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  1. nicknorman

    Changing Pig Tails

    They say regulators should be changed every 10 years but I think it depends on the environment as to whether that is actually necessary.
  2. nicknorman

    Tv licence dilemna

    Yes however it is an issue or not depending on the quality of the equipment you are listening with. I suggest that using a car radio or portable radio, the difference is pretty undetectable. And of course this is why vinyl is enjoying a comeback - even the bitrate on a CD is not great if you are an audiophile.
  3. nicknorman

    Alternator wiring

    Excellent and thanks for reporting back. Regarding the solar, if you need to disconnect it from the battery you can either fit a switch/isolator between the panels and the controller, or simply cover the panels with blankets, duvets etc. Or only disconnect in the dark or in tunnels! Since it seems unlikely that you would want to turn it off more than very occasionally (eg when replacing the batteries) I suggest that the blankets/duvet/dark is a perfectly acceptable solution.
  4. nicknorman

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Just checked on the restoration of the Rochdale. There were indeed some culverted sections around failsworth. Whether they were actually built on is unclear, but why else would you culvert a section?
  5. nicknorman

    Diesel on the T&M and Staffs & Worcs

    I’m quite sure that they do service the odd boat! Maybe by pre-arrangement? Which is too much hassle for passing trade. Clearly you like them. But equally I can only say as I find which was a complete failure in 2 visits out of 2. I can’t really see why a random visit by a passing boater not in the local clique would be any different to our experience. When on the fuel station, there is still room for another boat to pass. As to the one way system well perhaps that might be a pain for residents (though I can’t really see that having to go out and come back in again is a huge hassle) but for passing trade it is a non-issue.
  6. nicknorman

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    The Hud narrow was certainty culverted around Stalybridge, but I think the post equally and more accurately applies to the Rochdale.
  7. nicknorman

    Tv licence dilemna

    DAB on my car radio works fine. It is true that when I drive cross-country in the Highlands, the radio sometimes automatically and seamlessly switches to FM, but equally the FM goes off at a couple of deep remote valleys too, so it is a hard test. Around town, on trunk roads etc DAB is flawless.
  8. nicknorman

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Don’t think so. If only the Hud narrow were 3 foot 3 deep!
  9. nicknorman

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    The northern canals aren’t really navigable, are they!
  10. nicknorman

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Thanks, will look out for that. It will be later in the week before we start up so the situation should be clearer. edit:currently nothing showing on the stoppages.
  11. nicknorman

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Thanks. We are picking Jeff’s mum and dad up on Monday late morning at Marsden Station, then setting off through the tunnel probably around 12- 13:00 (I’ve negotiated a late transit with CRT chaps at the tunnel). Monday night probably at Uppermills or Roaches depending on how long it takes to plough through the low pounds and locks! Then nightstop at Portland Basin area on Tuesday night, starting down the Ashton on Wednesday morning. I guess we will just do a shortish day and stop at Thomas Telford basin prior to starting the Big Climb on Thursday morning. I’ll PM you my phone number and email.
  12. nicknorman

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Well Hud 9E isn’t going to be open soon. We visited by bus today. Lots of barriers up and H&S signs (along with nice poetry on the balance beam) but no sign of any workers at 15:45 and still a big hole. We are booked back through the tunnel on Monday so thence down hill and, following all the positive reports (and blotting out the negative ones with fingers in ears and “blah blah blah”) we will go for the Rochdale.
  13. nicknorman

    Diesel on the T&M and Staffs & Worcs

    Of course it is perfectly possible to get on and off the Services pontoon, but as I said it’s badly designed, especially compared say to Aston which is more like a “drive through”. Any marina has good and bad reports, but it seems to me that GH has more than its fair share of bad ones.
  14. nicknorman

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Thanks. If and when we manage to get over the Pennines we’ll come back via the Trent.
  15. nicknorman

    Diesel on the T&M and Staffs & Worcs

    We have visited twice. Once to look at buying a boat. We were made to feel fairly unwelcome, having arrived by boat they made a fuss about where we could moor even though no-one was on or wanting the service area pontoon (which is badly designed in terms of getting on and off it). In the end we were grudgingly allowed. But we then waited around for 30 mins to see someone about a boat, no-one was interested in us so eventually we left not having seen the boat. We just felt a generally hostile atmosphere as if we, the customer, were a nuisance. Then a couple of weeks ago we foolishly stopped by to get a new Nicholson’s book 5. Mid week, high season. Doors were locked and lights out with a sign on the door saying closed for lunch 13:00 to 14:00 but it was only 12:50. If you are going to advertise times of opening you should stick to them. Again, gives an impression of not valuing customers. Two strikes out of two visits and you’re out as far as I’m concerned.

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