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  1. As the boat comes out of the water and you see its back break and the whole thing collapse into the water in two halves, just be ready to jump into your car and make a swift exit! 😂
  2. blackrose

    Engine Question

    Within reason. Blade tips too close to the uxter plate and skeg will cause cavitation. I can't remember the rule of thumb but I think it's supposed to be a 20% gap based on prop diameter?
  3. blackrose

    Large (6 3/4") mushroom vents?

    When was that then? My boat was built in 2005. I didn't realise portholes that open was a new thing? I'm sure I've seen them on boats much older than mine and they looked like the original windows to me, but I could be wrong.
  4. blackrose

    Large (6 3/4") mushroom vents?

    All my windows are portholes but it's not another story. I have a 12v Manrose Extract-a-light fan under a mushroom vent in the bathroom and another one installed in the cabin side above the hob in the galley, with an aluminium rain shield on the outside. Apart from that I just have another 3 ordinary brass mushroom vents (without fans) and lower level door vents at the bow and stem and my ventilation is fine even with the portholes closed.
  5. blackrose

    Cheap Engine Hours Meters?

    I've ordered the cheap one from eBay. I'm just going to mount it somewhere below the control pedestal in the engine hole and put a sticker on it saying + the number of hours on the Isuzu hours counter as that one is a bit temperamental. It's not like engine hours is something vital you need to see while you're steering.
  6. blackrose

    Morco heater leak

    Ok thanks
  7. blackrose

    Morco heater leak

    Interestingly, when I mentioned on the phone that I'd chosen this model because it was almost exactly the same in dimensions as my old Vaillant, he said they were made in the same factory. He also explained to me that these heaters struggled to work well in boats because the operating water pressure (as opposed to static pressure) was often insufficient to open the gas valve in the heater. Anything below 1 bar is problematic. My pump cut out pressure is 25psi (1.8 bar) and the cut in pressure is 15psi (just over 1 bar). The operating pressure will depend on a variety of factors including pipe lengths, diameters, number of elbows, etc, but how does an accumulator set to a few psi below the pump's cut in pressure affect the operating pressure?
  8. blackrose

    Morco heater leak

    That copper pipe must be joined to something surely?
  9. blackrose

    Morco heater leak

    Yes it's high but that's what he said. That copper pipe must be joined to something surely?
  10. blackrose

    Morco heater leak

    I called morco today and they suggested I send it back to them rather than going through the retailer as it would be quicker, so I sent it to them today. When I took it off the wall I still couldn't see when the leak was. Anyway I'll let them repair and test it. They say they're pressure tested to 10 bar so yes it is odd.
  11. blackrose

    Painting new phenolic ply

    Indeed, the feeling is entirely mutual.
  12. blackrose

    Cheap Engine Hours Meters?

  13. blackrose

    Morco heater leak

    Thanks. Don't Morco pressure test these things before sending them out? I resent paying good money in order to get used as a manufacturer's QC dept. I'm too busy for this and have my own job to do, so I don't want to be sending it back and fitting it twice. What a ball ache.
  14. blackrose

    Cheap Engine Hours Meters?

    Thanks. Don't they pressure test these things before they go out? I hate being the QC for manufacturers. Complete waste of my time.
  15. blackrose

    Morco heater leak

    It's quite a big leak!

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