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  1. I agree. I think long lines are good when single handing! Especially in places like those huge locks on the Severn, but I find them useful everywhere. Yes, mine are always attached.
  2. Just to add, that the rule on the Thames is to turn your engine off in locks and tie both ends. I can recommend this, as I fell in Sunbury Lock, and if I had been single handing, and the prop had been moving, I might not be here typing this! I now do this in every lock!
  3. I've done that, but my boat is only 23'..... The lower Grand Union towards the Thames isn't a great place for mooring, unless it's changed greatly in the past 6 years. The basin at Brentford is fine, and you're near shops there. Lots of places to moor on the Thames, but often time limited. If you have time, go down the Wey Navigation and the Basingstoke Canals. Well worth it, but mooring is not quite as easy, and again time limited. Loads of places to stop on K&A, but be sure you have a gangplank, or be prepared to jump! Many folks down there have a hole in their plank so they can pin it in place, as it's hard to get close into the side. I went all the way to the Bristol Floating Harbour. It's such a great canal for Kingfishers! Have a great trip!
  4. I don't know that for sure. Their crane could get high enough I think, having seen it in action, but perhaps their yard might be a bit tight in space for manoeuvring a lorry.
  5. And Armada / Falls Bridge Wharf.
  6. That Ian, is a high bar! Whitby fish and chips are amazing!
  7. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the help and advice. The lathe has a new home! Mary
  8. Thanks so much for your help. I need it to go to a good home, but can't just give it away.......
  9. I have no clue. I didn't know the lathe was there until Bill had died, and I started clearing the house.
  10. Here are photos of the lathe. I think my cousin must have been servicing it. He loved taking stuff apart and putting it back together! I will be going to the house again at the weekend, so will get photos of any tools. He was also a great cyclist, competing in his younger days, so there are some other tools too!
  11. Thanks. Please spread the word. It's not something I would ever use. I know that he loved it! Still can't figure out how to reduce the picture sizes to post on here though....
  12. Hi Everyone, My cousin was a tool maker, and unfortunately has passed away. I am his executor, and am very keen to sell his Myford 10 lathe, and so I'm hoping someone on the forum will be interested. I will add pictures of the actual lathe, but here is a link that Myford sent me, so you can see their info about the model. http://www.lathes.co.uk/myfordml10/ The lathe is attached to a Black and Decker workmate, which will be included. There are some tools, which I'll list separately, as I have no pictures at the moment of the tools. The lathe is still in his house in Birmingham B10. Collection would be ideal, although I would be happy to deliver within reason, although I would need help to get it into my car. It's very heavy!!! I will add photos of the lathe soon. I need to reduce them as they are too large. Please PM me with your number, and I will give you a call. Thanks!
  13. We became grounded a few times, even in our Springer which copes with just about any depth of water. Grounded to the point that we had to ask for help from passing cyclists, use ropes to pull and push to free the boat. That kind of thing. We were the first boat in one year after the winter, so many of the pounds were very low, but so were the several above, so not a matter of just running down some water. The Warden was very helpful. He had to follow us around anyway to "tickle" the locks to seal them. Fascinating to watch. He raised sediment up the lock gates to fill gaps, in much the same way as the old boaters used ash.
  14. We loved both, although the Basingstoke was harder work due to the low water levels. Worth the effort though!
  15. I used to visit there every summer with my lovely Uncle who passed away this year. Very happy memories with him, and cycling it with my kids. Beautiful area!
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