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  1. I can only speak from my limited experience as a newbie. Our surveyor did a brief in-water survey that we weren't around for then came back when the boat was out of the water and did the hull survey. The boatyard scraped the hull as soon as we were out so it was pretty easy for the surveyor to take multiple depth readings. We had arranged with the seller that we would go ahead and get the boat blacked if the survey was clear and we were continuing with the purchase, otherwise it was going straight back in the water, unless the seller decided to have it blacked. We were lucky to have a 6-7 hour cruise to the lift-out marina which gave us time to check out as many of the services as we could. Some that the in-water survey said were OK were actually faulty and we went through everything in detail with the surveyor after he had finished with the hull. From this experience I would urge you to check as much as you can in person, don't just rely on someone else. For example the pumpout loo was supposed to be working but actually flooded the bathroom when I tested it (fortunately before trying to use it!). Our boat was empty for a year before we bought it (previous owner sadly passed away) and in good need of sort out. Hopefully you will find your boat soon. Think you are very wise walking away from a seller trying to avoid a survey; even though they will not necessarily tell you everything at least you will have the chance to discuss the boat with an experienced person.
  2. Hi there. Wonder if you have found a boat yet? We have recently bought our first boat. Had been following adverts on Apollo Duck etc for months to get a good feel for the market. We had a wish list (mainly around stern type and general layout) and looked at about 15 boats that met our needs. Eventually offered on a boat with plenty wrong and that had been unused for at least a year, but it ticked a lot of boxes for us. There didn't seem a massive amount of consistency in terms of pricing from what we saw. In fact the more expensive boats were generally those that had been tarted up inside (often not very tastefully) and the owners seemed to think this made them much more desirable. In the end we went for something basically sound, good engine & gearbox and are slowly but surely working our way through some of the jobs. In other words, I wouldn't worry to much about the internals as these can be altered to suit. As long as the bones of your boat are good and it is what you want, decide what it is worth to you and go for it! Very good luck.
  3. We have found the best way to get rid of rust is to use 'coarse fleece' pads on an angle grinder. Toolstation sell them (see link below), but they are a available from welding suppliers at a better price. We used them to scour out our water tank. They were perfect for the job and do not damage the underlying steel. We got though 10 on our very neglected tank. https://www.toolstation.com/abracs-poly-abrasive-disc/p22693?store=L4&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&gclid=CjwKCAjw9vn4BRBaEiwAh0muDKyoeOATojZGWdRm70Q8a_DSPO87hBW-pv4osIA_SqNZtONuBJxjuRoC7nkQAvD_BwE
  4. Thanks all. We will inspect, clean, paint and do our best to get it all wholesome. Our boat had been unused for at least a year as the previous owner sadly passed away and his family held on to it in case any of them them wanted to use it. I will take care to thoroughly flush everything with the bleach solution. We do have a seagull iv filter on the kitchen tap so hopefully that will help (once I've purchased an eye-wateringly expensive replacement cassette!). M
  5. Thanks Opener, that sounds like a practical method and I will give it a go, after watching the video first! If possible I would like to replace the pick up tube with copper or plastic so that I know I'm starting off with something clean. Our tube isn't blocked as we get water on board, but given the state of the tank I expect it is lined with all manner of nasties! 🤢 Happy days! I've got a flexible plastic sink unblocker from Lakeland that I use for cleaning bath/shower plugs and traps so I'll see if that will do the job but I expect it will be too wide. https://www.lakeland.co.uk/23725/The-Drain-Weasel-2-Disposable-Plughole-Cleaning-Brushes
  6. MrsM


  7. Thank you both. Will explore further when we get the tank emptied and start the cleaning process. You guys are so helpful ☺️
  8. Just about to start this job (our first) on our recently purchased boat. Happy with the process of painting but what do we do about the pipe that takes water out of the tank into the boat? Presumably this is mild steel too and will therefore rust? How do we clean and coat the inside of this pipe to prevent deterioration? It isn't straight so not easy to pull something through. How do you usually deal with this part of the system? TIA
  9. MrsM


    Hi there. The tank is exactly 7 sq/ft. I'm planning to try not worry too much this season, learn how the boat handles rivers and take it from there. Everyone's advice has been invaluable.
  10. MrsM


    That sounds like a good setup. I could see all the way round ours but it sounds like it shouldn't be much of a problem. Great idea to have a heated wet locker on your old boat.
  11. MrsM

    New boat

    That is fantastic news! So pleased you are happy with your boat and that she suits you. Our out of water survey went well in terms of the hull but we found some other issues (pumpout loo flooding etc) that we hadn't banked on. We were within a whisker of having to walk away but were able to negotiate a bit off the price so should be able to get repairs we need. Fingers crossed. A long way to go till we will have a boat we can be proud of but just happy to be finally getting on the water. Congratulations again and perhaps our paths will cross on the cut. M
  12. Yes full in water and out survey. Plenty wrong but the important stuff is fine; hull, engine, gearbox. Will post pix when I've found the thread with info on how to compress images.
  13. MrsM


    It's 58ft. Not sure of the exact size of the tank (will measure tomorrow) but it is a lot less than 10 sq/ft. The surveyor noted it was small when the boat was last sold in 2018. It has been in a marina since then. Thanks chaps. Feeling a bit more confident after all this help. Measured skin tank this morning and it is 7sq/ft. Just bought the boat so will see how she handles rivers for a season and review.
  14. Good luck with your search Rick. We have just handed over the cash and bought our boat. Bit of a project but we are happy. Sounds like we will be taking on similar challenges so I look forward to your updates. Happy hunting. What are you looking for (so I can keep my eyes open)?
  15. MrsM


    That sounds very sensible and I shall follow these steps. Thank you so much.
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