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  1. Don't get confused between how robust grp is and how overly precious a lot of their owners are. A grp powerboat punching through waves at sea is under far more stress than gently bouncing against a lock wall. But the look on cruiser owners faces when I pull in to share a lock with them on my narrowboat, is often like I've just offered them a shit sandwich.
  2. That's actually a normal size catflap. The boat really is that small.
  3. I spoke to the owner as I passed last weekend. It's sat firmly on the bottom but not because it's sunk!
  4. Above the lock maybe, if several boats had been approaching from downstream behind me and he left his post to go mobile the facilities aren't so good.
  5. Thankfully the lock keepers do seem to have some say whether they stick to the stupid 8-4 hours. I recently went out at Stockwith at 5.30pm, when I mentioned the new hours he quite rightly said "What's the point of sitting here 8-4 when the tide is at 5.30?" More worrying was at Cromwell the next morning being told that he was on call to go mobile if anyone needed help further up the river, which would mean leaving his lock closed to passage if he got a call! Not enough boaters are happy to venture out onto the tidal Trent already, all this will do is frighten off more.
  6. You could have a look at keeping a boat on the Chesterfield canal, not much further than Doncaster but another world for a beginner. Small locks, plenty of places to go for a weekend trip that aren't as grim as those on the SSYN, and a grp (narrow) would be ideal. Ok, it's heavily locked at the end nearest to Sheffield but look at somewhere like Clayworth boat club, great for easy trips either direction and cheap moorings too. Yes it's still weedy in summer and a bit shallow in most places, but at least it only comes up to your waist when you fall in.
  7. Don't worry, it was Sarah at Glascote who recommended him! Maybe he's just having a few bad months.. or year. Ollie at Osborne Restorations is very helpful, he definitely knows his stuff. His workshop is great, an old boatyard on the Avon. He had some fascinating projects on when I called in, from huge ranges out of manor houses to tiny stoves from vintage yachts.
  8. Word of warning here.. Not sure if you remember but I had one of these stoves for sale recently that had a cracked top plate. I was recommended to contact the chap at Wolverhampton who was confident he could cast a new one using the original as a pattern. Stove top was dropped off, in April I believe, then things went quiet. I gave him a few weeks, still nothing, and now he won't answer calls or messages. Fantastic. So if anyone fancies a M/C class 1c in as new condition but minus a top plate let me know! And if you do by any chance read this Lee, you have my number.
  9. Might come with assorted cast iron garden ornaments then, of the Swedish kind.
  10. Isn't that one of Mr Burge's properties?
  11. Plenty of current "boat builders" should have a good look at that lower photo.
  12. Mmmm.. Greg K. Somehow the name rings a bell, I'm sure we've met before. Maybe it was over a plate of tripe n mash somewhere quaint.
  13. If that was the case I'd have hoped that CRT would have provided a suitable receptacle (maybe a skip?), as it was happening on such a regular occasion. Surely that would be better than basically saying to throw it back in the canal, even if it did cost extra to have it emptied. What would you suggest should be done with such items, if putting them in the bins isn't the done thing?
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