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  1. IanD

    Brexit 2019

    Putting words into other people's mouths as usual, I see... On any issue that affects the lives of one group of people much more strongly than another, their opinions should be given more weight. This applies to disabled people, LGBTQ people, pregnant women, and in cases like this -- Brexit, as well as climate change -- young people's lives will be much more affected for far longer than old people. If you think this means their views on either subject should be ignored or given less weight than "the voice of experience", you're part of the problem. Saying this is not ageism...
  2. IanD

    Brexit 2019

    I didn't put any interpretation on it, I just presented the results. Young people would say that their view is more important than old people on this because they've got to live most of their lives with the consequences of Brexit, and are much less financially secure against any adverse consequences of it. Many liberal-minded older people agree with them, though the results suggest they're outnumbered by ones who don't, like certain people on this thread 😉
  3. IanD

    Brexit 2019

    I was expecting peterboat to say that, but you'll do 🙂
  4. IanD

    Brexit 2019

    You just can't resist having a dig, can you? I'd say that graph just shows how average intelligence declines with age. I suspect you'd say the reverse... 😉
  5. IanD

    Brexit 2019

    https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2019/05/17/labour-and-tories-lose-majority-support-brexit-pro Brexit + UKIP 38%, Labour 15%, Conservative 9%, (LibDem+Green+Change)=31%, "Other"=7% -- even if we assume all the "Other" 7% are Remain, it's a dead heat. Of course if Labour came out in favour of remain that would change... Of 2017 Conservative voters only 20% will stay with 65% voting (Brexit+UKIP)=Leave and 12% voting (LibDem+Green+Change)=Remain. Of 2017 Labour voters only 35% will stay with 16% voting (Brexit+UKIP)=Leave and 43% voting (LibDem+Green+Change)=Remain This graph also says a lot about who is in favour of Brexit or not depending on age...
  6. That was what the Silver Shadow was going to be called as the successor to the Silver Cloud. RR had printed all the brochures and prepped the demo car ready for the launch at the Frankfurt motor show when somebody pointed out the problem a few days beforehand. Cue frantic scramble to reprint all the material and make new badges... BTW I've spent a lot of time in the past working with Huawei and visiting them in China, and they pronounce it "Hwaar-way" -- the first syllable does start with an H sound but it's combined with the W not pronounced separately.
  7. There's a limit to how much more efficient solar cells can get -- maybe at most 50% better then now -- at a reasonable cost. The real issue is that in the UK the average amount you can get from solar panels is far below the peak because of our weather, and there's an obvious limit to how much panel area you can get on a narrowboat. The consequence is that for most people these don't give enough energy for propulsion, so either a generator or plug-in charging is needed. In the first case you might as well have a diesel engine, and the infrastructure for the second case is unlikely to ever get installed on the canals due to cost vs. demand. It's a pity because narrowboats have none of the problems with battery size/weight/range that cars have, they would be a natural fit for battery power if the charging issue was resolved.
  8. The real space problem in narrowboats isn't height but width, and this is the hardest thing to expand. It's not like a mobile home or caravan where you can simply slide part of the entire body down to floor level sideways, because any extending section would have to be well above (10 inches?) the waterline with a solid hull below this, which means getting on for three feet above internal floor level. Even for a bed this is pretty restrictive, and for living space it's pretty much useless.
  9. IanD

    Brexit 2019

  10. IanD


    It's not a Stirling engine, it uses a conventional Cummins diesel -- as does the 120kVa one, I've no idea why they have "stirling" in the titles...
  11. Venison, yum yum. Used to send the kids to school with packed lunches, they wound up the other kids by replying "Bambi" when asked what was in their sarnies. Or even better, "Bambi's mum" 😉
  12. As you say Pete's playing melodeon in that photo -- and I think that's his sousaphone in the corner, not his tuba. He usually used the tuba because it was much easier to prop up when he wasn't playing it, the sousaphone had a habit of falling over. Like some of the musicians after too much beer...
  13. Yeah, nice regular beat. Exactly unlike Colonel... 😉
  14. The fiddle player is Roger Rowe, box player at the front is Lester Bailey, Simon Trapp on bodhran... On a related subject, if you ever want a musical challenge try playing along to an idling Bolinder 😉
  15. Indeed it was, we used to have regular music sessions there with Pete Thompson (COLONEL) on tuba, we also used the Swan in Denham -- you can see Pete here in the back corner, I'm at the back next to a certain Andy Cutting years before he became a folkie superstar 😉
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