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  1. Yes, those have been useful. Thank you. We're planning a Boston - Wisbech transit in the later June tidal window. Same as the SPCC but not with them (if you see what I mean) Daryl has been booked and good weather prayed for. See you in Boston?
  2. Bio washing liquid? Cheap non branded stuff might do the trick.
  3. We're on the Thames. We passed a boat yesterday, 'Sunrise' or 'Sunshine' I think the name was. The steerer shouted "Are you the boat that is planning a Wash crossing?" Well, yes. we are. In the company of the Moomins on 'Melaluca', of this parish. But how did they know?
  4. I saw that too. Marketing bollocks, IMHO. I quite like the loop as it is (was)
  5. Quick question. Is it possible to turn a 51' narrowboat at Long Wittenham and what is the mooring situation? We're on the Thames and I'm thinking of paying a visit to Pendon tomorrow. It looks like there are a couple of end of pub garden moorings there but what with the lovely weather and it being a bank holiday weekend I'm guessing they will be occupied. It also looks like there is room enough to turn but I thought it best to ask. Over to you ladies and gents, with TIA.
  6. According to the Torygraph today the French millionaires making those donations will get tax breaks for them.
  7. And, sticking to the theological theme, can anyone explain the parable of the talents? It has always struck me as a biblical justification for capitalism. I suppose it hinges on what the word talent was translated from. Is it a unit of currency, as in 'Genuine Hudson spare false rivets for sale. Only 6 talents apiece' Or is it a skill one is born with or develops? If the latter, then I can understand the parable. It would be a shame if not a sin not to use, say, a talent for music. But the former just seems to give biblical permission for money making more money.
  8. Am I alone in thinking that, perhaps, he should have had that vast wealth taxed out of him?
  9. Granted! 😋 (It took a minute or two for the penny to drop)
  10. It's not that you hold a grudge or anything........................ 😀 Team 'Red Wharf' have sent in their apologies for this year. Well, the team will be in attendance but sans boat which, if all goes acording to plan, will be en route from that there London to Boston.
  11. The C of E vicar who came into the school where I used to work is one of those who 'went to Rome' a few years back. The final straw for him was the ordination of female bishops, he said he couldn't accept that authority from a woman. I had a long and interesting conversation with him about transubstantiation, he said few RCs believed in this these days, and papal infalability of which he said the pope isn't always infalable. It gave me the vision of the pope saying "When I'm wearing this hat I'm infalable and when I'm wearing that one I'm not" (And in Latin, of course)
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