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  1. Can you post details on the forum ? Might be useful for others.
  2. Uxbridge Boat Centre does not have access for large wagons. P&S marine at Watford can definitely lift onto transporter or low loader. I think Highline yachting at Iver might be able to handle it as well. Does seem to be too big for a self contained HIAB truck.
  3. It would appear so. With Jim Mac's moorings on the right there.
  4. Former Northchurch bridge 140 maybe? Since replaced with a slightly dodgy flat deck road bridge. The bend round to the right after bridge seems distinctive. Eta I didn't see a lock there just a bend round to the right but looking more closely towpath does seem to slope up yes.
  5. Its not really a butty when you bear in mind it was built before motor narrow boats turned up. Its a horse boat. I owned one just the same as that (motorised with original stern) briefly about ten years ago. Without the steel lid. Wonderful, beautiful narrow boat. And yes it did shift. Superb.
  6. Possibly Dennis Cooper CTS. Nicely done but the top guard iron is too thin.
  7. Thanks for that. I had previously thought the 1930s Harland and Wolff boats metal hull plating was steel not iron. Obviously GU boats were also built with wooden hulls but its the Woolwich boats detail I was not previously aware of.
  8. Interesting that they are described as iron. I thought GU boats from the 30s were steel ( some with wood bottoms). Nice pair of boats.
  9. As I understand it if you have owned the boat for some time and enjoyed going boating then a history of photographic evidence of you using the boat as well as you being on the crt ownership documentation would probably suffice. Of course it might be a clonecraft that could complicate the photo thing! However if you bought the boat last week without a signature on a bill of sale or bank details then it could get awkward.
  10. Technically you could go through teddington using the PRN Public Right of Navigation and declare unlicensed but then the EA will chase you. It is full time manned so effectively you will need to be licensed. All depends on how you want to play it. £11 a day for a trip down the River is pretty good value it is a lovely waterway !
  11. I was on the River last weekend at Cookham where I keep my motor yot and a motor cruiser off the K&A had successfully reached Cookham lock before being asked for a license. At the end of the day its June the days are long now. you can transit from Reading to Teddington out of hours on public power (all locks until Teddington are automated 24/7 and they have just fixed the dodgy systems Romney and Bell Weir I believe). So in effect you could go 5am-9am then stop. 6pm-10pm. Stop. Rinse and repeat. The only point at which you would require a license is teddington which is 24h manned. 1 day visitor license. A weakness of the public power system on the River. And very few river patrol. If it were me I would do a 7 day and have a leisurely run down the worlds most beautiful river.
  12. How long people remain moored on private land on the Thames has nothing to do with the EA. Its between land owner or their agent and the boat owner. If the boat is used for residential purposes then obviously the local authority may become interested. EA is a navigation authority and they also manage flood risk so will potentially be interested if boats are sinking or coming adrift. Other than that if the land has a registered owned and existing mooring rights then its impossible for EA to enforce a maximum stay. EA do own some Riverside land on the Thames but it is a very small proportion of total available mooring land.
  13. http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?520819-Hampton-Court-Place-Moorings-BEWARE Thread on Thames forum I noticed while I was out in the dinghy. This refers to the palace moorings. The Kingston "barge walk" moorings on the Hampton Wick side are also owned by Royal parks so may well be subject to the same enforcement. Apparently DE parking enforcement are still getting up to date owner information from the EA. Quite unrelaxing. Best to cover the boat name with some wet towels.
  14. However this picture of a James shows the same wheels as in the old photo so it does seem to be a James. (Image located via Google image search)
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