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  1. nicknorman

    Victron Inverter with genny - settings?

    Does the BMC have some data link with the Combi? Otherwise, how can the latter know? Adaptive charging (with or without battery safe) seems to be problematic. For charging with a genny you definitely want fixed charging.
  2. nicknorman

    Moderator Vacancy

    Well have you applied? If not I think you are just attention seeking.
  3. nicknorman

    dictionary requires recalibration

    I find your post grossly offensive. I am outraged, Well, I’m sure there is sub-optimal sentence construction in there somewhere.😁
  4. nicknorman

    Birmingham Trip Boats

    Commercial vessels on inland canals do not have priority. One could argue that a hire boat is a commercial vessel, ditto a coal boat, hotel boat or any other floating trader. They don’t have priority. Only large commercial vessels have priority when it comes to deep water on large commercial waterways. Of course you may chose to grant them priority, but they don’t have it by right.
  5. nicknorman

    Birmingham Trip Boats

    My pont was that I have seen a woman trainer/supervisor with a new recruit steerer, on a few occasions. As far as I know she is the only woman “boatmistress” working for them. According to the OP it was she steering (alone) who hit the boat. If she is the instructor and yet she can’t manage basic boating without crashery, as I said “there is no hope!”
  6. nicknorman

    Birmingham Trip Boats

    They’ve had a couple of new steerers recently, seen out with a woman training them. If it’s the same woman, there is no hope!
  7. nicknorman

    12v appliances when on shore power

    Well I didn’t exactly say they were the best. But I did say quite a lot about the pros and cons and discussed the issues. In other words, I showed my working!
  8. nicknorman

    12v appliances when on shore power

    I don’t think you can say that a Combi, containing as it does the circuitry for a charger and an inverter, is therefore twice as likely to go wrong as each individual separate item (charger and inverter). I’m not quite sure if you are saying that or not. Obviously is annoying if an expensive device like that fails, I can’t remember how old yours was but ultimately things do fail and that needs to be factored into the cost of boating. If your house automatic washing machine failed, would it be a good justification to go back to a separate washer and spin dryer? I think not. Of course there are arguments both ways, but I object to the earlier assertions that (by implication) only stupid people would have a Combi. In reality there is no clear cut best solution, which is why the proportion of newish boats having Combis vs separates are I suspect at best equalish, and most probably Combis predominate. Show your working as in what it says in maths exams! In other words, describe how you arrived at your conclusion rather than just stating what the conclusion is.
  9. nicknorman

    12v appliances when on shore power

    Can you show your working?
  10. nicknorman

    12v appliances when on shore power

    Anything can go wrong. An inverter can go wrong. A charger can go wrong. A Combi can go wrong. Is there any data that shows a Combi is inherently less reliable than an inverter or a charger? I don’t think so! Reliability of such gadgets is probably mostly determined by brand and even more by luck. Our Combi has been on nearly continuously for over 7 years so even if it does go wrong (which of course is an inevitability given enough time) I consider that the convenience far outweighs any (alleged, and backed by no evidence) claims that separates are more reliable.
  11. nicknorman

    12v appliances when on shore power

    People run their engines in our marina, so I don’t see the point? Your exact same argument applies if you have a separate charger and it goes faulty, so having separates doesn’t remove this issue.
  12. nicknorman

    12v appliances when on shore power

    I disagree. I am a wise person and I don’t have separates. Most boats have alternate means of 12v charging such as engine or solar. If an inverter or Combi fails, you lose ac power when off shore power, doesn’t matter whether it is a separate or a Combi. If you have a Combi and it fails, yes you lose the charger too but then you have alternate means of keeping the batteries charged so it isn’t a big deal. What is gained from a Combi is seamless switching between shore power and inverter, much less wiring faff, no need for manual changeover switches etc and an ability for the AC system to provide more power than the shore breaker or generator limit. Therefore I consider this “must have separates” argument to be ill conceived and generally just a parroting of something someone else said, without actually having done any analysis of the facts.
  13. nicknorman

    Cuckoo Wharf

    Done it many times, never had a problem beyond a plakky bag. FLW!
  14. nicknorman

    Cuckoo Wharf

    Last time we passed (couple of weeks ago) there was just one boat moored at Cuckoo. With a bit of imagination (eg mooring to the dredging barge that is sometimes there) I think you would likely find somewhere. Otherwise, Star City or 3 locks up Aston on the offside at Crystal Wharf. Star City of course requires a 1/4 mile reverse unless you want to continue on via Garrison and Ashtead. Crystal Wharf is probably the most secure of that lot.
  15. nicknorman

    New boats need room sealed boilers?

    Ok fair enough but my point is really that if you DIY competently and nothing goes wrong, it seems highly unlikely that you would be prosecuted and thus challenged that you weren’t competent.

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