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  1. TheBiscuits

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    Ilkley Moor baht 'at?
  2. TheBiscuits

    Leaving the Boat in Skipton

    That's our default mooring in Skipton, which we do regularly. Handy for Morrisons (Down the steps), three water points, a doggy bin and lots of local residents who like boats so keep half an eye on them. We would dump the boat there for a fortnight with no concerns at all.
  3. TheBiscuits

    Stiff leaver Enfield 130

    Chertsey Meads Marine stock any spares you need, and there are definitely oil seals on the shaft. Are you rotating the propeller by hand while trying to select a gear? You should be due to the internal design of the gear selection. There was a known issue with the rod that connects the external lever to the gears internally, and if it has been forced you may need a new one.
  4. TheBiscuits

    Marple Flight Re-Opens (with restricted times)

    You know it's shut again, don't you? Lock 9E until further notice.
  5. Interesting that they don't mention Blackburn flight or Johnson's Hillock flight. Maybe they have no one in the office who knows they exist!
  6. TheBiscuits

    Marple Flight Re-Opens (with restricted times)

    We came down Marple this morning. It's still tight, so the staff on the lock are working it very slowly and checking both sides for catching. Which way are you going Nick? We are at Portland Basin currently and will be dropping down the Ashton tomorrow.
  7. Can you dawdle a bit please? I will be going up Wigan next week as they are reopening Marple flight tomorrow, and you seem to be jinxed this year!
  8. TheBiscuits


    Immediately you sign acceptance of the new boat! Restoration is what happens when the maintenance hasn't been.
  9. TheBiscuits

    How much will be “cruisable” by August?..

    3ft 6 sounds unlikely. My Nauticus was a bigger, heavier GRP boat and only drew 18 inches when stationary.
  10. TheBiscuits

    empty pound on T & M

    And 67 as well. Looks like you are staying put!
  11. TheBiscuits

    East - West Manchester transit

    Current rules are one visit, max 7 days, no free return in 28 days. You can buy another 7 days for £40 or a 2 day transit for £20. Considering how much you will spend in Wigan Central on beer if you visit, I wouldn't worry about it. I don't know many people who actually pay the transit fee unless they get spotted by Sunni, who usually will knock on the boat and introduce himself. He is now also reminding CRT boaters that most places on the Bridgewater are 24 hour mooring unless signed otherwise, including all the towpath.
  12. TheBiscuits

    Cruiser style boat

    And that is why we recommend him to anyone who wants a boat shifting by road. When we bought the Nauticus he gave us a load of excellent tips on restoration as he also restores classic Freeman cruisers in the off season.
  13. TheBiscuits

    East - West Manchester transit

    Sing out if you are definitely doing this, as we are just outside Macclesfield at the moment, heading towards Bugsworth then down Marple and down the Ashton.
  14. TheBiscuits

    GRP roof leak - quick fix?

    Cover it all in EDPM sheeting. 25 year guarantee, looks quite smart if neatly applied. A friend with a grp top tried this and was delighted with the results.
  15. TheBiscuits

    My third SmartGauge...

    Cue bad words about pretty user interfaces being developed before core functionality. If I had a pound for every time I saw that I would have errr about a hundred quid!

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