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Victor Vectis

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  1. Victor Vectis


    Yes! I had a similar discussion about a year ago. I think I posted about it on here. The boat was tied up on the lock landing, waiting to go up and I walked up to the lock to see what was what. The vlockie raised only one paddle, notch by notch, and when I asked why not both and quicker I got the same reply about not disturbing the liveaboards moored below the lock. We had a full and frank discussion about this. I said he was not using the lock efficiently. He countered by suggesting I need to be more considerate. It did!
  2. Victor Vectis

    Name Change

    Dunno, but.......... The people who had our boat built keep the pub at Red Wharf Bay, on Ynys Mon. I sometimes think we should show 'Red Wharf' on one side and 'Treath-coch on the other.
  3. Victor Vectis


    Would that attitude work with the volunteers that run preserved railways? We're still smarting from the dangerous incompetence displayed by the vlockies at Stoke Lock on the Trent earlier this year.
  4. Victor Vectis

    Clueless Boris

    Pumpout or cassette? 😱
  5. Victor Vectis


    Which wasn't much good if the lockie was off duty.
  6. Victor Vectis

    Better weather

  7. Victor Vectis

    Clueless Corbyn

    Probably a good idea.
  8. Victor Vectis

    Clueless Corbyn

    Well it would make a change from shooting civilians like the Parachute Regiment did on Bloody Sunday.
  9. Victor Vectis

    Clueless Corbyn

    Bollocks! To criticise Jews for who they are is, by any definition, anti semitic. Full stop, rule off, new paragraph. To criticise Israel for it's actions is not. And that is the root of the problem. I'm not a great fan of conspiracy theories but it is the silly season and the current government is making a right balls up of Brexit, whatever one feels about the result of the referendum. I can't help but wonder where the origins of this sh!tstorm lie.
  10. Victor Vectis

    AIRBNB For Moorings

    Pigeon! What's wrong with a bit of damp string? Technology? Pah!
  11. Victor Vectis

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    Another reason why the Wey is sooooooper.
  12. Victor Vectis

    Wigrams turn marina

    DJs? I thought you meant dinner jackets at first ! I used to have a lovely DJ with dayglow orange shoulders and 'British Coal' in big bold black capital letters on the back. I brought it home. My mother hated it. I think she threw it out when I wasn't looking. 😟
  13. Victor Vectis

    Wigrams turn marina

    I hope you ran your engine too. (But only until 8pm of course!)
  14. Victor Vectis

    Boat sit wanted: mid Oct to end Nov

    Shouldn't that be toilet seat(s). 😀
  15. Victor Vectis

    Boat sit wanted: mid Oct to end Nov

    Pump out or cassette?

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