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  1. A good Single Malt?

    Our local store with an online shop has a comprehensive stock and tasting guides for each. His prices can be considered high by supermarket standards but it provides a good baseline for comparisons. If you are in the area they do tasting evenings - highly recommended ! "The Wee Dram"
  2. Thornycroft 90 belts

    I used these people who provide all you need to know to identify belt type required, and calculate length. Also seemed cheap to me (£2.90 for 1 and £1.60 for the other) www.beltingonline.com
  3. Mildew under mattress

    Dry mat stuff worked for us. Also drilled a few 30mm holes in the base board, ~ 18 inch spacing
  4. Canal du Midi

    We did Homps to Castlenaudary a couple of years ago on a very leisurely trip with plenty of time in Carcassonne. We used LeBoat and an 8 berth plastic palace, which had plenty of room for 5 of us. A couple of bikes were useful. Fly to Carcassonne, taxi or bus to Homps, train from Castlenaudary back to Carcassonne. Local bus for transfers to/from Airport/Carcassonne. Very enjoyable.
  5. saniflo repair

    Is it running on AC or DC power? Our domestic 240v AC unit had a failed motor capacitor that prevented the motor starting, it just buzzed feebly. If the blades are mechanically jammed up it buzzes more aggressively until it cuts out thermally. Replacement capacitors from saniflo are extortionate, but equivalents are available (from China !)
  6. thermostat

    If the behaviour is "hit and miss" as you say, it could be a loose electrical connection. With the room stat turned to max and the boiler lit, try moving the wires, in and out and side to side, where they go into the thermostat, the pump, or any connectors associated with them. Listen for the pump starting or stopping as you move the wires. If there is any effect, then get to the actual connection and tighten it up or mend the broken wire.
  7. Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    Yes. The each shunt device is programmed with an address. The display then shows data from one device, and using a couple of button push operations, the display is switched to the other device. One advantage of the wireless connection ! Note I've not tested the wireless range in the boat environment yet. (e.g. shunt close to battery terminals under rear deck, display in cabin. there maybe a problem with a steel bulkhead in the way) With wireless connection you can move the display around easily without having to worry about wiring to the shunt. Depends on your wiring configuration. If your batteries are in a nice environment you may not have a problem, but mine are a bit vulnerable. Battery negative leads tend to be short to the common point between engine and domestic banks, that's where it would normally be located, to see both charge and discharge current. So yes, close to the -ve terminal. (or +ve terminal with a configuration change in the unit wiring) The mounting lugs on the plastic enclosure are really tiny and not suitable for purpose when you consider the size of the connecting battery cables on the studs, you will need to design a sensible mount, you cant let it float about on the cables. The device I ordered was a 200A model, however the shunt is stamped 300A 75mV, so not sure what the differences really are unless they sent me the wrong one. Not done a high current test yet, and anyway in my environment 75A should be max current. So with two big heat sinks (the cables) bolted to the terminals I'm not worried about heat dissipation , in my case, about 3w max.
  8. Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    With the wireless config, instal the shunts in the battery -ve leads. Then you only need a single fused +ve feed wire for the electronics. The display unit will monitor both shunts, selectable on the display if you wish. (ie each display can access both units) The electronics in the shunt retains the accumulated charge/discharge data so it is not lost if the display is turned off. In the unit I tested the current drain of the electronics in the shunt was 20mA, and in the display 60mA. Be aware the shunt packaging is crap and needs some sort of IP65 or better enclosure. Edit - the packaging of the display is also crap certainly not weatherproof.
  9. Winterizing

    Another vote for a drill pump, they're only a fiver for the cheap ones. Don't let them run dry though, even for a short time. Easy to connect to offcuts of standard poly hosepipe with hozelock fittings. Also useful for sampling a few liters of fuel from the bottom of the tank.
  10. Brittany Cruising

    We cycled a bit of the canal in this area, and it is very quiet and small compared to other waterway areas in France. Have stayed in Malestroit and visited Josselin, both very attractive Medieval small towns with lots of timbered buildings and interesting corners. The tourism offices have local information. Market day in Malestroit is Thursday, and Josselin Saturday. There is an interesting Museum of the French Resistance near Saint Marcel about 5 km from Malestroit if you have bikes.
  11. Spot Painting

    You need to paint the phospate treated areas eith a top coat as soon as possible anyway to keep out moisture. It might as well be green. See what it looks like and do a proper job next year if necessary.
  12. volt meter

    I couldn't resist, at £20 I've ordered one to play with....
  13. Water tanks (again)

    Wait for next summer. In the mean time look for a bitumen coating with WRAS approval for potable water tanks. This is the only guide to suitability. Expect the product to be more expensive as producers have to pay for the approval process. (the product may be identical with unapproved products, but you don't know) Vactan used to claim it was suitable for water tanks, not so sure about fertan, I used vactan as a bare metal treatment on rusty bits
  14. brown sludge in fresh water

    If you are draining the tank anyway, then open it up and see what is going on inside. Did you allow the bitumen to fully cure in fresh air before sealing it up. (depending on weather conditions and ventilation it may take a long time)