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  1. It isn't ridiculous at all. One of the obvious outcomes would be that property prices would be far cheaper in proportion to wages. Therefore more people would be able to afford to buy homes as they would not be competing against people who already own other property. Are you saying that most people renting have no interest in owning their homes when they retire? People won't become homeless. The market would adapt to the demand. That's how economics works. What you say is a ridiculous suggestion, which you clearly have not thought through.
  2. About 7 I have not tried it. I think you might fall into the brand name trap I mentioned. Excel is a brand name.
  3. That's good ! I didn't know they had it certified. http://boatmanstove.co.uk/ Interesting to see the 78% figure. 4Kw is quite a lot of heat to be pumping into a small cabin. This will be without the back boiler. It is good to see they have defra approval for this one. I think a smaller one maybe 3Kw would be appropriate.
  4. According to Wikipedia it is defunct. I had a Sinclair QL.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. As easy as 123. My first pc had this on it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/As-Easy-As
  7. They should have put in there DO NOT USE LED LIGHT BARS FOR THIS. Although it is not a requirement it is much better to just have green and red and some cabin lights on when going on canals in the dark. If you have the single white forward facing light it causes problems because a lot of people think this means the tunnel light. It does not mean the tunnel light. The clue is in the name. "Tunnel light" is for when going through tunnels. A white light exhibited in such a way as to show the presence of the boat to others coming in the opposite direction is a completely different kettle of fish. LED tunnel lights arrr irritatingly awkward to deal with unless you have a paintball gun. Another approach is to just ram the craft and apologise afterwards in a non apologetic tone.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Another thing that is worth bearing in mind is that if there is a site or marina which has a mix of leisure and residential moorings you can get problems with mooring Nazis. There have been cases where people live on the residential moorings, pay their dues etc etc and when they see other people basically living on the cheaper moorings at the same site they get agitated and do complaints and try to enforce things. It is bound to happen. Worth being aware of. Probably not a common problem outside of popular areas.
  11. Or even a dam site ! Funds needed. I don't see any billionaires doing the philanthropy/tax avoidance thing.
  12. Definitely not under the BS scheme. Certain business require a red light to be displayed but that is nothing to do with the CRT.
  13. Since 1994 when I moved onto my first boat I have lost My sanity. A fortune. A second fortune. The fabergé egg. Stainless chimney Osney lock lower layby (trees) Steel windlass Northampton arm top lock. Dunton double windlass at Clit Heroes lock on GU near Brentford. Pair of pliers in Rickmansworth. Screwdriver. Bag of coal. Shoes. 5 mobile phones. Laptop computer x 3. Desktop computer x 1 (don't use these out on the deck). Batteries x several (don't carry the lead batteries around too much). And a pair of FCUK sunglasses. It's always the splash which makes you think "what was that" than later you realise. I mostly regret the fortunes and the Fabergé egg but have learned to live with it.
  14. If the boat has a cabin but no services you get the BSS man to come and he ticks the boxes saying things like "gas system not present" etc. It won't be all that difficult to pass the inspection. You give him the money (it may be less than a normal BS ticket on account of fewer tests) he uploads the data to the server and you are then authorised to buy a license provided you have insurance for the boat. It is a nuisance but not all that arduous. Inland boat ownership is a terrible thing but worse things happen at sea. ETA there is another approach which is to bullshit that the boat is exempt from the BS scheme. This has been tried and I believe provided one is not too vacuous about it there is a chance of it working. Push it too hard and after a while you lose the boat
  15. I'm not sure about that. I'm slightly biased as I believe in having equipment which can be easily inspected and dismantled so a double skin flue would not be something I would want to have on a fire in a boat. Too complicated to get it apart. It is an interesting question. I suppose logically it would make sense for an insulated flue to remain hotter but it's possible that at a certain temperature the insulation would become problematic. I reckon the best approach is a smaller diameter flue. Single pipe. Decent wall thickness. This stops the flue from cooling down too much. It is an active part of the burning process rather than an afterthought. I've not yet had flames out the top of the flue !
  16. About ten yars ago I discussed getting a mooring at Limehouse marina. They have some residential moorings. I was told (not by the staff but by a moorer there) that the way I spoke was all good but perhaps putting on a shirt, clean trousers, having a shower and doing something about the hair would result in an increased likelihood of being accepted for a mooring. Plus of course tidying the boat up. It was not all about the boat. The other boat owner who told me this may have been ribbing me. Anyway I got an on line residential mooring with the CRT in the area and after ten yars they STILL haven't got rid of me. Only a matter of time I expect. The joys of living on boats as the only option. Anyone asks me I just say think long and hard and get into buying something which doesn't depreciate. I like depreciation and rust and decay, it's the best thing since bread but it could catch a lot of people out so he very careful when thinking about putting all your eggs in a boat basket.
  17. I'm always going this sort of thing. There is a vocation somewhere here but I missed it.
  18. Maybe this is why it is 40x10ft. No chance of ever getting anywhere near the limits on lock sizes. However hot the temperature.
  19. God I feel like the balloon that went to school with a pin !
  20. The one I have was made by someone else with input from me. He did not want to do any more plus it would probably be about a grand retail price so not really going to have much of a market. These days I don't think many fires are going to turn up which are suitable for canal boats in an emissions sense. The market is too small and the cost of getting defra approval is going to be huge. Not worth it, sadly. Another issue is choice supportive bias. I am liable to think it is a whole lot better than it is in reality.
  21. Obviously the small fire has to be well designed. One of the things which surprised me is that a fire made of 5mm steel with no fire bricks and a grate stays in overnight on smokes less coal no problem at all. Very warm actually. You can't go too small but things like Squirrel type stoves will never get up to their efficient operation temperatures in a canal boat. It won't happen. Having a back boiler can be a fed herring situation because it draws heat from the firebox itself and reduces the efficiency of the burn process.
  22. I was serious about the fires being too big. It is a huge problem.
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