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  1. Thanks for the 'heads up' about this I can now confirm that a Virgin SIM works in a Huawei E5186s-22a router and I can now use my 2500 minutes. 😀
  2. Getting back to the OP's original question I believe the "14 mm" end is in fact a 1/4 inch "standpipe" end (verify by measuring the pipe) in which case bes.co.uk list this and other lengths supplied with nut and olive. Hope this is helpful.
  3. Just responding to @jonesthenuke's request for instructions.
  4. I have fitted one of the Hall Effect meters, details & instructions here on Aliexpress I successfully extended the Hall Effect cables to reach the batteries.
  5. I am getting an error message too "This site can’t be reached www.canalworld.net’s server IP address could not be found." I am using Linux Mint & Opera Browser but if I switch on VPN it connects OK
  6. That little cleat is the connection for a radio suppressor & is connected to the positive rectifier plate. This photo might help identifying stuff.
  7. Just checking... This cable should go to the warning lamp & the other terminal of the warning lamp to ignition.
  8. We were moored opposite Peels Wharf for a few days this week and there must have been 10 to 15 boats a day trying to use the facilities there and being sent away by the staff there (Manstal Limited) who were telling them to go to Fazeley Mill Marina but not telling them there was a water point near the junction. Some official signage really is needed. I was under the impression that the water point was going to remain but when I queried this with C&RT I received this reply.
  9. Coincidentally, I've just read Lock, Stock and Barrel (found in a canalside bookswap) and she does mention briefly owning an Iona but I've no idea if it's the one in question.
  10. You will find an illustration at https://www.amazon.it/ASL-908-Alternatore-trifase-63320111-63321136-63321190-11572700-lra01579-lra1579/dp/B06XFNQ8FP of what I believe is an Letrika (Iskra) alternator which is very similar except it does not have a W terminal. The Italian text is not too helpful! An older model with a W terminal is illustrated here https://hc-cargo.co.uk/catalog/p/113533--alternator It has a larger rectifier cover The large stud is the B+ terminal. The green wire comes from the diode trio (part of the rectifier assembly) Which in turn connects to the regulator via the block marked D+ which is also the warning light connection Hope this clarifies to some degree.
  11. Search jabsco pump impellor 4528 comes up with something like this https://www.mackengineering.co.uk/22830-2201-jabsco-engine-cooling-pump.html
  12. I think you will find he's on his 'summer break' until September https://www.facebook.com/GravenorBoatingCompany/
  13. A planning application was submitted and then withdrawn on North Warwickshire Planning website <Planning Application Search> PAP/2017/0349 on http://planning.northwarks.gov.uk/portal/ might prove educational.
  14. We saw you scraping along the towpath side!
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