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  1. Jerra


    ^^^^^^^ This.
  2. Jerra

    New Cycling Trust

    That assumes the landowners are prepared to sell/very long term lease a couple of metres of their land. I doubt many would and in a numbers of places it would be peoples gardens. It also assumes CRT can afford to do this.
  3. Jerra

    New Cycling Trust

    To do this in many places they would have to acquire land.
  4. Jerra

    Off to Yooonee

    My doctor never rites anything other than his signature the rest is computer. Do they still write badly?
  5. Jerra

    Off to Yooonee

    Whoops! Brain moving faster than fingers.
  6. Jerra

    Off to Yooonee

    What makes you think that? I would say the death of my Grandmother was for me before A level and more stressful. However after 40 years of teaching I can guarantee that today's youngsters are every bit as clever and capable as the ones 50 years ago when I started. Possibly even better. I do note however that every year many of the ones who criticise the youngsters at A level time then proudly go on to say how few qualifications they gained at school.
  7. Jerra

    Off to Yooonee

    A big difference between a 6th former and early 20s - 20 to 25% more life experience at least. However the point I was trying to make is not everybody is comfortable or fluent on what for them is probably the most stressful of their lives.
  8. Jerra

    Off to Yooonee

    And when you were 17/18 and a camera man rammed a camera in your face and somebody thrust a microphone at you and told you you were on national TV you were perfectly composed, and erudite?
  9. Jerra

    New Cycling Trust

    Well those numbers for say 2 morning rush hours and 2 evening rush hours 5 days a week 52 weeks a year means 500,000 (approx) cyclists per annum add in pedestrians and I at least can see how CRT reaches the large numbers it quotes. After all that is only none relatively short stretch of canal.
  10. Jerra


    Assuming of course that didn't greatly reduce the number of boats on the system.
  11. Jerra


    I would have thought they will get a greater number of "whingers" but would hope the proportion and hence the percentage would be similar at all locks.
  12. Jerra


    I must be looking at things far too simplistically. I thought the situation was you volunteered as a volockie asked each boat if they wanted help and helped if wanted/needed. I can't get my head round volunteering to help at a lock and then standing doing nothing without asking if the crew want/need help. Presumably you volunteer to be at a lock as you want to help if all you want to do is stand and watch you don't need to have volunteered.
  13. Jerra


    True but it doesn't explain why somebody would volunteer if all they want to do is stand and watch.
  14. Jerra


    So are they volunteering to be able to stand and watch people work the locks? If so they don't need to volunteer anybody can stand and stare.
  15. Jerra

    Belt/holster for lock handle

    I use one of these and can't fault it.

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