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  1. I had a hand start Victor that came cobbled up on beds as a starter for a JP3. It had some home made clutch set up that would engage with the lister when the Victor had eventually started! It did however come with a manual, I'll see if I can find it.
  2. It was terribly irresponsible of me, I apologise. But it was at a time when people on here were raving about how good it was, I remember that much. Here's a couple more reviews to level it out then.. Bridge 61 was great, apart from the homemade chilli that was far too hot. The village pub at Yelvertoft had recently changed hands, worth the walk, we were made very welcome. It's probably a house now.
  3. It could have changed hands since my visit as it was probably before yours! Time flies as they say.. I can remember clearly the young staff doing that most irritating of things when they doubt your ability to say if a pint is off and then openly admit they don't know what it's supposed to taste like as they don't drink beer. A good sniff is all it requires in most cases.
  4. I always detour up the arm when passing but the Wharf was a disappointment last time. The first pint of ale was off, but the staff didn't want to believe me or apologise. I picked another which was begrudgingly pulled and given to me and found to be also more like Sarsons than beer! We had a meal which was average at best. Maybe we caught them on a bad day, but rude staff when returning a bad pint is never acceptable.
  5. Yes, one of those lovely JP3 searchlight generators I used to flog to Steve Hudson would work a treat. Here's an idea.. you could couple it up to some kind of propshaft maybe too.. so the boat could move while you charge the batteries..
  6. I'm pretty sure I viewed it around 7 years ago in the arm at WFBC Stockton. John owned it who also had Kenelm. It had the engine beds in the stern and was composite, full length. It must have gone from there to Braunston when it sold.
  7. Unless I've got my boats wrong, which is quite possible, Hydrus was motorised many years ago with a Petter in the stern. It's probably spent more time with an engine than unpowered.
  8. A BOATBUILDER capable of replicating the complex shape of an historic bow and stern would find it a doddle. A fabricator accustomed to pre-cut and folded steel would undoubtedly struggle.
  9. RW Evans.. Might be why it hasn't sold. Reminds me of a bloke once telling me he had a Steve Davis tug.
  10. Sounds like a good plan but I fear the owners may have more money than sense! Slightly off topic.. CRT should definitely start refusing licences to owner's of boats who can't keep the roof clear of crap. The amount of near head on collisions I've had lately is worrying. A clear line of sight from the steering position shouldn't be an optional extra.
  11. Certainly is. And for inducing nausea.
  12. There's certainly more "Eastern European Lady" shaped boats appearing lately. Who can we blame/throw rotten eggs at for blighting the canals with such things?
  13. It must be a scam, if not I'm really concerned for Phil Speight. I know he's recently gone from driving Alfas to a Mercedes.. but imagine spending hours in front of that thing.
  14. The loose bracket with the eye is for hanging the button from.
  15. What about the cases - particularly on the BCN, where it's bleeding obvious who's dumped the crap as it's at the bottom of their garden or behind their industrial unit? A car repair business I passed regularly used to throw old tyres, bumpers etc. over the fence quite brazenly. I moored up one day and threw the lot back over. Most of it landed on customers cars.
  16. I've just spent the week moving various dumb boats and unpowered craft using tugs, pushing and pulling if you like. Most folk at locks are very accommodating once you explain the amount of faffing involved if you have to single out. They very often help you through. But I did say MOST folk.
  17. I rarely have crew on the river but always get a bow rope off if arriving early at Stockwith. The bank above the lock where the bollards are is always slack water, it's an eddy regardless of the tide. It's never easy to pop in the lock if there's still a good flow on, 5 or 10 minutes can make all the difference.
  18. As do I. I once caught a lovely eel from the front deck while waiting for high water.
  19. As most boaters on the river are. But all that could easily have been achieved without the radio, that's my point. Useful, but not essential.
  20. Surely the fast approaching speed boat would have just treated you like a barely moving "sewer tube" and easily avoided you? And some arm waving from a stranded vessel will always get attention from a passing boat. Unless they're complete nobheads. VHF is handy, but hardly essential.
  21. I've yet to work out why more people don't do this. Take a bow rope off to the bollards above the lock and wait for high water, no banging around and paint scraping. The lock keepers don't like you doing it though, they try to get you in asap.
  22. If you're on a budget have a look at Kadu Flyer. 28k seems very reasonable.
  23. I've been based down Armitage for a while and noticed a dead end road (which now ends in the toilet factory) called Boat House Lane. Searching the local history it was so named due to a canalside pub at the bottom, and possibly a wharf. I've found images of the long gone thatched cottages up the lane but none of the pub. Anyone got any?
  24. It's not Tinsley basin either, it's Sheffield basin or Victoria Quays as it's called now for some unknown reason.
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