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  1. The sense of comradeship and sympathy on this forum for the the boaters who are shortly to be evicted has completely overwhelmed me I was driving home tonight when I came across this vehicle which had fun off the road and had hit a tree. A fire had started under the bonnet and the driver was fighting to free himself before he burned to death. A group of people watched from a safe distance commenting that the vehicle had probably been stolen. Someone else commented that the road tax appeared to be out of date and a further spectator theorised that the vehicle was probably not insured.
  2. Hi Jesse, welcome to the forum and thanks for adding even more inside information to this thread. Congratulations on getting a new mooring at Isleham, I also know many people there and Isleham are members of my coal consortioum, where a large group of us buy our coal at wholesale direct from the suppliers. I first posted news on this forum of the evictions, as a lot of my friends and acquaintencies were affected and I wanted to highlight the injustice of it and lack of any respect and compassion for people and their lives. If nothing is done to make it difficult for the owners, it opens t
  3. Hi Happy Go Lucky and welcome to the forum (again) It's good to have another F&D resident joining, as it helps to publicise the way that you have all been treated and gives credibility to the reported information, which all seems very consistent. I don't know if we know each other, but you must have moved into the F&D marina the year after we took our mooring at Upware. I know Cootwatcher well, who has just joined the forum and a great many of the F&D residents. I sincerely hope that you can sort out the mess that you have been dropped into and get a mooring sorted out b
  4. In the context of this thread, does that actually matter Sue? Surely it is incumbent on the owners of the Marina to ensure that they are fulfilling the requirements for residential moorings. If a boater approaches a Marina and asks whether they have a residential mooring available, and they are told yes, they are not then going to ask to be shown legal papers to prove this, particularly if it is a well established and well known marina with a long history of liveaboard moorings. Surely taking money for the mooring is entering into a contract whether written or not. From another viewpo
  5. Hi Cootwatcher and welcome to the forum It's good to have someone from Popes Corner Marina finally join the forum and give an on the spot report. I'm also pleased that you confirmed my reported details. Did I buy my Wind generator from you by the way? If so, it's great to see you pop up here and at least know who you are I also moved from Upware 3 weeks ago to an idyllic mooring from our point of view. Hope you stay and continue contributing to this excellent forum, and hope you get sorted out for a new mooring yourself. Roger
  6. Many people who buy solar panels haven't a clue as to what they actually need, as witnessed by many threads on this forum. A 60watt Maplins solar panel is not going to run a fridge, microwave and 40" TV, many people though seem to have the impression that any solar panel should be able to run everything and keep their batteries charged. As Julynian has already pointed out, you need to assess the amount of power that you actually use, before you can start working out how much solar you would need. It is then about using the available power in the most efficient way that you can, and not j
  7. My views are my own and I don't need to attribute them to anyone I do however acknowledge that I misinterpreted your post. I have also had difficult times and appreciated help on more than one occasion and am always willing to help when I can. I also don't define dubious people as those with shabby boats, rather those that exhibit malicious or anti social behaviour, whatever the condition of their boats. None of that is really relevant to the point of the thread though. Roger
  8. I spoke to the friend today who had just moved there and he does not expect to have any difficulty getting his money back. What he is annoyed about is that he had cancelled his BT line at the previous mooring, given up his private internet connection and made all the usual arrangements for address changes etc etc. he had also agreed to pay the surcharge , but now has managed to go back cap in hand to his previous mooring at Upware. He is one of the fortunate ones. A number of the current liveaboards had agreed to pay the surcharge and I don't have any information on whether any had ref
  9. It is very easy to put your own interpretation on the facts which is what happens when a long thread develops and people forget some of the detail. My information from 3 of the residents is that there are 75 boats on the marina of which 62 are liveaboards. I haven't verified this personally, but trust the information from those on the marina. One friend of mine moved from Upware marina to Popes Corner 3 weeks ago having arranged for his new liveaboard mooring directly with Davina and payed for a year in advance. Within 3 weeks he has now received the eviction notice, that to me shows a to
  10. Been out all day since I posted earlier and only just got back. A number of points have been raised, some of which I can probably answer and some I can't. There was a comment from Biggles I think, that it was surprising that none of the affected people have responded here. I don't think that is surprising at all, as I have never seen anyone from the affected marina posting here and have never spoken to anyone from that marina who is a member. While I was at Upware marina, I was one of only two people who belonged to this forum although there were about 30 residential boats. As regard
  11. To give a bit more detail, Davina has worked within the Shropshire organisation for some years and is the daughter of John Shropshire. She has been moved about within their main business 'Gs', and from those I know that have also worked there, she was known as being not very well organised and was shipped out to Spain to help run that end of the organisation. That didn't last long and when she married in 2011, Popes Corner Marina, which sits on a few thousand acres of their land, was given to her as a wedding present. Her new husband is a property developer! G's is a multi million pound bu
  12. It's early days as yet, but if they are allowed to get away with it, the repercussions could be big, with other marinas deciding that they can make money from leisure boaters without any need for responsibility or facilities for liveaboards. Of course it could all blow up in their face as the leisure boating industry is in recession and they may have no takers for their new moorings. They might just find that the liveaboard market might be the only way to fill their empty marina again. I'll keep updating as things develop and more information is forthcoming. Roger
  13. Popes Corner Marina near Ely at the junction of The Cam and the Great Ouse, has today (Thursday) given all liveaboards a written notice of eviction. This follows a recent sudden increase in the mooring charges by 25% and a failed attempt to penalise liveaboard boat owners with a £550 liveaboard surcharge. The owners o the Marina are the huge local landowners and international food growers and suppliers Shropshires. The previous managers of the marina were given their marching orders a couple of years ago and the Shropshires have since installed their family member Davina, to run the ma
  14. My thoughts on the fridge are that firstly, as has already been mentioned, it sounds like a caravan fridge which is not particularly efficient on any of the options. As you are mainly going to be using the boat for weekends and holidays for the forseeable future, I would be inclined to go for a low priced high efficiency modern 240v one. The efficiency compared to your present one will more than compensate for any inverter losses, and the cost will be very small compared with a 12v unit. As your boat will spend most of it's life initially on a mains hookup, then you will not have to worry abou
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