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  1. It wouldn't have been both boats on two different registration numbers in the space of a week in May 2013! The reg number is unique to the boat, the names tend to be meaningless. Search for kingfisher if you don't believe me.
  2. You can get a couple of real ones for that sort of money!
  3. Both Sharon and Tracey are very cross at you now ...
  4. Check you don't have a plastic bag wrapped round the thruster prop.
  5. Which makes it even more impressive when a 4ft 80 year old woman does it on her own when her 6ft 20 stone husband is stood on the back of the boat shouting at her. We did once use half a rugby team coming down the Rochdale 9 with a 4" overflow over the top gates. That nicely fits with your multiple-fat-blokes-pushing units ... I'd say that sounds close enough for what are are looking at, and half a tonne of force sounds likely when I have had to use a spanish windlass on the odd occasion. Please note I'm not in Worcester though, so the lock in question wasn't me!
  6. I think that was Al Gore, a somewhat less successful environmental campaigner ...
  7. This thread has just answered where the feedstock came from for the replicator!
  8. I thought this year was supposed to be your year, and then the world shut. Never mind the conspiracy theories about China and the USA - it was Man U wot dun it!
  9. As long as there is nothing wrong with your electrical systems, it will be fine. Many boats are left connected to mains 365 days a year, and the charger just quietly does it's own thing. I'd worry more about the food in the fridge going manky than the battery charger. (I'm assuming there is some food in the fridge or you wouldn't have left it switched on!)
  10. Oh I agree, it's how I caught up with him despite all the locks being against me! That 220N / 60 lb force does seem far too low to me, and I say that as a compulsive lock gate pusher, who opens gates before true equilibrium is reached. I can't think of any lock where I could force a gate with a 6" difference, and I'm pretty sure I can apply a lot more force than that! Could you show your workings please? I'm wondering how you got that number.
  11. Yeah, sorry about that - most of them are used for calculating heat losses in steam plant or oil refineries, so they get a lot more involved than you need for central heating. Worse, most of them are American so don't use SI units! https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/copper-pipes-heat-loss-d_51.html This table gives 60 W/m at dT 55C for bare copper pipe, and the only figure I can find for PEX pipe suggests it dissipates heat at 1.07 x the rate of copper (3/4" pipe, dT 140F) JG Guest helpfully state for speedfit pipe: "The insulation requirements for Speedfit pipe are the same as those for copper" so this is probably close enough. I'd just use the copper figures, add a bit for PEX, lose a bit for lower temperature delta. It's close enough for your purposes, so 60W/m x 26m = 1560W. That doesn't allow anything for your calorifier, so you will easily be able to load the system as desired.
  12. Coronavirus: Milton Keynes ice rink to be temporary mortuary https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52113433
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