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  1. No. I had something round my prop earlier in the trans Leicester journey but didn’t moan about it as our large(ish) prop seems to miraculously shred/shed stuff, and indeed it did. Which was nice.
  2. Yes I’m sure I’ve seen footage of frozen turkeys being fired at planes, I didn’t feel that threatened!😂 The lads throwing raw meat at me are the boneless ones ...... I just wanted to warn less able bodied folk of the possibility. 👍
  3. If they threw bags of coal instead that would work for me. 🤣
  4. Yes Mike, we’ve been at WFB nearly 3 years now. Still pop in and do some chainsaw work for GK occasionally. It’s got potential, the locals were very friendly to be fair . And I won’t let a bit of “silly behaviour “ spoil our enjoyment of a brilliant trip round the Leicester Ring. Absolutely loved the River Soar.
  5. Fresh... ish See above That’s for the fishes to find out... bounced off into the cut.
  6. Today in central Leicester, between PriorsMill and Castle Gardens two very large chicken/turkey breasts were thrown at our boat. One missed me by four feet, bouncing off the pigeon box , the other by yards, bouncing off the gangplank. I didn’t react, just kept looking ahead silently. This is not made up, be aware. I believe there was some stone throwers the other night in the same area.
  7. Planning on doing this very route starting from Stockton/Braunston/North Oxford clockwise. So many thanks to all for the input !
  8. Hi David, this fascinating stuff, thank you. I did not know that. It makes complete sense to me now you explain as I understood that the very high quality of rock quarried here at Southam needed ‘watering down’ in the cement making process . I shall look forward to seeing more photos, top man. 👍
  9. Thanks for sharing this Brian, we are moored on the Kayes arm and I am fascinated by the industrial archeology here. They are still quarrying limestone in the area, it goes by road to the Rugby / Newbold? works, there is also an underground pipeline that I believe sends slurry there too. Nice photo David 👍
  10. The model was the 3000 , of 3 litres capacity. The earliest model was also called SuperDexta, which had a cartridge type oil filter rather than the later spin on type. I have a list of alternative oil filters , Beta ones are dear. Currently using a longer Bosch P4063.
  11. Some time later.... Thanks for this Tonka. You do know, of course, that the BD3/CRK3 is a Ford 3000 tractor engine .
  12. I am sure I will be corrected, but as I understand it the BSC requires no visible scorching. Our stove is 6 ft from the front doors incidentally. Incoming.....
  13. Staff had drawn us a picture of what was required Quality! Hopefully they drew them a picture of how to work a lock too ?
  14. Fat boat now freed by Steve Powell and his team, navigation now clear at WFB . I asked Steve how he’d done it, “it’s a gift! “ he replied 🤣👍
  15. How polite. My pleasure and I hope you have a great trip. ?
  16. Personally I would take the longer route via Great Haywood.
  17. Ouch ! Yes obviously I realise that, with all the problems that brings to forecourt managers btw. FWIW , I agree that the additives are snake oil/sticking plasters too. I was referring to the incidents of agricultural machinery breaking down described in the OP. I had an issue with a wood chipper with a fuel blockage that was unusual a few months ago, could have been all the usual suspects, good to keep ones knowledge up to date, no ? Not sure of the need to truncate my post as you did.
  18. Thanks for this Tony. Hydrogenated fats mixed in with animal fats, vegetable oil, olive oil etc then no doubt. Greenie for you Sir !
  19. This is a very interesting thread indeed. How many times have we been told that red diesel is exactly the same as white, just with marker added , on this forum? Perhaps this is not the case after all ? It would be wrong to suggest that fuel companies are being lax with the recycling of used cooking oil of course!
  20. Many Motor Factors and Agricultural machinery suppliers have a belt gauge. It looks a bit like the thing they measured your feet with at the shoe shop . Take old belts, get them measured, buy new, fit.....
  21. That last sentence, very sage advice folks. ?
  22. This really is a very interesting discussion. Thank you very much to the contributors, who resisted cycles and dragonflies.
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