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  1. I wonder if the "fully covered" includes rebuilding the transom when someone decides to destroy it in order to acquire the securely locked outboard. That could end up being costly. For some reason I don't think the insurance would cover it.
  2. I bought an old fashioned single socket windlass from Jim Mac about 15 years ago. Still have it. He said it was the wife's lock key. (Edit to add £5 he was not greedy). It is a nice boat yes. He told me something about a bridge on the Trent in fog but I don't remember the whole story. I do remember the dog. And cassio wharf which is a very interesting mooring.
  3. Disclaimer: Stolen image. Anyway it looks a bit dodgy. I wonder if they are thinking of letting narrow boats through (careful now) with that 2 inch ratchet strap holding the gate on. Health and safety risk assessment ? To be fair it probably would hold but the woodwork above and below the collar strap area is obviously completely rotten. Slightly different failure mode to the other side but still a nackered lock gate. Date plate on the gate is 2001. Time for new gates here me thinks. Could be an interesting little job that. ETA possibly a bad advert for composite lock gates. Steel balance beam and wooden gate structure might be a bad combination specially on tall gates.
  4. GU to Teddington is not a problem at any time of year. Obviously there will be some water coming down so a trip to Hampton Wick from teddington lock might be a bit slow but nothing particularly worrying. Depending on where on the GU but assuming boat is at Brentford then it's just a short tidal hop with virtually no traffic and a bit of tide to help you along. If the boat is further up the GU there are things like Denham lock which could present problems. ETA its on yellow stream decreasing down there at the moment whereas further up where the river is narrower there are still a lot of red boards out.
  5. Second boat. I think it is an ex Thames Conservancy vessel. Rather a nice boat recently for sale.
  6. It's a nice mooring there yes. Not something I would pay for though. i did notice Cookham above the bridge are doing some quite good winter mooring deals with a proper made up river bank and path. Seemed quite full when I drove over cookham bridge this afternoon.
  7. It certainly is a handy place to know about if they are taking boats of trucks. As for the Thames I am hoping for some dry weather as one of my boats is in a field near Henley (floating beside the field to be accurate) and I want to go boating in it at Christmas. Fingers crossed !
  8. Oh yes sorry about that ! I've been there a few times for diesel - didn't notice that they had a lift off transport option there. That's handy.
  9. That's north of Denham. I believe the OP is looking at options for "seeking an alternative route" to get around the major problem with Denham deep lock. Obviously there is a wet option via GU Oxford Thames but taking stoppages into account that's well over a month even if a Christmas window is provided. ETA presumably lifted out at P&S marine Watford onto transport.
  10. Highline yachting at Iver on the Slough arm. Uxbridge can't get a wagon into the yard. ETA I assume the Denham lock bottom offside gate is nackered.
  11. The item does not belong to the OP.
  12. The photo in the OP is not the actual item.
  13. Another one who I used a few weeks ago to move my 16 tonne steel trawler was ES Frisby based in Peterborough. As for the pooling websites you do have to do some due diligence obviously.
  14. Worth putting in a request on shiply and uship for an idea of transport prices. No need to register just an email address and wait for quotes to arrive. Handy to check the lay of the land even if you don't end up using any of them. From Hilperton marina website : "We have on site a Jones 971C Crawler Crane capable of most canal related lifting requirements"
  15. Whitchurch lock on the Thames which is between reading and Oxford is scheduled to be closed until Christmas. There will be others plus pushing up the Thames in red board conditions is not very sensible or comfortable in a narrow boat. I'm not sure a professional skipper would be willing to do that due to insurance issues. There will be other stoppages. I'd say go by road unless you are happy to wait until spring.
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