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  1. I don’t have one thankfully.
  2. I do apologise in advance...I don’t post much on here, but that in my opinion isn’t nice! Looks like something has pushed out a soft sh.t that has gone all flat.
  3. hi pete yes plenty i am on the essinton canal ..not far from streethay marina get back to me with what you think you will need and location regards

    1. pete23


      Cheers, I will get back to you at the weekend if you have any left then

      thanks, Pete.

  4. hi pete yes i am doing this on behalf of my brother hes the fella whos  selling them get back to me with how many you may want and where abt you are i am on the essington canal ..not far from streethay marina regards

  5. Made me smile “old reservoir keepers cottage”
  6. I did hear a rumour earlier on that cart are going to fill the hole with spray foam. does anyone know if there’s any truth in this?
  7. Can you still buy the original castrol R ??
  8. Was kilworth marina filled up with water yesterday or is it just flood water?? pontoons look a fair height of the water if it has been filled.
  9. Is this the gen in a cacoon type case? Is it master volt?? If so I know someone who has one in the back of there shed for spares
  10. I burn mainly well seasoned wood, i value the life of the old lady, so over the winter clean the flue every two weeks, hey your cold for a couple of hours at most! Not the end of the world!
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