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  1. TheBiscuits

    Max persons underway

    If they all stood on one gunwale it would have been a Turtle, not a Flamingo!
  2. TheBiscuits

    River Nene and River Ouse slip ways.

    Thanks for that. I have updated boatlaunch with your comment - anyone can edit the slipway information by clicking the button in the lower left if the details are out of date. It's only any use if kept accurate, and local knowledge is the only way to keep it useful.
  3. TheBiscuits

    Elderly Drivers

    More than 14 days at a guess No, wait, that's boats!
  4. TheBiscuits

    Max persons underway

    I wouldn't worry too much - there is an easier stability test to pass when building a boat if you only allow as many people on board as there are berths. You can take 12 people ("souls") on board without you needing a special licence or MCA certification. If you are really concerned, you could pay for the extra stability test, which basically involves 12 people stood on one gunwale of your boat and seeing if it rolls over! As always with insurance, speak to your preferred insurance company and ask what they think - some will not care under 12 people, and some will have a cow at 5 people. Ask before paying them ...
  5. TheBiscuits

    Towing a cruiser How ?

    If he has a pulpit rail, you should tow him with medium cross-straps from the two side mounting points on his rail in an X to your two stern dollies. If he hasn't, a medium length V from your dollies to his cleat works a lot better than a single towline. The medium length works better than short cross-straps because with a high prow on the cruiser you will get your tiller fouled by his bow if you have him in close on short straps. Long enough to not put yourself at risk works better in this particular case. How far did you get? I dropped Johnson's Hillock at lunchtime, so might be able to catch you up tomorrow and show you how best to tie a bridle for towing a small cruiser before you reach Wigan - I'm assuming you are only going to tow him as far as Wigan Junction because he will be going down the Leigh Branch and you will be heading for Parbold. Edit to add: Oh, and if he needs an outboard, my mate has one for sale that I could run down to him in the car. He would be lucky to get a tow over the Rochdale Summit at this time of year!
  6. TheBiscuits

    Watts to Amps please!!

    They might have the 1000W on offer next month, and that can spike to 2000W transient.
  7. TheBiscuits

    Watts to Amps please!!

    I gave him a link to the one he needs last week when he asked....
  8. TheBiscuits

    Tardebigge Times

    Is that two days per lock?
  9. TheBiscuits

    Watts to Amps please!!

    I have been having those since I was 18, so enjoy them while you can!
  10. TheBiscuits

    River Nene and River Ouse slip ways.

  11. TheBiscuits

    Elderly Drivers

    Well that would be a complete waste of Red-and-Amber wouldn't it ...
  12. TheBiscuits

    March of the Widebeams

    Bet you would join 'em for a sundowner on that roof terrace though!
  13. TheBiscuits

    Boat builder enquiry

    It seems reasonable to me that you can not change most of the details online - most of them will never change in a boat's lifetime. The one that caught me out was air draught. I could not make an online passage booking for the Liverpool Link as that was empty, so I just guessed at a number lower than the maximum quoted for air draught on the link. This worked fine and I thought no more about it until trying to make a booking for Standedge Tunnel - the guessed at number was too big to fit in the tunnel so I went to change it and discovered I couldn't do it online! One phone call to CRT sorted it out though, as they can alter it at their end - it's a restriction on the website, not on their main computer system.
  14. TheBiscuits

    Watts to Amps please!!

    Not quite. The distance between the batteries and the inverter needs thick cables - there ought to be 240V AC between the inverter and the fridge, so your calculation becomes 628/240 => 2.6A.
  15. TheBiscuits

    webasto H87! error code?????

    In a correctly installed system it will be near the batteries. There is a dedicated fuse holder in the wire that runs from the Webasto to the batteries.

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