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  1. Do we know that for sure yet? Covid-19 may well mutate rendering any vaccine or herd immunity useless.
  2. So what's new? I think these are what's commonly referred to as "first world problems". My advice is once things get back to normal (if that ever happens), take a trip to West Africa and see what sort of lives other human beings are leading and the situations that they are having to deal with. You might feel a bit more fortunate about your own life once you get back.
  3. blackrose

    Boat missing

    Popcorn anyone? 🍿
  4. Yes I might try that on mine too next time to save me keeping on looking at it waiting for the start light.
  5. Possibly, I really don't know. I think it's worth Steve leaving his washing machine hooked up for up to an hour while the generator is running just to see if at some point it will allow itself to be started. Once my machine starts it's fine and finishes the washing cycle. I've never had a problem with it suddenly stopping mid-cycle.
  6. Also, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but the other thing I do is make sure my mains ring isn't connected to the generator at start up and when switching the generator off. I've been told the voltage can spike and damage sensitive equipment.
  7. I sometimes have some issues with my Honda EU30i (2.8kw rated) generator running my washing machine. Sometimes the washing machine starts straight away, other times it decides it doesn't like the electricity supply and refuses to accept it. All I get are some flashing lights on the washing machine but not the start light. That normally goes on for 20 -30 mins and then suddenly the start light illuminates and I can start the machine. It's very odd. I raised this on the forum some 13 years ago and even Gibbo couldn't work out what was happening. I was advised to switch on another electrical appliance to see if that smoothed out the waveform but it made no difference. Why sometimes I'm able to start the machine straight away and other times I have to wait 20 mins remains a mystery to me, but it's no big deal I just live with it. I'm running my charger shortly after I start the generator anyway so it's not a problem. The machine is a Zanusi ZWC 1300W compact 1.6kw Anyway, my advice to Steve is wait, give it time and see what happens. In my case it almost seems like the washing machine has to "learn" to accept the supply each time!
  8. Really? That sounds a bit crass. I'm sure the BSS has actually saved hundreds of lives. I knew very little about boat safety when I fitted out my second boat according to the BSS Essential Guide 2 (first boat was already fitted). I'm sure it's a lot safer than had I fitted it out according to my own standards. We can certainly criticise the BSS, often with some justification, but let's not get silly about it. And then vacuum the burner below!
  9. While at the same time dodging my point on gas fridge safety in relation to other fuel burning appliances. As I said, you'll get a lot more CO emitted from your solid fuel stove so if you're worried about no safe limits everyone better get rid of their stoves too. Actually your stance isn't in agreement with the manufacturer because you're citing a safely issue and the manufacturer isn't. Gas fridges aren't approved for use in any vehice in which the base angle goes off horizonal by more than a few %, not just boats, simply because the gas cut out will prevent the fridge working in such situations. I suspect the boats the manufacturer had in mind weren't flat bottomed canal boats which largely ply flat water.
  10. I've been living with gas fridges as long as I've been living on boats and never found them dodgy at all. Is your statement based on any hard data or just another of these unsubstantiated off the cuff remarks that get bandied around on this forum? What are the stats on fatalities on boats from gas fridges I wonder? In terms of producing CO I really don't see how a gas fridge would be any dodgier than any other fuel burning appliance on board? In fact since the flame is so small I suspect even a poor flame on a gas fridge produces a lot less CO than a poorly burning solid fuel stove or instant gas water heater for example.
  11. I've got a Dometic version which I run on gas of I'm away from shore power. Is that the same thing as the electrolux? Anyway the only adjustment I'm aware of is the temp/thermostat control knob on the front.
  12. Sounds like the canals are implicated in the history of oppression and racism and will have to be drained and filled in! 😮 Destroying anything with any links to historical slavery in a sort of Maoist "year zero" revolution does seem to be the logical conclusion of some more extreme BLM activists. Hopefully more moderate thinking will prevail and we can plot a route that avoids offending people with ostensibly triumphalist symbols of oppression, while at the same time educating people and discussing the issues so that offence is not so easily taken.
  13. Reminds me of the Grand Designs "Eco-barge" disaster around 2010 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/0/grand-designs-happened-next/medway-eco-barge/ Some people just don't think these things through properly.
  14. I have to agree Dave. Some people bring this sort of thing upon themselves and then use their own children like "human shields" in an attempt to prevent action being taken against them and to gain media/public sympathy.
  15. Yes it's hard water, but I've always lived in hard water areas, even when I was living on land
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