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  1. Check the pressure but it is time for a new calorifier. Avoid all the hassle of another leak in the future, at 20 years old it is probably corroded and prone to leaking again. If you really want to save money and live with it short term, then when the tank is drained to repair, try and inspect the inside and get an idea of the possible corrosion. USB intrascope cameras are cheap these days.
  2. The Lock Inn was demolished many years ago. See below for another picture of the area, showing the lock and the pub in question (same pub as look at the windows etc). This picture has the curved canal entering the lock, what is now the Vine pub is behind foliage on the left side, and the chimney of the pub's outbuilding is present with the spike topped chimney which is still present today.
  3. We have done the same and had no problem. About 3-4 locks up from the bottom of the flight.
  4. I found these on a website of old postcards of Kinver, kinverpostcards.co.uk Most are identifiable as Kinver, but the two of dredging the canal are not easily confirmed to be Kinver (but I like the steam dredger and crane). Most are Hyde Lock. The replacement of the lock gate is at the Vine (Kinver) lock. The image of the boat on the curved section of canal looks to be Paddock cottage, half way between Hyde and Kinver locks, though I stand to be corrected if someone know better.
  5. I use solid neoprene gasket material 6mm thick, cut to shape as would be used in industrial gasket sealing applications. Its a far more robust solution than the foam and tape that seems to be common and frankly I do not understand why people risk using tape etc given the consequences of failure.
  6. We have had the same problem, but due to a blockage in the funnel section below the ball valve. Now that I know what to check it is an easy fix (and by coincidence happened today!)
  7. I have used exactly that type of box, luckily there was one that would fit exactly in the space I have available. You need to ensure the box is flat inside and out, else it will not stand the weight of the batteries.
  8. Thanks for the advice everybody, it sounds like it not worth it this time.
  9. Indeed, this may be the determining factor. The severn catchment is showing rising levels. May be time for plan B.
  10. We are thinking of cruising the Droitwich next week (probably mid week or later). Last time we passed though it was mid-summer and there was not a lot of spare air draught. Given the recent rainfall this will presumably be reduced. How sensitive is the culvert level to rainfall? What are conditions like currently and is there a way of check before setting off towards the culvert. Can anyone with local knowledge advise? Thanks in advance.
  11. It may be stuck in with silicone or similar. You may have to be brutal.
  12. That will almost certainly apply now. The same annotation is on the maps of Kinver and the Stour does flood the fields when rainfall is extreme.
  13. The New Management sign has been on the wall for the last few years. As I understand it there is a caretaker manager for the next month or so with the pub serving drinks only. Then it will shut for refurbishment and re-open serving food and drinks (no idea when). At the weekend there were people sitting outside having drinks, but I was told by a local that the interior of the pub is disappointingly tatty. I hope it improves.
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