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  1. TheBiscuits

    Battery wiring at fault? 12v socket reading jumping.

    Both. Cats are very busy, but don't know about generators on boats.
  2. TheBiscuits

    Battery wiring at fault? 12v socket reading jumping.

    Oh dear, no cat pic. I hope @Lady_Why was just busy yesterday and is not dead.
  3. TheBiscuits

    Please can we have our dredger back?

    Well I hope they tie her up better at Castleford, or she might join Thomas under the footbridge!
  4. TheBiscuits

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    I think I may have seen some of your home videos.
  5. TheBiscuits

    Auntie Wainwright's Fundraising Auction 2018

    Hmm. Odd lighting on that duck compared to everything else in the pic. Slightly different focus too. Still, as the duck is safely in Singapore we can just take this spare duck off your boat and give him to Auntie Rainwater can't we ...
  6. TheBiscuits

    Pendle Narrowboats

    His looked like this: https://museum.wales/media/6911/Penydarren_locomotive.jpg Oh, that was Trevithick's!
  7. TheBiscuits

    Cruising the River Severn in January

    Lean the other way a bit
  8. TheBiscuits

    London whiteout

    It's amazing how many folk think because they have done up a few flats or houses that doing up a boat will be a doddle. It's also why the usual rule of thumb is that it will cost twice as much and take three times as long as you expect. To be fair, it is very easy to strip a boat back to a bare shell. There are a lot of them for sale in that exact state ... The old cynics amongst us have already been through the process at least once. I am now allowed to spend more money on better boat(s), but only if I promise not to "improve" them. I also have to finish this one first!
  9. TheBiscuits

    When do you run your engine?

    Usually a good idea if you are lying down in an airtight container at the time ...
  10. TheBiscuits

    Looking for someone to interview

    It travels well then; tastes the same everywhere
  11. TheBiscuits

    London whiteout

    That's it exactly. There was a boat on the Trent last year that had been sold on the condition it was delivered to London 2 weeks later. Three chaps onboard; one steering with a road atlas to navigate by, one painting the outside while underway, and one painting the inside. They were a classic example of the breed of sellers we are not that fond of.
  12. TheBiscuits

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Lancaster is not that great either.
  13. TheBiscuits

    Round pin sockets for 12V

    Pull a socket or two and check the cabling behind them. To avoid voltage drop over the run they might have been fitted with cable that can take a lot more than 2A, so you could just change the sockets.
  14. TheBiscuits

    PRM 150 oil change

    Or need to put the drain plug in before trying to fill the gearbox. Don't ask me how I know this.
  15. TheBiscuits

    Auntie Wainwright's Fundraising Auction 2018

    Hawk Owl Built by Alvechurch Boat Centre - Length : 21.35 metres ( 70 feet 1 inch ) - Beam : 2.07 metres ( 6 feet 9 inches ) - Draft : 0.6 metres ( 2 feet ). Metal hull N/A power of 42 HP. Registered with Canal & River Trust number 515257 as a Powered Motor Boat. ( Last updated on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 )

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