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  1. One way to do it would be like they do with council homes. Find out if people are genuinely in poverty and if they are then allow them subsidised housing. CRT is currently subsidising housing. You could easily find that there are very many people "living" on boats while renting out their house or flat. If the subsidy (cc option for boat license) was removed this would not result in them being homeless as they are a property owner. Not everyone is in this position, obviously. It's basically just squatters and freeloaders who seem to not understand the market economy who are moaning. Charging for something that is in demand is normal. If you can't afford it you don't have it. It's not complicated. Also I think in the CRT transfer order somewhere there is a bit where CRT are obliged to make profit from their assets and must not allow anyone to gain from their assets. So if someone is living on a boat while renting out their property then they are directly gaining because living on a boat cheaply and remaining in one general area is only available due to the 1995 act and the 14 day rule. You are bound to get parasites in this situation.
  2. This was not a ride-on type just a self -propelling gravel mower which goes in front of the operator.
  3. A few days ago on Limehouse cut there was a self propelled lawn mower being used to mow the gravel towpath / cycle superhighway and a bloke with a strimmer knocking down the occasional valerian plant at the edge (thankfully not the canal edge side as the plants are rather pretty). They came back, mower still propelling itself but this time the geyser with the strimmer had a noisy leaf blower for creating huge clouds of dust. Nice work if you can get it !
  4. You get the person painting the name to measure it and put the lettering in the middle. It will be 1ft7 and 3/4 inch from the side deck upwards.
  5. My younger daughter who is in the Rabbit Protection League says that the pictured device may contravene the Rabbit Rights Act section R8.
  6. Quite a few years ago, around 2011, I ratchet strapped the front of the boat (30 tonne barge) to a buddleia plant growing out of the side of the towpath because it was right at the end of the mooring and only one ring available. A BW enforcer (or someone else with a sticky documents enclosed envelope) did attach a notice and quoted something about not damagjng the plants. It could have been some nutter but I think it was genuine. The buddleia was bloody handy as a mooring attachment point. Very durable. No issues.
  7. I'm not sure what a "mooring pin rabbit hole" is but this also brings into the equation the potential for interfering with animals. If you did hammer a mooring pin into a rabbit hole and someone who was in the Rabbit Protection League spotted you it could end up in the hands of the RSPCA . They have quite a lot of powers. I have on more than one occasion hammered a pin into wasp nests but it seems they don't need a protection league as quite capable of defending themselves from such intrusions. Maybe the CRT need to introduce some bats and newts in strategic areas. ETA and wasps. Use the wasps !
  8. At some point this thread is going to have to satisfy the bored.
  9. Or drill across the nut and thread and knock a roll pin in there. That would lock it open nicely but be convertible back to closeable if needed in future by punching out the pin.
  10. Another factor is that CRT does often allow people to remain in place or have limited movement under the Equality Act 2010. Reasonable adjustments. It might come as a surprise to some what can make people eligible. As with all things it depends on how well people can do the applications. CRT do publish the numbers. I'm not sure where it is but I think it's in the hundreds not the dozens. ETA with the general situation about living on boats "by choice" being a fairly recent phenomenon, chaos in mental health services, everyone getting older and silly housing costs it seems likely these numbers will increase. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/do-you-know-a-vulnerable-boater/disabled-boaters-information
  11. You'd need a water pump for a solar hot water system anyway unless using the excess electric and an immersion heater. I don't think a thermosyphon system will send the heated water downhill. Unfortunately. Also a solar collector would take extra space on top of the boat. It does make sense to an extent to combine the two (PV and water heating) using a thermostat of some sort attached to the solar panel to switch the pump on at the required temperature. Possible side effect is keeping the panels clear of debris. This can be filtered out before adding water to the beer keg hot water tank.. ETA unless you are a very high consumer with a large and efficient battery bank it's likely you will be getting surplus power so the immersion heater is probably the better option overall but it doesn't cool or clean the solar panels .
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