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  1. I agree but they were actually using a leaf blower to send all of the cuttings and trimmings into the canal. We watched them do it. As we came near the leaf blower operator moved away from the water edge and aimed his blower away from the water and towards the hedgerow.
  2. That's interesting Alan and almost certainly confirms that they were acting improperly. I think I will now email CRT and alert them, although I appreciate it may be a little too late. They could, of course, had successfully applied for the appropriate consent.
  3. Part of me thought, "What's the problem with a bit more plant material in the cut?" Another part of me thought, "You lazy bleeders! I bet you are charging CRT for the removal and disposal of green waste." They certainly looked rather sheepish as we passed and directed the leaf blowers away from the water.
  4. Cruising through Rugely the other day we were quite surprised to see canal-side prunings (grass, weeds, hedge cuttings etc) being blown off the towpath into the cut by a team of workers. Created a lot of mess in the water. Can't decide whether that was good practice or not.
  5. If you can do that and rent out a spare room to another student that should easily cover a mortgage. Also doesn't getting a boat for your son to live on whilst at uni in 4 years time rather restrict his choice of universities to those with available moorings nearby? I shudder to think of a youngster trying to to juggle living away from home, settling into uni life and managing within cc restrictions. I'm an ex 6th form teacher and I don't underestimate the talents and abilities of young people but I think that would be a big ask.
  6. Hope the survey goes well and you are soon joining us on the water. Please do post an update.
  7. And there is the lowest bridge we've ever been under - top of our cratch board brushed it - so make sure you have nothing tall on your roof.
  8. Very tight - in that both the bow and stern were sitting on the silt and we had to use the pole to lever ourselves around. We didn't try to get ashore as bit concerned about the depth of the silt and the ditch edges are so shallow that our gangplank (scaffold board) wouldn't reach. However, a rope from the bank would definitely have helped. We winded anti-clockwise and used the gentle flow to help bring the bow round. You will probably be fine but don't expect it to be easy! Enjoy the trip. Nice and very friendly pub at South Kyme with proper moorings in the village.
  9. We did the Sleaford Navigation (Kyme Eau) recently. It was a lovely run but extremely shallow and weedy so very slow going. Winding at the extremity (Cobblers Lock) was also very tight in our 58' NB. Glad we did it though.
  10. This restoration is the kind of thing that I think a YouTube vlog could cover really well. I for one would love to watch it. However, I suspect harrybsmith is far too busy getting on with the actual work to bother with blogging 😀
  11. We used Ian Jennings too a couple of years ago. We had a good walkthrough the boat with him afterwards which was very helpful.
  12. Have used Newark copper cylinders to produce bespoke tanks for our last 2 houses. They have been a great company to deal with.
  13. We had a leak where the cylinder was (badly) supported. We (or rather himself) soldered a copper patch on, reinsulated it and it is now back in place with better load spreading supports. So far so good, cue engine bay filling with cauliflower water!
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