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Victor Vectis

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  1. < Affects mock yorkshire accent > Knowle? Pah. You had it lucky! You should try Hatton. In the rain. Solo.
  2. Toilets (as in those on boats) "When talking of toilets you have a lot to learn, Grasshopper" 😄
  3. I'm wondering how this will affect those who burn anthracite? OK, not on boats perhaps but domestically. Anthracite is a natural fuel but burns without smoke as does the Welsh dry steam coal currently available from the Ffos-y-Fran open cast. I wonder how the steam heritage sector is going to manage? i've a few cwt stashed to fuel the avatar but reckon I ought to stock up.
  4. But there is no portaloo.................. ........................so they have nothing to go on 😄
  5. Jenny Bond talking about the royal family?
  6. A very public demonstration of the triumph of disposable income over common sense, perhaps? (A bit like 'vanity' registration plates on cars)
  7. Perhaps they had a tax demand? 😄 I thought it funny that when Bowie popped his clogs a while back no one mentioned the laughing gnome.
  8. Not to that guy down at the chip shop he isn't.
  9. Has his statistics skills improved lately? I thinking about his wanting 100% of schools to be rated above average. Anyone else relish 3am (ish) back in 1997? Yes, we were still up to see Mr Portaloo getting the bums rush. Oxymoron. As in 'military' and 'intelligence' ETA or 'caring' and'conservative'
  10. And theres that lock near Doncaster with the pump out machine in the middle.
  11. Dunno. I can't see what it is yet.
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