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  1. I wish you'd bring one up here more often! They actually started dredging yesterday, it's taken over a week to get the land based stuff sorted out. What happened to the good old days when it got spread on the nearest field? Here it's going across the towpath over a lowered hedgerow, via a 360 excavator, then over a temporary hard surfaced field over a road into another field where it's getting screened before spreading. Or it was, apparently now it's all going to pontefract by truck straight to landfill! This stretch of the canal is pathetically silted up but God knows what
  2. The Pearson's guide covering the canal gives a fair bit of history on the disused wharves etc.
  3. I've just always presumed that 6X was sold as a real ale, not a "bright" beer.
  4. Are you really suggesting that 6X is delivered in bulk liquid and pumped like kerosene into the pub? It couldn't be sold as a cask ale if it was, which is surely it's main selling point.
  5. I went "round the back" at Harworth Heating and was talking to a lad assembling one of their oven/stoves. They are well made, same size as an Epping but more modern appearance. I think you can choose from a few colours and finishes. They are however very expensive!
  6. We have the Epping lit every day when boating in the cooler months, but let it go out overnight so it doesn't get too hot in the bed hole. I really don't know how people boat in the depths of winter without the comfort of a stove by your feet, I know that I certainly wouldn't anymore. I was thinking about a "C" shaped boiler, taking the place of the fire bricks. We have the same set up in our cottage on a Victorian range that works well.
  7. I've been thinking about making a back boiler conversion for an Epping size range, I know people have done them before but I've never seen one. I've got a nearly new Midland Swindlers Epping copy, which only has a cast top plate so shouldn't be hard to work on. If anyone's interested in it let me know, or I'll put some pics on when I get around to it.
  8. The best things come to he who waits.. 20 years in this case. Dredging team assembled ready for action on the Chesterfield.
  9. There's currently a similar lifeboat at Beeston on the river Trent. Might be worth popping down if you're an hour away and having a chat with the owner. It's on the paid for marina jetty, not with the dossers on the cut.
  10. The same thing but on a smaller scale was happening in Sheffield near where I work. Several articulated trucks a week would drive up to Scotland full of waste wood from landfill to feed a biomass generator plant. They weren't running on biodiesel, so I wouldn't imagine it was a fantastic gain for the environment. A bit like putting your recycling through the dishwasher..
  11. It's also moored opposite the marina entrance which could make life awkward or result in it getting a gentle bump at some point. It's a beautiful looking craft though, have you got anymore photos?
  12. It's ok, if you keep drinking whisky it just flushes all the nasties through.
  13. I'm well and truly buggered then. Just spent 4 days on the boat, both stoves going and stood behind the exhaust stack belching out god knows what. Home to our cottage that's heated by open fires now!
  14. Reminds me of when I was a livaboard in Sheffield. I had a young woman in a boat along side me, her and her friend would stand in the front well deck enjoying their Marlboro Lights and commenting that "All that wood smoke blowing across us from the chimney can't be healthy" What about open fires in a room? Surely they're even more deadly as you don't have a door to close at all.
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