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  1. Straight sided boats ?

    I think “Birmingham square” may have been invented by Mr Tyler and his good friend Mr Wilson, along with “Joshua style”..
  2. Iron Narrowboats

    That’s an interesting list Pluto, the three boats from Clayworth must have been Chesterfield Canal “Cuckoos”. I’ve heard they worked as far afield as Lincoln or even Boston but I didn’t know any went up north. I’m sure Cheshire Rose would like to know more when she catches up with this topic if you have any other info.
  3. OTLEY

    Is it true that Slough has changed hands again and is to be restored to working trim? Maybe one for being left alone with it's "historic" conversion, especially with the recent passing of Sir Frank Price.
  4. Historic Boats for sale online

    I've never been a fan of bow cabins that aren't on the bow either. (Or potters cabins as some call them??) The only boat I'd say carries it off well is Amsterdam which I haven't seen for years. Emerald does look top heavy at the stern, almost like a Stowe Hill tug with their high cabin sides and rib tickling tillers.
  5. Where can't we go with a 62 foot narrow boat???

    I'm not sure the last time a Sheffield size boat was up the flight either. JUNE was based at Tinsley marina for a while and of course A39 spent many years as a restaurant/trip boat in Sheffield but they're both shorter at around 58' I think. Getting A39 across Staniforth Rd aqueduct cleanly was always a challenge but that was a width issue!
  6. Where can't we go with a 62 foot narrow boat???

    I met a chap moored in Sheffield basin who'd come up the Tinsley flight no problems in his 62' boat. Expecting grief he'd told the keepers it was 59' and had no bother. But seeing as Sheffield keels were 61' and wide I don't suppose he would. The worst part is going back down the flight where your stern deck gets a good wash from the water cascading over the gates.
  7. Gardner Engine Forum

    Has he had the old 8LW (yes, I did say 8!) fired up lately and gone for a cruise? He looked to be welded to the bank last time I was there. Some excuses about 6' draught...
  8. Gardner Engine Forum

    Well remembered Joe, I do have a 3L2 and it is indeed a fine piece of engineering. In the 19 years I've owned it the only maintenance has been oil changes and a nip up on the timing chain. If I'm feeling energetic it'll start by hand on all but the really cold days, never misses a beat and is very frugal. A long day at canal speed uses around 2 gallons. As you've probably heard the 3 and 4 cylinder engines do get smokey after days of slow running and idling at locks etc. Been based on the Chesterfield mine gets a regular clear out on the Trent, the amount of crap left on the roof from the exhaust is quite impressive pushing a tide for an hour or two!
  9. Navigating River Trent

    Be careful if you're heading up to Ickles. As you leave the cut from Rotherham lock you'll be on a short river section before you head right towards Ickles. The river is high at the moment and a lot of crap will have been swept down into the slack water outside the court buildings. I'd head back to Eastwood and hang on there. It might look bleak but it's safe enough.
  10. Navigating River Trent

    The lockies are based on the Tinsley flight and only venture down to meet you, usually at Jordan lock. Looking at the River Don in Sheffield yesterday I'd say you'll be waiting for that to drop now too as you're on the river for a short section below Tinsley bottom lock.
  11. Advice

    I'd also recommend Union Canal Carriers modern 'Barney' boats if you want to hire something with a bit of character. Along with the great slow running sabb engine you get a solid fuel stove, a rare thing on a hire boat. Could be the start of a slippery slope though.. I hired one for the Christmas week 3 years in a row, next thing I was visiting brokers and looking at adverts in the back of Waterways World..
  12. Navigating River Trent

    You don't have to pay to stay at Ickles Lock, there is a private boat club there but you'll have plenty of room to moor on the landing stage above the lock, opposite the house.
  13. River Trent

    I recently met the owners of "Jacks Ferry", the tiny isolated house on the flood bank. They run it as a holiday cottage with diesel for the genny and logs for the stove included in the very low nightly rate. A footpath leads straight to the "Swan", and you get to drive down the private access track. Just maybe not in winter..
  14. Historic Boats for sale online

    It might be worth having a word with Mr Burge regarding an engine. I'm sure he's still got the 9hp pup out of Antarctic, it's probably in the brambles next to the 15hp from Jaguar! Catch him on a good day and play the heritage card.. You never know.
  15. Etiquette!

    3am, 6am, who cares? If someone with a Bolinder wants to come and moor outside my house and leave it running all night (as if it would!) they're welcome. Some people have no soul.