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  1. As others have indicated, the connections from the batteries to the BT motor is important and short fat cables are required. The charging of the BT battery is also a factor. My setup is that the BT batteries share the charge with the start battery through a voltage sensitive relay. So the start battery alternator charge is split between those two banks. The domestic battery alternator just charges the domestic bank. That setup makes sense because the start battery is usually fully charged anyway meaning that the relay can send the charge to the BT batteries most of the time. The charge cables running the length of my boat are only 16mm2 but that's fine, I don't need thick charge cables with my setup. Why would you want to split the charge between the domestic bank and the BT bank? That doesn't make sense to me.
  2. Yes, what's the point of those watering cans or vintage engines for that matter? In fact what's the point of a boat at all? Nobody actually needs one but they keep us off the streets.
  3. The other thing that having a tachometer on my boat was useful for was identifying that the engine was overpropped and couldn't reach anywhere near the engine's maximum rpm in in gear in deep water. I had the prop repitched and that resulted in a lot more power.
  4. My advice is that in general a bow thruster on a canal boat is only intended for slow speed, close quarters handling and isn't really designed to counter river currents or wind. You should be using your main engine and prop for that, not the bow thruster.
  5. Cheers. Thanks for that. So it looks like I don't really need to upgrade more than one of my rads after all! Currently 4 single panel rads @ approx 820W = 3280W + 1560W for the pipes = 4840W I'll ignore the calorifier as once that's up to temperature it doesn't count. If I change just one of the rads to a double panel @ 1111W it will add 291W which will give me 5131W. And it saves a bit of work too!
  6. But perhaps Madi's partner isn't interested in boats and just wants a floating home as shown in the original link? The fact that she calls it a boat may be a bit misleading. Anyway, like the others have said, I hope he/she has a mooring for such an object before purchasing, otherwise the transportation question is a moot point.
  7. I tried to find a pipe hear loss/ output calculator online but none seem very simple. I'm not sure about that. I don't think it's academic. Everyone's been telling me how important it is. And I know people who have their webastos running for many hours. If the delta-T is 47 do you know how to calculate the kW output of 26m of 22mm dia plastic pipe? I'm simply trying to match my system to the output of the webasto.
  8. Main The main run is about 26m flow and return all in 22mm plastic (uninsulated). delta-T? I guess the water temp will be 80C coming out of the boiler and ambient temperature is roughly... ambient!
  9. Depends what you mean by "network". There are plenty of rivers both tidal and non-tidal where canal boats can go faster if they're appropriately powered, propped and cooled. On the other hand if you're not including rivers in the network then you're not alone on here. A lot of narrowboaters are similarly blinkered.
  10. I got my new rads yesterday which will total 4.4 kW. So I'm still under the 5 kW of the Webasto. I was thinking of getting one of these for the bathroom as I can't fit anything taller, but it's expensive and a hassle to fit. It would give me approx 0.5 kW but is it really worth buying or will all the pipework and calorifier take care of the deficit?
  11. Yes, I use mine all the time to get a better idea of my speed for things like moving past moored boats. Is a tachometer really any more useful on a car than on a boat? Probably not but most modern cars have them.
  12. If they can get those big barges under the lowest bridge on the Canal di Midi without any damage you should be fine on a 13ft widebeam on the GU Paddington arm. This was me taking my 12ft widebeam through the bridge at Bidford on Avon. Slowly does it...
  13. The wearing of masks in no way indicates that comeone has covid-19, but merely that they are taking precautions. In fact if they are wearing a mask (assuming it's FFP3 and a good fit) then you don't need to go further away from them because if they are infected and wearing a mask they are less likely to spread it to you than someone who is infected but isn't wearing a mask.
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