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  1. There word "block" could be replaced with "brick" and "coefficient" replaced with "comparison" for most canal boats. 0.9 seems a reasonable figure. It would be theoretically quite interesting to calculate the Cb of an old properly made narrow boat like a Josher with the double curved swims but the length of the swims would not make that much difference to the overall figure given the length of the straight bits assuming it was a full length narrow boat. For a very short boat the swims would make quite a big difference to the Cb.
  2. I have a vivid memory of floating human excrement making its way up the Rio Guadalete in el puerto de Santa Maria in Spain in 1992. It seemed odd that the products had not been reduced to smaller sizes. It was quite nasty actually.
  3. The "reasonable in the circumstances" bit could get quite interesting. --- (ii)the applicant for the relevant consent satisfies the Board that the vessel to which the application relates will be used bona fide for navigation throughout the period for which the consent is valid without remaining continuously in any one place for more than 14 days or such longer period as is reasonable in the circumstances. ---
  4. Thanks. I had not noticed it before I suppose they add it when it starts getting a bit naughty. I thought you might have added an extra option. Useful feature.
  5. Hello Question How did you get the dotted line showing the predicted levels?
  6. I modified a gully grab by cutting teeth into the sides of the bowl so water drains out. Excellent device for picking up nasties but quite expensive. I found mine in the cut someone must have dropped it and not had a magnet. These items : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DRAIN-GULLEY-SILT-GRAB-SCOOP-3-with-1-5-mtr-Handle-GULLY-/153816219050
  7. If it's properly insulated I don't think it would make much difference what colour it was. Of course it would be uncomfortable walking on it with bare feet but think of all the bacon you could fry. Yum.
  8. It's always good when you find someone in a wide lock filling their water tank happy to go down and up the lock while you get on with the boating thing rather than getting upset about it all
  9. Specially when filling water tanks. Oops thread didn't update properly this was meant to be a response to an earlier post.
  10. It does raise the obvious question as to observation and enforcement. Is it going to be the data loggers who report inappropriately moored boats? Or maybe members of the public non boat related, other boaters or perhaps there will be some robot ducks. I heard Google are experimenting with robot ducks and some coots also. Just to keep an eye on people. Of course the latest trend is drones.
  11. To be fair I think Dave123 probably read your earlier post about Apsley and though you were referring to Apsley the lock by Sainsbury which has a water point above it not interfering with the lock. In fact you were referring to Nash Mills top lock where the water point is level with the lock chamber so more complicated.
  12. I think the clue must be in the user name. ETA possibly @Dave123 thought you meant Apsley when in fact you are referring to the water point beside Nash Mills top lock chamber. Misunderstanding me thinks.
  13. Nash mills top lock ? I think that water point was intended for container use not tanks. Being beside the lock chamber. Things have changed over the years. There was a time when people went boating for fun, a bit like camping . They even stopped washing in some instances for days.
  14. Interestingly the byelaw also prohibits tying up just using the centre line. Bow and stern must be adequately secured when mooring. "securely moored head and sternwith good and sufficient ropes or other efficient apparatus" so it seems ratchet straps are ok after all as long as they are not secured to vegetation growing out of towpath stonework! The only specific ticket I have had on my window in 25 years on BW/CRT waterways was when moored up strapped in nice and tight with the bow ratchet strap on a buddleia bush. They were onto that in the blink of an eye. Hackney ten years ago.
  15. Should be pointed out that workboats and maintenance boats are specifically excluded from the requirement : Vessels to be properly moored 28. Any vessel (other than a dredger or other vessel engaged in works of maintenance of the canal) moored at any wharf or elsewhere in any canal shall be securely moored head and stern with good and sufficient ropes or other efficient apparatus and shall be laid as close to and along the side or front of such wharf or other mooring place as conveniently may be and shall be moored in such a manner and in such a position as not to cause any obstruction to the navigation of other vessels. ---- ETA I suppose if the maintenance boat is moored and unused it doesn't really qualify for the exemption being fair.
  16. Nice little boat Erebus. I had a look at it in the mid 90s when it was for sale. At the time it had a beautiful Ailsa Craig single right up the front and I remember a Taylor's gimballed paraffin cooker in the back cabin. Nicely done inside at the time. Cabin was a bit tall I thought liable to make the boat more tender but as the prop shaft went under all the accomodation I suppose it was necessary to have a tall cabin to get any internal headroom. No idea what the hull was like as it was in water. £9k at the time I think it was asking. As I was looking for a boat to live on I decided it was little small being only 5ft8 beam. And rather tender as well being an ice boat. Very nice little boat though. Good to see it restored. I remember Ivor Bachelor the coal boat man commenting on it having a tendency to get wet gunnels and back deck being so low in the water. I'd be tempted to fit some sort of raised edge around the bottom of the back doors if not already done to prevent water ingress.
  17. The moorings below Sunbury were squatted for a number of years after which time the EA put in an adverse possession claim as default land owners. The boaters who had been there for 10+ years then put in their own claim and fenced off their individual "plots". Interesting situation. I can't really see how the boaters could be allowed to effectively acquire the land for nothing but you never know !! There are some houses further down the owners of which had built jetties to moor boats prior to the squatter boats arriving on the same reach, and these house owners now have the EA attempting to claim ownership of the Riverside land they have built their jetties on. Public footpath seems to explain the non ownership of the actual river bank plus the fact it's not particularly well set up for mooring.
  18. I thought I was going to read "her hand" there not "his hand".
  19. Teltonika DPH301 looks interesting https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Teltonika-DPH301-GSM-Desk-Phone-I-FREE-SHIPPING-/113298529104
  20. Another option is to use nylon strips.
  21. Is this the moment to sell the car and get a different one? Or buy a really cheap private plate for it.
  22. Ah ok. It was last summer. So that would add up to be fair. I believe the yellow vultures were there at the time but it does make more sense thinking it through that there was a gatso there as well except for the fact that I always slow down past them. Perhaps it was hidden by vegetation. ETA I don't have the actual ticket any more but the "close to Grand Union" description which I remember seems to coincide with the yellow vulture cameras.
  23. I had a Rover 418SLD years ago. L173 AFP. Peugeot diesel. That was a really good, comfortable motor. Almost bought a 1994 sterling with the Honda engine about ten years ago but was not big enough for a tall person so I bought the Saab 9000 aero the same bloke was selling for same money. The Sterling (H reg old school looked like a rozzer car) was a pretty cool car but quite likely nothing like as good as the Saab.
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