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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I filled up from Ariel the other day (£1.45 ppl), and I was commenting to @Liam that even though I wince at the price I'm still going to put diesel in my boat. Even at £3 a litre it would be less effort than having to bowhaul any distance ...
  3. They're going for quite a bit more than that now ...
  4. They have been there for years. Full residential PP, water on site and negotiating for electricity on site. Very sought after, and one of them is currently for sale, as is the widebeam moored on the plot. One of our members has one of the other plots, there's a run of 7 or 8 of them from memory. Not more than a dozen anyway.
  5. Think about it. What do you need to do to get a licence beyond insurance, BSS and a mooring declaration? Those three alone won't get you a licence.
  6. I know you know I did, and I'm fairly sure @Lily Rose did too. The best Freddie replacement for Queen deserves a nod too, but I'm not sure he'd be an ideal chairman of trustees for CRT! He would probably want to break free ...
  7. You know that, I know that, a few others do too. Doesn't seem to bother many though! Yes. Get someone to stand well clear and video it please, it can go on one of those dubious elf'n'safety DVDs 😁
  8. So by that logic, anyone with a declared home mooring can cheerfully bang pins through concrete or tarmac. There is no "bona fide" clause for a boat with a home mooring ...
  9. ... or fit lithium batteries which will absorb everything your solar panels can produce until they are full. Switching from lead acid made my solar become about ten times more useful, simply because there is somewhere to store the sunshine.
  10. Ideally yes. If @tree monkey hadn't insisted he wouldn't have got the necessary treatment. If I ever think I've got leptospirosis I'm going to scream and shout until I've seen the lab test results. I'm certainly not going to take two aspirin and come back in a fortnight ...
  11. No, CRT don't really care as long as your registration number is visible. The licence support team know if a boat is licenced or not, who else really needs to know? It is technically a legal requirement from the British Waterways bylaws, but as far as I am aware CRT have never prosecuted anyone under any of their inherited bylaws.
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