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  1. I don’t think Malcolm has any plans to hang up his windlass yet but they are certainly going to be putting some of boats up for sale soon. I think Jaguar, Stafford, Greyhound and Sunny Valley are staying but there are some other interesting projects on the list to go, including Antarctic.
  2. I first met Bob when I was moored in Sheffield Basin, he’d ventured up on Governor for a short visit. This turned into an extended stay as his elderly cat went AWOL one night. I once convinced it was gone for good with a main dual carriageway, empty buildings, the river Don etc all close by. Bob however knew better and sure enough the cat returned days later none the worse for it’s adventure. I gave Bob a hand down the locks when he left, I thought my boat didn’t hang around on deep water but Governor was something else!
  3. It was the Bolinder shaped lumps in the undergrowth I meant, not boats.
  4. Who knows now that Mr Burge has decided to thin the Josher fleet out. Maybe one or two of the bramble covered lumps in his garden will be up for grabs next. But I doubt it.
  5. Isn’t this boat still owned by Bob May who kept “Governor” in immaculate condition? I heard his health wasn’t so good now which could be why it’s been neglected. I wouldn’t worry too much about the hull, our Fuller is 3 years older and after a blast and 2 pack in 2001 still looks like new. The steel did seem to be better quality at that period.
  6. Mmmm.. tempting isn’t it? 500 quid for a knackered injector..
  7. If I was on the lookout for a tuggy type boat it would have to be this. Proper hull, proper engine and not a bad price.
  8. Not a lot going on under the water is there. Quite slab sided.
  9. It was just out of flood last night at Sawley but I would think it’s in now.
  10. The new management appear to be aiming for the caravan site people rather than boaters. We had last Christmas Eve there which was very pleasant, unfortunately New Year’s Eve was not. A karaoke was going in the room on the left which seemed to be run for kids, it was fantastic as you can imagine. Quite a few of the old regulars were braving it in the bar but it was noisy. We bailed out well before midnight and left the sweet little darlings singing away..
  11. I’ve never classed the Swan at Fradley as one to avoid, even after the takeover, but noticed this weekend that the menu “Specials board” above the fire in the bar has been replaced by a flat screen tv. Thankfully it was off but it could be a sign of things to come.
  12. I had a good look at Trent 5 when she was on the market last autumn. The hold covers are left open at gunnel height for ventilation and to allow some natural light into the “hold”, which is actually still the original tanks. It also of course allows rain, rubbish and rats access too, but it’s kept in very tidy order down there by the owner. He occasionally does a coal run when the hatch covers can be lifted and moved around like blue tops. She’s had an interesting history, built for relatively short runs which didn’t involve any locks which could be why the bows are in such good shape. Also spent time carrying passengers on the Erewash in the front tank compartment, after a good clean out you’d hope! It’s originality is unfortunately the sticking point, the baseplate is thin which the owner openly admits. He had a section replaced where it holed riding over an obstruction on the BCN, but didn’t feel the need for a full bottom. It also has never had a hull survey, although it has been docked since my viewing so that could have changed. A lovely boat kept in great condition by her owner, it’s certainly his pride and joy. I got the impression he didn’t mind looking after her for a bit more boating time til she sells!
  13. There’s some livaboard boaters I know of who are white people with dreads. They’ve got the scruffy boats, scabby V.W.’s, all very cool. The last time I passed them I gave the usual friendly nod, said hello as you do, and got completely ignored. A couple of days later on my return I slipped on my very impressive rasta wig and hey presto, I was now cool enough to be acknowledged by previously deaf and dumb boaters! Tossers.
  14. All the canalside pubs I can think of are dog friendly, unfortunately the Blue Bell at Gringley wasn’t last time we had a walk up there. If you don’t mind a little walk from your mooring you’ll be fine for pubs. You’ll probably get to Drakeholes the first night, there’s a couple of pubs at Everton down the road behind the closed “Swan”. The Brewers at Clayworth is a short stroll from the visitor mooring and does good, proper food. Have a back up plan if you intend stopping at the Boat at Hayton, there’s only room for one boat on the mooring and it’s often occupied by a dosser. (It’s 48hr, the boat on it now has been there over 2 weeks) They also close early if they’re short of customers, like the Gate at Clarborough. Walk up the road though and there’s the Kings Arms and a late opening Spar, handily in the pub car park.
  15. I’d go early rather than late. If we have one of those odd summers where the sun shows itself the weed can hang on into autumn. We always find our quickest progress on the Chessy is when there’s an inch or two of ice! Not wanting to put you off in your choice, but if you’re social boaters that like a friendly pub mooring rather than being out in the sticks I’d study a current map. There’s still pubs open, but not ideally placed for a normal days boating, especially if you want to do different stops on the way back. We often go from Retford to Cinder Hill Lock above shireoakes in a long day. A short walk down the path from there is The Hewitt Arms, the best proper pub on the canal. Not a lot between there and Retford though, unless you fancy a night in Worksop or a noisy stop by the A1 at the Chequers. The same applies above Shireoakes, gorgeous days boating up the locks but crap pub and not very inspiring mooring when you get there. But as I said, not a problem at all if you like a quiet spot for the night with a view, there’s plenty of those along it’s length from Stockwith to Kiveton.
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