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  1. Jerra

    MANCHESTER SHIP CANAL - a guide. June 2018

    There is a third option. They say "Oh Goody" and put up the price.
  2. Jerra

    Christopher Chope, what an idiot...

    Out of interest has anybody come across a report of a large Scotsman being "up kilted". I suspect it wouldn't need a law to prevent it.
  3. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    You also appear to not have read what I wrote carefully enough. You seem to have missed the words "in a lot" and read the word all instead.
  4. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    I am not sure you read what I wrote carefully enough. When I say what I see it isn't and can't be a generalisation it is a statement of fact. I encounter a lot (and see a lot on the internet) of antipathy towards anyone who isn't British from those who favour Brexit. Had I said Brexiteers had antipathy to anyone not British you would have been right in your observation.
  5. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    I wouldn't say Brexiteers are per se racist but what I do seem to see coming out in a lot of Brexiteers (even some on this forum) is a deep antipathy for anyone not British.
  6. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    Is it a while since you checked? I have just been reading a website which says the positions haven't changed since 10/5/18 and are standing 1% apart for the two main parties (40% v 41%). I suppose 1% is a sizeable lead.
  7. Jerra

    Crt funding

    In the big picture this is of course true. However the point being made was in reply to the argument re cyclists getting use of the part of they system they want/need at no extra cost and boaters paying. I have yet to meet a utility company taking a stroll along the towpath or cruising in a boat down the canal. I would suggest that as far as the criteria of the discussion and my reply to post #36 boaters are the only ones who need the canal infra structure to work.
  8. Jerra

    Crt funding

    A somewhat over simplification. The point being made is that the cyclists don't need the canal dredged or the locks to work(in fact only boaters need that) so it is sensible and to most fair they pay more than those who merely use the towpath.
  9. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    Do you think that there will be no changes in the EU in the future? Remainers are as anxious to embrace change for the better it is just that we don't see going backwards as for the better.
  10. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    You are still unaware of your own attitudes and again neatly try to swerve away from the fact you criticise (or try to) remainers for saying the same things over and over again when Brexiteers do exactly that. "Time for a change" is yet another unfounded assertion being repeated over and over again - rather proves the point.
  11. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    LOL. You get even more hilarious that one made me laugh out loud. With regard to putting forward the same view time and again read all the Brexiteers posts. They are putting forward the same view time and again. Just like you do - anyone who doesn't agree with you is a dinosaur, the regular repetition does rather under line the fact you are guilty of what you are saying about remainers.
  12. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    You are swerving away from the point. This little bit of our discussion was about you showing that your attitudes are stuck half a century ago, you keep proving it in almost every post. Now you are realising it is true and are trying to move away from that back to the slim majority. Of course the majority voted the way they did, in my experience many because of a certain red bus. Be that as it may I am allowed my view and as this is a discussion forum I am allowed to put it forward as often as I like which I will continue to do, as and when the spirit moves me.
  13. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    You have added clairvoyance to your repertoire have you? Otherwise you can't possibly know whether it has worked for me or not (another of your assertions with no evidence). With regard to the Empire you are showing how out of date your attitudes are. Just because something has been tried doesn't mean that with changing times and attitudes (fat chance in your case) it won't be the best solution in the future. Your comment to me shows a closed mind and as I said attitudes and ideas at least half a century out of date.
  14. Having used most models of "Porta Potti" (used as a general term for chemical toilet in general be it stand alone or cassette) over the last 50+ yearsI wouldn't consider doing away with a pumpout to use one.
  15. Jerra

    Brexit 2017

    We only have your assertion that it hasn't worked, it has worked fine for me. Incidentally you miss the point, you regularly show attitudes which have long ago been superseded for various reasons, then you think that just because you think something has failed anyone else is a dinosaur. Rearrange - Pot - black - kettle. As I said hilarious.

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