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  1. We were extremely lucky in that we got to accompany our boat on a 7 hour cruise from its home marina to the lift-out marina where we were having its out-of-water survey (and we appreciate this was unusually lucky). This gave plenty of time to test drive and try everything out. Uncovered several issues that the surveyor had initially missed during the in-water survey. Even if you only have a 10 minute test drive you should still try out everything you can (hob, oven, loo, water pump, shower, fridge, sockets, heating etc). About the only thing we didn't do was light the logburner! Do not rely on your surveyor to find everything and try and be there while the survey is taking place.
  2. That is really good advice. However, I wonder how many people fall in love with a boat and then take it on trust that a brokers' conditions will be fair and reasonable? We didn't buy our boat through a broker but I hold my hands up to ticking the "I have read the T&Cs box" on an online purchase when I haven't really. Saying that at least one is protected through the Distance Selling regulations when buying online, whereas there are precious few safeguards when buying through a broker.
  3. Who did your made-to-measure plastic tanks? We are considering this route.
  4. Good question which I shall be following. Recently was caught on the top corner of my cratch cover by a bridge that jumped out from hiding behind a large weeping willow that filled the width of the cut!
  5. I hope you use a bag for life with strong handles and not one of the flimsy 10p ones for that!
  6. Thanks Alan, your knowledge and experience are, as ever, invaluable.
  7. I agree with you guys about the variable benefits of surveyors and what they can or cannot be reasonably expected to uncover. However, I have recently come across some absolutely heinous behaviour by boat brokers that leads me to urge any prospective buyer to take all necessary steps (surveys etc) to safeguard their hard-earned.
  8. Thanks Alan. I had no idea this was even a thing. If it was an issue do you think it whould have been identified during our survey in June?
  9. Thank you Tony, will do. We were only blacked in June so not planning to lift the boat out again for another 2 years. Hope there will still be some hull left by then! M
  10. Oh god another to worry about! Us there anything we can do to protect our boat from MIC?
  11. MrsM

    Snob boaters

    Isn't that a Farrow and Ball colour?
  12. This is such a useful thread & I have all the same questions going through my head as the OP because this is our first season with the boat. Thanks to all wise sages for great advice yet again. Is this a good place to link to the other thread (don't know how to do that) that recommended leaving the diesel tank topped up to reduce the chance of condensation forming in the tank?
  13. I have a reverse layout and wouldn't get rid of my bow doors. In the summer heatwave it was a godsend having bow and rear doors open so air could circulate through the boat. I wonder how many of these Eurocruisers will actually do much cruising? I expect they make stunning floating homes though.
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