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  1. Karl

    Wi fit on board

    Hi all, I am interested in WiFi on board and have contacted a company named as such. Reports appear good but I am also looking at using two smart TVs on board so I can watch tv on the net via a 4g router rather than marina WiFi can this be done ? Are the routers good enough. Stem tv on board and how do I go about getting a SIM card for the router ? Also how much data and speed do I need ? I’ve been told three do one for about £20 a month with u limited data but don’t know ether it is strong enough to do tv aswell as internet or am I getting it all confused. Man thanks.
  2. Hi all, I have had a survey done on a boat today I am in process of purchasing. All appeared well except the report came back that the bow thruster tubes have no covers/guards/grills. And they need blacking inside. Blacking I understand but do I need guards etc ? I appreciate the logic to stop items being sucked in the tube and getting stuck but I also think that smaller items will get sucked in and thrown out the other side if no guards are fitted. What are your thoughts,experience please ? The boat is waiting to back into the water and can’t make my mind up. Many thanks.
  3. Just found out a boat I am considering buying has Kingspan foam board as insulation. As its a self build but owner has made several and they all appear good should I be concerned over the Kingspan foam board ? I do know that a factory new build has spray insulation. Is it something I should be concerned about. As I say its a good quality looking boat so don't think he would have skipped on insulation but there is no way of really checking how it is as its all hidden !!!!!!!!
  4. Dear all, as new to boating I need some urgent help as I have to make a decision on a boat tomorrow, It is a 2011 62ft boat with piper hull but the engine is a Beta 43 with 5500 hrs on it. It has not been serviced since 2017 but the boat is in excellent condition for its age. Question to me is 5500 hrs sounds a lot for an 8 year old boat or is it me being paranoid. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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