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  1. It depends on the type of trap you fit, the one illustrated is OK
  2. The trap allows the drain to exit the hull further up away from the waterline
  3. See the hints and tips page on the craftmaster website if you are considering the traditional coach painting route, a good summary of the various elements of the whole process. Others will advise various short cuts depending on the results you wish to achieve. On something the size of a narrowboat then get to know which power tools you will need to save time and elbow grease (eg angle grinder with clean and strip discs for rust, and RO sander for dealing with painting large panel areas, are typical minimum to save a lot of time) Most paints are british standard colours, but they all fade.
  4. I'd recommend debdale zinc spraying. Did our 1988 hull about 7 years ago.
  5. For the angle grinder method, where the dust is really unbelieveably bad, find someone to lend, or hire a positive pressure hood and visor. This provides fresh filtered air from a battery powered fan and filter normally worn on your waist and a flexi pipe to the visor to supply the air. When working in the tank the pipe is just long enough to position fan/filter outside the tank. Advantages are you can breath fresh air, you can see better, not so claustrophobic, and it keeps your face cool. It's still not a good experience but it is much better than without. Be prepared to spend a long time cl
  6. I've had a caving rope (low stretch - braided sheath) go very stiff, and I never got it to handle well after that even after washing. I have heard that fabric softener in the wash should help. I think it might be due to some kind of shrinkage of the braiding, in which case it is never going to improve.
  7. I have one of these table top fridges languishing in my garage you can have if you want. It is generic Chinese model,with compressor, that a lot of companies brand with their own label, retail about £80. The label claims A+efficiency. It has had 6 months use to keep our museum stewards milk in for their tea, then it went faulty and was replaced under warranty. They didn't want the old unit back. I put a replacement thermostat in it to fix it, and was holding it as a spare, but really have no use for it. PM me if you want it, it will be very cheap! (Can send a photo tomorrow.)
  8. IDS

    Water hammer

    Are your flexible pump connections "full bore" or are they typical tap connectors which have reduced bore in either pipe or fittings ?
  9. The drain tap typically doesn't get the last 10 litres out of the tank !
  10. There are a variety of 'pipe cleaning brush' products on EBAY,
  11. The reason your boat looks down at the stern is probably more to do with the water tank at the front being empty. Fill your tank and it will trim up. But while you have all the water drained to the stern, pump it out first.
  12. Have you contacted Plastimo customer service dept for repair advice, if its a common problem they should have a repair option.
  13. Over temperature warning may be a sounder not a lamp.
  14. Is it possible a previous owner had a new engine or gearbox fitted? So needed to relocate mounts
  15. Balance £250 against how much fuel is in the tank. You can either drain the tank from a drain point (if fitted), or just pump it out with a drill pump and a short length of hose, and send it to the tip for disposal. Large plastic containers are sometimes available from garages or boat yards for this (empty bulk oil delivery containers). Then put in some fresh fuel with a double dose of your chosen biocide additive. It worked for me. Rust flakes and larger particulates usually settle on the bottom of the tank, where they stay unless shaken up. The fuel delivery pipes usually draw from
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