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  1. IDS

    Prop size

    Clean up the boss near the stern tube, you often find the prop dia and pitch stamped into the brass
  2. Hot water rises and sits at the top of the calorifier, so you don't need to heat the whole tank before hot water is available from the immersion.
  3. I've used a very old roll of flashband ( > 15 yrs I think) onto perforated steel sheet and it worked very well. Applied with the help of a heat gun to soften it and a wallpaper edge roller to settle it in. Try it on a small test area to see if it bonds.
  4. IDS

    water pump being weird

    Does it only do it at night? - if so it could be the hot water in the calorifier cooling and contracting reducing the pressure. If the pump only blips on for a very short period it would seem you don't have an accumulator (expansion vessel) fitted ( or if you do have one then it has failed). With an accumulator working correctly then the pump will act for longer but far less frequently, if at all, in these conditions
  5. IDS

    Problem with mono bloc taps

    Had exactly this problem with the Daughters tap, filter in the end of the spout blocked with crud. Needed to unscrew the the end of the spout to get at the filter. Problem is solved by throwing away the plastic filter, retain the wire gauze diffuser.
  6. IDS

    Wireless thermometer

    For the money try one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Mini-Indoor-outdoor-External-electronic-Body-aquarium-Room-thermometer-UK-/123052801572 it's wired but claims to go to 100C
  7. IDS

    PRM gearbox fixer - stoke?

    Have you checked there is nothing caught round the prop ?
  8. IDS

    Help, Battrery explosion

    Don't forget the humble Hydrometer. Cheap as chips, easy to use, and gives a good idea of the state of charge of a lead acid battery. A bit more tedious than just reading a meter, but you get to know your batteries well, cell by cell, if used regularly.
  9. IDS

    LED Light flashing ???

    If you have a reputable supplier they should exchange under guarantee if only 4 month old.
  10. IDS

    A good Single Malt?

    Our local store with an online shop has a comprehensive stock and tasting guides for each. His prices can be considered high by supermarket standards but it provides a good baseline for comparisons. If you are in the area they do tasting evenings - highly recommended ! "The Wee Dram"
  11. IDS

    Thornycroft 90 belts

    I used these people who provide all you need to know to identify belt type required, and calculate length. Also seemed cheap to me (£2.90 for 1 and £1.60 for the other) www.beltingonline.com
  12. IDS

    Mildew under mattress

    Dry mat stuff worked for us. Also drilled a few 30mm holes in the base board, ~ 18 inch spacing
  13. IDS

    Canal du Midi

    We did Homps to Castlenaudary a couple of years ago on a very leisurely trip with plenty of time in Carcassonne. We used LeBoat and an 8 berth plastic palace, which had plenty of room for 5 of us. A couple of bikes were useful. Fly to Carcassonne, taxi or bus to Homps, train from Castlenaudary back to Carcassonne. Local bus for transfers to/from Airport/Carcassonne. Very enjoyable.
  14. IDS

    saniflo repair

    Is it running on AC or DC power? Our domestic 240v AC unit had a failed motor capacitor that prevented the motor starting, it just buzzed feebly. If the blades are mechanically jammed up it buzzes more aggressively until it cuts out thermally. Replacement capacitors from saniflo are extortionate, but equivalents are available (from China !)
  15. IDS


    If the behaviour is "hit and miss" as you say, it could be a loose electrical connection. With the room stat turned to max and the boiler lit, try moving the wires, in and out and side to side, where they go into the thermostat, the pump, or any connectors associated with them. Listen for the pump starting or stopping as you move the wires. If there is any effect, then get to the actual connection and tighten it up or mend the broken wire.

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