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Victor Vectis

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  1. I just have and I'm none the wiser.
  2. I'm wondering that too.
  3. 'celebrity' boat, perhaps? After all, it has been on the internet. < searches for irony button >
  4. It's the same one. From Wikipedia: 'Not suited to WHR operational needs' and 'Moved to Statfold Barn for boiler work'. I seem to remember that the K1 was not the success it was hoped for. It is a compound loco and there were problems with steam condensing in the pipe connecting the HP and LP cylinders. I don't think any compound Garretts were built subsequently.
  5. This beastie: A few years ago I tied t'boat up near the Dog & Doublet on the B&F and yomped over the motorway to Kingsbury Water Park to visit this place Echills Wood Railway. A 7.25" gauge version was operating. Great fun! The railway is well worth a visit. When it became obvious I was an enthusiast, as opposed to a member of the general public, I was made most welcome by the staff there. As with everywhere else they have been bowled out by Covid-19 business this year.
  6. Ooooooo. A Vincent! A Black Lightning? 1952, perhaps? Richard Thompson
  7. Are the 'no mooring' signs there because the people in the houses don't want people on boats looking into their bedroom windows?
  8. Yes. I remember a conversation with a fellow member of our model engineering club. He was a Commander (E) RN rtd. (I think we were looking at the engine in the Waverley at the time, as were Tim 'n' Pru) He talked about a paddle steamer, it might have been a tug, capsizing when the paddle wheels were put into contrarotation.
  9. And a Barry Hawkins job at the place of it's birth. I would have loved to see this beast working there.
  10. Had you been at t'pit you would have got double time for bank holidays. 😛
  11. Weather man on the radio said it got down to freezing at Shap last night.
  12. Providing a broad and balanced curriculum? English/Maths/Science/ICT? Humanities/Drama/D&T/PE/Art? Delivered by specialists in their field? Those who home school their offspring might think they can homeschool, after all, they attended a school, didn't they? I was born in a hospital. I DO NOT think that makes me a doctor.
  13. But think of all that water that was saved by only half of the flight being used.
  14. My experience as someone who has earned a living by working as a teacher. Home schooled kids miss out on what might be called the 'social curriculum' in a school.
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