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  1. nicknorman

    Battery Isolator Switch

    Blue seas is one of the best makes. Perhaps the environment is particularly damp or subject to acidic battery fumes? Anyway, I would suggest not having an isolator for the Combi. We don’t. Just have a fuse which, on the very rare occasions you need to switch it off, can be removed. In the 7 years we’ve had out boat, I have de-powered the Combi only twice - once when I added a Mastershunt into the system and once when I replaced the ordinary leisure batteries with Trojan 6v ones and had to redo the wiring.
  2. nicknorman

    Minworth embankment repair

    I think one clue is that there is mention of 300 tonnes or so of rocks etc being put into the canal, with only 100 tonnes being removed. In other words, 200 tonnes of material added to a stretch of a few 10s of yards on what was already a pretty shallow stretch. Basic maths tells me it’s going to end up a lot shallower than it started! I wonder how they measure the expected depth after refilling? These days, with rotary laser levels being ubiquitous, you would think it quite easy to put the level in the middle of the canal bed, raised so that the beam cuts the water line on the piling etc, and then wander about with a marked stick and see where the beam cuts it. They must have known, before refilling, that there would be less than 0.8m depth or if not, they should have! And please pass back to Richard that even after the 4 day stoppage, there remains a small adjacent area mid-channel that is 0.8m or less, with a very hard bottom. Although conceivably some new debris added, it seems unlikely to be such as its mid channel and away from any bridges etc. Most probably a little pile of the rocks. We became completely stuck (boat not moving with full throttle reverse or forward) until the lock was drained. Would have been a little embarrassing as we were both on the boat!
  3. nicknorman

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Not the best start!
  4. nicknorman

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Now pissing down in central Birmingham. It must be BCN Challenge weekend!
  5. nicknorman


    You are implying that there are only 2 models, the U.K. system and the US system. I suggest that in fact there are many other models. You also say that everyone is “theoretcially covered”. Hmmm well perhaps eventually, but for example the wait for NHS mental health care in my own area of Grampian has recently been reported as bad as 607 days. Perhaps you think those people are “covered” but nearly 2 years later they may disagree. Or be dead.
  6. nicknorman


    Anyway, back vaguely on topic, I agree that the NHS should be properly funded, HOWEVER just like all previous nationalised industries it is incredibly inefficient and incredibly badly run. Currently I’m feeling that a privatised NHS might be better. The money saved by being run competently will more than make up for the money diverted to share holders.
  7. nicknorman

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Why didn’t you pull the rest out? You would have had at least 50 to choose from! Yes Asda is adjacent and they seem to take no steps to prevent their trolleys ending in the cut, often from the footbridge.
  8. nicknorman

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Spotted and jotted and definitely not sabotaged...
  9. nicknorman

    Minworth embankment repair

    2’ 8.5” static (and we were only at tickover). I think there is a pile of stones there and probably if I had been a few feet towards the towpath I’d have missed it.
  10. nicknorman

    Not One But Two Dangerous Incidents. Stoke Lock.

    Maybe a complaint directly to HSE would make them take notice?
  11. nicknorman

    Minworth embankment repair

    No, but I suppose I should do... Edit: I have now!
  12. nicknorman

    Blacking with Two Pack Epoxy

    I’m a fan of epoxy. We had our boat blasted and 2-packed in 2012. We took the boat out in 2016 but it didn’t really need it. We jet washed it and, having removed the green stuff and mud, you couldn’t really see where the water line was. Certainly no hint of rust except on the rubbing strakes. I see so many boats with conventional blacking that are rusty at the waterline. A bit of diesel or oil in the water seems enough to dissolve it!
  13. nicknorman

    Running Vacuum Cleaner of Inverter

    We have 450 AH of decent batteries and leave the inverter on 24/7. So I don’t notice any significant drain on the batteries. Something like a vacuum, even though it might use a fair bit of power whilst it’s on, isn’t on for very long (unless you have OCD or something) and so the overall energy or AH demand is not much.
  14. nicknorman

    Running Vacuum Cleaner of Inverter

    It depends on the vacuum cleaner. We have a Mastervolt 2500w inverter but it struggled to start our small Dyson. As the Dyson spun up, the inverter would trip out several times although once running, it was OK. I didn't think it would be very good for the inverter so we always used the Travelpower instead, and now have a rechargeable Dyson instead. I think it all depends on the type of motor - some have very high start-up current demands.
  15. nicknorman

    boat chairs

    We have a narrowboat. We have Poang chairs. So not really an issue space-wise. I’m sure there are smaller chairs, but not with the same combination of comfort and value for money.

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