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  1. Plus one here for PhotonicUniverse gear !
  2. We could of course go back to using horses to pull boats on the inland waterways.....
  3. Phil Jones. Calf Heath. Our boat done 6years ago with 2pack, some pitting on the waterline needed attention before we agreed the purchase back then. I get down and scrub a random patch every 6 months with an old fashioned scrubbing brush. Still perfect. Cheers.
  4. Hi Mike. Agree with you there. The shorepower extension is hanging on the fence and won’t get plugged in unless I need it, nasty thing, rotting my lovely boat ! Lol.
  5. Fantastic, that’s what I needed to know. Thanks for you accuracies with my erm, power audit, but yes we really do use very little * . Just need to make up for the gloomy winter without running the engine, and as you have detected from the other thread despite owning our boat 6yrs and living aboard 2 ½ I am a shorepower virgin. Thanks once again . ETA * We don’t have an inverter you see.
  6. Thank Alan, yes that’s right, and those boats aren’t in great shape, one is riveted iron and the other is very rusty along the water line indeed. I was just thinking out loud. Good advice on the forum as always. Cheers Got it, advice will be taken, thank you very much.
  7. Smashing, the very answer I was looking for, thank you. I don’t take your advice as woo-woo at all, and thank you. I will take the advice given and spend the money now. Cheers
  8. So I need to wire in the above. 3 output version. Stater battery does fine from a solar panel with a dedicated Pwm controller. Leisure batteries not so good (separate panels and controller). Power audit , 2 amps 12vdc during the day. 7 amps 12vdc in evening. 0 amps at night. Maximum use 11amps 12vdc if every thing is on at the same time. VSR links starter and leisure batteries. I think I only need to use 2 outputs, one to leisure, one to dc house output. Does any of this make sense? Be Nice !
  9. My anodes are still reasonable after 6 years....... of being 12v only. Now I am hooked up I do want to avoid any bad stuff, and no I don’t want to fit a galvanic isolator or a isolating transformer. I’m not moving anywhere! If I go for a cruise it’s a moot point!
  10. Thanks Harold but my boat doesn’t move fast enough to create static...... But if I provide a path of less resistance with a wire instead of the water then the current flows that way instead! No?
  11. But I don’t have a boat next to me, I am on an arm, linear fashion. I see you point, but not in this case. So? The stray current from the boat astern travels to my hull, thence by cable to earth, without waisting my anodes and hull? Further more your example shows the problem that occurs for dissimilar metals, not my situation....... thanks though for your comment Alan.
  12. So, why when permanently moored and connected shorepower do we allow our boats and anodes to erode? Surely if I connect an earth wire from the common at the engine bed to a length of earth wire connected to a ground spike a couple of feet in the bank this is an easier path for stray current to take back to the sub station??? Or not. BE NICE !
  13. So the silly season is upon us once more. How do people manage to forget in the short winter break that they need to slow down for moored boats? We are very lucky in that with Three mooring rings, that are perfectly spaced , and Five lines to hold us utterly still , no one is going to shout back “moor up properly at us”! (We don’t move) Truthfully it actually isn’t usually hire boats going too fast either, which is utterly shameful. Be careful out there folks, and have a great Easter week.
  14. https://www.gr8fires.co.uk/gbs-mariner-4-kw-multi-fuel-wood-burning-stove-9486
  15. Have a look at GR8 fires website.
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