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  1. Thanks, lots of really interesting opinions. Ultimately, the best option seems like replacing my wooden doors with steel ones. I’m going to look into doing that. Thanks so much to everyone who’s shared their pearls of wisdom with me. Matt x
  2. Hi, thanks everyone for your help. I’ll definitely look into all your suggestions. Matt x
  3. Hi, I have a flimsy wooden front door with a padlock. I am looking to beef it up. I was thinking of getting a bar (maybe 2) that you can lock across the door. Does anyone know anyone who could make / fit these for me? My boat is around Berkhamsted on the GU. Alternatively. has anyone got any other suggestions? The doors are wooden and not thick enough to apply a proper lock. I could try steel doors? Wrought iron style metal gates? What d’you reckon? Thanks very much, Matt
  4. Thanks guys, sounds nice then. Just might be a bit busy. I think you have to wait until October 1st to apply for a CRT winter mooring - so I’ll get in soon after that. Cheers, Matt
  5. Hey All, I am thinking of winter mooring in Berkhampstead this year. Would you recommend it? Is it a nice place to while away the cold months? It seems close to town and has a water point nearby. So it seems to offer everything I would need. Thanks, Matt
  6. Great. Thanks. So ground paddle on boat side. Gate paddle on opposite side. Then Ground paddle. Then if needed the gate paddle on the boat side?
  7. Hi everyone, I have just arrived on the Grand Union and the locks have gate and ground paddles. Previously I have only ever done gate paddles on the K&A. How would you recommend tackling them? What order should I do the paddles for a smooth transit? Thanks very much, Matt
  8. Hi, sorry, I didn’t reply earlier, but thanks very much for all your advice. Matt x
  9. Hi, my roof is leaking. I am pretty sure it’s my mushroom vents. Can anyone recommend someone who can fit new ones for me? I am in and around the London area. Thanks so much, Matt
  10. Thanks very much. I will check that out.
  11. Hi all, I have tried to screw down my mushroom vents as far as they will go. But water still seem to be getting inside the vents and then leaking down the side of the ceiling. I have tied a hey plastic bag around the vents and that seems to work. If you can think of any better solutions, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, Matt
  12. Thanks. But the problem is surging backwards and forwards. It is being pushed across the lock and hitting boat on the opposite side to the one Iits being held.
  13. Yup. That is the way we are trying to do it. I think we need to keep the boat further back than we have been. Thanks.
  14. Hey Alan de Enfield. Thanks, will try. The sill I think is too pronounced though. In fact I know it is. I did the Caen Hill flight today and my boat hit the sill before the bow-button could stop me.
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