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  1. I'm afraid this illustrates a lack of understanding regarding the economics of recycling. In a market economy a market must exist for any recycled material (recyclate) before it can be recycled. Recycling itself is an industrial process with it's own set of environmental impacts. If there's no market for a particular recyclate and nobody wants to buy it then there's absolutely no point recycling it, and in fact that would just amount to an overall environmental negative. Unfortunately when it comes to generating markets for new recycled materials enough of the virgin material must first be in use for a recycled market to be created.
  2. Yes, I'm sure about what I paid only about 8 months ago. Bought them from a golf cart shop online. The price of batteries seems to vary quite a bit depending on the supplier.
  3. So it's ok for you to repeat what Smelly said but for some reason you take exception if I repeat what you've said? Why do some people get so pedantic on this forum? Dude, it doesn't matter, let it go.... 😘
  4. I didn't think those rules applied to boats or has the situation changed? Not that you'd want to burn house coal. Ghastly stuff and everyone nearby will hate you.
  5. Well in that case it's a fair assumption. 😂 I was just making it clear for the benefit of anyone else reading this who wasn't aware, which is why I used the general pronoun "one" rather than "he" or "the OP".
  6. Engine radiator? Is this an additional cooling system that someone has installed with a fan because your skin tank is undersized? How is the hot air expelled from the engine space? Bilge blower? Always wondered whether that would work.
  7. Yes, that's what I do. From memory I think my toaster draws about 60amps at 12v via the inverter but only for a few minutes so it's not going to kill the batteries. If your batteries can't handle that I suspect they're shot.
  8. Yes that's true about the inverter. But on the shore supply, whatever arrangement they have at the power station or distribution hub, I'd like to think it was a bit more sophisticated than an earth spike hammered into the ground? Anyway, confused or not, the case of my Honda EU30i generator is metal not plastic so I think I'm right in connecting the generator's earth stud to my hull.
  9. I'm pretty sure the Honda EU range have metal chassis underneath the plastic cover. Every Honda suitcase generator I've ever owned has an earth stud connection point - and it's not connected to the plastic case! 😋 You're probably better electrically informed than me, but if one is relying on the lead to earth the generator then the boat's own hull-earth bond must be in place and should be checked. So what exactly is the chassis earth stud for on Honda EU generators? I took advice from Gibbo and Chris W when I modified the generator lead and connected my generator earth stud to my hull.
  10. I'm no electrician either but we're only talking about linking N-E in the plug of your shoreline cable that goes into the generator. I don't think there's any particular advantage of N-E bonding the generator itself as opposed to the cable and there are quite a few disadvantages, but as previously mentioned you must label the cable for generator use only and I'd also advise putting some flexible conduit over the cable because as far as I'm aware it's not electrically protected itself until the supply has passed through the boats breakers. That's the same whether you N-E bond the cable or the generator. My only concern here is that what you're effectively doing is changing the generator from a floating earth to neutral-earth bonded (just like the mains) and my understanding is that the chassis or case of anything N-E bonded must also be bonded to earth. I run my generator on my boat (which is frowned upon mainly because of the risk of petrol fumes getting into the engine bilges or into the boat, and also the carbon monoxide risk). However I'm on a big widebeam and the generator is far enough away and separated from the rest of the boat. I wouldn't do this on a narrowboat as it's simply too confined. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that the chassis of my generator is connected to the boat's hull, so it's effectively connected to earth (unpainted base plate). If you're running a N-E bonded generator on the bank as you should, then shouldn't it be run in conjunction with an earth spike connected to the generator's chassis? Sorry to complicate things further but electrical safety is paramount and I'm really wondering whether anyone running a generator on the bank should be messing about with the generator's floating earth system unless they are going to do it properly.
  11. Well well just have to agree to disagree. I wasn't talking about fluing or ventilation, just plumbing. Is that really the best argument you can come up with (again)? The fact that you bring up flueing and ventilation again to try to justify your position like you did last time we talked about this, just illustrates how pig headed and ignorant you are. By the way, the flueing and ventilation of my gas appliances (where relevant) was also passed by all inspectors with flying colours so they certainly didn't agree with your verdict about my competence and unlike you they actually inspected the boat! 🤪
  12. It's very simple to change the fitting and olive to imperial, you simply put the bubble tester in a vice and crack the original metric fitting off. Where does this myth come from that anything to do with gas is difficult to do?
  13. Yes I know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook but I'm not sure how that's relevant to what we were talking about? Anyway, yes you can certainly pay £800 - £1000 for the very latest Samsung Android phone if you're rich or stupid enough,, but you can also get a fairly well specified brand new Android for about £170 and you can't say the same for iPhones. You say one has the option of a low end Android, but a low end Android will outperform a mid range iPhone. The bottom line is that whatever you pay for a phone you'll get more for your money if you buy an Android. I know some people like iPhones and that's fine because the consumer decides how to spend their money. But as I said previously, with Apple you're paying a premium for an inferior piece of hardware simply because of the brand.
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