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  1. The mooring site is a central London CRT owned residential scheme. Nobody else except the CRT get any money from the mooring fees. Council tax is applied on top of the mooring fee as the berth has an individual allocated street address in the same way one would get with a flat in a block. 12 grand a yar may seem a lot but its cheaper than renting a flat and who would want to live in a flat ??
  2. Costs being costs of alternative accomodation. A canal boat is accommodation no matter how it is used for holiday or residential it is still accommodation. If the CRT can't get this money then someone else will do so by using BNB webshites and the like. CRT need to be on the ball about their assets.
  3. My mooring fee is 17 times the licence fee. I'm not typical but yes living in London can be costly ! I wonder if in reality it is time the CRT considered some kind of regional tiered licensing system. They have the data about where boats are via the tracking spotters so it should not be that difficult to work out a system based on demand and costs.
  4. double post Possibly a Jabsco Ultramax.
  5. I think it is one of the Jabsco 'smart' pumps. They are now called VFlo but there was another name for them at one time. There seems to be a pwm speed controller built in which varies pump speed according to demand.
  6. I'd be tempted to put in a claim for the broken Ming dynasty vase. Handy to keep a broken Ming vase about for just this sort of occasion.
  7. Licence for a 55ft nb around £1200. Would a extra £180 really stop people boating?
  8. OK. I thought they did. What does it say about your cooker ? My boat safety man needed to know the make and model of the cooker. I thought the same happened with the engines but maybe not. To be fair there has never been an attempt to get the engine model from the makers plate so I guess they don't. Thank you for correcting me . I also think there is information collected about your boat which is not on the paperwork that you receive. This sounds all a bit conspiratorial. If you have a gas system the BS ticket issuer will ask if the boat is the primary residence. I bet it doesn't say anything about residential status on your BS ticket but it is asked by the examiner so the information is presumably recorded.
  9. Both pumps are cold water pumps in that arrangement.
  10. I doubt they will hit hard. Probably needs doing but it may be outside of the remit. I think in some ways CRT behaving unreasonably could be quite a good move.
  11. November. They may do it on the 5th. A Mr G.Forx from the NBTA will be loitering in the cellar of The CRT Grange with gunpowder.
  12. Add to the t&c that you are not allowed to run the boat when stationary for more than 5 minutes. (main engine)
  13. So is it true you could run a great big smokey old diesel generator in your garden in central London because it is on private property? But you can't use a non approved wood burner to heat your home. Hmm. Something odd there.
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