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  1. Seen somewhere near Dudley; THERE AIN'T NO BLACK IN THE UNION JACK with the reply underneath "And where's all the red and blue people you thick white bastard"
  2. We've got a collection of boaters graffiti photos somewhere, unfortunately not on this phone. Our favourite is fading fast now, in big letters across an old bridge on the tidal Trent; FU*K HITLER WITH JON MAGORS HEAD and underneath in smaller letters; This has fu*ked me. (which I'm sure it did) Another classic is in Rotherham, under a bridge but not on the towpath side. Simple but effective, a painting of a stick man with the words; FORGET OXFAM, FEED BRUCE.
  3. If it looked like this yes, it was me.
  4. There's nothing wrong with the place, but some of the paintwork makes mine look quite good - which it isn't. 3L2 not a DM2 but yes, a Fuller. Moored bow to bow with Zulu until recently, after returning in the dark from cruise during hurricane whatsitsname.
  5. Yes you both waved, I think the dog was snoozing. I was the one with the pink 60' tug, it used to be a lovely brilliant red.. But there's plenty worse than mine at Alvecote!
  6. I was one of the ten yesterday that passed you, your garden looks a pleasant spot to survive lockdown! I was returning to base, after an aborted trip to a pre-booked docking on the Weaver. Didn't fancy my chances at Harecastle never mind Anderton.
  7. I was under the impression that it was the previous owner who did the spending on her, he had a lot of work done at Paul Barbers including rebuilding the cabin in steel. There was work done on the bottom planks too while she was in dock.
  8. He's certainly taking something at his asking price. I'm surprised he hasn't mentioned the interiors best feature.. one of the steps down from the wheelhouse into the cabin flips over to reveal an original self draining sink, quite art deco in style. There again, he probably hasn't found it yet.
  9. Well I'm looking forward to washing the champagne flutes in river water after my first month of coining it in.
  10. Too late. I've just transferred the full amount to his Ugandan bank account. It was the chance it could be used for fashion shoots that I couldn't resist any longer.
  11. Remember Marcus and his Lady Doris (Fairstar), the wooden boat he wrecked the gearbox on and let sink on the Thames? It's currently on A/duck at 25k! If you have an hour spare check the advert out, it's a corker. There's half a diesel heating system fitted, and a fridge.. but he's taking those with him for another project. Great photos of himself with George off the tv and Richard from Primrose Engineering.. but none of any structural work done that would add over 20k in value to what he paid for her. Bit of paint, a few scatter cushions, lots of bullshit. Ker-ching.
  12. That's a shame, it looked interesting and quite rare I'd imagine. I think there's one at the Anson museum but I've never seen one in a boat. I'd happily do a swap with my 3L2 if it gets offered your way again!
  13. And at the risk of repeating myself, did your company get another chance of importing the Gardner VT twin from Argentina? I was quite taken with the photo..
  14. Several of the relics he bought from me were a long way from being well maintained! But you're right, he wouldn't touch a JPm.
  15. I'd guess that your 83 Heywood is more pleasing to the eye than many "replicas" being turned out by current fabricators. Look on a/duck under tugs to proove my point. I once asked Mike's nephew why he didn't build one off shells for more discerning customers anymore, "There's no money in that stuff " was his answer.
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