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8 Hairy Feet

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  1. They look really good... I'm impressed ☺️
  2. You've got me singing... "Whose pigs are these?" ☺️
  3. Nooo... They're good at dealing with garden pests.... I saw some footage a few years ago of a great big gang of Runner Ducks on their way to work on some arable crops.
  4. This ^ Dogs tend to go back to where they last saw you. I hope you get them back, they look lovely.
  5. Ah what a sweet wee boat 😊
  6. Er... Yes they are by some hire companies. The paddle gear can be stiff and even if you know how to drop it, it isn't going to happen as quickly as it might.
  7. Isn't it just. I always feel so sad for the folks hoping to have a pleasant boating holiday for it to end like that. It can all go so horribly wrong very quickly. Oh that's next to where the fuel yard is
  8. Hehe... This is true, but so near to God's Own County that it basks it the glory that is Yorkshire?
  9. Shire are a good company to use, they actually take you through locks when you first start. They have 2 bases one at Sowerby Bridge, one at Barnoldswick (Barlick). The boats are good and well equipped. Also,its Yorkshire... So a win, win situation. I might be a little biased. ? 8HF
  10. I like that The Timpson Group actively recruit from ex offenders... Its probably one of the best ways to prevent re-offending.
  11. Sometimes a moored boat is a good sign that you can get in around that spot where you might have silting elsewhere...
  12. Pleased to read that you got back OK. Not a good day weather wise so you made good progress. All my best wishes for a speedy recovery and hopefully we will catch up soon. 8HF ?
  13. Second vote for The Leeds and Liverpool up around Skipton, its very scenic not too busy, The Bingley Rises are good fun and the children are welcomed to help under the supervision of The Lockies. Silsden Boats, Shire and others do hire round there. Have a lovely holiday.
  14. Do you know about Beryl Burton? If not,you should check her out!
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