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  1. Says the man with an 8 litre twin.. It was in a 45 footer I believe, so a bit overpowered even though it's a little un.
  2. I quite like the "lovely Russell Newbury 3 cylinder engine" in it..
  3. Something modern replaced it I heard, they didn't want to bother trying to sell it. A good source of parts for someone with a twin I'd guess.
  4. A 4 cylinder Dorman with box had been taken out of a boat and slung in the scrap skip. It was in running condition apparently. It's down at the boatyard at hillmorton, next to the Oak pub.
  5. And you certainly won't get onto it at this time of the year from Napton.
  6. Just to add it should be said that scrotes are becoming nocturnal in some areas, there were actually 3 under the bridge at 5.30 the next morning, and had been a couple before light at Atherstone the day before.
  7. That's often the case, but if keeping moving involves a flight of locks in the dark, single handed through a dodgy area I'd rather not. On the last moving favour I did for instance I'd happily done Curdworth in the dark, but made an effort the day after to be at the Black Country museum moorings by 6pm.
  8. I love a good long day on my own boat, and often plan trips around them. It's different if you're moving someone else's, not as relaxing I suppose. Planning ahead to not get caught out in a dodgy spot for the night for example, seems more important when it's not your boat. Even a short stop for something essential can set you back, worse still having a crawling cretin pull out in front of you.. You do get to cruise the dawn and dusk though, which makes up for everything.
  9. I've just moved a boat from the South Oxford up to the T&M, as a favour of course because it's not my job. If it was my job however I certainly wouldn't call it a "good number" especially at this time of year. Dodging stoppages, an hour or two in the dark at each end of the day, added to that I had a boat with no water, gas or electric the first night, and then needed the fuel filter cleaning every couple of hours due to shite in the tank. The solitude wouldn't suit some people either, 12 hours at the tiller with often nothing more than a nod or Hello to a passing rambler. Luckily that's why pubs were invented.
  10. We probably recently met then as we've just had a week in Alton Station, owned by the Landmark trust. I can't think of anything worse than the line being turned into a road. Have you ever found the Cricketers Arms at Oakamoor open? We didn't.
  11. Good advice, but I'd also recommend that a route with single locks can be more pleasant even if it looks longer on paper. I've just taken a boat from Banbury to Mercia and due to the stoppage at Streethay had to take the long way around, via Birmingham. The GU was tempting but solo, and working either end of the day I opted for the North Oxford/Birmingham Fazeley. I don't mind single locks in the dark, but the Hatton flight wouldn't be fun.
  12. "Rip up the railway line and build a road from Uttoxeter through to Leek" What a smashing idea..
  13. I've always thought L2's a little "agricultural" compared to an LW, at least in the noise department. That could be because mine is a marine unit with the cone reversing box, I think that actually makes more noise than the engine. The 2L2 in the boat I just moved was very smooth, it's a stationary engine that was previously hand start but now has a motor driving the flywheel via a regular 6 rib flat belt.
  14. It's a boat I've known for years but has unfortunately been sat idle on it's mooring recently. I was taking it up to New & Used at Mercia as it's going up for sale. Would have been a nice little 5 day trip if the Coventry wasn't closed of course.. I've got a 3L2 in my boat so still in the club!
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