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  1. As I understand it if you have owned the boat for some time and enjoyed going boating then a history of photographic evidence of you using the boat as well as you being on the crt ownership documentation would probably suffice. Of course it might be a clonecraft that could complicate the photo thing! However if you bought the boat last week without a signature on a bill of sale or bank details then it could get awkward.
  2. Technically you could go through teddington using the PRN Public Right of Navigation and declare unlicensed but then the EA will chase you. It is full time manned so effectively you will need to be licensed. All depends on how you want to play it. £11 a day for a trip down the River is pretty good value it is a lovely waterway !
  3. I was on the River last weekend at Cookham where I keep my motor yot and a motor cruiser off the K&A had successfully reached Cookham lock before being asked for a license. At the end of the day its June the days are long now. you can transit from Reading to Teddington out of hours on public power (all locks until Teddington are automated 24/7 and they have just fixed the dodgy systems Romney and Bell Weir I believe). So in effect you could go 5am-9am then stop. 6pm-10pm. Stop. Rinse and repeat. The only point at which you would require a license is teddington which is 24h manned. 1 day visitor license. A weakness of the public power system on the River. And very few river patrol. If it were me I would do a 7 day and have a leisurely run down the worlds most beautiful river.
  4. How long people remain moored on private land on the Thames has nothing to do with the EA. Its between land owner or their agent and the boat owner. If the boat is used for residential purposes then obviously the local authority may become interested. EA is a navigation authority and they also manage flood risk so will potentially be interested if boats are sinking or coming adrift. Other than that if the land has a registered owned and existing mooring rights then its impossible for EA to enforce a maximum stay. EA do own some Riverside land on the Thames but it is a very small proportion of total available mooring land.
  5. http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?520819-Hampton-Court-Place-Moorings-BEWARE Thread on Thames forum I noticed while I was out in the dinghy. This refers to the palace moorings. The Kingston "barge walk" moorings on the Hampton Wick side are also owned by Royal parks so may well be subject to the same enforcement. Apparently DE parking enforcement are still getting up to date owner information from the EA. Quite unrelaxing. Best to cover the boat name with some wet towels.
  6. However this picture of a James shows the same wheels as in the old photo so it does seem to be a James. (Image located via Google image search)
  7. I did a screenshot to rotate the image. Its actually GUCCo not GUCCCo written on the van as the second word of the last line starts CO not CA Looks a bit like this Stevens mini van but wheels are different. Roof line seems rather similar Image from this site. Dates look about right for GUCCo From this website http://www.historywebsite.co.uk/Museum/Transport/Motorcycles/RetreatSt.htm
  8. They would make nice diverter covers for little ventilation slots cut in the doors.
  9. Maybe the grounding below Thames lock also holed the vessel and it was filling up with water then by the time it got to Clitheroes it was swamped. Engine bay bulkhead would have meant owner may not be aware of water in cabin.
  10. Nice boat. An escapee. New uxter plate needed?
  11. Well yes lock gates do generally flex a little above the water even if they have something below the water preventing them from opening fully. Its the nature of the lock gate structure to be moderately flexible. Is it also in the nature of boats with big engines (120hp?) to suddenly run out of fuel when being operated at idle as you would obviously do when attempting to exit a lock in a boat which is within a gnats whisker of the published dimensions. Or is the real story perhaps that person driving boat revved the <word removed> out of it hoping to force it through the fouled gates only to get stuck when it got to the bit where the boat fabricator added an extra rubbing strake before turning the plating in to the stern? Fouled gates.
  12. You can get two narrow boats in a lock chamber but you may not be able to bring a breasted pair into a lock due to gate opening restrictions. I know this as I wedged a pair of of narrow boats in a lock near Theale in 2001. Going slowly into the lock uphill and stuck on the gates which did not open fully. Needed to use the tirfor to move them back then come in singled.
  13. That is interesting The second link seems to confirm that the 4m beam has been in place since end of July 2018. https://www.get-metadata.com/result/7ca65373-5e4f-47fd-b1cb-391f4dab4543
  14. Makes a change from the E63 and the Indian jaguar thing! I thought you might have tried a Tesla model S but as you are saving up for a RN or National I guess that takes precedence. Perkins did do some nice units to be fair. One of my boats has a P4 its a great engine. I did have a DM2 in a previous boat which sounded better and had more copper to polish.
  15. The latest CRT PDF of waterways dimensions was created and modified (presumably this means edited) on 25/04/2019 which is quite recent. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/32433-waterway-dimensions.pdf It would be useful to know if anybody has an older PDF of the watereays dimensions stored somewhere and if they could extract the metadata from it to get the date of creation/modification. Google metadata extractor for online services. Might be interesting to have a look at published maximum beam for the K&A between Devizes and Bath prior to 25/04/2019.
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