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We had a very odd/scary thing occur the other day. My wife got a call from the Marina manager who was a little abrupt and said I needed to call him urgently about our boat which is moored there.
Thinking it was sinking etc I called him back and said they had a visit from the bailiffs the evening before who were looking for me and harassing his staff. The marina office didn’t give out any info they said and the bailiff got a little menacing. He then clamped one of the office staff’s car and the marina called the police to get the clamp removed. The bailiff removed the clamp and the police quizzed marina staff about me. The police then then gave my info to the bailiff and a notice was placed on my boat.
This was all really odd as everything is bang up to date and had no idea why they would be looking for me, especially at the marina where we don’t live?
I called the marina again and asked them to open the notice and scan it to me and the mystery was solved….
My name is Robert Brown, the bailiff was looking for David Robert Browne – seems a massive assumption was made by all concerned! It was for unpaid council tax in Flintshire, when I live in Norfolk!
I called the bailiff – nasty fellow. The only way I could convince him was to send a copy of my driving licence. No apologise at all came back.
It’s a bit shocking how lax checks were to verify I was the actual person they were after… I expect I’ll now get funny looks from marina staff when I next visit. As I had to give ID when we moved to the marina it should have been obvious I was not the person they were after.
Anyway, just thought you’d find this of interest while we wait for the nice weather!
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Boat Sunk.
Oh dear I hope this isn't anyone that we know, and that it get recovered OK.
Barrow On Soar Bridge according to Twitter.

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With rent so expensive and mortgages through the roof me and my partner are thinking about buying a boat to live on full time. How ever we wouldn't be cruising continuously it would just be our home and still be working around south Manchester. I think Victoria pit would be an ideal location but I've read mooring have to be residential to live there permanently. Does anyone know if this is the case? And does anyone know if there are any residential moorings near Stockport?
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Another canal side property for sale
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They built a dream
It looks as if someone else's dream was not the same as reality, it didn't last to long, 2 years 
Regina | Hemelmarina
  Built only 18 months ago with no expense spared. The previous owner wanted to create his dream boat and as such, there was no compromise in the build whatsoever. Commissioned from renowned boatbuilders Collingwood, Regina is a two bedroomed, oak-lined floating palace and could be your dream boat.
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The 2024 BCN Marathon Challenge will take place on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 25th and 26th May.
The finishing point will be Hawne Basin.
I've sent out a mail to those past participants for whom I have contact details. If any forum members wish to take part they will be very welcome - it is very much not a cliquey event - or if you're unsure please feel free to contact me for a chat or perhaps watch the Cruising the Cut episodes that featured this year's event.
Vlog 301: Challenge Accepted! –  Cruising The Cut
Vlog 302: They Think It’s All Over –  Cruising The Cut
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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.
In this time of incalculable gloom, our boats, landscapes, boating activities and wildlife are still stunningly beautiful and give joy to those viewing. I miss  those experiences. You would cheer me up, and I guess many others   by posting photos, and videos of your  day by day boating and what you encounter, it is stunningly beautiful and in this you are so lucky. Likewise the responses to my photos of alternative boating here in New Zealand have obviously given pleasure so let's share this pleasure. We are not totally powerless to create pleasure without endangering ouselves or others
Please just post that lovely dawn photo today and more. Spring in Britain is beautifully photogenic, and as this goes on, so is summer, and then autumn, and winter. Share the views please. 
Don and Val
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After reading the "identifying a stolen boat" thread, it seems as if there are more scammers selling boats which don't belong to them, boats which don't exist, or going bust mid transaction than honest sellers with honest boats. 
It's got me wondering: how do you guarantee not to lose your money, and to receive a legitimate boat? 
What is, and who are reputable brokers? 
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How many more people are moving onto the canals?
Every time I switch my phone on there is a headline from some newspaper or other with yet another person "living the dream".
Boaty forums on Facebook have numerous questions about buying a boat and living aboard.A recent one I saw was from a young Frenchman who wanted advice about buying and living on a rather knackered looking Dawncraft, because he said living on canals in France was difficult.
He was getting lots of encouragement from other posters and I replied suggesting that the boat he posted a photo of was in a dreadful state and I asked if he knew about insurance,BSC,licence and cruising rules.He replied that he had a friend who was talking him through these things.I got the strong impression that he was simply going to moor up somewhere and 'sit it out' as long as possible.
This is only one of many people doing this, as well as the numbers doing it 'legit'.
Linear housing estate or towpath shanty towns?
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Fund Britain's Waterways
This today from the newly created Fund Britain's Waterways group representing many of the UK's boating groups: https://waterways.org.uk/fund-britains-waterways
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Boat stretch
A few pictures of a boat stretch with a recessed cabin 
Just for interest as a project 

Hope you find this interesting 
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"Please be aware we have had to close Harecastle Tunnel until further notice.
The rudder has snapped on the rescue boat and it requires an urgent repair. Unfortunately, we can’t have passages through the tunnel without this rescue boat, as it is specific to rescues for the tunnel. We are currently looking at alternatives for what we can do.
We will know more as soon as we have established the extent of the damage"
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