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  1. Something has gone terribly wrong with the organisation of the event. There is no torrential rain forecast! Surely torrential rain is a fundamental part of any BCN challenge?
  2. My point remains that if indeed the fuse is blown, something that should be working isn’t working. Maybe you should check the fuse again?
  3. You should review how an RCD works. I’m sure you don’t want to take my word for it but please check and be sure of your ground before arguing about an important safety feature. An RCD works by comparing the L and N currents. If they are not equal within 30mA or so it trips. Without an NE bond a piece of equipment could have a L E short or an N E short and you would be none the wiser. With an NE bond a LE short would trip the MCB and a NE short would trip the RCD. Going back to your first post, what happens if you replace the apparently blown clip-in fuse? Fuses are there for a reason, if one is blown then something isn’t working. The NE bond isn’t working. Putting 2 and 2 together...
  4. If the L and N are floating with respect to E, which it seems they are, then whilst I can’t comment on “it is indeed working as it should be” I refute “that there’s no problem with it”. There is a problem, which is that the RCD (hopefully) fitted after the inverter and before the sockets, might as well not be there as it will be ineffective.
  5. I suspect it doesn’t matter too much whether pulling side or pushing side. The important thing is to have a discontinuity ie sudden change of angle, rather than a curve or worse a taper to nothing (sharp) blade.
  6. On the suction side. Ie the front. https://hydrocompinc.com/wp-content/uploads/documents/HC138-SingingPropellers.pdf
  7. Wot Wotever said! With 88v between N and E, the reverse polarity light is bound to be on, even if not at full brightness. You will also note that L+E plus E+N does not equal L+N, showing that the inverter output is pretty much floating. Protection by the RCD is thus lost. You need to enable the NE bond setting in the inverter or repair it if broken.
  8. Yes, however the wiring between the batteries etc looks too thin.
  9. Yes, when referring to the battery interconnect cables and suchlike, 25 mm sq is the minimum. BSS para 3.2.2
  10. We haven't participated for a few years because this time of year is prime Scottish gliding time. However my mother (age 96), who lives in Alcester (near Stratford upon Avon) is rather unwell and we will be down visiting her. So we will be in the vicinity, but not participating. How annoying is that! Anyway, perhaps we will make it to the finish by car to say hello and cause some trouble... Hope to see some folk there. Is there beer? (silly question, hopefully).
  11. You are right, I am the first to mention nutters and looneys. I was reacting to a point about everyone thinking they were sane. My interpretation of that is that those suffering from mental illness might be considered insane - aka nutter and looney. But maybe I was over-sensitive to it.
  12. To be honest I think in that context, “reverse polarity” probably means of the batteries. But anyway, worth checking the points in my last post.
  13. Going back vaguely to the topic, it is interesting to observe that some less enlightened people near the start of the thread seem to be equating mental health with nutters and looneys, aka mad people. The point is that most people who suffer from mental health issues aren’t “mad” (psychotic), they probably suffer from anxiety, depression, phobias, bipolar etc. Yes it is “All in their minds” but it is no less powerful and debilitating for that.
  14. I’m wondering if it can be a neutral-earth bonding thing. Reverse polarity lights work by looking for voltage between N and E. If the NE bonding is not selected on the inverter setting, the L and N will be floating and perhaps another piece of equipment is tending to pull N away from E. Probably not with the full 230v or whatever, but with enough voltage to illuminate the light. If you are competent with live mains, I would measure the voltage between the N and E output terminals at the inverter. Using a voltmeter set to AC volts and with the inverter inverting. There should be zero volts. Whilst at it, check voltage between L and E - should be around 230v or whatever. I suppose it is possible that the rogue fuse you are concerned about, is in the NE bond circuit and since it has blown, the NE Bond is no longer in effect (just guessing). When on shore power, the NE bond is disconnected anyway.
  15. In our case, the singing came back after we got stuck on the CRT-provided rocks and stones below Minworth middle lock. This was about 7 years after we’d “fixed” the original problem. Prop received a number of nicks which brought the singing back. So I don’t think you can say that nicks accumulated over time will cure the problem necessarily.
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