands canals in fact, with a few exceptions, like parts of the Shropie and the far end of the Caldon. You can mostly base your choice on other criteria, like facilities, flood risk, aesthetics and cruising range. Jen
  2. Jen-in-Wellies

    Mooring halfway between York & Bristol

    How are you and/or the kids getting too/from the boat? Car, train, coach? Short list moorings based on proximity to appropriate transport. Motorways, stations, whatever. As @matty40s says, loads to choose from in the Midlands. Jen
  3. Jen-in-Wellies

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    You would just want a regulator for the lighting circuit, rather than the entire 12V system. Things like shower and water pumps generate the spikes that cause damage, so you don't want them on the same circuit as your LED's, downstream of the regulator. Sorry, can't recommend a suitable one. LED's on my boat have built in regulators. Jen
  4. Jen-in-Wellies

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    The dimming halogens isn't a symptom of voltage spikes, more likely to be elderly batteries. You won't notice the spikes, but they will damage unprotected LED's. The regulator you link to should provide protection, if it works as advertised. Always a risk with cheapo no-name stuff off The Big River web site, or Ebay. Jen
  5. The shopping trolleys must have been removed before the photos were taken. I suppose the railway wagon counts as a very big shopping trolley. Jen 😀
  6. Jen-in-Wellies

    Coal shovels ?

    Wha @mrsmelly and @dave moore said. Modern ones are pressed tin and usually fail where the blade transitions in to the curved bit that forms the socket for the handle. I am on my third cheapy one and now look for substantial amounts of metal in this area. A properly forged one would last forever, but would be expensive to get made new. When shovel No2 fell to bits, I did consider one of these. Proper shovels, made for steam trains, but a bit big! Jen Just realised, this was my 1000th post! 🎈🎉
  7. Jen-in-Wellies

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    Tony just beat me to it. At 4 for £7, I suspect there won't be voltage stabilisers, or filters for spikes in them. On a boat they may not last very long with the noisy and variable voltage. Jen
  8. Jen-in-Wellies

    Wood (and coal) burning stoves to be banned

    So the topic title should be Wood (and coal) burning stoves to be banned Sale of coal and wet wood for stoves to be banned and some stoves not to be allowed for new house installations More accurate, but just doesn't give the same blood pressure and rage spike. Jen
  9. Jen-in-Wellies

    Ashby and moorings?

    Dogs never stand their round anyway. Jen 😀
  10. Jen-in-Wellies

    Rust along water line?

    There may just have been a diesel spill on the water that has dissolved the blacking around the waterline.
  11. Jen-in-Wellies

    Quiet routes

    Some of the northern canals make up for the lack of numbers with size!
  12. Jen-in-Wellies

    Rudely woken by the CO Alarm

    Agree with all this. Running these stoves hard, with dry fuel is the way to keep the flue free of clag. I've just used an old bit of scaffold pole to knock out the concrete like stuff that has formed with the weather being so mild and the stove ticking over 24/7. Jen
  13. Jen-in-Wellies

    fitting a rev counter??

    If you decide to go with an electronic sender, you will need a new oil pressure gauge, matched to that sender. The capillary gauge could go on ebay. There are some combined pressure gauge and oil pressure warning light senders around, which will screw in to the engine block and negate the need for a T piece and the extra complication and joints it needs. VDO do them, for example. If @crosser bought a VDO oil pressure gauge and a matched pressure sensor, with integral warning contact switch, then this would be the simplest way of getting the combination desired. As @jonathanA says, be careful of the thread type. Many oil pressure ports in engines are NPT, not BSP and some are various fine pitch metric threads, so get a suitably matched sender once you find out what thread Nanni use. Jen
  14. Jen-in-Wellies

    Rudely woken by the CO Alarm

    It is CO2 that is heavier than air. CO and CO2 get confused a lot, by me too sometimes. As @ditchcrawler says CO is lighter than air and will pool close to the ceiling, which is why the alarm destruction manuals say to put it near there. Jen

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