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  1. I'm sure you're right, but the official C&RT guidance below indicates 9'8" all the way to Nantwich. Of course this guidance could well be wrong. Chas Hardern once told me that 12'6" boats have made it as far as his base at Beeston. @davathehut How wide is your boat?
  2. That looks a bit more than 9'8"......actually looking at it closely, not far off a wide lock width. While not a waterway structure, the Anglo welsh base at Bunbury creates a significant narrow when all the hire boats are moored! You'd never get a wide beam through there unless they were all out on hire.
  3. According to C&RT 9ft 8". The locks are all double width on that section (14ish ft), but according to C&RT guidance other structures on the waterway limit craft to the 9ft 8" beam. And for reference, south of Nantwich it becomes a narrow canal (Max beam 7ft).
  4. Yes, I wonder how that electric incineration toilet will work out in practice. Reading the specs I see it uses up to 2kWh per incineration which will be a heck of a demand on their electrical use. I suspect their generator will be running quite a lot.
  5. Those worktops look 'interesting'. It looks a lot like a Bickerstaffe boat.....certainly an Aintree shell I think.
  6. I'd definitely want to see it in the water and a survey is a must. From the photos I can see pretty much every window shows signs of long term water ingress, so you'd want to look at the bilges for signs of water and corrosion. The windows will have to be completely removed to remedy this properly. Looks like it's fitted with a sea toilet....which I assume flushes to a holding tank, potentially a very good setup but worth investigating the holding tank (is it steel and integral to the hull? If so it might be close to rusting though) A 1982 27ft conventional narrowboat with an inboard diesel engine sold in a marina near me recently for £16,500, it was in much better condition internally compared to this springer, so I'd say the asking price is on the high side considering it has an outboard so don't be afraid to put in a lower offer......after you've had it surveyed!
  7. This might be another case of believing anything that corresponds to ones own point of view!
  8. Yes, but the sea is deep and very wide. A canal is shallow and very narrow. Well I've not seen, another boater with 40 years on the canals hasn't seen it, and ditchcrawler hasn't seen it and he's probably been on the canals a long time too. So I think we can at least say it's very rare.
  9. Of course. Like I said I haven’t seen evidence. If you dump a cassette in a canal, the floating detritus would be evident for quite a while. Bits of toilet paper stuck to reeds etc would probably be evident for days, and I’ve never seen it. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened but if it has it’s exceedingly rare…..unlike separating toilet users, where I suspect it’s exceedingly rare for them to pour the liquids down elsans.
  10. In 15 years, I’ve never seen evidence of cassette emptying into canals. Have you?
  11. Yes they do, but what they never mention is what happens if four people are using it. I can tell you.....you end up having to empty it every week! And with four you end up with a full urine container (2 gallons) every 24 hours. Which glugs and splashes all over the place.....no nice air vent valve like a Thetford cassette.
  12. I thought this was going to be another thread on LED tunnel lights!
  13. I think if it were me, I'd concentrate on making sure the bow doors and stern hatch can't be casually prised open with a crowbar/screwdriver as that tends to be the modus operandi of people who break into boats. This means having locks and bolts that are secured by coach bolts through metal rather than into the woodwork, and avoiding padlocks (they also advertise you are not there). Scrotes tend not to break windows to gain access to boats....this is the preserve of the idle vandal! You'll never stop someone with a battery powered angle grinder, and as mentioned, metal plates on the windows might make someone think it's worth going to the trouble of coming back with an angle grinder to get in! Also consider measures that make the boat looked occupied.....lights on timers etc.
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