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  1. I have had my boat craned out and blacked at both Willowbridge and Saul, and had a good experience at both, for what it's worth.
  2. We had a great experience there recently too!
  3. I agree about the Basingstoke, but also the railway bridge at Roydon on the Stort. At Roydon there was a widebeam, beautifully painted in cream. The water level was high, and he couldn't get under the bridge, so started hacking of the roof rails. I made a comment, and he said he'd just sold it, was delivering it, and if he gave it another lick of paint, the new owner would never notice!!!!!
  4. It was about a year ago.
  5. Last time I came through that lock I was single handed. You have to leave the boat at the other side of the road bridge, walk up a lane, cross the road bridge then set the lock. This I did, but when I got back to the boat and pootled to the lock, a helpful person had closed the gate, presumably thinking that some idiot had left it open. Well I had, but on purpose! The boat and I were of course hidden under the bridge! I called out to people, and eventually someone noticed me and re opened the gate.....
  6. I've just filled in the form. Such a good idea!
  7. Ian, you can come in mine when we finally get there! x
  8. I have a friend who grew up in Camden quite near to the canal. He tells me that in the 60's it was fenced of, and full of bricks, old tyres and dead dogs. I cruised through that area 2-3 years ago, and it was a delight! I have too often wondered when were these good old days?
  9. There was a very similar looking boat at Hungerford on Sunday which had just been painted white very messily. The brass mushroom vents also painted. The paint was so fresh that you could smell it as you walked the towpath. It was still there on Monday morning when I left. I have a photo of the boat, but from a distance. The stern certainly looks similar. If it is the same boat it's heading away from the Thames.
  10. I have had no problems finding mooring - lots of towpath. If you want to be on visitor moorings with rings etc, then you will have a lot less choice. I use a combination of Pearson's and satellite mapping on line to plan ahead - especially where to stop near easy parking. Many people use a plank with a hole in each end so you can pin it to the bank and tie it to your boat. Saves it floating away - there is a flow of water on much of the canal as the rivers join the canal often. Have fun!
  11. The lock keeper at Caen Hill on the K&A has been the same chap for years and years he told us.
  12. The photo of the removal is only a few yards from where I saw it moored, so I don't think the contractors moved it more than those few yards.
  13. I saw it twice, with a chap working on it. It was a few yards away from the tunnel on the non towpath side, and was an obstruction. It didn't look very stable at all. I thought at the time it was an accident waiting to happen, and was pleased next time I cycled along there that it had gone. All that was left were a couple of Foxtons signs by the bins.
  14. Thanks, How are you? Sitting in the boat happily, fire's on, all is well! xx
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