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  1. That also applies to most pavements. Are people being asked to walk into the road for social distancing? Are roads being closed to vehicles ? No. I know that villagers can't change laws but there is such a thing as changing attitudes in society in general, which can lead to bigger changes over time. Don't forget how many towpaths there are and how many people may be discovering them round about now due to not going to work this week.
  2. I wondered if this thing about CRT encouraging boat dwellers to tell public not to walk on towpaths might be a bit of a sly plan. People like their local towpaths. They won't take kindly to entitled boat dwellers who are simply there because it is a rent free lifestyle telling them not to walk there, specially during unusually stressful times when a lot of people are going to be feeling agitated. I reckon this could be a nail in the coffin of the cc option for boat licensing. Joe public is a much greater force than a few self isolating boat dwellers with entitlement problems. Anyone living on the towpath with half a brain cell knows you do not want to make an enemy of the locals. Specially when more of them are accessing the amenity than usual due to having lost their jobs.
  3. I reckon that with the predicted total breakdown of ordinary life going unlicensed for a few months would be the least of anyone's worries considering the fact that huge swathes of the population are going to wake up at night struggling to breathe. Pneumonia is really nasty as anyone who has had it badly will know.
  4. It's definitely interesting to think about the "old people who are almost dead v younger people who badly need medical care" thing and where the biggest profit is. "It's all about the money" was a comment from one of my childrens' primary school classmate. Yes it is. I reckon they'll prioritise the oldies on this.
  5. Anyone showing symptoms of being an armchair expert is advised to self isolate immediately. For the common good.
  6. I thought that graph looked like a situation where S Korea where looking more carefully and testing people regardless of their age. Maybe they have previous experience of pandemics .
  7. As I understand it you can apply for planning permission on land you don't own. This happened with a house my mum once owned. she was going to sell it and asked the council about PP for redevelopment and they told her someone had already applied and been refused as it was in a conservation area. Whoever had applied had nothing to do with the ownership of the property but was aware it was coming onto the market. Turned out to be an associate of the estate agent. 25 years ago. House still there unchanged. Maybe this was an unusual situation.
  8. Wise words. I sometimes wonder how many relationships are broken by humble boats. It must be loads. Of course if the relationship is so fragile that it can't tolerate both people living in a tin box on a ditch then it's probably not a very good relationship in the first place. There are far worse things which could happen than living on a boat.
  9. Which local records are they? I've moved my boat several times between Henley and Staines up stream and downstream since last October . Each time was in yellow boards not reds as I don't move in red boards unless it is necessary. It has been a wet winter, much wetter than the previous one but there have been a few yellow boards windows. Hoping for another one soon ! Quite intrigued by the claim that the River has been on red boards continuously since October because it is incorrect.
  10. Not sure if you know them already but Chertsey Meads Marine know a lot about Enfield legs it would be worth dropping them a line. They are helpful and knowledgeable. Old school type of boatyard. https://www.chertseymeadsmarine.co.uk/home-2/ I know nothing about z drives as have never interacted with one but if you have bypassed a rubber coupling device could this be the reason for the problem?
  11. I had a mooring at Bishop Meadow in Loughborough and went boating in the local area in 2003 and it wasn't there then. Miller's bridge I think that was where they built it at it near Quorn. definitely after 2003.
  12. There are some curious deep bits around halliford bends I had 25 foot depth on the sounder round there. Possibly a bomb crater. I suspect above Sunbury Weir it's about 8-10ft depth. That's why they have closed the lock approach I suppose as the top of the submerged vessel could be as little as a couple of feet below the waterline. Quite a serious hazard for anyone navigating in the area unless very well marked with buoys which are definitely staying in place.
  13. To be fair the River is unlikely to be deep enough there to sink the tug. Also seems probable given the position of the boat that anyone on the tug would be fully aware that the tow is going to be sinking fast. The priority is for it to do that away from the weir structure to avoid a very complicated problem. The second image shows the boats are not attached by a rope so the wide bean must have found its way into that position by itself. Falconbrook is usually kept at the Sunbury EA yard which is very close to that weir (couple of minutes away).
  14. Not all weirs had them for example Hedsor Weir at Cookham used to be open and unprotected in the 1990s. The large black posts with floats around them and ropes between are a relatively recent thing. Some weirs have been protected for many years but not all of them. Edit to remove images which defeated my own argument (giggle)
  15. I just had a chat with my friend on the River which is why I edited my previous post. The boat apparently came adrift at Walton a while ago and has been sitting against the on the weir guard piles for several weeks. The EA tugs are not insured to go out unless it is an emergency so I believe that the boat must have moved slightly and the stern was drawn over the rope between the piles and into the fully open radial gate at the weir. Partially submerging the boat and blocking the weir gate. This is speculation but it would press the EA into action and force them to remove the boat from the Weir for the safety of the weir structure. The obvious outcome will be a sunken vessel. EA harbour master notice issued today is indicating a sunk vessel in the approach to Sunbury upstream lock cut. It seems bonkers that a boat sitting on the weir guard piles would not be removed as soon as it was noticed but that is probably a side effect of ridiculous insurance and modern elfin safety. The River has been lower than current levels since the boat came to be on the guard piles there so it was not a "window of opportunity" to remove it rather it must have been removed because of a serious danger. It begs the question why were these Weir guard piles and ropes introduced. They are a relatively recent thing on the Thames. I wonder if it's an insurance related issue based on the situation with boats on weirs.
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