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  1. If it's the place I'm thinking of it's right next to Hatton Station, by the bridge. Good enough reason for mooring there? ETA Oops, just read through the rest of the thread. John makes the same point and, IIRC I tried to moor just beyond a couple of boats tied up there some years ago. I couldn't get into the side, too shallow. Lots of depth further on but further to walk back to the station.
  2. We're flying an EU flag while we still can.
  3. Agreed. And I find the Registered at Bow Locks thing a bit tedious too. I like the way that fatarse in post 33 is moored by two NO MOORING signs!
  4. There were none when I was trying to get from Long Itchington to Lapworth, solo, in the rain last year. 😟 I can't answer your question but I get really cross when people say "It's a contact sport". Well yes, contact with locksides etc is unavoidable but the object of the exercise is to try and avoid it.
  5. CaRT vlockies. Locksmurfs. I think I'll remember that one!
  6. Any offers for the location of the second photo down?
  7. I thought it was Neil Innes, from Innes Own World. Does the rounds on Radio 4Extra from time to time.
  8. Enjoy the Oxford Summit while you still can. HS2 works have already started. 😞
  9. I seem to remember that the band 'Hatfield and the North' did a number called 'Shaving is Boring'. I tend to agree. (And I have to admit I to more than a passing resemblance to Harold Shipman on my driving licence)
  10. Her argument seemed to be: "You've had all this money from the government. Why haven't you spent it on maintaining your reservoirs?"
  11. Richard Parry has just had a bit of a kicking on Newsnight. Can't help thinking that this is not going to end well for CaRT. 😟
  12. From the ancient Anglo Saxon verb to chunt, perhaps?
  13. A while I had two boys in my tutor group, lets call them Bill and Ben. Bill had learning difficulties, Ben was tall for his age. They were in Year 8 and had been mates since nursery. A new boy joined my group. He was from London and thought himself Jack the lad. He referred to Bill using the 'm' word. Ben didn't like his mate being called a nasty name and thumped the new kid! Cue new kids parents straight up to the school saying their little darling was being bullied. As form tutor I was put in the position of having to punish Ben for using violence but all the time wanting to say "Well done you. You stuck up for your mate".
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