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  1. Lies. Vile calumnies. I saw the duck safe and well only minutes ago .
  2. Yep. We are on Good Times and were moored by winsons green bridge.
  3. It's starting well ... Someone set fire to the gorse at Winson Green Junction half an hour ago!
  4. You sure it's the laptop Dave? PEBCAK is another possibility.
  5. We are here too, next to the services and handy for the pub I would have gone on the offside reserved moorings, but was beaten to them by other forumites!
  6. That's 'cos it's in reverse - look at the water splashing under the hull ...
  7. Me too, but I suspect that's because I turned off all notification emails years ago ...
  8. I always find that when you watch a master of his trade do something it looks extremely easy, and then I have a go as a tyro and it seems much harder. I'm not sure there are that many people who can make lock gates that don't leak out of Greenheart. Lock gates are a lot less forgiving than decorative porches ...
  9. Not as bad as the alleged Singapore duck photo.
  10. It's not getting there that's the problem usually, it's getting out again ...
  11. Lemmy's not as good as he used to be ...
  12. Oi! I have had my licence plates in my windows for years. As it happens, we did this today :
  13. Which is interesting, because I thought they did all the narrow lock gates at Bradley and the wide lock gates at Stanley Ferry. I also remember reading that they make lock gates for other navigation authorities as there are very few people left that have the skills needed to do it.
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