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  2. So the shell was by Collingwood. Is Collingwood the phoenix firm that rose from the ashes of Liverpool Boats? LB used to play fast and loose with agreed specifications in exactly this way, in my experience when we use to sell them at T&K Marina in Reading. They went bust.
  3. As a footnote. The Great Northern, or whatever its name, in my view not worth the effort to patronise. There's a pub just beyond the rail station named the Inn in The Middle. Typical modern pub. Buy, in my opinion, if you like the odd pint of ale, the Bunny Hop is the place to be. Around the corner just before the big ASDA store.
  4. Thanks, this all makes sense. So basically the alternator output is a curve based on what the load is - I'll have to load the alternator to 70A (and spin it fast enough) to determine if it can actually produce 70A. It's a bit of a moot point anyway, because in another thread it was suggested that I wouldn't be able to put a larger alternator than 70A on my engine in any event (a Beta 38 / BV1505). I think it's likely given all the evidence (including from earlier in the thread, where a very similar-looking 70A alternator was found, and from producing 50A under a 10A load with 1 LA battery in a low SoC) that the alternator is 70A and as I wouldn't be able to upgrade it. So I will work with a 50A expected generation from my alternator in my calculations. That does go to show though that if I'm running a 1kW washing machine (or hairdryer) off my inverter, I'd need to be able to suck 50A out of my battery bank even while the engine is running (and 100A if it's not). So I would want to size and spec my batteries accordingly.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Someone used wd40 on plastic fenders and it did bring them up looking shiny. However the soon looked shabby as dirt stuck to oily fenders. I would stick to products intended for application to paint. If you want to apply a water repellent product but dont like to spend hours applying it try Demon Shine by Carplan which is from The Range or B&M at £3.99. You will need to clean the paintwork before applying any treatment.
  7. Its "outside the box" thinking!
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  9. I was there in 2008, so there must have been some crossover, butI was right down at the far end near the winding hole. I think there's some kind of humber keel there now. Names I really remember are Peter, with MANY solar panels and a propensity to convert everything on the planet to LPG, and Keith, outright winner of several UK swearing awards. I wasn't there too long , moved her to W.Stockwith after a few months
  10. I just tried emailing it and got an 'expired error' Ok - got it to work this time 46 pages - Industrial engines first, then scroll down for Marine engines. Alan
  11. Really? I very much doubt it. Not sure where you're getting any of your figures from?
  12. It's obviously weather dependent, but I usually try to apply subsequent coats within the max overcoating times to avoid rubbing down, a) because it saves work and b) because when you're rubbing down it's very easy to go straight through coats of paint on corners and edges.
  13. I had a look on that boat when buying mine. The length really does make the difference but i settles for a boat that ticked more boxes rather than being big.
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  15. As a clue. Earlier today for a replacement flywheel housing/rear mounting, register plate and gearbox adaptor (PRM 150) and a few bolts I paid about £600. All for BMC 1.8
  16. I doubt Machine Mart would be selling 'death traps' if anyone had died as a result of installing one. Or do you you know otherwise?
  17. You can't. I haven't got one. If you really want one you'll have to give Amazon their £17.90 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07PN1LM1G?ref=em_1p_1_ti&ref_=pe_19531991_408414131
  18. I have just (6 hours ago) come off the slip having blacked my boat. It was last blacked 18 months ago with SMC Ballistic. There was no evidence of rust whatsoever. A really high powered jet wash followed by a wire brushing on the waterline was all that was needed. I 'felt' that it might have lasted another 6 mònths or so but wouldn't have wanted to leave it any longer (just gut feeling). A slightly grimey Frank
  19. Thanks for all these helpful comments. We've now found the invoice for the 'old' ones which turn out to be only 11 yrs old with a 25yr warranty so are following that up with the manufacturer Sunpower now. If they wriggle out of their commitment we will definitely be looking at these suggestions.
  20. Hi. I’ve just fitted a Planar Binar 5S-12TM to replace an old failing Mikuni MX40. The old pipe work was all 15mm so I’ve replaced in 22mm from the heater to where it splits to the fin rad and calorifier circuit. I’ve also fitted the expansion tank as 2 pipe tank on the return. I got this idea from an Eberspacher guy, Peter Collard. This is the link giving good tips on heating design for boats (https://www.canalboat.co.uk/canal-boats/maintenance/how-to-make-sure-your-narrowboat-is-heating-up-properly-1-4822255) Anyway, back to the Planar Binar 5S. It started up fine once the fuel comes up the line from the pump. The heater is modern and quiet compared to the old Mikuni MX40. The fuel pump is a bit loud, especially at 7am when ou r boat is silent as we sleep. It sort of thumps at first until it gets going. I might sound proof if a bit. You can buy a new silent pump. If you buy the kit, I would specify this addition. The heater is very well built and looks very solid. Also, it requires no servicing except being run for 30 minutes every week or so. Finally, the spares are far cheaper than the Mikuni MX40 and I suspect Webasto or Eberspacher too. Am I happy. I should say so. It cost £650 including every bit you might need to install plus I bought the Smartphone modem for £99 so I can control from my phone using their app. See my pics of heater installed. PS I’ve now changed the water pump to the return pipe on advice from Planar Heaters Uk and now fitted copper fuel pipe in case any eagle eyed points out I’ve used nylon pipe
  21. You could always double it up. I have about 9 metres of the stuff that I keep moving from shelf to shelf in the shed after I used a couple of feet off a roll a couple of years ago. At least it doesn’t rust
  22. Phew! Kelpie is a Reeves shell about the age of the boats mentioned on here with rusting loo tanks and I have just checked with the skipper who assures me that our tank is plastic. It is a very large tank and it was probably installed when the previous owner gave the boat a make over. Thank goodness! haggis
  23. What did you do with the stuff you scraped off...? When we came through Botterham staircase last year there was a team scraping the lock walls and everything was allowed to drop in the lock. I thought that wasn't a particularly good idea especially the amount that dropped behind the gates.
  24. I do find their figures somewhat misleading They quote Income as £210m and 'Resources Expended' as £156m. All find and dandy saving £54m into the bank for a rainy day. What that Pdf doesn't show is what is easily found in the C&RT annual accounts. The income from BWML was £8m per annum (only £6m last year due to being sold off 3/4 of the way thru the year. The cost of raising the £210m income was £45m So the nett income is actually £165m Not quite as good - only leaving £9m What concerns me is that C&RT will no longer have the £8m income from BWML In 3 or 4 years they lose the £51m DEFRA grant. If C&RT continue as present they will actually be operating at a loss of £50m per annum If C&RT's backlog of maintenance continues to grow with the present income - what is going to happen when they have £50m less to spend ? It is interesting to note that 'Charitable giving' has actually dropped by £1m compared to 2017/18 In 2017/18 the cost of raising Voluntary income was higher than the income. Voluntary income was £3.4m last year. Expenditure raising that income was £3.9m. Loss £500,000. The cumulative loss (since 2012) on voluntary income against cost of raising that income is some £5.5m
  25. Obvious drug dealing.... but then perhaps the same as most urban areas as you quite rightly point out. Still would have appreciated a lock or two wheeled by a volockie though 😊
  26. He’s correct. Energy can be measured in Joules or watt-hours, it can’t be measured in Watts. Power however can be measured in watts. He’s merely asking that you remain dimensionally accurate if you’re going to describe a technical point.
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