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  1. Quite a long time ago passenger Boats were stopped from carrying rigid buoyant apparatus in favour of automatically inflating buoyant apparatus. Not looked into it but an auto inflate lifering in the form of a ball with a retrieval cord could be useful. Is this what throwlines do ?
  2. It seems the home orifice has stopped the sale of the 32% version and now its more like 10%. The old stuff was amazing for metals. Not so good for faces. I remember the hardware in Rickmansworth used to do a high concentrate Sulphuric acid drain cleaner but that was before throwing these acids over other people became a popular passtime.
  3. There used to be signs by Thames locks 'The anchor is your lifeline'. I always kept my fingers crossed if I ended up in the water nobody took it too literally.
  4. spirits of salt (hydrochloric acid 33%) is good for cleaning metals. Nasty stuff be careful !
  5. My mother used to like the big brown mushrooms with yellow undersides and lots of holes. I could never acCep that they would be edible but apparently they are. Some of the little mushrooms are magic.
  6. Indeed. The old disclaimer certainly applies "If you take one of these then eat it and it causes full body paralysis don't come running to me to complain".
  7. Speaking of fungus I spotted this beauty earlier. Chicken of the woods. I didn't take it due to a previous bad experience but they are edible. Following the thread title my advice is eat these straight away don't keep them out of the fridge. It may be another one. Its not dogs vomit slime mould. Dogs vomit slime mould fungus is incredibly beautiful.
  8. Chrome plating is quite nice on this kind of hardware.
  9. Whatever you do there isn't mushroom for error.
  10. I'm not sure what is wrong with tarnished brass. I did do mine in fly agaric imitation paint but the spots must be non round. On the toads tools they are more like flakes of white rather than spots of white.
  11. I saw a good comment about this "When manoeuvring around locks there are three positions for the engine control - full ahead, neutral and full astern". It seems that this is how some people operate. Of course badly designed Boats don't help. Short swims bad rudders etc. When my mum bought our first narrow Boat in 1991, which I then bought off her in 1994, the bloke selling it said 'go slowly'. Good advice. I prefer to bowhaul in and out of locks if possible its much nicer than using the engine.
  12. It was a very useful tip for anyone who is not sure how to identify cast iron from mild steel. Not specifically to your stove just a generally useful thing to know. I must say I would assume the lugs are mild steel but is not implausible they could be cast. Unlikely but possible. If they had been cast it seems to me they would not have bent.
  13. The body of the fire is welded mild steel. The doors are cast. I would be tempted to heat the lugs but rather than using a hammer acquire a podger type prybar and try to use gentle leverage.
  14. Interesting fire. I have had the Villager Heron and the Puffin but neither of them had the spin wheel vent on the ash door like that. This looks like the Heron as the fire door drops down but with the addition of the spin wheel vent.
  15. If it happens to be over 9ft wide at any point then it is very expensive to transport by road.
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