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  1. I just watched and it really is properly sunk to Davy Jones's Locker! Must be 2ft of water over the roof........RCR better bring their scuba gear!
  2. ^^This. When reading about canal history, the standard figure that always crops up is about 4000 miles........roughly double the current navigable network.
  3. That’s a very good innovation on their part. My cancellation experience with them was a few years ago where you could only cancel by phone.
  4. I can’t speak for all other networks, but Vodafone don’t. If you want to leave you request a PAC code via online form, it arrives a few hours later and off you go. You don’t speak to anyone!
  5. Good luck with that. I once spend nearly an hour on the phone to Three trying to cancel a contract.....this was after being with them for 5 years, so I was 4 years past the end of the contract. They literally tried everything to not cancel the account......including asking if I had any friends or family who would be interested in taking on the contract. They cancelled it in the end, but it was a bloody hard slog. For this reason I would never touch Three mobile with a barge pole!
  6. Fairly decent generator then......it doesn't seem unreasonable at all. As already mentioned, we need both sides of the story.
  7. Here's what they are using. It's a still From their previous vlog. Some sort of Honda EU22i copy?
  8. I'm not so sure. Imagine if Netflix refused to pay and the boat owner decides to pursue a claim through the county court. I'm not sure his claim would be successful when the Netflix legal team explain the boat wasn't lawfully on the waterway in the first place (no license and presumably no BSS).
  9. With the revelation that the boat has been unlicensed for the last 4 years, doesn't the owners assertion that no permission had been given to move it ring slightly hollow? Presumably he didn't actually have permission himself to place the boat on CRT waters?
  10. It's going to take a bit of fixing.
  11. These lifejackets are a great find @Alan de Enfield Of you so wish, these type of lifejackets can easily be configured from automatic/manual to manual only operation (and back again) with this. https://www.crew-safe.co.uk/acatalog/United-Moulders-Blanking-Cap.html#aB_2dCAP It's a simple blanking cap that can be swapped in seconds. Personally I would only do this if I was using the lifejacket in an aircraft.
  12. ^^^This + Wilts & Berks canal. It would add over 100 miles to the network! But might need more than £144m
  13. No need to apologise my friend. It was, after all, a few years ago now and as you mention there was quite a bit of tabloid speculation at the time. I remembered that he took voluntary redundancy then about a year or so later he went back to work for BA (rumour is he paid back his redundancy payment), where he has worked ever since. But I had to re-read the article to acquaint myself with the exact details.
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