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  1. We draw 32.5 inches static as previously mentioned. We rarely have a problem. Just come up from Fazeley nearly to Liverpool via Birmingham and the Shroppie. The only place we had the tiniest problem was on the exit from Barton tunnel (or was it the other one) - aground right in the middle of the cut. It was a disaster and took me at least 30 seconds to get going again. Southern Stratford, S Oxford, Macc, Caldon etc all fine. Llangollen near the top, a bit challenging! Ditto Hud Narrow, but mostly due to low water levels.
  2. If it is not in writing in the policy, it is not enforceable. Piling hooks are a common and normal way to moor a boat and so could not be considered “reckless”. Personally I would always use chains though. And anyway, even if you did use mooring hooks and one did come undone, what is the worst that could happen? If you boat goes on fire/sinks/is stolen and happens to have been on hooks, it would not be a valid reason to refuse the claim. If it was on hooks on a river in flood, well possibly.
  3. As you say, the problem is a blocked vent. On our boat there is a detachable panel behind the steps that gives access to the pipework. I would imagine yours is the same. It would be odd to totally seal in the plumbing.
  4. nicknorman

    Power Design

    I would just get a decent inverter-charger (Combi) by Mastervolt or Victron. These will pass through mains power when connected -whilst keeping the batteries charged -, or invert from battery to supply mains when shore power not connected. You could add solar panels, setting the controller’s voltage above the Combi’s charge voltage so they took priority - but I question whether it would be worth the cost, hassle or ugliness for a boat primarily on shore power. Generally it is a hassle to have 2 separate mains supplies, some things will not work when not on shore power. The only exception would be for things that you don’t want to work when not on shore power. For us, that is nothing. But some people like to have the immersion heater only working on shore power. What happens is that the supply comes onto the boat, into the Combi, out of the Combi and then to the consumer unit and sockets etc. You can choose to connect the immersion heater either to the Combi input (only works on shore power) or Combi output (works on shore power or inverter).
  5. There’s a sign above the middle right balance beam!
  6. Yes a little deeper than average. But on the other hand, our boat built in 2011 is 32.5 inches. At least it doesn’t go sideways in the wind unlike most modern bathtubs, and you can swing a big prop which is efficient.
  7. Definitely correct! Sis in law lives in Perth - we’ve never liked it. Dull dull dull.
  8. When you head north out of Englandshire you do get into a bit of a dead zone. Things get better when you go further north or east.
  9. Yes but with 2 things to go wrong (inverter or mains fridge) as opposed to one (12v fridge) the chances of drowning in tears is increased.
  10. I’m remembering that last time we passed, there was a large population of what looked like Syrian refugees hanging out. All were friendly. So it is not them that are the problem, it is the local white feral parentless bored yoof.
  11. Yes unfortunately it’s not a place I would consider night stopping at.
  12. Well no, I disagree. Our boat was more than 1/2 the year on shore power, rest of the time we cruise for 6-8 hours a day every day with a good modern alternator set to 14.5v or so. Never got anywhere near 50% DoD (until much capacity was lost). Both sets of cheapos lost capacity significantly after 6 months. Perhaps it is luck of the draw and/or the exact nature or the brand.
  13. It’s not just about power consumption, it’s also about resilience. How much sobbing are you going to do when your inverter packs up and you have to revert to blocks of ice being towed down from the Arctic?
  14. Next time just lift the scooter out of the way! Never mind, Marple flight is lovely.
  15. Passed a succession of historic boats today (3 or 4) between Anderton and Preston Brook, they were finally escaping from the Rochdale / Hebden. All driven well and populated by cheerful friendly people. So it is dangerous to generalise!
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