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  1. As a rough rule of thumb, if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan it will work. It's not the whole tale, but it's a very quick and easy check on your existing pans.
  2. Yeah, and they've even improved it to a survey every 7 years (up from the previous 5 years) fairly recently. Provided the boat has been insured with Craftinsure for those 7 years - always worth checking the small print! I needed a 5 year survey during one of the lockdowns, and couldn't get one, so I paid an additional waiver on my insurance for year 6. At renewal in year 7 they offered me the same waiver again, but they'd just introduced the 7 years thing (new underwriter) so I queried it ... and didn't pay it!
  3. Deleted, edited into the post it was aimed for!
  4. Which is between locks 2 and 3 , on the long pound that contains Aqueduct Marina. I'd not take a fatty there, but it is technically possible. I've no idea if there are any there though, I've not been that way for a few years.
  5. Ooh, I beg to differ. My favourite photo from the 2019 BCN Challenge: Wednesbury Arm winding hole in the dark on a crap phone camera - I had to show Sue the GPS location tag to get the points!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Is it? I thought it was a civil breach rather than a criminal offence. There is quite a significant difference! I was wondering about that when @MtB decided his (other) boat was more than 25 years old...
  8. Does that rule apply at Barrowford top lock services/water point? Just asking ...
  9. I once dropped a mobile phone in the canal if that counts. Having it on the boat would have been much safer! Ah, wrong TLA 🤣
  10. So it was definitely your fault then 😁
  11. It's pretty obvious if they have one of those lay-flat hoses though. And yes, I have seen it. I just breasted up and disconnected their hose from the turned-off tap and coupled mine up instead. Caused a right flurry of curtain twitching but nobody came out to say anything.
  12. Yes, exactly this. In my experience it's only brand new lock mechanisms that they don't work in, although I seem to recall a CRT bod telling me that 8 in 10 of the call outs to the "broken" guillotine lock at Todmorden were "fixed" by removing the clone key from the control box and inserting a real one!
  13. At least three. Don't forget the replica that David Lowe commissioned in the 1970s that's now eligible for the Historic Ships Register in it's own right!
  14. Use the offside line in broad locks to get a better pull angle. Serious suggestion. Yup, I was once nearly hit by a flying one. Not on my boat I hasten to add! On CWDF, obviously. This place is populated by paragons of the boating world. Some of whom still have a boat and some of those even move their boats ... 😉
  15. I think the plaque was correctly dated, but Mike was having an issue with "recently" being 10 years ago ...
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