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  1. blackrose


    I'm not quite sure what you mean in your first sentence Richard? If you're bonding N-E on the cable then you should also be connecting the chassis of the generator to earth using the generator's earth stud.
  2. blackrose

    12v appliances when on shore power

    I agree. I don't need a seamless transition between shore power and inverter and I've seen too many cases of combis with problems which results in nothing working at all. I've also met boaters who were moored up on shore power when the marina bollard tripped and that seamless combo transition meant that they didn't know they were running high power appliances from their inverter until their batteries ran flat. So I'd rather not have seamless electronics and instead be in full control myself.
  3. blackrose

    Sand Blasting And 2pack

    Hi Terry, since you have flouted forum rules and got away with it I may as well ask, where are you based on the Nene? I got my boat grit blasted and then epoxied it myself a few years ago when I was moored on the Warks Avon, but I'm on the Nene now and I'm always interested in knowing about boat services on local waterways.
  4. blackrose

    12v appliances when on shore power

    I've always thought of it as the mains powering my 12v appliances. Bit pedantic I know, but the battery charger doesn't create power by itself. It's a bit like when people talk about their inverter powering mains appliances. No, that's the batteries. All the inverter does is invert.
  5. I wasn't ignoring anything. So they found CCTV footage of two Russians in Salisbury at that time. The footage didn't actually show them passing close to the Skripal's house as you say. They may well have poisoned the Skripal's but have we seen the CCTV footage of all the other people wandering around Salisbury that day and if those two men did do it how do you know they were doing it in behalf of Putin rather than some other organisation? It's you who's not being objective. The Russian public don't believe they did it, the British public believe they did. Whose secret services and media is telling the truth? I don't think we know. All we know is that every time someone feels ill in Salisbury it's the Russians! 😂
  6. blackrose

    Mixing fuel containers

    A small amount won't hurt, but personally if I was filling an old diesel container with petrol I'd put a bit of petrol in first and shake it around to clean it out before emptying it in a small container. But you obviously need to do that before you go to the petrol station.
  7. blackrose

    Skin Tanks Rusted Through

    Has it rusted through from the outside - in a damp engine room for example - or from inside the tank? I guess it highlights the importance of keeping the engine bilges dry and/or the antifreeze regularly changed and topped up. I imagine without proper anti-corrosive antifreeze the inside of the engine's water-jacket must suffer from corrosion too - especially with aluminium and steel in contact?
  8. I don't support Russia in any of this. I just try to look at the news a bit more objectively than the propaganda we're being fed by our politicians and media on a daily basis. Yes that's right it's not just Russia spouting propaganda. We're in the middle of a geopolitical struggle and both sides are attempting to control the news agenda. I don't know what's happened in the Salisbury case. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I do look at the news critically and don't simply accept everything I'm told. After the fall of the Berlin wall and the breakup of the Soviet Union, the EU and NATO gave assurances to a politically weakened and economically devastated Russia that EU/NATO borders would not expand eastwards. Since then that's precisely what we've done by fair means or foul. After 15 years of humiliation in being forced to accept the harshest Western economic rules, we now wonder why an economically resurgent Russia has chosen nationalism and a strongman in charge who has broad popular appeal? We're constantly told about Russian misdeeds such as the annexation of Crimea for example, and I'm not going to defend that, but we're never told about the western-backed support of right wing Ukrainian anti govt activists that helped to bring about the destabilisation of a democratically elected govt in Ukraine which helped lead to that civil war in the first place. So I'm not going to join in with the demonisation of Russia or any of this ridiculous anti-Russian hysteria because I want no part of this new cold war. There are other ways of looking at history and current affairs, not just from our own limited ethnocentric perspective.
  9. I completely agree and I'm glad to hear someone else say it. The UK Govt and the media pronounced Russia guilty almost as soon as Salisbury had happened when there was no evidence at all. I couldn't help thinking perhaps it was the pro-western Ukrainians trying to drive a wedge between the west a Russia? They probably had access to Novachock and they've done some very dodgy things in the past. Anyway, that was just as likely as it being the Russians. I don't really know what's happened but I don't think anyone else does either - some just think they know. Anyway, you're right, this Russiaphobia wouldn't be tolerated if it were about another nation.
  10. blackrose

    New boats need room sealed boilers?

    Fair enough Mike, yes I agree that we do need safety standards and the average person isn't best placed to tackle these sorts of jobs.
  11. blackrose

    New boats need room sealed boilers?

    I'd never done it until I did it. That included installing 2 separate gas systems down both sides of the boat with gas fridge and water heater on one side and oven and hob on the other. The Calor pipe sizing tables showed that even with half inch pipe for the main run it would be borderline given the length of one run due to the configuration of my kitchen. Expensive to install initially with 2 regulators, etc, and almost double the amount of pipe, but it's passed 4 BSS inspections with different inspectors each time and several comments about it being unusual on a boat and how well its been installed. It's really not rocket science. Most tradespeople will naturally try to confound you with reasons why you shouldn't attempt these things yourself, but compared to what I do their professions are fairly simple and fairly easily learned - at least to the extent one needs to do the job. Let's face it, try talking to most of these people and it soon becomes apparent that they aren't very clever so how hard can it be? 😂
  12. blackrose

    New boats need room sealed boilers?

    Is that still true if the boat is your home? I'd always been led to believe (perhaps wrongly) that it wasn't allowed.
  13. blackrose

    BT batteries

    I think you need to read my previous post more carefully. I was blaming BOTH the manufacturer and the retailer, who between them should be able to get the specs to the consumer. Also the reason I chose this particular retailer was that they were recommended on this thread. However, I have looked for the same product elsewhere online but it looks very much like Battery Megastore are the sole distributor in the UK. So it seems that (if the product turns out to be suitable) I would have no choice but to use this particular retailer. Anyway, I have emailed Hankook directly using the address Tony posted above, so if I get an answer from them I will update this thread.
  14. blackrose

    BT batteries

    Thanks but isn't it ridiculous that the final consumer is left searching in the dark for answers which should have come from the manufacturer, or if not then should have been requested by the supplier. The fact that I have to request the information directly by email from the manufacturer shows that neither are doing their jobs properly.
  15. blackrose

    BT batteries

    I doubt they'll supply me with a Hankook technical data sheet. I really don't know who you chaps have been talking to but every time I call Battery Megastore it seems like they think they're doing me a big favour just to give me the most basic information. You might be right Tony that they're just giving me generic information because they can't be bothered. First of all today they said 12v 😂 and then they were saying 13.6 - 13.8v. It was only when pressed they put me on hold again and came back with 14.4v. I certainly wouldn't buy from Battery Megastore and wouldn't recommend them either. Just my (repeated) negative experience of them.

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