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  1. How polite. My pleasure and I hope you have a great trip. ?
  2. Personally I would take the longer route via Great Haywood.
  3. Ouch ! Yes obviously I realise that, with all the problems that brings to forecourt managers btw. FWIW , I agree that the additives are snake oil/sticking plasters too. I was referring to the incidents of agricultural machinery breaking down described in the OP. I had an issue with a wood chipper with a fuel blockage that was unusual a few months ago, could have been all the usual suspects, good to keep ones knowledge up to date, no ? Not sure of the need to truncate my post as you did.
  4. Thanks for this Tony. Hydrogenated fats mixed in with animal fats, vegetable oil, olive oil etc then no doubt. Greenie for you Sir !
  5. This is a very interesting thread indeed. How many times have we been told that red diesel is exactly the same as white, just with marker added , on this forum? Perhaps this is not the case after all ? It would be wrong to suggest that fuel companies are being lax with the recycling of used cooking oil of course!
  6. Many Motor Factors and Agricultural machinery suppliers have a belt gauge. It looks a bit like the thing they measured your feet with at the shoe shop . Take old belts, get them measured, buy new, fit.....
  7. That last sentence, very sage advice folks. ?
  8. This really is a very interesting discussion. Thank you very much to the contributors, who resisted cycles and dragonflies.
  9. BD3Bill


  10. BD3Bill


  11. I’m glad you asked ! Buying a 25 litre can works out at £3 per litre FOR WHITE version of EcoPar. They do do a Red , but let’s please NOT go there already! ?
  12. https://aaoil.co.uk/brands/ecopar/ In the meantime I’ll be changing to this to save my sordid old lungs. Costs a fortune, but at only 100 to 200 hrs running engine p.a. I have the budget for it. *that will get a reaction “ hides .... popcorn...... ?
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