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  1. I worked in power stations where we had larger batteries at voltages of 50, 110, 240 and 500V. The cells of the 500V were small dustbin size. A short on those would be truly scary. The 500V load was basically to 100kW motor generator sets. The video is exactly what trainees should be shown so that they get the idea of how dangerous this stuff can be.
  2. Little used Honda Generator has recently been fully underwater for a couple of hours. I have hosed it down with clean water. Any sage advice on recovery or is it junk? Ps it was stored in the outbuildings rather than on the boat (which was fine) when the Smestow and the Stour decided to Overton into the Staffs and Worcs. I understand Stewponey lock was overflowing to the extent the mooring bollards were underwater and the tow path tunnel was a torrent. VID-20200218-WA0003.mp4
  3. Extensive flooding along the Staffs and Worcs around Kinver yesterday. River Stour level rose so high it overtopped into the canal at Gothersley and Gibraltar. The garden was 2 foot deep at Hyde Lock and we had about 10 inches of water in the conservatory and several inches across the rest of the ground floor. Could have been a lost worse but we now have things like a chainsaw and Honda generator which were fully submerged and the list is growing. All boats along the Kinver stretch seem to have been OK with people checking and slackening lines on neighbours boats during the event.
  4. Tongs look good but we use a cheap litter picker. They are £5.99 on eBay; at that price I am not too worried about how long they last (nor if I lose them somewhere). I use them when passing through the Birmingham locks, its easy to fill a sack.
  5. Rope shackles are surprisingly strong, do not rely on them as a weak link.
  6. I observed the reduction in level above the top lock. Whilst it is a free surface, it is supplied by a long canal with some resistance to flow, thus the level drops. The long term moorers at Longwood told me this was the normal behaviour when filling the long pound below.
  7. You will need to compare the. current fuel level to the pump level, not the bottom of the tank (but you should have an isolation valve somewhere).
  8. We had the same occur when on the BCNS explorer cruise last year. We dumped a lot of water into the mile long pound and some of the boats moored at Longwood were soon on the bottom with an increasing lean. We slowed the fill rate to low the water level to recover. It may be a long pound, but the level drops significantly.
  9. It is very easy, two pipes, two nuts/studs. Just make sure the fuel supply line is isolated (On my boat the fuel tank level is higher than the engine so it comes through by gravity.
  10. I took our boat in there last year, but did not moor. Depth seemed fine.
  11. Please let us know how you get on.
  12. The central heating system has a Hurricane diesel heater, two radiators and a towel rail plus calorifier. The Flomasta has been in there for about 4 years. I think I will look for some inhibitor that is compatible with the antifreeze.
  13. Jen-in-Wellies, I use the flomasta Inhibitied antifreeze that you have referred to. On draining my system recently to do some changes, the water/antifreeze mixture is distinctly brown (like dilute black coffee) so I am not convinced the inhibitor is adequate. Do you have any long term experience of using this product?
  14. My favourite tipple is Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild. I like it so much I occasionally collect barrels of it from the brewery and deliver it to my local in Kent.
  15. Not sure what size you need but there is this:- http://www.legris.com/Legris_ecom/RechercherReferencesTypeArticle.do?codeActivite=BP&codeGroupe=01&codeFamille=01&codeSousFamille=01&codeTypeArticle=0119&codeFiliale=uk&codeLangue=en_GB Or this from AMAL http://amalcarb.co.uk/double-banjo-180-degrees-1-4-bsp-threaded-pre-monobloc.html Or if you can accept a different "look" you could use two banjo fittings on a longer bolt, these seem to be available from multiple sources.
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