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  1. Hi, What’s the best way to remind ecscratched from the side of my boat? Does T-Cut work well? Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi, My water pump switches on for a couple of seconds when it feels like it. It just comes on, gives a quick BRRRRR and then switches itself back off again. Which is a tad annoying in the middle of the night. Any ideas? Thanks very much, Matt
  3. Hi, I have just got a Webasto heater. Struggling a bit with setting the timer. I can set it to come on. But how do you set it so it comes on every day at the same set time? Thanks, Matt
  4. Thanks very much. It’s really useful to know that.
  5. Hi, I am new to narrowboating. Do you use your ropes in locks? Some people seem to use their engines to hold station while others prefer to use their centre ropes? I was wondering what you would recommend. Also - should I use fenders or not? Thanks very much, Matt
  6. Hi, I don’t have any storage space in the bow of my boat. So, I’m looking to get metal lockers. I’d like them to be built in either side of the Well Deck. Otherwise a free-standing locker that fits right into the bow could work too. Help????? Thanks very much, Matt.
  7. Thanks, Jen. Do these keys help you unlock waterpoints etc..? Do you know where I can get them from? Also - if you can think of anything a newbie would really benefit from knowing/having before he hits the cut, I’d really appreciate it Me and my partner have done lots of research but I’m sure we’ve missed lots of stuff that would really help us. Very excited to be starting a new adventure. We’re picking up our boat on April 1st. Yes, not the best date perhaps but hey.... Thanks so much, Matt
  8. Hi, I’m a newbie who’s just bought a narrowboat. I have a hosepipe. What attachments do I need so I can fill her up from any water point I come across? thanks very much, matt
  9. Thanks. I will try and put a 12 volt socket on it. Or even a plug.
  10. Hi, I think so. I can buy a 3 pin 12 volt plug. But wouldn’t this still require my inverter?
  11. Hi there - I am thinking of using my 240 router on my inverter all the time. Some people say this is ok, some say it’ll drain my batteries. Are inverters very efficient now so leaving it on is fine? Or is that very wasteful? Thanks, Matt.
  12. Hi, I have just bought a Huawei B535 router. It comes with a 240 plug. Should I try and change this to a 12 volt plug? They seem to sell them on eBay. Or is it fine to leave it as 240 and run the inverter. What do you guys do? Or is there an altogether better way to hook it up? Thanks, Matt
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