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  1. OK that sounds like a solution, thanks for posting the advice. Can you advise where I can buy these products? I have looked on the Dacrylate website and can only find a light grey Epidac 2, and cannot find 90-294. Can you advise?
  2. Mine has arrived and its fine. I tightened the cable clamps a bit, they were OK, but now very secure.
  3. I have been looking at this post with interest. The event last week was severe, but could have been much worse. The statement above is not the whole issue , however. First back to the nature of the problem and why it would not have been so severe in the past. The issue with dropping frequency in events like last week would have been resolved in the past by increased generation from power stations. In the very short term this comes from the inertia of the rotating mass of the turbine and alternator (typically a couple of hundred tones at 3000 RPM) this responds very fast. A somewhat longer response used to be provided by (mainly coal fired) stations as the boilers had a large water/steam inventory and the action of the turbine governor in response to falling frequency would be to increase steam flow, using the stored energy in the boiler to create more power. Eventually the firing rate on the boiler would increase giving a longer term response (too slow for the event last week. Current UK nuclear sites have a limited frequency response, whilst the inertia of the generator would be present, the governors on some sets reconfigured to not respond to frequency. Wind turbines and solar do not respond in a similar way, they effectively have no "inertia" like the coal/oil fired stations, thus the problem last week. Batteries are being added to the system specifically to help with this problem. By monitoring grid frequency (or rate of change of frequency) they can dump energy into the grid very quickly and respond in a manner similar to the "inertia" that used to be present. There are several batteries that act like this on the system, but the size/capacity is currently limited, thus they had a limited effect last week. It's likely more will be added as the system moves away from large generating sets towards more renewables. See attached for information on grid connected batteries. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/uk-power-cut-batteries-national-grid Note that loss of the very large generating sets being built at Hinkley C and proposed for other nuclear sites will exacerbate the problem due to the potential sudden loss of a bigger power source than occurred last week.
  4. Thanks. This is the kind of information which this forum is good at providing. Did you use winter grade hardener?
  5. Latest from Jotun's UK distributor advising that Jotamastic is unsuitable. Have discussed over the phone they are adamant but I do not think they understand the difference between a coal tar epoxy and bitumen. Now puzzled! Does anyone have experience of overcoating a 2 pack Pitch Epoxy? Text from SML Paints and Coatings:- Thank you for your email. Jotun have sent through a copy of your enquiry. We are Jotun’s main marine distributor in the UK so can help with your query. As you already have a tar pitch product on the surface, you will need to apply a similar product over this. Pitch products are very flexible so application of a two pack epoxy like Jotamastic 90 won’t work. There will be issues with adhesion and the paint system would crack and fail very quickly. The tar would also begin to bleed through the paint. I recommend overcoating with Ballastic Black which is a traditional bitumen based hull blacking paint, similar to the Epidac. Chemically, adhesion between the two products won’t be an issue – a couple of coats will work well. The Ballastic can be applied directly on to bare metal, however, if the bare (i.e no trace of tar) patches are large, I would advise applying either a single pack primer such as Vinyguard or, if you can, a two pack like Jotamastic 90. Two pack epoxies are very water resistant and durable with great corrosion protection for bare steel. They are becoming more popular with narrowboat owners, however, they are not flexible and don’t cope as well with the every day knocks and bangs associated with canal cruising. To change to a two pack system from a tar paint such as yours, the steel would need to be blasted completely back bare before starting again with e.g Jotamastic 90.
  6. Thanks all. Dry dock booked for September so I will start getting the supplies in.
  7. 5 years ago we had the boat shotblasted and coated with 2 pack epoxy. Its now time to get the boat out of the water for some general maintenance (anodes etc) and I want to repair some scrapes on the hull where the epoxy is damaged. The coating was Dacrylate Epidac 2 PE Pitch Epoxy. I have a little bit left in the original tin, as this was opened I do not want to use it after this time. I have looked to buy the same product but cannot see it on the Dacrylate website, and they have not responded to a request for a recommended replacement product. Does anyone have advice what to use, and if so, where to buy it? Thanks.
  8. The Vine have been struggling for the last few years with a steadily worsening reputation but its now taken a further dive. Publican has been prosecuted. A real shame if this pub closes as it is in a great location. Extract of the report:- A filthy cooker, exposed nails in a children's play area, and dirty surfaces - this is the scene found by inspectors at a village pub. Pub boss Barry Aust pleaded guilty to repeated breaches of food hygiene and health and safety regulations after an inspection at The Vine Inn, in Dunsley Road, Kinver, near Stourbridge. The 66-year-old, from Broadwas, in Worcester, was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £115 and South Staffordshire Council's prosecution costs of £8,513.59. https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/staffordshire/south-staffordshire/2019/07/12/dirty-and-dangerous-the-conditions-found-at-this-village-pub/?fbclid=IwAR3HPrgYHoaXci--sU2PmEMbae9iHFxFIT2_YjumlgejZ28DJ4ekLoWS3o8
  9. I suggest the grease is for the ball bearing not the seal. Whether carbon or ceramic, the seal is lubricated with water.
  10. try Canal Route Planner on the web.
  11. that is my approach too, but I may try some more next time if its supposed to be 30CC! By the way, Carb Cleaner is good for removing the oil/diesel residue on the pump exterior, but needs good ventilation.
  12. LW Spare parts Catalogue2_97.pdf Yes its the 2 BA screw, item 16 on this drawing. Not sure its 30CC of oil though, that seems a lot to me?
  13. Re-purposed an old fork into a Keb. Now to find a handle long enough
  14. You will not get full current (or anywhere near it at idle speed), so you are unlikely to cook the alternator in this way. However more cooling would be good if you want the alternator to last
  15. Well the BCNS cruise got to Tividale Quays in steady rain. However we cruised inside and turned, but did not stay as the weather was foul. The local may be friendly, but I saw no-one whilst we were briefly there. Looks like a goo stopping place though. If CRT (or local council) put a tap in I am sure more people would stop there.
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