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  1. Wi Fi

    Mobile broadband is what you want. I use Three. Not tied to being in range of someones wifi. A mifi box with a suitable sim card will give you your own wifi network on board. 3G coverage is pretty good most places, with 4G available more in cities and very fast. There are coverage black holes, so check the signal at your regular mooring site before signing a contract with the provider. Jen
  2. cats aboard

    The late Mike Stevens had some very good advice that I read when first planning on taking a cat on board a decade ago. He died suddenly in 2008 and the web site has succumbed to bit rot, but the internet archive has copieshttps://web.archive.org/web/20080802102835/http://www.mike-stevens.co.uk:80/aboutme/cats/faq.htm Jen
  3. cats aboard

    Once they associate the boat with being "home", then most cats take boating and the fact that the outside changes in their stride. They do fall in, but they swim well,despite absolutely hating it. The big problem is being able to get out before they run out of energy. Bits of carpet, or rope side fenders help. All cats are different. Treat it like a house move and keep them inside for a few days before letting them explore outside. If they will take a collar/harness and lead then this can help. I have a fishermans landing net on the roof, which is very good for getting cats and small dogs out of the drink. All cats are different. If yours are prone to wandering, then you might be stuck in one place till they come back. Training to come back when called for meals can belp. Lots of cats (and dogs) where I moor. Safer than being around roads, despite the risk from the water. One was lost a few years ago. Went out at night without the owner realising, fell in and couldn't get out in time. Very sad. Jen
  4. Drying Washing

    My previous next boat neighbours had one of these mounted on the swan neck tillerhttps://www.miracleleisureproducts.co.uk/brolly-mate.html The wirly washing line had a cut down pole so the line could actually be reached. This also reduces the torque on the brolly mate. Edited to add: Theirs was modified with a hole through it so it could be attached with a tiller pin through it and the tiller. This prevented it falling over with the weight of the washing. Something that could not be guarenteed with just the securing screws. Others have a bit of scaffolding pole welded somewhere around the front deck in to which a whirly line can be slotted. Jus read your first post again and you don't have this option. Note that some posh marinas ban drying washing outside, so depends where you moor. Jen
  5. moorings farm land

    Ifyou are mooring on farm land you are doing it wrong. The boat should be in some water. Jen Seriously though, good luck with your search. A very wide area, so should be successful.
  6. Drying Washing

    The spin dryer side of the twin tub gets clothes much drier than the automatic washing machines I've used. After that they go on a set of lines across the ceiling of the bathroom. There is a radiator in there and two roof vents, so they dry very quickly without condensation problems. I am short enough that I don't garrote myself if I leave the lines up! Jen
  7. New Marina at North Kilworth

    No wonder there are no boats in the new marina. Someone has gone and moored right across the entrance. Some boaters have no consideration. Jen
  8. Best small inverter to power 240V fridge

    Depends on the fridge. Depends on the inverter. My backup 600W modified sinewave one trips out if it tries to start the fridge. The problem is that starting the compressor motor draws a very high inrush current for a fraction of a second, before settling down to a low current draw. The 0.5A quoted by the OP's fridge manufacturer is an average and doesn't include this. To work my fridge off the 600W inverter, when the main 1600W one was on the blink involved switching the fridge on, the inverter tripping off, then immediately switching the inverter back on again so that the compressor motor was still spinning. The thermostat inside the fridge had to be turned to its lowest temperature (highest setting), so the compressor never went off. Not practical, or economic for long turn use. I would say at least 1000W to be sure not to run in to this. Another thing to look at is the no load current draw of the inverter. Generally cheaper inverters draw more current when the fridge is not running and waste more generating AC when the fridge comprressor is running. If you are mostly using the inverter for the fridge this will be a significant extra drain on the batteries. Go for brands with good reputations like Victron, Mastervolt etc, rather than landfill stuff from Ebay. Less risk of component failure and fire if the boat is left with the inverter running unattended. Inverters have a hard life that is tough on their components. Jen
  9. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    In a lock you make the boat go uphill by making the water go downhill, so it still applies. To break the rule you need pumps and stuff, which is plumbing and a different and much harder field of study than civil engineering.
  10. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Civil engineering is easy. You just need to abide by the three fundermental rules. Concrete is hard. Steel is strong. Sh*t flows downhill. Why it takes years at university to learn all that is beyond me. Jen
  11. Tunnel light

    If you find the Francis search light a bit dim you can always fit one of these (photo courtesy of wikipedia). Should fit on a tug deck nicely. Might need to upgrade the alternator. Jen
  12. Danboline bilge paint

    Would be worrth asking Danboline if it is stable for long term ultraviolet exposure. Not something it usually sees in bilges, so may not be formulated with sunlight in mind. Jen
  13. Tunnel light

    So there I was going through Braunston tunnel just after I had fitted my new gazillion candle power light. I could see just fine. Like day light even through the welding googles I had to wear. Just before reaching the kink a boat coming the other way crashes in to the wall and veers off and hits my boat amidships. Only thing he had to say was "Sorry, contact sport isn't it?" It didn't go down very well. Some people just have no respect for other boaters! Jen
  14. single handing on the non tidal Trent

    To reach Lincoln you'll have about 4hrs of tidal Trent from Cromwell Lock to Torksey. Have single handed this without problems. Further to what Naughty Cal says, when locking up try to have your boat towards the rear of the chamber, away from the strong currents by the top gates and a centre line will be fine. Jen
  15. Sliding Hatch

    Another pic showing the hatch closed. There is no seal and a gap between the hatch and slide. Only gravity is stopping water running in to the boat, but it works well. I do need to clean it and clear up some rust though as this cruel close up shows!