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  1. As someone else said earlier, if you're using a stud or a bolt to fill the hole and can't grind it flush then it's better to use a dome headed bolt with a nut underneath rather than standard bolt head or nut on top. Less of a trip hazard
  2. If you do need to fill anything then get some proper filler like International Watertite. Don't use car body filler crap because decks are high traffic areas. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/5061451882922833643?q=international+watertite&tbs=vw:l,ss:44&sxsrf=ALeKk03NiJ6Ou4-h6IaLjgJzVCEc8JSX9A:1611172569975&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:4987797301255306819,prmr:1,cs:1
  3. That's very generous of the council. No such luck for people caught out on the Nene around here a few weeks ago. Northamptonshire council left them to fend for themselves.
  4. Lots of people buying £100K + narrowboats buy the past.
  5. Are you talking about having two pumps operating at the same time? I imagine this would be a bad idea, but when you say boiler I'm not sure if you mean the Webasto or the back boiler of the stove? Assuming the back boiler is pumped then I'd only use that pump when the Webasto isn't operating. Also as Tony has said, diesel heaters don't like being fed with hot water. When this happens they start to shut down and coke up. Really they need to be kept running hard to avoid this. Many people have this problem because they don't have enough radiators in their CH system so warm or hot wat
  6. It all looks a bit manky. You might want to dismantle all the electrical connections and give them a good clean with a small wire brush.
  7. I used green waterproof MDF for a bathroom counter about 13 years ago which I tiled. It's still fine. I remember leaving an offcut outside for a good 6 months in the rain and sun. It bleached out a bit and went yellow but otherwise it was as good as new. A neighbour asked me if he could use it for something so it didn't go to waste. I don't see how such a resilient material can be dismissed so easily.
  8. The best treatment will be several coats of water potable epoxy. Trouble is it's only available in minimum15 litre quantities and it's quite expensive. Epoxies are more technical paints than those used by the average narrowboater. They have to be mixed properly in the correct quantites, and overcoated according to min/max overcoating times based on temperature. It's perfectly possible for an amateur to use epoxies but you must read the data sheets - you can't just slap them on. Tankguard DW - SML Protective Coatings The other issue is that like most epoxy paints you ha
  9. No washing and peeing in a bucket. She sounds like some sort of proto-crusty. Some of these young newbies are idiots and think you have to conform to a boat crusty stereotype. Someone should show her how it's possible to live on a boat properly.
  10. Sounds like a good idea to me. People on this forum will always list all the negative reasons why it might be difficult or why you shouldn't do it. That's fair enough as it's good to be informed, but if you really want to do it then you shouldn't let that stop you. As others have said, if you take the floor up, remove the ballast and chop the narrowboat up into sections then you might not need a crane at all. It could easily be welded or even bolted back together with mastiked joints using something like Stixall. One thing I would want to do is sit it on blocks to preve
  11. I was right. I've just had an email back from BES and that kit is Continental brand (made in India) exactly the same as the ones I bought from eBay. The only difference is the price! (£56 on BES +VAT & delivery compared to £41 on eBay all inc.) If BES are selling them then I'll assume the quality is ok and install them.
  12. It's very difficult to compare unless you do these tidal journeys regularly. It really depends on the day. I used to go up and down the Thames to and from Limehouse when I was moored at Brentford and once it wasn't dissimilar to the video posted by Schlolar Gypsy. On the other hand I've taken my boat from Bristol to Sharpness and it was flat calm until the approach to Sharpness.
  13. Just listen to one of your neighbours boats and ask what heater they have. The Thermo top C is fairly common. But I'm not sure one can really glean any information on the sound output of a heater, engine or anything else from an internet video because they're all recorded and played back on different equipment in different situations. You'll never be able to compare.
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