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  1. Limekiln is my favourite online chandler too but their website is god awful so I hesitate to recommend them........they are usually very good on price though.
  2. https://www.asap-supplies.com/ and Midland chandlers are two good online chandlers. ABC at Aldermaston wharf have a small but reasonable chandlers, but it's almost as far away as Braunston for you.
  3. Yes I hope the viewing goes well, you could certainly do much worse in the fibreglass cruiser market. It's very well fitted out, although a little dated by todays standards.
  4. Yes that's probably not far from the truth! They are making progress, but there's just so much of it.....goodness knows how much money they'll have to raise...a few hundred million I imagine.
  5. I know this boat. She's been owned by the same owner since the early 1970's and was very well looked after. Sadly he recently died so the family are selling the boat. AFAIK the engine and hydraulic drive is fairly new.
  6. Interesting. The locals in those houses in the first part of the video are going to be complaining like mad when boats start mooring along there!
  7. Theoretically yes, but this would be the last thing I'd do even with experience. It'll likely take many weeks with weather holdups etc even though you would only have to coast hop to Bristol....you can go down the K&A/Thames from there to London.
  8. Do you have space to mount a swivel bowl model to a small bulkhead so the toilet is transverse while the cassette can be removed from the front of the room? Something like this:
  9. Quite right, but the vast majority seem to have 2:1 gearboxes. Possible I guess if you were in a pinch, but if I wanted to do it on the cheap I'd rather use a staircase lock as a temporary dry dock...........maybe in the evening when the vlockies have gone home!
  10. Well according to the Beta website your prop is exactly what they recommend for a Beta 43. I expect your prop has had blade or two bent or repitched by the encounter with the trolleys. As long as your prop isn’t totally mangled, you can get it repitched back to spec by a specialist for considerably less money than a new one. I have the same problem on my Beta 30….one blade is slightly bent and it is dire in reverse. It’s on the todo list!!
  11. It definitely pays to have a think about egress should this circumstance occur. In every fatal boat fire I've read about there was no working smoke alarm, so I always make sure they are functioning on the boat. When I'm on the boat I only lock the hatch with one toggle hook rather than using both of them, but I don't worry too much about getting out as I have a duck hatch on both sides and every window is the type where you can remove the whole pane from the frame once you open them, so there is actually about 7 ways to get out of my boat......9 if I could squeeze myself though the portholes, but I'd have to stop pancaking for a few months for that to be a realistic possibility.
  12. Yes, it's annoying when your screwdriver slips like that! I do wonder how he managed to get official CRT signage, like you say there is no good reason for it.
  13. I had this on the Llangollen....about 500 yards before Grindley brook approaching from Llangollen direction, there is a house which I think had no mooring signs but don't recall if they were official. I didn't notice them as I pulled in to let off crew to go forward to establish where the back of the que for the locks was. I was standing there for perhaps 1 minute holding the boat on the centre line when the householder came out to ask what I was doing there. I didn't really engage with him as I was watching for a signal from my crew to proceed forward.....he mumbled something about not being allowed to moor there before clearing off.
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