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  2. What I would give for a chocolate digestive.
  3. Was that ever going to happen? I mean seriously?? The Tory party regarded merely talking to Labour as tantamount to treason and the DUP wouldn't have voted for it and neither would the SNP or LibDems. The political game play was exclusively a Tory Party construct to give the impression that they were actually doing something.
  4. She strikes me as one of the few Tories capable of speaking with any common sense. She just wears the wrong colour rosette. The trouble is, she wouldn't go down at all well with the majority "remain" sentiment north of the border.
  5. Ruth Davidson would be an interesting and I think good candidate but sadly unlikely to run.
  6. But she wasn't was she? The wingnuts on the right of her party wouldn't give any ground on a customs union, so she was unable (or unwilling) to negotiate a compromise in good faith. Windrush? Grenfell? Children? There is very little evidence of May's compassion there,
  7. Thought Dr Bob said it was called "Good Times",or maybe they were just gonna have good times eating that packet of biscuits?
  8. O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us! It wad frae mony a blunder free us, An' foolish notion: What airs in dress an' gait wad lea'e us, An' ev'n devotion! To a Louse, Rabbi Burns.
  9. All human beings deserve compassion no matter who they are. I have made no claim to know you either BTW what an odd thing to say.
  10. To be honest it looks like it is going to be a re-run of the last time with much the same suspects, none of whom inspire any great confidence in their ability. If I was advising the Conservatives I'd be trying to find some means of Ruth Davidson being a candidate, a new and apparently competent face on the scene (although currently employed in Scotland).
  11. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    Not strictly correct. If the Withdrawal Bill had passed into law with Labour help, this would have included the Withdrawal Treaty, which as an international legal agreement, subject to international law, no PM would be able to easily revoke. So as May was pretty much offering everything Labour supposedly want, the only reason for rejecting it, was political game play. Now I'm quite happy they did, as had they supported it we would have been shafted. But how they can possibly claim they are acting in the national interest is beyond a joke.
  12. I used to have a test rider b'f, we used to scoot round the airfield, on a summer night, it was really smooth, 100mph. I had to hold tight on corners [he said]. Thank goodness we never had a puncture. I had a 125, lovely thing in summer I might get another one, some time. I'm not sure if I ever got a licence, when the L plates went tatty , I threw them away. Grandfather rights? My Driving Licence has a lot of letters on it, how do I find out what they mean, I had to relinquish my beloved paper licence recently.
  13. Cheshire rose would like to know the biscuits boat name, please, pretty please, she's going all teacher on us and it's slightly scary
  14. In which case the time is long overdue for you to do something to prove otherwise! I could not care less, but I doubt that she knows me anyway. Neither do you.
  15. It does appear that they have not been trying very hard to campaign. Perhaps even they have realised they would be flogging a dead horse and somewhat defending the indefensible. I am not sure that Boris is a shoo-in for PM. He has some significant enemies. It all rather depends on how strong the notion of leaving without a deal is in the party and they see he is the best way of delivering it. A Conservative party leadership vote has very often been about who they do not want to win rather who is the best candidate to win. If that approach prevails it could mean Boris losses out again. No Announcement from Leadsom yet as far as I know but she may be a possible alternative to Boris. I hear she speaks well of you
  16. What people forget is that she showed no compassion for the Grenfell Tower victims, for the four million children living in poverty, for the people here legally she was quite happy to tell to go home, the disabled people she has made to suffer through austerity, the Windrush generation she sent to their deaths ... I have no sympathy at all for someone who professed decency and consideration and then did nothing about righting wrongs. ...so the Maybot finally malfunctioned and shed a few tears of self pity? It makes me sick.
  17. No' its what happened when reality set in. When we come to negotiate with the US (population circa 330 million) do we think that they are going to buckle to our will? So why did we think that the EU (population circa 440 million without us) was ever going to?? It might not be fair, but the strongest always wins in these 'competitions'.
  18. Coming soon!! 'Enfield Water', pre-ordered now.
  19. I have the feeling she has turned under instruction from higher ones, funny how she first said Brexit is Brexit & no deal is better... etc etc and then gradually went about face, bit sus IMO. First step towards a sea change of politics.
  20. Something has gone terribly wrong with the organisation of the event. There is no torrential rain forecast! Surely torrential rain is a fundamental part of any BCN challenge?
  21. He seems to have grown. Or is he a late sub? We know.
  22. Yathink? Possibly not even his first username. I'm not sure what a B week is. How we see our selves and how others see us are often two completely different things, one is relevant and the other irrelevant, which is which usually depends on the situation we are in at the time. 🤷‍♀️
  23. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    I seem to have jumped threads, I m past caring, listening to Radio na Gael , I love my Heritage, agus, haggis, Eilean Mhor. trouble is, that might just be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeks
  24. How much exhaust smoke or if wet exhaust diesel rainbow on the water while trying to start? Lots of smoke or large rainbow = fuel being injected. A few wisps of fuel of very small/no rainbow = no fuel being injected so look at how the stop system works. Probably a solenoid controlled by electronics to some degree. A stop solenoid being pulsed by a fault might ft your symptoms.
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