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  1. This is exactly what we did last year and it has worked a treat. Made a rubber flange to seal the hatch but allow for easy access.
  2. Hi Tanmim. Hope everything went well yesterday and you are all set for your survey on the 15th.
  3. I totally take on board that advice from someone with minimal experience such as myself needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, so to speak. I apologise to the OP and any other prospective buyers if I have painted an unrealistic picture of buying your first canal boat. I got involved in these particular threads because I was concerned that a decent but possibly naive and unsupported young buyer (no disrespect to the OP intended) might be at a disadvantage going into dealings with a wile secondhand boat salesman.
  4. And that warms the cockles. What a great bunch!
  5. By all means but I am only a newbie boater too and there are much wiser, more experienced heads to help you. X
  6. That is a very good point. One way round it might be to use wording along the lines of:- "With reference to the boat I have on deposit, Carrie, I am writing to clarify a number of points. 1. It is my understanding that the boat is not owned by Whilton or anyone associated with you and that you are acting as sales broker for a private seller. Etc etc etc ..... If I do not hear to the contrary I will assume I have a clear and accurate understanding". Very clumsy but that sort of thing perhaps might be useful?
  7. Excellent, I'm really pleased you are taking someone with you. Can I suggest that you put all your questions in an email before then so that you have a written record? Hopefully everything will go smoothly but it won't hurt to have things in writing (and in the worst case might help against dishonesty and trickiness). Have you looked at your pre-purchase contract? Are you happy to share some of the details here? I'm still concerned that Whilton are only interested in rectifying BSS work. The BSS is nothing like an MOT for a car and a boat can be in a poor state but still have a BSS pass.
  8. As per the above 2 posts that is why we have been asking these questions - ie who is the owner of the boat (Whilton or a private non-related seller) and what Ts & Cs does the contract have? It's important you know this. M
  9. That's good. I hope you get her sorted soon and welcome to the fun and games of boating. 😄
  10. Well worth having the survey. Is that more or less what you were expecting?
  11. How did you get on? @Feeby100
  12. MrsM

    BBC 4

    We really enjoyed it, and haven't seen his content before. A balanced and representative depiction which represented our brief experience of exiting the cut.
  13. Our boat was previously at White Mills Marina on the Nene at Earls Barton near Northampton. We spent a while there while the sale was going through and then getting some essential work done before we could bring her home. We had a great time and felt quite sad when we left. Very friendly, not too large, nice and secure and a smashing tea room. We found the Nene stunningly beautiful but I'm aware they have a lot of problems with floods and that the river is unnavigable for many months of the year. This might not be very convenient for some but if you are mostly planning to cruise in good weathe
  14. That sounds reassuring. Hopefully the OP can add this to her list and ask them to clarify. Sounds like you had good service when you bought your boat.
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