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  1. Your Sara is lovely. I'm enjoying reading your evocative writing...and photos too.
  2. There's never anybody about either... Its dull, the only time I've been in there is on foot to see a play on the water. Don't like mooring at Granary Wharf either... Prefer to go Woodlesford or Rodley.
  3. He'll be just fine, a new adventure for him and you too. Just make sure he can't get out exploring on his own during all the coming and going. Hope your move goes smoothly.
  4. Has your doggo woken you up for breakfast a wee bit early this morning?
  5. C&RT are the licence holder for abstraction (lucrative) :2/27/11/160 issued on 21/91/2008.
  6. I've had an email from my friend at the EA... In essence it's not clear where The University is discharging the water, its quite complicated. If anyone wants further info pm me as some of what I've been told is confidential.
  7. Grandma Pollards for me too... Their meat pies are fine also. Weird opening times though. Edit... Now permenantly closed... Tony has retired, more sad news.
  8. I wish I could give you The Biggest Hug.
  9. You would have to go through down to Leeds before 4 pm, may e earlier if they don't know you're coming. The manned locks as above. Leeds you can Moor at Granary Wharf it's right against the train station and busy /noisy. Or at Leeds Dock (moori g there an unknown quantity to me) it's further down 1 lock. This is Leeds lock it's a right pain to get on /off your boat. Personally I'd do what Susan and Nigel suggest... I'd Moor outside The Barge. Hth
  10. Ah that explains it. Spent loads of time in Llangoed, Mon but the weather there is completely different. You're in a lovely area!
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