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  1. Thanks for that, Gannow is definitely a simplified version of the patterns. While we're on the subject.. Foulridge was built mainly I read as a "cut and cover" tunnel, wouldn't it have been cheaper to leave it as a steeply sided cutting, or would the land access above have influenced the final outcome?
  2. I'll help you all out with the one of them I deciphered.. " Beware the two crap pubs that will be shut at 9pm, seek out the excellent social club with it's 3 real ales at £2.75 a pint"
  3. Can anyone shed some light on the carvings in the stonework of the western portal of Foulridge tunnel? They look like random patterns at first glance but the longer you look the more you see.
  4. Personally, I can't see the point of a fake Epping. Unless I can warm my cockles on it with the cabin doors shut behind me while enjoying a single malt I wouldn't bother. I've given up boating in winter several years ago on anything that doesn't have a back cabin stove, it really does make that much of a difference. And what's next, a mock JP2 that opens up to reveal a cocktail cabinet? Says the man whose boat is reputedly the original "washer Josher" !!
  5. Is it true that the engine in Dory was the one in the Birmingham pub, where people often took the odd bit home after a pint?
  6. Sorry, I didn't say but the lower lock jetty is in the flowing water of the river, so hopefully not too full of stagnant rat piss. I was agreeing that very often it's not the fault of anyone in particular - just the individual for their actions. A group of lads might all have had the same education, but it doesn't always sink in. Pardon the pun.
  7. Sometimes it's nobody's fault really is it. Picture a sunny day on a Rotherham council estate.. Tarquin, Rufus and the gang decide to go down to the cut for a swim. On arrival at Aldewarke lock Tarquin and Rufus settle down on the jetty below the lock, dipping the water with sticks to check the depth, testing the temperature.. Shane on the other hand climbs straight up the paddle gear and launches himself headfirst into the murky depths of the empty lock, where his body becomes entangled with a stolen motorcycle frame dumped by his brother Wade, last week.
  8. I was confused by the Lonely Water campaign as a kid. It certainly did haunt me but I couldn't work out why it was wrong to be around such places as I'd been brought up playing in tidal creeks, backwaters and reedy pools quite happily!
  9. You need to shock young people into taking notice, and that probably isn't allowed at school now incase the little poppets have nightmares. Around 13 maybe 14 yrs old we were asked to skip a school assembly as we had a talk to attend by a retired policeman. He was ex traffic, and was trying to get across the dangers of stolen cars, motorbikes etc. Many graphic photos were shown, extreme by any standard, but it certainly stuck in our minds. To the point where I still physically cringe when I see a pillock in gloves and a T shirt on a motorbike.
  10. Exactly. If thousands of kids suddenly take to the great outdoors for a few hot days and half a dozen don't return it really isn't that bad on average is it?
  11. What are the actual statistics of children drowning in open water in an average year? If half the kids in the country gave up sitting in their dark bedrooms and went out and actually enjoyed themselves in the open air for once is it really that shocking that some don't come back home? I learnt to swim as a young child in the tidal Dorset Stour, under supervision by my mother who couldn't swim herself! When we moved up North it was bike rides out to the nearest ponds, reservoirs and weir pools for a dip as kids, that's what the summer holidays were all about. Should we discourage this because several kids are lost every summer? I'm sure more are lost through cycling injuries but that's actively encouraged.
  12. I think you did right having the Stella.
  13. More importantly, has the Cross Keys still got fake hand pumps on the bar that actually dispense keg beer? I haven't been in for a few years since I discovered this treachery!
  14. Wolverley definitely worth exploring, look for the footpath cut through the rock up to the church. Don't miss the Cross Inn as you walk into Kinver, it's on the left up Church lane after crossing the river. Great selection of beer and cider and open all day.
  15. Depends what style of boat it's based on. A josher shell won't have much headroom but a Northwich style will be fine for sitting in bed. Tugs are great in locks for nipping across the deck without breaking your ankles.
  16. I believe their office was in the room that's currently a pub!
  17. I don't think it's twaddle to mention it, I think it's twaddle to drone on about it in any thread that mentions the Trent. I'd be more interested in getting the other points across such as anything fuel related that is likely to put you in a position to need help. I also DO care when people give the wrong advice, like taking the lock keepers advice as gospel when they might have never been on a boat or started the job yesterday.
  18. Having been out in the kayak when the farmers are spraying the canalside fields on the Chesterfield I'm amazed there's any life in it at all. It should be banned, but it never will be.
  19. I'd agree. Dozens, if not hundreds of boaters make trips between Keadby and Cromwell every year without VHF, often single handed, quite safely. Mobile phones must have been none existent when the rules were applied to carry radio, the only time I've failed to get a response from a keeper by phone has been when they were out cutting grass etc. so VHF wouldn't have made any difference. Every time someone new to the Trent comes on here asking sensible questions it slips back into the same old "VHF and the law" twaddle which probably puts a lot of people off exploring a new cruising route. Yes get an anchor, chain and charts, get advice from the lock keeper you're leaving from and your destination (they often conflict, come on here to check if in doubt), make a flask and sarnies if you're single handed, keep wet weather gear in reach and even a bucket if you're shy.. Then go and enjoy it.
  20. Isn't that the original one? Wooden, formerly bolinder pup powered. Or is that a copy of the original one, and the other one is a copy of that..
  21. When travelling with plenty of water - especially a spring tide, there's really no need to follow the marked channel religiously on a narrow boat. In fact it can cause problems, like tight bends with "boils" that can lead you to a tangle with the willows if you're not careful. The middle is fine, but obviously this isn't applicable at anything approaching low water.
  22. I've had the gates closed on me whilst ferrying across the river by the Keadby keeper. His excuse was he "didn't know it was the boat booked in"
  23. Pete Tuffrey was selling his paintings again in the marquee. They're excellent.
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