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  1. Despite being an anagram for honest piss Shipstones was a wonderful, bitter beer. There were two pubs selling it in Doncaster, at 30p a pint, when I went to work there in the 1970s. Both used electric pumps (Invincible Metrons? A horizontal clear cylinder on the bar) which as a lad from Essex I wasn't used to. And Stone is a good place for good pubs. As well as the Borehole there is the Swan, the Royal Exchange and that new Joules place next to the canal. (There is also a McSpoons for the desperate)
  2. Here. They were used in many coal mines. We had a few at Hatfield and at Yorkshire Main single ended pairs were coupled nose to nose for coal hauling when I was there at the end of the 1970s. I don't know about 2LWs but this Hunslet beast had a 4LW. The first pic is of a Hudswell Clarke. Both these locos were made in the same parish in Leeds, Hunslet. Both pics from t'internet via Mr Google.
  3. These 100HP beasts used to work underground in coal mines. They had a 6LW under the bonnet.
  4. I was wearing a blue T-shirt and a life jacket when I came down Hatton last month. Got mistaken for a locksmurf.........twice!
  5. Well done that man! (And Kath said she wasn't as miserable as she seems in that photo)
  6. I took t'boat up to Stone last week and it struck me that there was no shortage of water on the south side of the summit. The bywashes at all the locks seemed to be flowing. The plan is to get to Leek at the end of the month but I'm wondering what the water situation up ther will be?
  7. Where's that photo of Cath Fincher when its needed?
  8. Was it me? I'm a dead ringer for Harold Shipman on my driving licence photo!
  9. Crown Wharf? A new one for me wrt Stone. Mr Google tells me it is a Joules establishment. Another good reason for stopping there. (Along with The Swan, The Royal Exchange and The Borehole. The McSpoons aint bad either) I like Stone! (Can you tell?) ETA But I can give The Star a miss. Why drink Marstons beer when there is much better available just across the road and the bridge?)
  10. Oi! I can't see my bote. You're standing in the way. 😃
  11. I've noticed these yellow CaRT aware sacks too. I'm tempted to write THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT underneath. 😁
  12. It's the same with 'The Repair Shop'. They show what they've done but not how they've done it. (Which I, for one, find quite annoying)
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