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  1. Magnetic Fishing

    Must be the North-South divide.
  2. The Ducks out! Where am I?

  3. Composting Toilets Not Allowed In Marina.

    The plastic?
  4. Composting Toilets Not Allowed In Marina.

    Are they also banning disposable nappies? Does that mean no small children are allowed in BWML marinas?
  5. Gas Fitter Needed - on the Macc

  6. Help, Battrery explosion

    Except for higher DC current measurement, where the 210 is only rated to 100A (the 203 is rated for 400A) And we usually figure Watts / 10 for rule of thumb, so a 3kW 12V inverter should be drawing around 300A fully loaded.
  7. rookie question - propane tanks

    Well we are all stuffed then. None of us understand those Imperial units, we all use metric here
  8. rookie question - propane tanks

    It happened to a friend of mine. Yes that's it. A chap I know quite well. He says it's a quick way to stop showering though. Especially if the water is cold.
  9. Private linear mooring close to Liverpool

    If you are prepared to gamble, I'd say declare yourself a continuous cruiser when your current mooring expires. CC'ing on the L&L (indeed all the Northern waterways) is a very different experience to the Southern waterways - there are miles and miles of empty towpath, and plenty of facilities. We have just overwintered on this exact stretch and know it well. Particularly from Haskayne - Tarleton - Wigan you can can easily comply with CC rules and see many different places. If it is starting to seem hard work by the end of September you can take a winter mooring either at one of the marinas or a CRT online one, or you could then buy a mooring in the local area.
  10. Another boat dumped on a water point..................

    It was a London Boater's post. Maybe it's broken down
  11. Private linear mooring close to Liverpool

    Burscough Bridge moorings would be a convenient place to get into Liverpool (Burscough Junction station straight into Liverpool.) Have you seen the site? It isn't rural at all - you are just outside the town centre. Here is the site: https://www.google.com/maps/@53.6026705,-2.8437522,92a,55.6y,10.17t/data=!3m1!1e3 The private mooring I saw vacancies at this week is located here: https://www.google.com/maps/@53.6068033,-2.8682655,96m/data=!3m1!1e3 The ones on the fields mentioned earlier are here: https://www.google.com/maps/@53.5853926,-2.7541969,370a,35y,6.44t/data=!3m1!1e3 Far and away the best for what you want would be Sparks Bridge near Rufford, but hen's teeth spring to mind. Nobody ever leaves it!
  12. Private linear mooring close to Liverpool

    I had forgotten those ones (it's been a while since Sunday!). There are two boats on six moorings at the moment, and they are certainly rural and handy enough for Parbold or Burscough.
  13. Health&Safety

    That's going to be your Halloween avatar pic isn't it
  14. Private linear mooring close to Liverpool

    I thought the winter stoppage was at Stanley Locks, but I could be mistaken. If so you can't go anywhere from there either!