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  1. Trump

    Sorry boys and girls but I find it hard to believe that anyone with even half a brain between their ears can defend the current US gun laws. (Happy to be a soft, pompous, know-all, oh so righteous and arrogant Brit)
  2. BCN Challenge 2018

    Yeahbut.......... Who will come second last?
  3. BCN Challenge 2018

    'The Cat Who Walks By Himself', of this forum (but he hasn't posted for ages. Where have you got to Ian?), produced this a few years back: http://www.thecatwhowalksbyhimself.co.uk/bcnChallenge.php Great fun to play with but remember the scoring is per the 2015 rules.
  4. Rather nice canalsise property

    And probably a widebeam.
  5. Standedge tunnel.

    Sounds like good advice. We're planning to go through from west to east later this year. Where are the last places to fill up?
  6. BCN Challenge 2018

    Does my honourable friend expect me to agree with his comment?
  7. BCN Challenge 2018

    The opposition? Tawny Owl?? I like the idea of our Richard being Leader of (HM?) Opposition!
  8. 'Vollockies' versus Lock Keepers

    Sounds like the evil footbridge! It's owned by the town council so when you phone CaRT to send out the cavalry 'cos it ain't working the voice at the other end knows nothing about it. (And yes, one may wonder how I know this) The other thing to remember when in that neck of the woods is to move the bridge across Sykehouse Lock first, before you do anything else, and last when you've done everything else. There was a vlockie there last time we came through, so potential problem avoided.
  9. BCN Challenge 2018

    The pumps were running on the Sunday when we arrived but not on the Monday when a lot boats were leavng. We moored up by the railway bridge. Fine on Sunday but by the time we pushed off on the Monday we were bumping the botton. I was a bit concerned that there would be enough water to get to the winding 'ole and back without getting stuck. What is this 'Twitter' of which you speak?
  10. Steam Engines

    When we were on the Wey Navigation last summer there was a steam boat rally at Guildford. One of the boats attending was a steam powered narrow boat, can't remember it's name but the owner said it lived on the Basingstoke Canal. He said the boiler was fired by red diesel and got through 4 litres an hour!
  11. BCN Challenge 2018

    I reckon there will be some pretty pizzed orf Challengers if we/they arrive at the top of the Crow and find theres nowhere to moor. On second thoughts..................... ..................we have an anchor on t'boat but we've never used it. Mooring in the middle of Titford Pools anyone?
  12. Boaters please dispose of your rubbish

    I think we might be giving our age away here.
  13. Boaters please dispose of your rubbish

    But does your chewing gum loose it's flavour on the bedpost overnight?
  14. North Stratford

    Libby did the key and button stuff when we came through over Christmas. She reckoned that, if anything, the bridge operated more slowly than before. IIRC the reason CaRT gave for the closure was something to do with moving the control panel to give a better view of the road but it struck me it was more or less in the same place as before.
  15. North Stratford

    We go that way quite a lot. No real problems apart from the lift bridge just before Lapworth Top Lock, yes that one! It's a real PIA to operate, both up and down. The Blue Bell at Warings Green has good beer and the food there ain't bad either. And remember, if you can catch a car on the deck of Shirley Drawbridge as it goes up you get double points!