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  1. The best way to free a canal boat from being grounded is by using a stout wooden plank as a lever. Much stronger than a wooden pole.
  2. I've travelled on London underground recently (without a face covering as I have a medical exemption) and I did find some of the intercom messages from the drivers quite aggressive. They said "for those people who just got on the train without face coverings please put your face coverings on - it is mandatory". Or similar. I think this could be taken up in law under the equality act as bullying. It's easy to assume people are just taking the piss but a medical exemption exists and it covers certain defined conditions not all of which are obvious to an observer.
  3. My intention was to get banned forthwith. Nicely written post by the way
  4. Once the marketing gets going it will become the normal procedure. People like new stuff don't they.
  5. Surely it is better to express this sort of thing than have it suppressed. Dangerous world out there if you don't let people express themselves. All sorts of bad things happen because they still think it and by internalising it due to being censored, or suppressed, are liable to do far worse things. I've got children (8 and 10 both girls) they have known all the swear words in French and English since they were toddlers. Not bothered but I have explained the delicate nature of the <word removed> and that some people will be offended by it -but- sometimes it has to be used. Never mind the anatomical connotations they will find that out at some stage no doubt !
  6. Nio do it. Watch that space. It will be how electric cars are dealt with. Fixed battery packs are a short term solution and good for marketing at the moment.. "the phone has a built in battery" that sort of thing. Yes on board charging is useful but slide in and out batteries will end up being the right solution. I do sometimes think investing in Tesla AND Nio about a year ago would have been quite sensible ! Interestingly although nobody ever mentions them Nio stock has risen almost as fast as Tesla over a one year period. And Tesla has been absolutely flying ! It will be funny when Tesla announce the arrival of a removable battery pack.
  7. I managed to suggest someone may be a "bit of a <word removed>" the other day and no ban was given. Am I special?
  8. I notice this use of language was picked up by NBW recently as well. Totally unrelated to me noticing it but I feel uneasy about the expression "blown cill" it really does not seem good, to me.
  9. Keb or a proper old school shaft hook. I have several of each and have removed items lodged between gate and cill on several occasions. The most satisfying is stabbing a piece of wood with the spike and lifting it out. I love doing that. I hadn't come across the term "blown cill" before. I suppose it makes sense but I wonder if it is a technical term or one made up on the spot by someone without any technical knowledge. ETA the use of the word "blown" implies that it is part of the design for the thing to fail. Like a fuse of some sort. But it isn't. Failure of a cill is failure not a design feature. And it's a serious failure as well. Bad.
  10. I would never sell my children to an advertising agency. It has been suggested as they are photogenic but I won't authorise it. They are children. When they are older they can do what they like but kids are kids and no way would I let them be in an advert not for all the tea in china. Same goes for child actors. Just look at the outcomes there are a lot of bad stories around about child actors. Somewhere along the line parents have sold their own children for money. Horrible.
  11. BMW vehicles have an in-seat sensor which disables the ndicators. Not aware of any other German car issues other than the obvious "nobody is handling the steering wheel" diesel emissions problems. And the fact they all look the same. And that they are German. Other than that no obvious problems other than the old porous heads on those cool looking 80s 3 series beemers with the straight 6's. And the vw air cooled noise situation .. And the war.
  12. Don't know but it's got to be worth a few bags.
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