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8 Hairy Feet

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  1. 8 Hairy Feet

    Issues around Leeds ?

    "Don't tell Titus"
  2. 8 Hairy Feet

    Issues around Leeds ?

    You would have to go through down to Leeds before 4 pm, may e earlier if they don't know you're coming. The manned locks as above. Leeds you can Moor at Granary Wharf it's right against the train station and busy /noisy. Or at Leeds Dock (moori g there an unknown quantity to me) it's further down 1 lock. This is Leeds lock it's a right pain to get on /off your boat. Personally I'd do what Susan and Nigel suggest... I'd Moor outside The Barge. Hth
  3. 8 Hairy Feet

    Beast from the East - possibly

    Ah that explains it. Spent loads of time in Llangoed, Mon but the weather there is completely different. You're in a lovely area!
  4. 8 Hairy Feet

    Beast from the East - possibly

    Where about are you? If you don't mind saying.
  5. 8 Hairy Feet

    Insurance for Dog

    As with anything like this... Its a gamble in a way (the insurers seem to always win)... One thing to bear in mind that some insurances give public protection insurance for your dog which could be important to some. Personally, I've given up with paying it after due consideration of present circumstances.
  6. 8 Hairy Feet


    There is a world of difference between locks as a "fashion choice" and locks worn by a conscious man or woman. Personally I don't have a problem with anybody wearing their hair(or lack of same) as they choose.
  7. 8 Hairy Feet

    Thought for the day, one only.

    "There is a crack in everything, That's how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen
  8. 8 Hairy Feet

    Research into boating alone

    Aw but she is sweet Mac ? perfect size for boating too!
  9. 8 Hairy Feet

    Seals on the Ouse

    oh that's sweet...what a lovely fat seal with a winning smile!
  10. 8 Hairy Feet

    Where have all the Hippies gone?

    Hebden Bridge
  11. 8 Hairy Feet

    What’s he cooked?

    He looks like he is enjoying the smell from his own fart.
  12. 8 Hairy Feet

    Where have all the kingfishers gone?

    Oh I saw one at Uppermill on The Hudds last month...
  13. 8 Hairy Feet

    Leeds and Liverpool (advice appreciated)

    It is lovely...I like to take the dogs for a paddle in The Aire . Also like The Dalesman Cafe and Sweet Emporium...dog friendly,nice cake.
  14. 8 Hairy Feet

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

    Yikes ! But also great photo!
  15. 8 Hairy Feet

    The kindness of strangers

    Always so heartening and one of the things that makes the cut special .

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