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  1. Can you still buy the original castrol R ??
  2. Was kilworth marina filled up with water yesterday or is it just flood water?? pontoons look a fair height of the water if it has been filled.
  3. Is this the gen in a cacoon type case? Is it master volt?? If so I know someone who has one in the back of there shed for spares
  4. I burn mainly well seasoned wood, i value the life of the old lady, so over the winter clean the flue every two weeks, hey your cold for a couple of hours at most! Not the end of the world!
  5. Just come of the ashby
  6. It amazes me the skills of cart, he was still on it about two hours ago, didn't fall of once!!
  7. Don't know what happened there!! Could bo worse places to be stuck though
  8. Ha, 3 days apparently, no stop planks here, got to be made! No pumps, got to hire them!! The pore folk on the hire boat from rugby boats had no joy with rugby boats have abandoned vessel and had to sort there own transport out as far as I'm aware. Nice couple of pints at the pub, feel there going to be busy the next few days.
  9. Talk of being closed for two or more days!! Some happy hire boaters about!! All just talk though, I'm off for a pint!
  10. Someone has ripped the end post off one of the gates.
  11. Could be a long day! Lock gate nackered, talk of draining lock down! One cart bloke here walking round on his phone, oh well could be worse places to stop.
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