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  1. I don't know, but surely it's not as easy for people bringing boats from those nearly 200 non-EU countries into the EU as it is for people bringing boats from EU countries into other EU countries? So there's a big change there and it seems more than likely that the visa rules will prevent non-EU citizens living in the EU which is surely the point of the visa.
  2. But unlike Australia or the US we're currently an EU country that's leaving the EU so there situation for us WILL change. You've already admitted that you don't know the current rules for taking boats to other EU countries so I don't understand how you can then claim that nothing will change? As much as I'd like to believe that it's all well defined and that nothing will change, I'm afraid your opinion is just guesswork like everyone else's.
  3. Are you sure the situation for a British registered boat going into another EU country doesn't change once we leave the EU? I'm very dubious about that. I think all that needs to be shown currently are some form of ownership and vat status, plus the relevant documents for the owner, CEVNI, etc. I can't see it being that easy once we've left the EU. The new rules for Brits wanting to live in the EU after brexit and bringing a boat from the UK to the EU after brexit. I think we're all guessing at the moment.
  4. Or it may not be so simple "..it seems highly likely that your stays will be restricted to 3 months, no return within 3 months" I can only imagine the added complexity of bringing a privately owned boat into the EU. Judging by the news item I watched last night I don't think the situation is well defined yet. Once we find ourselves queuing up at passport control in Europe with all the non-EU passport holders I think the reality of all this will finally sink in.
  5. Yes I saw a news item last night about Brits living in Spain whose residential status should be ok and also a guy who was having to choose Czech or Polish citizenship in order to remain an EU citizen after brexit. The reporter was saying that anyone moving to the EU within the next 11 months should be ok if they want to stay, but after that all bets are off and it won't be so easy.
  6. I'm just going by what was said in some other posts, example below. Did you read those comments? "...it seems highly likely that your stays will be restricted to 3 months, no return within 3 months"
  7. Ok thanks for the info everyone. Looks like the brexiteers have scuppered my retirement plans. If in about 10 years time you happen to see a big black widebeam coming the other way and have to move over, or see it moored somewhere and you have to change your course slightly to get around it, don't complain. It wasn't meant to be here! 😂
  8. Yes that's a given in my opinion too. Why we want to cut ourselves off and what the benefits of all this are I still don't understand. Nobody who supports it seems to be able to explain it either. Anyway there's another long-running thread about that so let's leave that discussion there.
  9. I don't have a plan yet. As I said it's just a vague idea at the moment so I'd do whatever is required.
  10. About 15 years ago I helped a friend take a sailing boat across the channel from Brighton marina to Le Tresport near Dieppe. He's moved further south and is still living on the boat in France. The day after we arrived a couple of police/port authority types casually strolled up and checked our paperwork, passports, boat papers, etc. I can't remember if he had to show a vat receipt for the boat but the whole thing didn't seem particularly onerous. I had a vague idea of doing something similar after retirement but probably on the back of a flatbed. But I was wondering if it's actually going to be possible after the brexit transition period has ended in 11 months time? I guess there are two issues: legally moving oneself and legally moving the boat to the EU. I can see both being very difficult.
  11. A hammock on a narrow boat is a horrible idea, but each to their own. We all have different ideas, so if it's what you want then go for it.
  12. Measure your skin tank for size. The general rule of thumb is 1 square foot/5hp of engine power. The coolant should be drained from the engine and skin tank. You'll have a drain plug somewhere on your engine and if there's no drain plug on the tank you can pull the bottom hose off. It can be a messy job and you'll probably end up with coolant all over the floor so a wet vac and plenty of nappies to clean up are useful. Just leave the nappies on the floor for a day or two before pulling them out. You can use the wet vac to suck coolant out of the engine and skin tank too but make sure you take the coolant pressure cap off so you're not creating a vacuum in there.
  13. I've moved my 57 x 12ft widebeam single handed on canals and rivers including the Thames from Limehouse to Teddington and up to Reading; R. Avon from Bath to Bristol, but I employed the services of a pilot to get me across the Bristol channel from Portishead to Sharpness. Done part of the Severn on my own up to Tewkesbury and the length of the Warks Avon. When you turn up at a lock on a big boat on your own you sometimes get funny looks from people on smaller boats who assume your crew must be asleep inside. People who only ever move their boats with crew assume single handing is difficult. It does take a bit more skill but once you get used to it it's all perfectly possible.
  14. Careful, or you'll have MtB coming down on you like a tonne of bricks telling you that your problem is you're unable to accept that other people's pumps don't last as long! 😂 But seriously, in my case at least, you've come up with a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. 😋
  15. I think a whale gulper would be a bit noisy and erratic if used as a domestic water pump, but I suppose as long as the accumulator can cope it would work. My parmax 3.5 is 10 years old now and used everyday as a liveaboard so I don't seem to have the same problem with pumps, although last time I mentioned that I was told I was unable to empathethise adequately with those who got through pumps like hot dinners (I paraphrase). I've only had two domestic pumps in 15 years. The Shurflow that came with the boat lasted 4 years, I fixed the leak and it lasted another year before I replaced it with the Jabsco.. Anyway, when this one dies I won't be replacing it with a whale gulper.
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