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  1. magnetman

    The Deisel Engine in narrowboats

    I think UMEA has a pup in it but could be a bigger one. Last time I saw it was at Springwell farm GU.
  2. magnetman

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    that's interesting. There might be something in the old bye laws about it. Were you claiming a "towed and unused" vessel? There is some sort of arrangement where you pay per lock rather than buy a visitor license but I think that only applies to commercial tugs.
  3. magnetman

    The Deisel Engine in narrowboats

    I thought Skylark had a Gardner semi diesel in there. Maybe its been replaced. I've got a lovely memory of Skylark motoring up the Thames at Staines against red boards conditions in 1994. It had no trouble at all. Swam like a fish. That was a while ago so maybe it has lost the engine in the meantime.
  4. magnetman

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    Steve shepperton is cool it wasn't him it was the bell weir man. He (Bell Weir) is a proper river enthusiast if you get him talking about history. Bit of an odd manner with the public though. Steve. Dave. Easily confused. It should be over the door of the lock office so easy to check. Eta yes its David Andrews at Bell Weir. My error.
  5. magnetman

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    Bell Weir Steve aka "oh be joyful" is okay really once you get talking to him. Very predictable about licensing I once came through in a dinghy with an outboard but a rowing license. Came from cookham nobody bothered then he had a close look. I offered to pay cash as he had no card machine but he had no change so I suggested calling Penton and get them ready to take my money for a dinghy visitor license. It had to be Steve. He came he saw I offered to buy license he could not deliver. Technically you can buy a visitor license at any Thames lock for obvious reasons.
  6. magnetman

    Boat builder

    Alternative spelling is John Rickaby Builder of among others a couple of pretty nice replica MSC bridgewater tugs. Quality stuff. "John rickaby narrow boat" finds a previous thread on this forum about MSC Frodsham.
  7. magnetman

    Boat builder enquiry

    I'd say its a springer hull which originally had a composite/GRP cabin on it which has been replaced by steel cabin. Not sure whats happened with the deck but maybe grp was added for a non slip effect ? I it was a grp cabin originally that might make sense. Plus there were other shell builders around who used similar build techniques to springers for obvious reasons. The stern dollies look like a recent addition.
  8. magnetman

    Wheelock Lock No.65

    Is this where Cooke windlasses were hammered out?
  9. magnetman

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Is that an Ernie Thomas back end ? or something more recent perhaps
  10. magnetman

    Coal shovels ?

    Cast aluminium flour scoops look interesting for coal. You would have to check the sizes and contents as there are several different ones. Looks pretty durable. This is quite a big one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/58oz-Aluminium-Flour-Scoop-Ice-Sweets-Dry-Food-Cereal-Scoop-Bar-Equipment/192623103723?hash=item2cd93b4eeb:m:mJ2zB-RvD7ZM2Qn6XrJ6XTw
  11. magnetman

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Its named in the advert. CAM. River class. Nice.
  12. magnetman

    Transiting Trent Falls Ouse to Trent

    Anyway A bit more comment on the Trent. I realise that people will have looked at the other forum but in the event of someone finding this thread by chance due to some searching its probably worth having as much details as possible. I personally would hate to think people died because of something I failed to do. Its just text. ----- Hi Tony ...... was reading that post/warning of yours.Under those conditions (neap tide and early on the flood) In a very shoal draft craft would it be safer when leaving the anchorage near South Trent Beacon to go upstream hugging the West bank through the West Trent channel ? _________________________________________To get underway from that marked anchorage on the first of the Flood, that would be my preferred choice every time, John, with anything and regardless of draught. Stemming the Flood back down past South Trent Light in getting away from the anchorage, and then turning eastwards across the tide when you've got the East Trent leading lights lining up will always leave you vulnerable to being carried onto and grounding on the outer end of Middle Sand if you misjudge the tide rate, wind strength and direction, or if you're unlucky enough to suffer a temporary loss of power for any reason whilst doing it. With a commercial vessel, barge or tug/tow, it would just cost you time until the tide had made enough to float you over the shallowest parts of Middle Sand, but with a small pleasure boat it could cost you a lot more. I know it's fairly long odds against something like that happening at precisely the wrong moment, but I'm a great believer in contributing to and making your own reserves of luck, and not using any of it up until you really need to.West Trent channel round Middle Sand has always tended to change a bit in depth and width in cycles, but generally staying deep enough for at least light, inbound barges, and ABP's most recent surveys and charts have shown that it's lately been washing out and getting a good bit deeper and wider again whilst the East Trent with the Cliff End leading lights looks to be making up, especially at the top end near the remains of the stoneheap about halfway between Flats Light and Cliff End (low) Light. I last went up that West Trent side just before the Besthorpe-Whitwood gravel job finished in July 2013 with a light barge drawing about 4' 6'', when it was quite a bit narrower and shallower than it is now. We were quite early on a mean tide Flood, having waited for it on Tackhammer, but got through alright just riding over a bit of a bar towards the top end near West Trent Light. To find the deepest water through there you need to run no more than about 40 -50 yards off the shore/stones before passing Henderson Light, then 30 yards at most off the stones after passing Henderson Light then just before the stoneheap lowside of Island House Light, swinging head to Cliff End Light and keeping it on there until roughly midway between the two lights, and then steering for and passing close to the big stoneheap just over halfway between Cliff End Light and Hillside Light. ----- i just hope I save a life or two https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zUoT5AxFpRs
  13. magnetman

