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Victor Vectis

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  1. Victor Vectis

    I have to hit the mute button!!

    But are your hands as soft as your face?
  2. Victor Vectis

    I have to hit the mute button!!

    Anyone remember Daz hats?
  3. Victor Vectis

    The best waterside pubs

    Does that woman photobomb all your steam loco photos? 😀
  4. Victor Vectis

    Brexit 2019

    As a long time Labour Party member and supporter................ I have to say it makes a nice change to see another party tearing itself apart.
  5. Victor Vectis

    Marina smoke pollution

    Back in 1984 our Arthur was carrying out NUM policy as mandated by the membership but I would agree that he never was a negotiator. Very rarely, if ever, do (did?) union leaders achieve 100% of what they were asking. The skill is (was?) in selling whatever compromise has been achieved back to the membership (and why does that sound horribly familiar at the moment?) It was a South Wales NUM leader (whose name escapes me) who said something along the lines of "Any donkey can get men out on strike but it takes a lion to lead them back to work" Having said all that I still stand by what the NUM did in 1984/85. We were the only union that had the balls to stand up and fight Thatcher et al. We were wrong footed from the start, the government choosing exactly where and when the fight took place. The fact that most of the union stayed out for the best part of a year is an achievement in itself, if not exactly a victory. I feel proud to have been a small part of that struggle. It was a long time ago but if you supported the NUM back then you still have my heartfelt thanks. SAM ex Hatfield NUM
  6. Victor Vectis

    Marina smoke pollution

    Evidence please.
  7. Victor Vectis

    Marina smoke pollution

    David Jason in the form of Del Boy stole my Commando. Well, he didn't really but it's a long story....................... Couldn't have put it better myself.
  8. Victor Vectis

    Marina smoke pollution

    Come on Tim. You don't expect me to agree with that, do you? 😀
  9. Victor Vectis

    Beta 43 filters

    Air filter: Fram CA 5315 Oil Filter: Fram PH 2857A Fuel filter: Baldwin BF954. This is the short one. There is a longer one that fits but I don't know it's number. These fit on a 2003 vintage Beta 43.
  10. Victor Vectis

    Brexit 2019

    More here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46532745 I have to say I have been impressed with Laura Kuenssberg's reporting througout this crock of sh1te.
  11. Victor Vectis

    Brexit 2019

    Getting the required number of letters from Tory MPs is.
  12. Victor Vectis

    Dear Santa,all I want for Christmas is..........

    My 18 year old body back (with my 63 year old head on it)
  13. Victor Vectis


    Good stuff! Is that a genuine National milk tin stuffed into the top of the chimney or repro? Ice breaking can be good fun but having had t'boat grit blasted and two packed this autumn I don't want to be doing any this winter.
  14. Victor Vectis

    Brexit 2019

    Or you are happy with the status quo, ie remain. It has taken me 60 odd years to realise this but I've come to understand that you don't change peoples minds by shouting at them. (And just for clarity I'm not insinuating Stillearning, or anyone else, has been shouting here.)
  15. Victor Vectis

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Can we make a booking with the starship Enterprise to beam 'Red Wharf' from the Oozells Loop to Boston (Lincs, not Mass) for the Monday morning please? Ta

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