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The lanes around Whixall are narrow even for a car!

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"In local W H Smith today, I spotted a "DVD and magazine Set" on display, which had our former boat "Chalice" on the front..."
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Canal World is currently fundraising. Please click to read more.
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"I’ve been thinking about washing machines, specifically whether it’s realistic on a boat..."
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"I am considering which marina to choose if indeed we need one."
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"We all know how fantastic Eco fans are..."
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Hope it’s comes up.
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Can anyone tell me what the definition of 'mooring' is please.

I've been reading around permanent and short-term mooring, and have realised that there are time limits on canals and charges on rivers.
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See The Bratch flight from above!

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and what is not when deciding on a new cratch installation?
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Is it worth forking out for another survey. I'm really torn between piece of mind and probable waste of money... 

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I am thinking of joining the River canal Rescue but after reading the Terms and Conditions I am a little hesitant...
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"THE European Union has confirmed that it still intends taking our government to court over our current law allowing boaters to use red diesel at reduced taxation..."
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HGV in the river at along Downham road, OutwelL

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Boat stretch
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The Canal & River Trust is asking all boaters and boating groups to take part in the final stage of its consultation on the future of boat licensing...
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So on Saturday we will be heading to the Norfolk Broads for a week long holiday afloat, only this time it won't be with our beloved Naughty-Cal. It will be strange not being there with our own boat that we know so well...
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What is the largest narrow boat that can fit most locks?
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Due to personal circumstances, our cruising this year has been limited to a rather narrow geographical area. This has also meant that twice recently, we have topped up with fuel at the same location.

Now the engine and Webasto heater have performed perfectly, but our Lockgate Refleks stove has not. Even on the highest setting, it barely functioned and created a lot of soot. I cleaned it, with no change. So, having run down the tank and filled from a different source, tried it again. The performance was much better, then better still after a further top up from another high volume source.

My conclusion is therefore that I obtained fuel of a lower Cetane rating than normal, during our restricted cruising. Anyone else had this?


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I have a problem with catching the corners of our roof on the tunnel sides I have tried to keep away but the boat seams to want to go to the wall ,so I have bought 4 trolley wheels which iam going to fit to the sides of each corner of the boat...
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I'd read on here (thanks everyone) recommendations for Kedian Engineering so approached Martin for a quote.  Followed an enjoyable conversation and an exact description of the work that would be done (another company had quoted me also but were so vague in the work schedule that I walked away), how long it would take and when he would be able to do the work.  Oh, and a price too...
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Can you tell me YOUR experience of a particular make of smokeless fuel? heat, ash ease of lighting, ease of keeping in etc?
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The Canal & River Trust is today announcing that private and business boat licence fees will rise by 3% from 1 April 2018...
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"The proposed measures include minimum emissions standards for vessels on London’s waterways"
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I thought i would start up a thread of photos of members boats.
- Each member who wants to cen post one or two 'mug-shots' of there boat, for general interest, and to build up a bit of a reference.
- Please avoid hugly excessive file sizes where possable and be aware that post without images maybe removed from the thread for neatness.
Of cause i invite people to make comments/enquirys about peoples bots posted on here, but if they could be via pm or in a separate threads (or breifly, within your only post of your boat) that would be excellent!
Image sizes of around 640*480 pixels and around 150kb are ideal, and can be uploaded easly using ImageShack.
I think most people have seen a few photos of emilyanne in there time, but to kick it off.
Also see the sister thread "Photos of other members boats, spotting other cwf boats."

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