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  1. I'm sure many of you will have seen Martin Zero exploring various stuff from the industrial revolution on YouTube. His latest video, Canals wharehouses and tunnels from the 18th century, is probably his most interesting yet. Filmed around Castlefields Basin in Manchester he covers the route of the diverted river Medlock, the disused Hume lock (which looks like a breach waiting to happen), and the fascinating Grocers Wharehouse and tunnel. There's also plenty of black and white photographs showing various working boats to keep the rivet counters busy.
  2. I'm not saying it's a physical weight thing, but the feel of the boat is definitely different with the lump in the arse end. I'm sure plenty are put there, but it doesn't do anything for me.
  3. I don't agree with this. Having steered a few boats with traditional engines in the rear cabin it doesn't seem to work as well. They somehow don't feel as balanced and the noise however pleasant is always better after a few days several feet away. Definitely try both before buying.
  4. One of the problems with the boat yard that hasn't changed since I left is people can't be bothered to lock the gates behind them!
  5. I'm not saying things were run any better in the old days, it depended who you knew at BW! There was a posh new barge in there from day one after reopening, taking up a prominent spot that could easily take 2 narrow boats, it was 9' wide. It was there years and ended up looking a right state, it was never used. Turned out it had never had a licence or paid for the mooring, eventually got towed down to Tinsley and dumped there when there was a change in local management at BW. I realised it wasn't worth putting up with everything just so I could walk to work, after a Christmas break on the Chesterfield I swapped my mooring for one at Stockwith basin, and what a refreshing change! I did return to Sheffield years later and moored at J Wilson's Yard, at least there the thieves and scrotes were more often on the other side of the canal.
  6. 2000 to 2005, I don't believe you were in Sheffield then but I may be wrong. In those days the moorings were controlled by CRT, not someone selling boats and offering moorings as a perk.
  7. Before moving to the boat yard I used to moor on the first CRT long term, towpath side approaching the basin. The plan was always to reinstate the gate to stop scrotes wandering up at night from the gloom under the bridges but it never happened. Apart from numerous thefts from boats, cars being vandalised, drug dealing/taking and prostitution we had three dead uns - two in the water and one down the lane.
  8. As you're aware there's absolutely zero security in Sheffield basin so I had to be careful as the boat was left unattended for 12 hours a day. I sent him off on his own bike with a warning that we don't do that kind of thing around these parts, with bikes, boats, cars or anything else. Actually to say there was no security at that time wasn't strictly true, there were cameras and 24 hour guards in an office on site supposedly watching them. And patrolling every 30 minutes. Of course they did neither. I've never paid so much for a mooring and had so many sleepless nights.
  9. I was sat in the back cabin once when moored in Sheffield, about 6pm. Heard a clanging noise and felt the boat rock so I climbed out and walked up to the bow where a young man was wrestling my bike from the front deck. "What the f#$k are you doing?" I enquired, "I'm taking the bike and leaving mine as this is better " he replied, in an Eastern European accent.
  10. I remember them well! Most ended up in mangled piles on Pitsmoor street corners. What a splendid waste of tax payers money.
  11. The higher end of the market maybe, but the type stolen in urban areas from boats usually end up on the canal bed a few yards away, especially if like Lady G's they can't even be ridden. I get pestered by scum trying to sell stolen bikes where I work in Sheffield, sometimes for as little as £10. I'll often see the bike left leaning on a wall somewhere nearby when they've got bored of wheeling it around with the sales pitch "do you want a mountain bike pal? It's 500 quids worth but you can have it for 20" One of the regular shits turned up with a set of triple aluminium ladders once which I could have for £25. There was probably some poor bugger stuck on a roof up the road!
  12. Is he Stephen's brother?
  13. I've used their enamel top coat, vehicle and machinery enamel I think they call it. Most colours fine but the red didn't last as long as international or craft master. It was however a fraction of the price! Always used the 2pack blacking, can't fault it.
  14. Roger Fuller, at that time working as "Five towns boatbuiders" Hector is another of his earlier shells, built before Stalwart and without the washers. He admitted that Stalwarts hull, in particular the bow was the boat he put the most effort into and he certainly did something right as it's fooled many an "expert" in the field! It comes down to the builder willing to work with the customer I suppose, the original owner knew exactly what he wanted (he owns the josher Dragon) and would have been happy to pay for it. Unfortunately with 90% of today's fabricators there's no chance of such shells being built again.
  15. I'm the owner of Stalwart, reputedly the original washer josher that coined the phrase and built in 1988/9. Unfortunately by the time I bought her in 2000 all the washers were in a bad way with several falling off. I marked their position and replaced the lot, all 652 of them, pre-dished with a ball pein hammer and socket before welding on.
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