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  1. magnetman

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I just wondered why the counter was replaced. Had not seen the out of water picture. I like to see the dents. I suppose as the boats were still in trade it was sensible to replace damaged and thin parts. Eta it seems to me that it was wholesale replating rather than cutting out the thin bits they cut the whole lot off (counter) and replaced it. Its not just the underwater bits. Looking at the photo it appears the boat has at some point been refooted (replated not over plated) but I fear that it has subsequently been overplated possibly due to silly insurance requirements. I hope not !!
  2. magnetman

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Is there a particular reason why BW chopped the back end off these boats and put a new one on? Was it simply because it was cheaper than rebuilding the original or some other reason. As it happens they usually seem to be quite pleasing and not bodged but I do wonder why it happened in the first place. This must have been discussed before but as Cambourne has come up it got me wondering. Draught reduction?
  3. magnetman

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Not a bad boat but the cabin is a bit boxy (lacking tumblehome) and worth noting its not the original stern or back cabin. Not sure but I think its one of the BW ones where they put a new counter on and a nasty steel stern cabin on. Not read the details but it may well have an air cooled engine mounted at the back with no back cabin. I passed it a couple of days ago have seen it before. I find it slightly displeasing. £55k seems a lot. P&S marine put a new bottom on it? That must be an overplating job then. Bottle jacks and a hammer asap. Overplating does no favours to a boat like that. If, and I doubt it, it has been rebottomed and refooted properly then its interesting otherwise in terms of being a historic boat its trouble .
  4. still in the stinkhole
  5. magnetman

    Origin of my boat?

    I'd say Its an old (70s?) wooden top pleasure narrow boat which has at some point had the hull overplated (hence the odd look of the lowest rubbing strake at the bow) and a steel cabin added. No idea who built it but the mooring bitts at the stern could be an identifier as they are a bit unusual. Eta To be honest the stem makes me think amateur build and the steel top could well be original.
  6. magnetman

    Composting Toilets. Clarification Please

    composting toilets are a crap idea.
  7. 3rd party insurance aren't bothered they just want the cash so the directors can buy bigger cars. I guess once it becomes a problem and claims start mounting up that will change and everyone will have to have a bss in order to get insurance regardless of vessel type. Including dinghies I expect.
  8. magnetman

    A genuinely silent generator

    The best silent gwenrator would be something like a Honda EU20i, with an electric starter, encased in a sealed pod with a "snorkel" for air intake and exhaust and wiring. You lower it off the side of the boat down to the bottom of the canal then clamp the snorkel tube to side of boat then start it up. Acoustic engine noise will be silenced by the surrounding water which will also cool the engine casing/pod.
  9. magnetman

    DM2 vs DM3

    Looks like a D2 to me. seems to be too old to be mated to a prm gearbox ie its a marinised industrial unit probably ex generator. Exhaust manifold looks wrong. IMO Eta interesting to see recommended fuel is Diesoline. I have not come across that before. Quick Google suggests this is a 15% v/v gasoline:diesel mix. Gasoline being 4 star petrol I guess. I wonder if this was an export unit which found its way back to england.
  10. magnetman

    tank cutter

    I have had success with Bosch holesaws including a 177mm hole saw I used on a 14.4 makita drill to start off the cutouts in 6mm steel ie make a groove for the jigsaw to follow. That was for portholes. Decent quality hole saw still works and has gone through quite a bit of 1.5 inch thick teak as well. For a 1 inch hole in steel plate another option might be a carbide hole cutter. I've got a 20mm one and it goes through steel fast.
  11. magnetman

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    Lister JP1? Really ? Is that usually called something else like a CS or similar? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-Lister-generator-JP1/283243682180?hash=item41f2a39984:g:eYEAAOSwy7hb3uZ7
  12. magnetman

    DM2 vs DM3

    My DM2 (1986) was rated at [email protected],000rpm. I think the D2 non marine version was even higher I've got 24hp at 1,400rpm in my head from a generator engine but could have got that a bit wrong.
  13. magnetman

    DM2 vs DM3

    I was told Columba has a Lister CE2 in it. Its been missing from Uxbridge for quite a while I think its out of the water at Winkwell but may have moved on as this was information I gleaned a few years ago.
  14. magnetman

    DM2 vs DM3

    A friend of mine had a rather tired LR series 2a LWB. Noisy old thing but it worked. We went to pick up a Rayburn for my boat and on the way back the gearbox packed in. It seemed to be stuck in 4th gear. It broke near Southall and the destination was Ham / Kingston via Richmond. Much clutch burning but it got there in the end. Did the job. Very different from my LR 90 TDI which was unusable after a cambelt failure. I suspect the army ones must have the gear train in there. Nobody wants a belt.
  15. magnetman

    DM2 vs DM3

    Maybe best to just put in a Beta 42 or similar in the engine 'ole and install a central heating and hot water system running off the engine cooling circuit with lots of oversize copper pipes to polish and perhaps a brass silencer. Add to that a smoke ring generator linked to a vertical stack and a pa system with the old bollinger hit n miss, seffle sturdy thump, RN galloping horse sounds and others on demand you could have the perfect boat. And not get diesel soot in your eyes.

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