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  1. Rusty old engine hole :(

    Pay a smaller, less creaky person to do it for you.
  2. Ship lock (Gloucester)

    Coming out of Liverpool last year, I told the team to just open the paddles and get on with it. "Do you like white water narrowboating?" Sid asked. "Yes," I said so they did, as requested. It was great fun, but it was indeed white water narrowboating in up to 14' rise locks. Sid did comment later that most people take a little longer to go up the Liverpool Link
  3. Quite. Don't give Crawley that much kudos. It only encourages the locals!
  4. Licence auto-renewal

    See post #3 in this thread.
  5. A good Single Malt?

    I always thought there was truth in the rumours about the Scots being tight! What's the point in 1/4 of a pint? Ladylike glasses?! (Though a friend of mine insists that a Yorkshireman is a Scotsman with his sense of generosity removed)
  6. First time buyer advice

    Can/will you share why it fell through? I noticed it was flagged as "Under Offer" last week, and I could understand it failing to proceed at survey if it had a bad one. I don't understand how it could fall through before survey was paid for without more information though. Was it a rethink? Buyers' remorse? Backword from the vendor about price? Lack of confirmation of details already agreed? It's not a dig - I am genuinely interested in how you decided to back out between offer and survey with the agreement of Nick, and without it costing you 5 grand(ish) in lost deposit.
  7. Aceleron - repurposed lithium batteries for boaters

    (My bold) Looking at the discharge curves, I disagree. The smartgauge can *never* work accurately with a Lithium Ion battery - it will read 100% ish SoC until it drops in minutes (maybe even seconds?) to about 20% SoC. Amp Hour counters will work much better with Lithium batteries than they ever did with Lead Acids.
  8. Minworth embankment repair

    He's a pilot. As long as it's AGL and missing the edges of space who cares!
  9. Aceleron - repurposed lithium batteries for boaters

    You should be OK with them then Mike!
  10. Interesting smell.....

    There is nothing eco about that!
  11. Education is getting worse.

    Greengrocer's apostrophe's are the wors't example's you can choo'se. It's like comparing apple's with orange's.
  12. Wigan Flight 10 week trial

    I did see a fat boat scrape both gate mitres a couple of years ago, but it did it a bit lower down than most narrowboats do ...
  13. Wigan Flight 10 week trial

    Some of the tail gates have a 4 inch deep groove in the gate mitre. On the head gates this does not matter as it is always above the water level. On the tailgates when the lock is full, for example if someone has gone up the flight, the lock drains out of these holes. Note that Wigan locks are typically 62ft x 15ft x about 9ft, so 2/3rds of ~80,000 gallons drains out through these holes every time the lock is left full. Don't think of narrow locks with a 4ft rise - think four times that every time.
  14. Thoughts on this boat please folks.

    Would all the snow on top turn the boat over?