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  1. I paid more than that for my Akubara hat, doesn't too seem bad really. As Dave Moore says quality is expensive.
  2. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    An interesting idea but I am struggling to see how it works. Unless everybody's finger prints are on a database somewhere how can they tell from a finger print who is an illegal immigrant? I can see it working for criminals who have been finger printed before and probably criminals who are pretending to be somebody else. However I can't see how it could know I was Bill Smith when I claim to be Joe Bloggs unless I was a criminal, coupled with changing your name isn't illegal is it?
  3. Surely that would only work until they conned/paid somebody sober to blow into it for them.
  4. Is this not just a reflection of the way society has gone over the last 50 years or so?
  5. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    Considering the number of insults that fly particularly from Brexiteers it is hard to spot joviality and banter.
  6. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    That is what is so endearing about Brexiteers they are such nice polite caring individuals!
  7. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    He is quoted elsewhere as saying "we cannot ignore the leave vote and the mandate given by the millions who voted leave." That may sound like defying the manifesto to you it doesn't to me.
  8. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    Go to iplayer and go to radio 4 between 5:40 & 5:35. Not having seen him I am not sure if Tobias Ellwood is fat and in a pub but having googled him he certainly is a conservative MP. He was it seem parliamentary under secretary of state for foreign and commonweath office 2014 - 17. Then becoming under secretary for the ministry of defence presumably until now as the gov site doesn't say he has ceased to be in post.
  9. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    Impossible to say without knowing anything we have agreed to. To renege on any money we justifiably owe will not work wonders for any agreements we try to forge after leaving. For all you or I know we may own more than the original figure, unlikely but it is possible. As a result I wouldn't be so crass as to suggest any action which would lower our esteem/standing in the international community.
  10. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    So you are saying that unlike most budgets I am used to part way through they don't say we have agreed X in this budget but it will cost Y so we are going to have to commit Y-X in the next budget. All agree. If that is the case WOW the EU are more efficient than the Brexiteers or myself ever gave them credit for.
  11. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    I assume they must have as as far as I can establish decisions need to be unanimous and I don't think the EU will have sat on their hands for three years. Do you have proof they haven't agreed to anything?
  12. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    What about the things we will have agreed to during the 3 years since those figures were being bandied about?
  13. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    I have just been listening to a guy on Radio 4 Tobias (I think Ellwood or a similar sounding name I was at a tricky junction at the time). He made two points I would be interested in the views of those who have voted Conservative in the past. 1. "We are the party which looks after the nations money and a no Brexit deal wouldn't be looking after the nations money" Or words to that effect. 2. Then he used an analogy about football. Basically he said leaving without a deal is like wanting to be in the premier but actually operating at the level of a team which uses coats for goal posts. He followed that by saying we couldn't allow that as we needed to take our place as the 5th largest economy in the world.
  14. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    As there is already a Brexit party it probably wouldn't be allowed to use the name, however they could leave their current party and join the existing Brexit party. I wonder why all the Brexit supporters in parliament haven't yet done so?
  15. Jerra

    Brexit 2019

    It will be interesting to watch how things unfold. In 2001 Portillo won the first and second votes and lost in the third.
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