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  1. Ooooooh yes please. Some pics would be lovely!
  2. Never seen a road sign asking motorists to 'dip their headlights if a ship is approaching' before! I can't recall the Highway Code saying anything about how to pass shipping on adjacent waterways (Alas, not quick enough to take a picture, and it was raining)
  3. Successful boating in a post climate change world, part 2. Going to the shops:
  4. Witham down about 5" this morning from it's peak. Still a long way to go though.
  5. You might think that......... I couldn't possibly comment. 😉
  6. Just nipped out to check the mark on the riser........ Up 3.5" (or 90mm if you prefer) overnight.
  7. I don't know about going down. I put a mark on one of the riser posts about an hour ago. Just popped out to have a look and the pontoon has gone up about 2 inches (or 50mm ish if you like) Looks like I might need to eat three Shredded Wheat for breakfast tomorrow.
  8. Fiskerton Fen this evening:
  9. A bit late but report as promised...... Board below Newark Town Lock was showing just over 3.1m at 09:30 this morning.
  10. The level board below Newark Town Lock was showing 2.9m yesterday morning and 3m at tea time. Haven't seen what its showing this morning but will report later.
  11. Spoke to Moominpapa about half an hour ago. They're moored at Hazleford. He reckons the Trent went up 30cm overnight.
  12. We need to be somewhere else fairly soon but we're tied up on the pontoon at Newark and we're staying put!
  13. Another vote for the GW (despite it's name!) A Holdens house but they serve Bathams, well until their weekly allocation sells out that is. Cheers!
  14. It was Ange, of this parish, who started it. She came out of the bathroom (and I mean bathroom rather than the coy American use of that word, grrrrrr!) giggling, saying "Your toilet just laughed at me!" Well, it does make a happy, gurgling noise as part of it's flush cycle.
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