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  1. magnetman

    Best Dylan song.

    motorpsycho nitemare. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RcD70sOB9p8
  2. magnetman


    I saw it on the upper thames earlier this year near Oxford and was intrigued to note that the stern appears to be "Northwich" ie Yarwoods style motor stern in that it has 3 tunnel bands whereas the front is the back of a H&W butty. It would seem more logical to replicate the stern of a "Woolwich" motor when using part of a "Woolwich" boat. Its a nice boat though and the stern is very well executed as is the steel cabin.
  3. magnetman

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Does it for me ! Not in the market for a narrow boat at the moment but if I was it would be a josser
  4. magnetman

    Braunston abandoned boat ?

    I remember seeing that up above Windsor a year or two ago. Nice looking vessel. Mooring it was on is now occupied by the Josher OWL.
  5. magnetman

    Braunston abandoned boat ?

    Gardner 6L2 Hand start as seen here Ex Health Authority launch from the Thames. Built by Yarwoods
  6. magnetman

    Braunston abandoned boat ?

    Just to confuse things there is a modern replica called Frederick II. I think its a copy of a sharpness steam tug or similar. Put together by Roger Fuller. 4 pot Gardner in there I think.
  7. magnetman

    Braunston abandoned boat ?

    Boat is called "Rennie" More here https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/70958-tug-by-braunston-foot-bridge/
  8. magnetman


    Both have been refooted and rebottomed in steel. I was told, and as always am happy to be corrected, that when Archimedes was rebottomed the old knees were retained in case someone wanted to put a wooden bottom back on for authenticity. It was Alan who used to run it with his misses Trish that told me this. I may have got wrong end of stick. Other than the cabin extension Archimedes is a pretty nice original "Small Woolwich" motor. HR2 is a bit noisy but a nice bit of power there.
  9. magnetman


    I took this photo of Archie and Ara this morning. Gallions Point Marina has been repossessed by GLAP (Greater London Authority) and is under management of RoDMA (Royal Docks Management Authority) and a partner. Owners of items stored on the property have until 26 October to contact management regarding access and continuation of contracts. I also took these pictures of notices on the entrance to the marina
  10. magnetman

    Sheffield-sized boats

    Hi Roy Nice interesting boat there. I noticed it at 4allmarine. Not sure if you have seen it out of water yet but I believe that replating may be the way forward and may also be very expensive. It has already been subjected to extensive over plating which has not been helpful lovely engine though ! Quite a bit more discussion and history here http://thunderboat.boards.net/thread/1604/leeds-liverpool-shortboats?page=1
  11. magnetman

    Thames moorings

    OP has a 40 footer. That -might- make a difference to moorings availability. Maybe not but its more in league with the size of cruisers than longer nbs would be.
  12. magnetman

    What do you burn in your stove?

    https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/fuels.php?country=england There seem to be 4 different products called "supertherm" all CPL "authorised for use in smoke control areas"
  13. magnetman

    Thames moorings

    Yes. Probably worth contacting french bros as well. They have some moorings including a little backwater just above the bypass bridge. And obviously windsor racecourse yacht basin.
  14. magnetman

    Thames moorings

    I believe there might be some room at New Haw on the Wey. Another option is the Environment Agency. Its quite common for locks to offer winter mooring options. Not quite sure if they still do I but years ago (1995/96) I spent the winters in Cookham upstream lock cut by the (closed for winter) water point. I paid the daily mooring rate which at the time was £4 for a 55ft nb. Its more now. About double I think. Not sure how far up you want to go but its worth asking the EA about it. Its possible everything is taken as it is quite an attractive deal with some security depending exactly where you are placed. Bell weir lock definitely have some moorings in the weir stream below the lock. Its a bit bumpy there though. Also try Richard at Bell Weir boats (just above bell weir lock towpath side) he had a few moorings available when I spoke to him in the spring. And try calling 4allmarine at Laleham as they offer moorings. Another possibility is just below Eton bridge on towpath side but I'm not sure who manages that mooring and it seems popular. Possibly Bray or Boveney lock on the island but both are awkward for parking.
  15. magnetman

    Horse boating

    Is that the lower lock of Norwood top locks ?

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