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  1. I second that. If you have a mild steel integral tank it will need regular maintenance; ie emptying, cleaning out, rust treating and tank repainting. This is a nasty, messy job but not too bad once you get on top of it. Do you have a filter on your kitchen tap by any chance?
  2. How tricky this must be for new boaters. Thanks for raising this issue Haggis.
  3. I'm rubbish with heights too. A few years ago I had a bad attack of vertigo at the top of the Sagrada Familia tower staircase in Barcelona. I had to inch my way down on my bottom, helped by a kindly retired doctor and his wife. There was a great queue behind by the time I finally got down. My legs were then so wobbly I had to sit on the floor for half an hour. Very embarrassing!
  4. Following this thread as this is on our route too.
  5. We're stopping in Wigan for a day ready for the flight on Friday. I've broken a toe so need hubby to have finished work and be ready to be my lock mate.
  6. We are in the same boat 😁 so I'm following closely.
  7. Wished I'd twigged earlier as would have liked to have said hello. Sorry you were exposed to my hubby with his top off! 😳 Have a good trip. We had a great 6 days in Chester. Off to the Bridgewater now. X
  8. Hi Haggis. Just passed you in Stanthorne lock x
  9. Chickens, chocolate and polygomy - the holy trinity 😂
  10. We'll be passing through tomorrow so I'll keep my eyes open.
  11. I phone her most days - she has dementia so every time we speak I have to remind her we are away on the boat. Her long term memory is fantastic though and I think she was pleased to be able to answer a question. 💖
  12. I've just phoned her and she says not, that Quakers have to live within the law.
  13. I love this! Embodies the true nature of a discussion in my mind 😊 To continue this theme: my mum dated one of the Terry's of York heirs. She still has a lot of respect for the Quaker ethos.
  14. You beat me to it! I have also wondered how to key a non-slip area. Can any painters here advise?
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