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  1. If I wanted to bring them back on the market ( and I am an engineer ) I would redesign it to welded steel construction with only the doors and smoke box as castings, plasma cut the whole lot as a kit ,the end result would be more airtight and cheaper. I already made one like this using parts from a scapped Epping it worked out very well. I have another set of Epping parts but no time to build another one this year.
  2. I have a workshop on my boat under canvas with a self contained 6 kva Diesel generator not linked to the fuel or electrical system, exhaust just goes over the gunwhale when I use it, what BSC rules apply to it ?
  3. Yes that what will happen, but my statement is still true.
  4. Not sure about " evasion" since if you went to the council and offered to pay CT for a leisure mooring at any time in the past they would not accept your claim as there would be no known address .
  5. have no powers to ban anything from being put in their contractors bins.
  6. Sometimes it's better to shut up than draw attention to the fact you have been living on a mooring without planning consent. The time will come when councils decide this loophole is over, it's just a matter of time as with all loopholes. They are already fully aware of it since thousands have claimed benefits while on leisure moorings, councils aren't stupid.
  7. We can't live without producing and relying on CO2, the idea it must be seen as a pollutant on a small scale line this is just nonsense.
  8. I did notice a reduction in draw on my stove during the few minus zero nights we just had, would I bother to insulated the chimney for a few days every other year? I suspect it's not worth the effort.
  9. If you want an highly efficient fridge then you need to construct your own cabinet with vacuum panel insulation.
  10. We looked into getting a tube carriage and converting it to a houseboat but the scrap value on them was so high as they are aluminium and the dimensions are not really suitable for the canals.
  11. That foam isnt fire proof its just meant to withstand a fire for a specific length of time in an emergency. Like I said glass fiber lagging or mineral wool would be used in any industrial application to insulate boiler flues or exhausts. My reasoning is if your going to buy a product then you might as well buy one designed for the job and is 100% fireproof.
  12. It would be a very, very bad idea. Use Mineral wool if you must, what difference it will make is arguable.
  13. I just gave you my actual experience that the seals on my stove make no difference to it's normal operation. No doubt you have read about " runaway stoves " but has it actually happened with the doors closed ? Explain how these ranges with no doors were fitted to back cabins without everyone dying of CO or runaway stoves ?
  14. Leaving the ash pan door open is nothing to do with having no seals though, that is a user mistake and can happen to the best sealed stove there is .
  15. What's a " thermal runaway " ?
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