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  1. Have a look at this site, it gives data back to 2013 and you can zoom into selected time periods to get a view of the time that the river was high. I have selected Thrupp as a place local to you but there are measuring points all over the country. https://riverlevels.uk/cherwell-shipton-on-cherwell-and-thrupp-thrupp#.X5FVAi9Q2DU
  2. I use silicone, just enough to hold it. Once fired it happily stays in place.
  3. Once we were boating and my wife took some Tramadol painkillers. Apparently the spiders were really big in the night!
  4. I too am dismayed by this design, presumably done by a non-boating electrician. As you say use the MCBs rather than the switches and relays, the back to basics approach would be better, though will not present an attractive looking panel to the user. Regarding the comment on duplicated contacts, such an approach is also not testable without disconnection of wiring. Very much a no-no in the nuclear industry for this reason.
  5. Can you post some photos so that we ca see the details?
  6. Looks like a problem repair to me. I would get prepared for helicoiling and fit studs instead of bolts next time.
  7. These are good books, however, go to the "Gardner Oil Engines" group on Facebook and you will find PDFs of other manuals
  8. And they frequently need to be rescued. In fairness they also choose calmer days.
  9. I note the words "We are forecasting a reduction in income of around £20 million due to the pandemic and, while we have prioritised our spending to ensure we have a full programme,......" So they have less money but can still deliver a full programme simply by "prioritising". Sounds like magic to me!
  10. It gets lumpy around there with the incoming waves interacting with the reflected waves coming back off the eastern arm of Dover Harbour. Don't ask how I know, but it was in a much smaller boat than that....... The video amply demonstrates why crossing the channel in a narrowboat would be a challenge.
  11. Morris Golden Film is £60 inc VAT for 25L at TFM in Penkridge, a short walk from the Staffs and Worcs, though best to take a trolley for the oil! The boxes of broken biscuits were very good last time too. I have no connection with TFM other than I buy my oil (and biscuits) there. I do wonder why its so expensive elsewhere..... Golden Film SAE30 Classic Oil 25 litre Product Code: 14 £60.00 incl. VAT (£50.00 ex VAT) GBP EUR USD Golden Film Classic Oil is a specialist range of high quality, low detergent / dispersant monograde lubricants. These oils are suitable for use in naturally aspirated four stroke petrol and diesel engines and classic gearbox designs. – Available in 5lt and 25lt.
  12. Whilst this is doable and the advice above is sound, its not a route I would suggest for two beginners at the end of October. Days are short, the risk of the Severn being in flood is quite high as is the risk of bad weather making steady onward progress a problem (unless you like getting very wet). Make sure you have an anchor and lifejackets for the Severn section. On the proposed route, I would suggest the Old Main Line through Birmingham. A little longer via Factory Locks, but a more interesting cruise route than the New Main Line
  13. Keep it sealed and it will be fine.
  14. jonesthenuke

    Solar panels

    And not understanding what you have and what you need will make it more likely that a rip off will occur. Suggestions:- Clarify what you already have on the boat. Undertake an energy audit to find what you need. Join the "12 volt boating group" on Facebook. Read the posts and gain knowledge, most of this issue have been covered many time on there. Discuss needs with a supplier. I have heard Bimble is good, but have not used them (yet)
  15. If we have not run the engine for more than a week or so I turn it over with the decompressor applied. Otherwise, I always start with full compression. This is what Gardner specified in the manual. The decompressor is for hand starting. I suggest the OP should try this and at the same time check that the starter and battery is capable of attaining cranking speed immediately. The Gardner book says that the engine should start on the first or second compression stroke. This is how ours behaves, the engine starts immediately after pressing the start button.
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