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8 Hairy Feet

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  1. 8 Hairy Feet

    Research into boating alone

    Aw but she is sweet Mac ? perfect size for boating too!
  2. 8 Hairy Feet

    Seals on the Ouse

    oh that's sweet...what a lovely fat seal with a winning smile!
  3. 8 Hairy Feet

    Where have all the Hippies gone?

    Hebden Bridge
  4. 8 Hairy Feet

    What’s he cooked?

    He looks like he is enjoying the smell from his own fart.
  5. 8 Hairy Feet

    Where have all the kingfishers gone?

    Oh I saw one at Uppermill on The Hudds last month...
  6. 8 Hairy Feet

    Leeds and Liverpool (advice appreciated)

    It is lovely...I like to take the dogs for a paddle in The Aire . Also like The Dalesman Cafe and Sweet Emporium...dog friendly,nice cake.
  7. 8 Hairy Feet

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

    Yikes ! But also great photo!
  8. 8 Hairy Feet

    The kindness of strangers

    Always so heartening and one of the things that makes the cut special .
  9. 8 Hairy Feet

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Have a great time everybody☺️
  10. 8 Hairy Feet

    Dogs with epilepsy.

    Yes , my first dog Sloopy the black lab, he was a street dog, only young but came into the house to die from canine distemper. He didn't die and lived with me for 15 year(still miss him) the distemper left him with Epilepsy and a twitch. He had Epilin to control his fits very successfully. Eventually the nerve damage repaired itself and he stopped fitting naturally and also twitching. I could tell when he was going to have a fit by the way he behaved; He looked spacey and spooked before it would happen. I lost him at Glastonbury once (when you could take dogs) He must have realised he was going to have a fit and managed to get the tent zip up and got out before I could get out of my sleeping bag...it took me about 2 hours to find him!
  11. 8 Hairy Feet


    It was when they were trying to re-water it after 26e had been sorted...there seemed to be a leak round about 29/30 so all the water disappeared! The lads from Land and Water gleefully told me "OO you won't be going anywhere". Overnight it sealed itself up somehow and rewatered, but I did see C&RT arriving with sandbags and clay to deal with the issue but i'd moved by then.
  12. 8 Hairy Feet


    Just done it...h*ecking hard work but deffo worth the effort.I very much liked Uppermill. The no water situation.
  13. 8 Hairy Feet

    "Piano Raft"

    Ah well that makes sense ... a tow! Thank you. Well I guess I wish him luck on the rest of his venture.
  14. 8 Hairy Feet

    Don't you just hate it when .......

    You are doing him a bamboozle.
  15. 8 Hairy Feet

    "Piano Raft"

    Yes I suppose fair play to him , he's doing what he said he would I shouldn't be so judgemental really .

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