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  1. Very true. Part of the problem is the certainty with which she states these misunderstandings.
  2. But that's NOT what you said in your previous post. You said: "buying from a private seller it is "sold as seen" Regardless of the waste of time that Trading Standards often are in practice, the boat, if sold by a busines should be "fit for pupose", and this makes business sellers far more cautious than private sellers" That's NOT the same point that I'm making, it's the opposite. And it really doesn't matter whether the broker owns the boat or is acting as a broker. You're just creating confusion by trying to draw some distinction there. Either way i
  3. I'm afraid that's not true at all. In practice boats sold by brokers are also sold as seen unless a surveyor uncovers the problem and it's rectified, but that equally applies to private sales. There are plenty of well known brokers who sell boats that aren't fit for purpose and by the time the buyer finds out it's too late. I've seen boats sold with chipboard floors that have become waterlogged and needed to be ripped out requiring a full refit; boats where the broker fixed a rusty dump through pump out tank by putting a piece of ply on top with mastic and painting it black and then mounting t
  4. That sounds like a bit of a palava, but then retro-fitting a bubble tester is too I suppose. I fitted mine when I installed the system and find then very useful.
  5. You'll never be able to use the wetvac for anything else again but I guess an old wet vac that you'll probably have to throw away afterwards is cheaper than fuel polishing. I just use 1m thin clear acrylic tube to dip the tank and see if there's any muck at the bottom. You only want about 5mm ID. Any bigger and you can't hold the vacuum when you bring it out.
  6. Because a leak on the high pressure side of the system within the gas locker shouldn't be a major issue as the gas should just drain overboard. On the other hand a leak on the low pressure side of the system in the cabin will collect in the bilges and is much more hazardous. I'm not saying that you would want to have a leak in your gas locker, but it happens all the time. Lots of people don't tighten the brass fitting to the bottle properly or the fitting is worn and gas leaks out. If it was a choice between the two I know where I'd rather have the leak. I hav
  7. Yes just buy any old "pressurised pump" and see how it goes. If it's the wrong pump then it's fine, you'll only have wasted 100 quid or so. Or here's another idea: You could actually try to understand and follow the free advice given by experienced people on this forum. Your choice...
  8. If you're not bothered about not having brass & red hoops then I suggest a short section of black vitreous enamel flue pipe that just fits inside your deck collar. If you can find one the right OD then the slightly wider diameter joint would support it on your collar. You would also need a stainless steel rain collar at the bottom just over the deck collar a bead of high temp silicone. You can paint it black with stove paint or engine paint, or probably find a black one online. It might not be traditional but it will last a lot longer than any crappy narrowboat chimney. Mine is
  9. They've never suggested capping the number of cars on the roads, so why would they start with boats? Things generally don't get capped in free-market economies. What happens instead is that economic instruments such as increased taxes and charges are implemented as a means of controlling supply & demand. However that generally doesn't happen until things have already got out of control!
  10. As the name suggests, your shower drain pump drains the shower and pumps the waste water out of the boat. It has absolutely nothing to do with the pressurised water going to your water heater. As Tony said, you need to look at your domestic/freshwater pump and either see if you can increase the pressure (and adjust any accumulator tank) or buy a new higher pressure pump.
  11. Thanks for this. What is LDF? I installed the system and it's passed 4 BSS inspections so far so I think I'm adequately competent and I do understand the hazards of LPG on boats. I would have guessed it was the hob or oven too but assuming the isolators are working then the leak seems to be upstream of the isolators. I'm away for about a week for work but I'll hunt down the leak when I get back with detector spray and electronic detector and let everyone know what I find. Maybe it is the hob or oven then.
  12. Great. Good for a newbie who wants to CC in London and fit it out at the same time.
  13. Either that or you'll be brown bread so they can't prosecute you.
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