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  1. We are both quite short and have a wooden step that we can move around at the rear of our cruiser stern so I can see over the top properly when steering. Doesn't help that we have a roof box but the extra few inches makes all the difference (as the actress said ....)!
  2. Hi Polly. A warm welcome to the forum and to boating. We bought our first new-to-us boat in the Spring. Our skin tank is slightly undersized for our 40bhp Barrus Shire and I asked on here about it when we bought the boat as I was concerned that it might be problematic. Annoyingly I can't remember what our tank:engine ratio is. The general advice was to use it for a while and see how it faired before thinking about adding a second tank. We did about 8 weeks cruising last summer/autumn and the only time we had any small concern was on one of the blisteringly hot July days when we were held up in
  3. I remember getting 10p a week to spend in the tuck shop after Sunday lunch at my boarding school (which would buy a decent bag of sweets). And getting struck with a ruler for punishment. Again that would probably result in the police being summoned nowadays!
  4. Anyone else affected by this article in the most recent edition of Waterways World (p.96, Feb '21)? I found it very upsetting. I'm no snowflake and am fully aware of the horrendous life that many animals have at our hands. Nevertheless I found the descriptions of abuse and cruelty of boat horses very hard reading. Please tell me this wasn't common! Happy New Year WwW!
  5. Happy new year. Can't wait to get back on our boat. X
  6. MrsM

    Lady G

    My mum, a good Yorkshire lass, has dementia but can still recite this, having learnt it when she were a wee lill'un. That would definitely earn a greenie 😄
  7. Many congratulations and good luck for the survey. I would go for a full survey for peace of mind(ish). But make sure you check as much as you can yourself - loo, cooker, heating etc etc.
  8. I would create a fund to support pubs - it's heartbreaking to think how many will not be able to reopen due to lockdown.
  9. MrsM

    Boat bar

    Spotted this classic kitsch piece on eBay. Made me chuckle and thought it could be fun for someone missing their boat due to lockdown 😄 (and no, there is no accounting for taste before you say it!) M https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RETRO-1950s-style-ship-bar-cocktail-cabinet-/203192221460?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Anyone for babycham?
  10. MrsM

    Fossedyke stoppage

    Damn. Fortunately the works outside the university accomodation that would have trapped boats in the Brayford has been postponed.
  11. I think I recall seeing that there were only going to be two programmes (for now) - part one and part two. Shame, I would happily watch more.
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