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  1. Hi all, hope you are all keeping well with the current situation we are all facing at the moment. I have a 62ft Piper hull and a Vetus bow thruster which works ok in general but if I get in a bit of a current or slight breeze I struggle to fight against it coming out of my mooring onto the canal. It is being powered by a 110v leisure battery which is in good condition. I wonder though would I be better getting a battery with more amps and power to give the thruster more thrust, so to speak ! I just think compared to some boats I have seen mine appears a bit underpowered when getting into situations when the thruster has its use. Or is it the case where a higher amp battery would not give more power ? The Vetus motor also has a 20 amp fuse mounted in it which blew some time ago and was an absolute nightmare to get to. I don’t want to blow this fuse if I can help it by changing to a bigger amp battery ! Your thoughts please would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Many thanks for every ones help and suggestions. After checking all the connections in the dark by torchlight and repairing the one that had come adrift come sunrise this morning and all was back to normal and in full working order it appears. Many thanks once again !
  3. Hi, yes it was crimped. It had just come out of the plastic connector. Still showing half moon though. Waiting to see what happens during daylight but think it will remain the same.
  4. Hi. I did find a connection described as such and unscrewed the piece that had been left attached to the other end. Re inserted the male silver connector and tightened it up. However the half moon symbol is still showing rather than the sun on the left hand side. It may be as this was just before dark at around 5.50pm ! I will have a check tomorrow but if it’s still showing a half moon I’m lost !
  5. Hi. I have two panel wired in series. I did notice one wire connector not connected to anything with a push in chrome end about two inches long but though it was there if I ever wanted to wire up another panel. Having not fitted them I am just guessing. Is it possible this wire has come adrift from the other panel ?
  6. Hi all. So due to the high winds a plank flew of the boat next to us and flipped one of the solar panels held in its tray over the side of our boat. No damage to panel from what I can see and still connected to its wires. However the control panel now reads as pictured. I’ll be honest I don’t look at this panel very often so don’t know wether it reads right and have no instructions for it. I am on mains hook up and concerned about the 0.0 w that is displayed on the bottom. Is this normal and only showing 0.0 because I am on mains hook up and battery’s are fully charged or is there a fault ? many thanks.
  7. As everything else appears fine I think you are right. I may look to see if it is possible to get a replacement from Beta. I did wonder if it was warning me of a bad starter battery but the boat started as normal. and battery turned engine over fine !
  8. Yes, I’m starting to think the buzzer could be faulty. Nothing has been changed recently to cause this behaviour !
  9. Hi all, I normally start my boat weekly and run it for an hour when not cruising however this time it’s been a couple of weeks sinc I last started it. It’s a Beta 43 bye the way ! I normally turn the key to heat for a few seconds then turn to start and release the key to run position. Normally until the engine starts I get an intermittent bleep. This time however the intermittent bleep has changed to a sold tone rather than intermittent. This is only when the ignition is on without engine running. As soon as the engine starts Allred lights and alarm sound go off in the usual manor. The engine did not struggle to start from cold so think the starter battery is ok but not new ! Lea sure batteries were changed six months ago without problem. So my question is this. Why have the sounder gone from an intermittent bleep to a solid one ? Nothing is mentioned in the problem section of my beta handbook. If it were not for the change in sound I would presume everything was in order. Please be aware ! This problem only exists when ignition is on and engine is not running otherwise I would presume oil pressure or something but can’t be this when engine is not running from what I have been told. I can’t get my head round this one !!!!
  10. It says in the boat manual that when new in 2009 it was painted with 2 pack. I can only presume it has been painted/blacked since then but we don’t know what with !
  11. I have read posts on here about blacking but none really answer my query. I purchased my boat six months ago from a brockerage. Had the boat taken out of water and a survey. All was good but toldto back it next year. It’s coming out again in March and getting pressure washed and I’m going to black it myself. I’ve just been reading the info pack that came with the boat and in 2009 when the boat was built it was blacked with two pack. It’s obviously been done since but we don’t know what with. Two pack or bitumen and we have no detail of type of two pack or contact details for previous owner. My question is this. Can we used general bitumen type blacking if the boat was last done with two pack ? We are worried it will react with current paint. Can anyone advise please ?
  12. Karl

    3kw generator

    I have read posts on here before about generators and get a bit baffled with it all like wattage and amps and stuff but wondered can someone please just give me a direct simple answer to my question please ! I have a Victron 3kw inverter and two solar panels that keep my batteries topped up when disconnected from mains electric. Batterys are all 110v. Five leisure,one starter and one bow thruster. I am looking to buy a Generator such as a Honda to keep batteries up rather than start engine when out on the Cut. Mainly for keeping the 240v stuff going when we are out. I have enough power for a few days and find starting the engine for an hour or so a day helps. Do I need a 3kw generator to match the 3kw invertor as I want to plug it straight into the electric hook up i use for mains power ? Or will a smaller generator do the same thing ? Also what about an earth point. Someone said put a spike in the ground. I would have thought modern generators are earthed or am i getting it wrong ? thanks.
  13. Hi all. I am thinking of buying a small Generator such as a Honda to use when away from electric hook up. I have been told to start the engine for a couple of hours a day to keep the batteries up but wonder would I be better with a small generator. Is it cost effective apposed to starting the engine every day ? Also can I plug direct to the mains hook up socket on the boat ? I have been told there can be earthing problems and causes the hull to rot !!!!!!! Foe what the generator would cost ( £1000 ) part of me thinks that buys a lot of diesel to run the boat engine a couple of hours a day when out on the canals and also the extra space it would take up and the worry some low life would take it away !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Karl


    battery primer ?????? sorry don't understand !
  15. Karl


    many thanks. we had problems a few months ago and found when off shore power we only had power out of battery for a few hours or so. We had a bettery test done and new alternator belts fitted. Since then all seams fine. I think this time because we have been out more than a couple of days we should have started the engine for longer and turned the Victron off over night. Many thanks for your help. we had new batterys fitted with the belt !!!!
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