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  1. Err no, they are high grade cast iron, I have welded them and its better than many other stove castings.
  2. The rudder bearing doesn't ever get any wear, it doesn't even need a ball bearing just a collar, they just use them because its an off the shelf solution, the sealed bearing is designed for rotating machine at high rpm, just moving it side to side for years won't ever wear it, buying a high grade bearing like SKF would be a waste of money, all you need is the cheapest grade and keep it greased or get stainless and forget about it. Bearings are stock sizes metric or imperial ID x OD x Thickness so you don't need to replace the housing unless its damaged. It will have a code number on it so you can order another one, Dunlop bearings on eBay are cheap and good enough for this application.
  3. I'm not on the side of the NBTA and I haven't said or implied anyone should overstay on moorings or not CC, I've already said that the canals shouldn't be used for housing. I have only given my opinion on what CRT can and cannot do according to the legislation.
  4. No, im saying a PB licence cannot be refused renewal due to owing CRT money for any other fees or charges. ( not including licence fees obviously before someone chips in.)
  5. Not lawful with the current legislation. ( 1995 BW act )
  6. That's why I posted about the question of whether CRT " charges" were in fact fines and unlawful.
  7. Not for overstaying on a mooring or not cruising around enough though. Which is what were talking about.
  8. CRT has no powers to issue fines, it would be unlawful.
  9. Canals should not be used to solve housing issues in my opinion, anymore than any other heritage places like parks or historic properties or even farm or woodland. The causes of the housing crisis should be dealt with not pass the buck onto CRT.
  10. The same number of boats moving around the same moorings once a year or once a week will result in the exact same mooring availability for everyone ? Pointing to the fact that the population of London has grown isn't racism, you poor little angry snowflake.
  11. Over population leads to friction, anger and people having to fight for resources. The settled population of the UK isn't growing, it's pretty much stable, so the problem is obvious.
  12. Reasonably speaking and in practice this hypothetical boater can find another place to moor nearby, this was part of my life when i was CC' ing, you had to take the mooring that was available, even if you planned to arrive at Banbury, Berkhamstead or Little Venice you often had to pass on through and moor somewhere else, that never stopped anyone from "navigating".
  13. I would think legally definining the word " navigation" in this context would rely on certain legal principles, it's use In other parts of the legislation, the purpose and intent of the legislation and what is reasonable ? The bylaws only mention mooring that might damage infrastructure or block the navigation of other vessels from passing that point, I dont see any suggestion that mooring to the bank (correctly "fore and aft" ) could be construed as an obstruction to navigating from A to B. Obstruction of MOORINGS by overstaying would be a different thing entirely, but that doesn't exist in the legislation.
  14. Sea level rise is 0.14 inches a year. Stop panicking.
  15. Heavily contrived interpretation in my opinion. No one has to stop in one specific mooring place, mooring hasn't stoped anyone "navigating" somewhere else to moor for the night.
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