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  1. Like the one between Thorne and Keadby you mean?
  2. My alarm bells were ringing when I first met him to be honest. I asked what the pub was like opposite the boat he'd had for years, and he replied " I wouldn't know, I've never been in it" Oh dear.
  3. Yes, I too have had the pleasure of spending some time with him. Quite an individual chap I'd say.
  4. I really don't know how you can suggest someone who rides around on a Hardly Davidson with tassels on the saddle bags isn't the sharpest tool in the box.
  5. I'm more confused now then as it was his narrowboat I was thinking of but I'm sure it was taken from the Barton side of the river opposite Attenborough. Maybe that's another boat!
  6. I may be wrong here, as I often am, but aren't we confusing Tony's latest case against having his narrowboat towed away with the old big dumb barge problem? The narrowboat he was living on was tied against the bank on the long pound between Beeston and Cranfleet, nowhere near a weir. The old barge that was untied/broke it's moorings can't have been towed away as it's sat on the bottom.
  7. It's not only the draught that's an issue. They were designed to be towing a train of loaded Tom Puddings behind, without them they steer like a pissed up half buoyant whale.
  8. When I used to moor in Sheffield I'd often give up trying to get to Keadby in a long day and stop at Medge Hall. By then I'd be literally falling asleep at the tiller which isn't the best idea. I do remember finding the Kinema in the Woods but not going in. As I also can't remember calling somewhere for a pint it must have been funny timing, like Monday afternoon. I do remember walking back to the boat with some extremely ripe Oxford Blue cheese from the village shop.
  9. The navigable drains must be one of the few places left on the system where you can have your own little adventure and go properly exploring. Unless you head into Boston there's a good chance you'll not see another person for days, nevermind a boat. I'd put the canal from Thorne to Keadby higher up the boring tree than the Witham, at least there's places like Woodhall Spa a short walk away. Somewhere between Thorne and Keadby there's apparently a bend in the cut, the guide book says so. There used to be the old wharf buildings at Crowle to look forward to but they got demolished as the
  10. What about taking up the challenge of restoring the little Bandera No1 ? It will definitely fit, ok it needs blasting and re-enamelling but could go from grey to white. The top plate is knackered but Oliver at Osborne restorations has a full set of patterns and can have a top cast for less than 200 quid. New nipper smoke boxes are on Ebay for £65, he does the top to suit these. It wouldn't be a cheap job but it would still come in at less than a new Epping.
  11. Without knowing the capacity of the engine in question here we're all peeing in the wind really aren't we? A 9hp single cylinder is quite capable of moving a loaded narrowboat down a muddy canal if it's capacity is 4 litres, not 400cc's. As we all know, it's about torque not outright Bhp, and torque comes with large swept volume. 60' Sheffield keels would tow a dumb boat, both fully loaded with a modest 18hp JP2, but I'd doubt they'd be going anywhere fast with a Beta 43 under the deck. If the engine in the boat in question is similar to a 9hp Sabb single I'd be concerned, if
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the owner of the listed property on the site. I had a look around it 3 years ago when it looked as if a "restoration" had started but then abandoned.
  13. You should take a look at Ian Kemp at dadfords yard, stourbridge, if you're considering a new build. His son David has taken over building new shells, much like Brinklow, but not as well known. They don't advertise but you'll find them on Facebook.
  14. There's actually 2 enamelled Belle Portables on Ebay currently but one is definitely too big for a back cabin. They're both tempting but restoration projects which wouldn't be cheap.
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