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Victor Vectis

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  1. Uses for a Lister SR1: Driving a spit, using half a push bike driven backwards, at RLWP's significant birthday party, 6th July last year:
  2. I was thinking that too. Bring you own glass glass and transfer beer from plastic 'glass' into it.
  3. Ooooooh. A Pacer! And...... 3rd July 2019: Rowington Embankment. aka 'The Picnic Spot'
  4. Hmmmm, yes. Cheers up that boring old stop lock at King's Norton no end, don't it. . . . . . . (NOT)
  5. I know it was a serious business but there was a lot of humour on the picket lines. Such as the morning at Brodsworth when a line of cops blocked off the road that ran past the pit. Some of our lads outflanked them by nipping through the hedge into the field next to the road, reappearing behind the police line. Cue much 'behind you' pantomime style shouting! The boss copper wasn't having any of this and ordered a pair of Range Rovers into the field. They drove around, doing figure of eights with sirens and blue lights going. It was winter, about five in the morning and dark. You couldn't have made it up. 😀
  6. Yes. Depressing and, sadly, true.
  7. 1984? I was on strike. (Not me but a great photo. The NUM man died a while back, apparently, while the copper went to live in America)
  8. Yes, thanks for posting but why does the past look far more interesting than the present? I'm talking about interesting looking railway sidings, green Class 47s, sorry, Brush 4s, red Mk1 coaches, Hunslet (or was it an Avonside?) locos in scrap yards, and a far more open feeling canal, not hemmed in by railings or housing.
  9. If its the house I think it is the residents blogged about it's construction: Willowbank
  10. What about that Inspector Morse copper bloke? An Arthur Ransom reference?
  11. I was thinking that...... .....but wasn't going to say anything. Does anyone else on the Thames play the 'Count the Fender' game?
  12. Try telling that to the mardy arsed maggot drowners!
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