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  1. I don't think that you are supposed to "throw bag to person in water" with the defibrillators ...
  2. "I know you don't. Maybe you should try and learn something about our business."
  3. You are very welcome. I'm convinced that most of the news media can't tell the difference between "everyone who has ever had it" and "those who currently have it". The usual pattern seems to be infection -> 3-5 days -> symptoms -> 7-14 days -> case closed (recovery or death) in more than 90% of all cases. Some cases are being reported as dragging out for much longer, but they are outliers, and some of those recover too.
  4. Well yeah. One's a wheelbarrow and the other's a container ship ... Which is fair enough, as there is a lot of difference in lofting a space taxi 250 miles and lofting a motorhome and a spare rocket 250,000 miles. (Yes I know that's a cheat once you have paid Newton his dues. But Saturn V could lift over 100 tons to LEO!) I still think we (the human race) should be building a serious rail launch system though instead of messing about with big fireworks though. Or a space elevator or a skywheel, obviously!
  5. I agree, I was just pointing out that the people infected don't stay on the current cases list for ever like in @Karen Lea Rainey's question. They do go on the total cases list though, but it doesn't go 8000 -> 16000 -> 32000 current active cases unless R = 2
  6. I much prefer those to the strap ones. Every time I try and use the strap ones I manage to cut off circulation to my lower legs/feet, then I adjust the straps and the ruddy things go sideways so do nothing. Knee pads in the trousers are great, until you forget to put the pads in and kneel down a bit hard ...
  7. Do you know what the ICE engine and gearbox and drivetrain and a tank of diesel weigh? I don't have a clue what the numbers are, but it would seem a fair comparison to the batteries and electric motors.
  8. Some get better, some die.
  9. https://www.sykescottages.co.uk/cottage/Lake-District-Cumbria-The-Lake-District-Barnard-Castle/Merle-Cottage-1626.html It's not this one near Barnard Castle is it?
  10. I didn't know that - thanks Peter. I did once learn the hard way that a strong whiff of Hydrogen Chloride isn't much fun either! @Mad Harold you might be OK if you have stopped breathing it in
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