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  1. That would be quite interesting yes. We did cc a bit when first had the kids then got a mooring in London ten years ago. Council tax etc etc. I had been cc ing for 15 years prior to that myself but traveling widely as not constrained by work or children. Also my choice to live on a boat is not related to financial issues I would still live on a boat full time if I had ten million quid. No interest in owning property at all. Nil. A lot of people have turned up on boats in London specifically because it is a cheap way to live. It's obvious. This will at som
  2. Just get a proper bowsaw. This one is lovely. It's in Tewkesbury so too far for me to collect it otherwise I would have it in a heartbeat. I already have one the same and the bigger one and the smaller one but they are such nice saws! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324652830806 It is an EIA frame. Edsbyns Industri AB. One of the best swede saws you will ever find. Ok so it needs a new blade but these are available albeit getting worse over time. sand ok, bahco and Jack seem to be the best ones. bow saw with a decent not a rusty blade goes through w
  3. The boat list has it down as a Yeoman 22. I think this is probably correct. Has obviously had some modifications. https://canalplan.org.uk/boats/boats.php
  4. We used to moor by Grove bridge Quite regularly before they converted it. Late 90s and early 00s. There was a police dog training unit based there. I used to park car half way down the lane before the bridge. It was reported as being abandoned and I had a call from the rozzzers. Happy days. Interesting area I particularly like the large waterwheel powered pumps (derelict) one of them by the sharp bend Watford side of Grove bridge the other one is further up in the bushes between M25 spur bridge and Hunton bridge. Great big iron wheels quite impressive really. I think they wer
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I've always towed dinghies with a variety of boats including narrow boats and wide barges. Not had any problems just put two lines on one to each dolly. Problems can occur with dinghies behind narrow boats when existing from a wide lock using a single gate but other than that not a problem. Davits as suggested would be nicer for a square stern wide beam although if you catch the dinghy when on davits it is likely to be more of a problem than if it was caught up while towing. I like to put sensible sized cable ties into the towing lines so if it gets caught the cable t
  8. That passed me up near Henley the other day. I thought it was very displeasing to look at. That step in the side deck really doesn't do it any aesthetic favours !! It just looks "wrong" to me anyway. 4L2 is nice but a bit big even for a heavy NB.
  9. It seems to me to be an advantage if nobody else sounds a horn as long as you have a proper loud one do a single blast and voilâ ! Sorted. Other person having a horn just complicates matters.. ETA perhaps just five loud blasts would be better. To make a point and request that other vessels 'keep clear'
  10. If your aim was to create conflict then complain about the nackered engine yes but if you simply wanted to make a non technical point about the smoke then the prop foul comment works better in that scenario
  11. Maybe he had a bladeful. Prop fouling not at all unusual in that area and yes it does increase loading and is liable to cause smoky exhaust. I would have suggested this when passing.
  12. Emma Smith bridge is Bookable for essential journeys. Turks boat coming back to Kingston after docking at their Chatham yard probably does count as essential to be fair. What with being the queen's swan keeper or whatever.
  13. As a Thames resident I will be filtering River water for my washing requirements from now on. Plenty of others do it. If done right it's actually quite a sensible option made all the more sensible by the senseless rearrangement of the "bulk" fresh water supply provision. My plan is a sand and gravel filled box followed by three filters and a UV lamp. should be ok for the washing side of the system but not sure I'd like to drink it.. ETA probably chuck some sterilising tablets in as well for good measure.
  14. Not tried it myself as it's not my bag but have been told you can just go under the bridge and carry on with your day. I would guess that if you did it regularly you may find problems but if you are not intending to return then perhaps the "do I look bovvered" clause kicks in. It does not seem to be rigourously enforced by the PLA. Not sure how the insurance would react if the bridge suddenly fell down and you, as boat master, were horribly injured by shrapnel leading to catastrophic loss of control of your vessel which in turn causes a cyclist on an adja
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