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  1. I have been reading up on lime mortars as we have a lock cottage and the outbuildings needed repointing in places. I used premixed mortars from Limestuff Ltd. This worked OK, was very easy to use etc. I had no need to match the original mortar as the building have been painted, but I found several suppliers offer a mortar analysis service perhaps these can offer advice? Note other suppliers are available and I have not used this particular one:- https://www.lime-mortars.co.uk/lime-mortar/guides/mortar-matching
  2. The entrance to Calcutts can be tricky if entering from the adjacent lock in a strong wind. Best done with a lot of throttle. Also, we used to moor at the west end where the pool is enclosed by a high bank. Certainly windy there. Nice Marina though, we enjoyed our time there.
  3. Yes and the cold and thermal shock will take the bitumen off. Not for enclosed spaces though.
  4. Dry ice blasting would be an industrial solution.
  5. Yes but I suspect 50 years old or more, so not SCADA in anything like current technology.
  6. A number of locks on the S&W have semicircular housings in the bywash. I assume these were for monitoring the bywash flow? Does anyone have information of what was in these housings and what they did? If they measured the flow, where was the information reported to and how was this done? The picture shows the one in our garden. It is empty. There are some indications that there was a brick weir in this p[art of the bywash, but this has largely gone now. Thanks in advance.
  7. I will not be risking Wetherspoons for many months regardless of the controls they put in place. This risk is not worth it.
  8. I had a problem with a chainsaw stopping after a few minutes. After several goes at fixing it and nearly giving up I found that the fuel suction pipe was degraded in the tank and had a split. this allowed air to be sucked in. The pipe looked fine between the carb and the tankand teh fault in the tank was not obvious.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I will see about clearing space for a ton.
  10. No nothing on there for South Staffs Worcs other than Roach.
  11. We used to buy coal from Jacksons with their boat Roach. This excellent service has now ended, so do any other boats supply coal on the southern Staffs and Worcs (specifically Kinver)?
  12. I am not sure how they work exactly, but they are totally enclosed with a sealed air intake and separate exhaust. One benefit of this is that the BSS ventilation requirements become much less. When I calculated the requirements for our boat I found we had about 3 times the vent area required (we have diesel heating).
  13. We have a Wallas oven and hob. Whilst both work and are clean with zero smell of diesel, we find them very slow. To offset this problems we have a microwave and a cheap single ring induction hob and far prefer the induction hob to the Wallas gear. Our Wallas is over 10 years old, so perhaps the newer models are quicker. Having no gas certainly makes the BSS quicker.
  14. My emergency hand sanitiser will be methylated spirits followed by moisturising cream.
  15. The raise and lower facility is interesting. Presumably the deeper the water the lower the prop?
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