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  1. Are you sure it wasn't some Claymore 30's?
  2. https://www.rustins.ltd/bonda/our-products/anti-rust-and-corrosion/bonda-rust-primer-
  3. I assumed he meant tail current in Amps - that would be about right for a nominal 440Ah bank.
  4. Well they have just shut the Leigh Branch of the L&L this morning at Plank Lane bridge ...
  5. Is there a halt just before Ely?
  6. Are you suggesting they suffered a reversal? That would be a first for Axiom ....
  7. It was mostly spin anyway! (propeller joke)
  8. It could have been around the time all major decisions were being made in a different country, so we no longer needed capable politicians in the UK... Maybe we will require a better crop in the (near!) future.
  9. Me. I was one of the people that worked bleedin' hard to make it a non-event.
  10. We would have to come up with a "greenwash" marketing strategy first though. Maybe we could pretend that putting them on top of coal fired stoves was in some way eco-friendly.
  11. It's a shame nobody makes a type of fan that spins faster the hotter it gets ...
  12. Smith where Jones had had had had had had had had had had had the teachers approval There's an old one for you! Who can correctly punctuate it?
  13. Things I consider a boat. Canoes, rafts and catamarans count, floating a mop bucket and pretending it's a boat does not. One hah hah, two hah hah ... Yes, and yes. Yes thanks. The boat has to move with the specific duck noodles on board. There is no specific mileage requirement, but I would consider just going from your mooring to the service jetty 20 yards away would not be in the spirit of the game. I hope so - the easiest handover point is going to be at the end of the BCN marathon challenge, which by definition is going round in circles for 24 hours. Me too, that's why I haven't said how much per boat I will donate!
  14. "The bridge has been safely lowered and the deck is now lying flat across the canal on the abutments." Sounds like it did fail open to me. The quick fix was to lower it back down so it can't fall down.
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