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  1. No, £198 for 200 litres, which is 99p per litre.
  2. I'd rather eat outside than have that foreign muck ... /Coat
  3. Nah, most of those left today or yesterday ...
  4. If you go for a very long day trip tomorrow and stay up quite late (ie not in bed before midnight) it'll then be Monday 12th before you stay overnight ...
  5. For narrowboats and similar vessels, the measurement must be taken from the underside of the deck at the side of the vessel, (plus the full deck camber as in paragraph 2.10, rather than from the roof of the cabin). Even if the side decks are very narrow or angled such that they are not ‘walkable’, they nonetheless represent the highest point to which the hull is watertight, and therefore are still considered decks. Where there are no identifiable side decks, the measurement must be taken to a line between the exposed decks at the fore and aft of the vessel. https://www.gov.uk/guida
  6. I thought she meant the boat. It's @nicknorman I feel sorry for, as he's had to truck his boat to Scotland so he could install his new batteries
  7. Hah! You're getting as bad as Jo altering posts after they have been replied to
  8. Day trips have been allowed since 29th March when the stay at home guidance was lifted. Overnight stays are allowed from Monday 12th April in England.
  9. Did the vendor sing "We are selling, we are selling, our boat, encumbrance free"
  10. I thought Scotland was supposed to be closed until 26th April ... No travel outside local authority boundaries, including going to England.
  11. And. You get 5% off the price if you pay upfront via your online licence account.
  12. No, the cheapest way to get a licence is to pay in full upfront but do it online. You currently get 2.5% discount for doing it online and 2.5% discount for prepayment or automatic payment.
  13. I've heard a few people complain about this and find it very odd. CRT gave a free month, but after feedback from some boaters also allowed you to donate it back to them. If you felt like you had lost out by rolling into the next price year you could have given your 8% discount back to avoid the 2% increase ...
  14. That's why most of them have a plate across the bottom as well as the top ...
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