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  1. I'm pretty sure it's just an airgap between the hulls, not foam. It's been semi-sunk and refloated but it hadn't been properly drained. When we stood it up on its transom today and pulled out the two rubber drain bungs, gallons of water came gushing out.
  2. No I only got the dinghy back to the boat today. I was my only dinghy on the Avon. I'm going to pressure wash it asap. It needs a few repairs inside as the double hull is leaking from the inside meaning it was full of water. I've drained all the water out now so I'm just going to let it dry out and whack some Stixall in to fix the holes. I was even thinking of filling the space between the hulls with expanding foam, but I'd probably just end up tearing the thing apart so I'll scrap that idea. The inside paint has all peeled off so that needs redoing too and the guy who had it lost the internal deckboards so I was planning to get a pallet or two and cutting them to size for the inside. I've just worked out that this kit of epoxy would give about 6m2 coverage so only really enough for one and a half coats over the outside. I think two coats would be too expensive so I'll scrap the epoxy idea too and just paint it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/system-1-2kg-resin-special-hardener/dp/B00LM5F31I/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1553202249&sr=8-6&keywords=west+system+epoxy
  3. Thanks, so if I want to epoxy coat the outside it looks like I don't need peel ply at all as all that's doing is giving a surface finish that I'm not interested in? I could just prep the surface, add a couple of coats of epoxy and then a couple of coats of compatible paint to finish it and give it some UV protection?
  4. No I don't want to. The dinghy is thick and heavy enough as it is.
  5. So no glass fibre matting involved? I can only think that you roller on the epoxy and then add the cloth? I'm not after any particular finish so what would be the point of the cloth exactly - why can't I just paint on the epoxy? Could I paint the epoxy after that? That's what I was thinking in the first place. If peel ply is easy and not too expensive to do I might give it a go, but not if it means adding matting.
  6. I tried to look it up on Youtube but there are loads of Sail Life videos and I couldn't find the correct one. Epoxy is a type of resin isn't it? Epoxy resin? https://www.westsystem.com/105-epoxy-resin/ Anyway, I found these instructions on peel ply but it seems to involve adding fibreglass which isn't what I want to do? https://www.epoxycraft.com/asked-hamish-whats-great-peel-ply/ I'm a bit confused about what peel ply actually is and how it's applied.
  7. Thanks but it sounds too involved and to expensive. I don't really want to start resin coating it. I just want something I can paint on, job done. The fibreglass on the dinghy is fine, it just needs a coat of something. I think I'm going to use the Supplyshed paint I posted the link to above.
  8. Thanks. Any views on this? It seems simple enough to use - undercoat and topcoats. https://www.supplyshed.biz/product/fibreglass-boat-paint/
  9. Is that some sort of flexible 2 pack for fibreglass boats?
  10. What's the best way of treating the outside of this fiberglass boat? If there's a waterproof, flexible paint that's easy to apply I'd rather do that than gelcoats which I have no knowledge about. The closeup picture is the outside which feels like the coating has gone completely. The inside needs rubbing down and painting too as the paint is flaking off.
  11. I'm on a widebeam and used two sets of caravan steps covered with some leftover oak worktop from my galley fittout. The steps are heavy but I can move them to get behind and into the space under the bow deck if I need to.
  12. blackrose

    TV licence

    £86 million for the EastEnders set? Who'd want to be a TV licence fee payer?
  13. Yes I had to hold mine down for about 45 seconds once before it registered a small leak. I wouldn't be without my bubble tester, the trick is to use them properly and I hold the button down for a full minute now.
  14. I've been moored on rivers full time for the past 9 years including the Thames, the Warks Avon and the Nene. There are plenty of ways to do it safely, it's just about knowing what you're doing. The problem is that a lot of canal boaters don't. I had to put in my own poles on the Thames to keep the boat off the garden mooring and I used them in conjunction with a large permanent concrete anchor I made and deployed when I first got there. Some boaters on the other side of the river took the p*ss when I put those poles in but they soon stopped laughing when it flooded. On the Avon I was out in the middle of the river when it flooded so getting to and from the boat was the biggest challenge. Coming home in the dark after work with a headtorch and getting in the dinghy to go back to the boat was scary in case an uprooted tree washed down and wiped me out. They often used to float past. You've got to have made all your preparations in advance - as the word "preparation" suggests. It may seem like a waste of time and money when it's nice and sunny and the river is low, but it's like an insurance policy. If you wait until it begins to flood you've probably left it too late, especially on a river like the Avon when it can rise as much as 8ft in 2 days.
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