    Transiting Trent Falls Ouse to Trent

    Language, dear ! No. I'm neutral I just thought what Tony Dunkley posted was interesting from a navigation safety point of view which is why I copied it here.
  14. magnetman

    Transiting Trent Falls Ouse to Trent

    Hi Copy and paste information from Tony Dunkley. ***FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY*** Quote follows: "Whilst glancing through CWDF's latest crop of contributions earlier I came across one in redfox226's 'Transiting Trent Falls Ouse to Trent' thread by CWDF member 'Fitter Kieron' which gives rise to some serious concerns over the potential dangers posed by the Flood to small craft grounding over the Low water period or first of the Flood on the outer end of Middle Sand (now re-named Island Sand) in the Lower Trent. This is what he said : - Fitter kieron Location:Goole Boat Name:Vixen Posted 6 hours ago For someone like me who might only access the Trent via the Ouse on my boat maybe only a handful of times in my life the Boating Association books are essential. The navigational notes, transit lines and having every marker light and feature to gauge progress is really reassuring. Everything is there and easy to read. I would like to make this trip again to access the Chesterfield canal from Barmby in one day. Setting off from the anchor point at Trent falls last time i could feel the boat sliding over a mud bank so maybe next time i will sit on anchor longer. Also found that the flow on the flood tide past Keadby was really strong and i used most if not all of my 27hp to get into the lock ____________________________________________The sentence underlined and in bold is the matter of concern. From what he's said it can be concluded that he was anchored over the LW period at or near the point designated as an anchorage on ABP's Charts, close to the Western training wall and roughly halfway between South Trent Light and Adlingfleet (Old river Don outfall) Light. On mean tides (halfway between Neaps and Springs) and above the Flood begins to run strongly up the Trent immediately after LW, and any inbound boat leaving that anchorage and heading for the Eastern side marked channel (Cliff End Leading Lights) at or shortly after LW is likely to be set towards and grounded on the outer end of Middle Sand by the strength and speed of the tide. It is at this point that things get really dangerous for small craft. Once aground and held by the tide on the outer end of Middle (Island) Sand it is impossible for any boat to escape until the tide has 'made' enough for it to float over the shallowest areas, and the strength of the tide can be sufficient to roll small vessels over long before there is sufficient depth for them to float clear.I posted several warnings to this effect before I was permanently banned from CWDF, and ABP - Humber publish the same warning in the Pleasure Craft Navigation pages on their website. Would someone from here please relay this information to 'Fitter Kieron', and anyone else on CWDF who may or could use this marked Trent End anchorage, . . they just might not be as lucky as he was." end
  15. magnetman

    Canal Boat or Narrowboat

    I stumbled across this PDF document recently. It has quite a bit of detail about canal boats in the 1800s but narrow boat or narrowboat is never mmentioned (Link opens a PDF) https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://static.premiersite.co.uk/23415/docs/7046215_1.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjOta31msLfAhVOxxoKHZVwB6s4FBAWMAF6BAgIEAE&usg=AOvVaw0Ezxakq-tB0bUHjw6_IVWj

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