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  1. Micrometers = calibrated G glamps Vernier Calipers = calibrated adjustable spanners. Surface plate = big anvil
  2. Machining in either measurement system was fine if the machine tool used the same system. A nightmare machining to metric dimensions on an imperial lathe, milling machine or grinder. And vice versa. A huge number of quality machine tools must have met a premature demise because their lead screws were pitched in imperial units. I still have a Moore and Wright 0 - 1" micrometer but haven't used it for decades.
  3. In the olden days when area could be measured by perches, or was it Boris kippers?
  4. I would have to side with Alan on this, specifically regarding cable sizes. "8mil squared" is the accepted terminology. However for something like the area of a miniature solar panel this would probably be described as 8 square millimetres. Confused? blame the French.
  5. Condensation control is a bit like HS & E. ELIMINATE It is a bit drastic to stop breathing, cooking, or washing. but a PRV valve regularily spurting into the bilge is a problem. MINIMISE Don't let the pots boil for ages. Short showers. Minimise indoor clothes drying CONTROL Extract moisture as close to source as possible, Fit and use the shower extra fan, and also preferably an above above stove extract fan. Mop up and wipe down free water on windows, shower walls, and in the bilge, as soon as it occurs and as close to source as you can get. Any free water inside the cabin and bilge will evaporate and then re -condense onto the coolest surfaces available ,including on your best clothes in the wardrobe and food in the pantry, allowing mould and mildew growth. Getting every drop out of the cabin and off the boat is another mould in waiting dealt to.
  6. If you do have to run new wires, then the cost difference between the minimum recommended cross sectional area, and the next available thicker wires is minimal and the labour required the same. Your fridge will run better, and it gives you options to later upgrade to a bigger fridge.
  7. DandV

    Brexit 2019

    And more steam locomotives were ...... by .......... government then by ......... Jeez how far do want to go back? Dunkirk? Norman Conquest, Viking conquest , Roman conquest. yeah you have been wronged in the past by those undemocratic Europeans intent on plunder and enlarging their empires. Brexit or not, has little to do with the past, it is about how best to deal with the here and now and the future.
  8. DandV


    Ah Australian culture and culinary combined in a bottle Sorry attached the quote to the wrong post.
  9. Unfortunately politics and rationality are mutually exclusive far too often for the good of the world.
  10. The first casualties will be new build boats that are built to float vintage engines and of course solid fuel heating. Next stage will be new diesel engines have to be Euro, or is Britto 7? emission standard or better for boats. Engine age related attrition will take care of most of the transition required. There are much more significant polluters nationaly and internationally to concentrate on as a priority.
  11. Hey C'mon the natives are all good sports and friendly. The sun is still shining brightly on a warm winter's day here. We didn't lose in that competition, just didn't quite win! The game and the competition certainly won. We will be back! A result only marginally closer then a Brexit Referendum eh ?!!!! Light blue touch paper, stand well clear. Emits heat and sparks Do not hold in hand Instructions on old fire works
  12. You buggers you beat us! Not by much,though but just enough when it counts. Good series though. Well done.
  13. DandV

    Brexit 2019

    Mind you if the Russians did pay him he would probably be in good company, Trumps company. It certainly would not surprise me if Russian agents had offered to "assist" British politicians of all hues, and US ones as well, knowing that once payment had been accepted, the politician would be comprimised and vulnerable to blackmail.
  14. DandV

    Brexit 2019

    If they did pay him, he would still be bloody useless. Corbyn the ditherer.
  15. I would have to agree. I would think it would be a bit akin to putting new paint straight over degraded paint. Could look ok briefly, but as always, the durability of the top layer is totally dependant on the durability of what is underneath.
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