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Victor Vectis

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  1. Victor Vectis

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    We're not idle sods. We just have more interesting things to do (and spend our money on) such as.....................boating!
  2. Victor Vectis

    Narrow boat slipping trailer

    Is that a Colchester lathe you have in your shed?
  3. Victor Vectis

    Luxury Holiday Exchange

    My experience of insurance is that one is covered for everything except in the event of making a claim...... .......When one finds one is insured for nothing.
  4. Victor Vectis

    Jam 'Ole Run

    The best one I've heard is a Mrs Shinyboater trying to jump the queue at a lock, "We're meeting our friends for lunch" saying private boats took priority over hireboats(!)
  5. Victor Vectis

    Admaral NeLSON Braunston update

    Yeahbut....... What about the beer? Its a pub, not a restaurant!
  6. Victor Vectis

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Lock 20 was still shut when we were last there, about a month ago. As that stoppage notice mentioned there was a nearby alternative I wondered if whoever posted it had meant Lock 20 instead of Lock 8.
  7. Victor Vectis

    Must eat (and drink) pubs on the Stourport ring

    Oops! My mistake.
  8. Victor Vectis

    Must eat (and drink) pubs on the Stourport ring

    I've nothing to add apart from recommending the Bull at Trysull. It's a Holdens pub, and while their beers are very good, it also serves Bathams bitter which is even better. Trysull is a pleasant stroll from Awbridge or The Bratch.
  9. Victor Vectis

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Yes, I wondered what that stoppage notice was about too. As to Lock 20 being out of use......... Well, leaving it that way is fine, until something happens to Lock 21.
  10. Victor Vectis

    Stokie. Where is she

    Thank you.
  11. Victor Vectis

    The "thing" is back!

    The dementor boat! I think I passed it at Tyseley a year or two ago. It really is hideous. The worrying thing is someone, somewhere thought it was a good idea!
  12. Victor Vectis

    Car Ownership

  13. Victor Vectis

    Car Ownership

    I've often wondered how motor manufacturers arrive at the names for their products. Are there lengthy, W1A style, meetings where the main language spoken is fluent bollox. Or is there just a spotty yoof throwing scrabble tiles in the air and watching how they land?
  14. Victor Vectis

    Car Ownership

    HOORAY! A 'u' after the 'q'. Something the illiterate manufacturers can't seem to manage.
  15. Victor Vectis

    Car Ownership

    Well done that man! That's a proper use for a garage. (Only boring people keep cars in garages)

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