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  1. jonesthenuke

    Stiff lock gates and paddles

    Maybe. I suggest something like this would be better, it is very waterproof. https://www.wynns.eu/product/viscotene/
  2. jonesthenuke

    Stiff lock gates and paddles

    On the S&W, Hyde lock has very stiff paddle gear, probably due to the very worn mechanism, but there may be issues with the paddles themselves.
  3. jonesthenuke

    Protecting natural fibre rope fenders

    What is bieng requested is advice on a preservative. I suggest anyting that will preserve the fibres probably should not be in the canal? I resorted to a dilute mixture of hull blacking and white spirit. Let it soak in an allow to dry. My thinking was that this is no worse in terms of poluting the watercaourse than the balcked hull of the boat.
  4. jonesthenuke

    Strange Question

    Re the Nuenta Energy Blades. These seem to be a relatively bespoke solution to the problem. It may be cheaper to pump water through a standard (cheaper) heat exchanger? I realise there is more energy consumption from the pump but it probably worth assessing the long term costs. It would also be much less intrusive to the canal infrastructure if CRT raise concerns over such issues.
  5. jonesthenuke

    Strange Question

    I get the impression CRT are keen on pursuing all forms of income and may well want to charge for the "use" of their water, even if you give it all back a little cooler. I seem to recollect them charging businesses for use of the canal water for cooling., which is in principle much the same as you propose. Please keep us updated with what you find out. You may find that the land alongside the canal is waterlogged and could thus provide an adequate heat source without breaching the canal boundary?
  6. jonesthenuke

    Canal junk removal

    The dutch do it with style. I like the relaxed position of the crane driver. Better than magnet fishing https://youtu.be/1gAiBu56myo
  7. jonesthenuke

    canal bucket list?

    Three Gorges dam is worth looking at. The locks are impressive.
  8. jonesthenuke

    Change my prop size

    Or incorrectly set injection pump?
  9. jonesthenuke

    Some thoughts on fire extinguishers.

    I agree Foam is a good all round solution.
  10. jonesthenuke

    The Genius of Banksy

    His art seems to be intended to be transient, graffiti which will normally be removed and so on. This is simply following that approach. I chuckled when I found out about it, and that surely is intended?
  11. jonesthenuke

    Cheap Electrical Monitoring

    I have just bought one of the Hall effect sensor versions, these are bi-directional. A bit flimsy but seems to do what it is supposed to; but with no instructions I am still working out how to set all the functions. If anyone has instructions I would appreciate a copy? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Battery-Monitor-Digital-DC-90V-300A-Voltmeter-Ammeter-Power-Capacity-Time-Meter/292548114150?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  12. jonesthenuke

    Gardner 2lw Exhaust Gas Leak

    Regarding the missing stud, this drawing shows one should be fitted. Gardner crankcase.pdf
  13. jonesthenuke

    Anti vandal keys

    We used the lock and I did not use an anti vandal key. I assume there are no locks fitted, I do not remember seeing any locks.
  14. jonesthenuke

    Anti vandal keys

    Went through there last week, no key needed.
  15. jonesthenuke

    Etruria last Saturday

    This was a great weekend. About 20 narrowboats with Gardner engines were there, organised by the Gardner Engine Forum.

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