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  1. Ok I've taken the thermostat housing off but the existing gasket is made from thin aluminium. Are we sure I can replace that with a 1mm paper gasket? This is the stuff I have.
  2. Mine is above the engine. You can see it in my original post. I assumed it was sucked back in? No, the pressure cap on the engine opens and allows expanding coolant into the external expansion vessel. When it cools it's drawn back into the engine by the vacuum created. The pressure cap works either way. Or at least it used to!
  3. My Isuzu 55 seems to have a minor coolant leak and when you open the coolant filler cap there's pressure inside even when it's stone cold. I thought it must be the thin hose from the engine header tank overflow under the filler cap to the external header tank as there was a kink in it, but I've replaced that hose this morning with some proper car heater hose and filled up the coolant, but nothing is getting through to the external header tank when I run the engine and it gets hot. I checked the overflow spigot for blockages before I installed the new hose and blew through the hose into the external header tank and all was ok. Also there seems to be a small amount of steam coming out from around the thermostat housing.
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