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  1. blackrose

    Stephen Lawrence Day

    Well most of us wouldn't know when Steve Biko Day is, or are even aware that there is a day to commentate him, but surely that's because we're not South African?
  2. blackrose

    Stern Tube Leaking

    Yes it should. As long as that grease is nice and thick it should be fine. How badly is it dripping anyway? Most conventional glands drip a bit while in use. As long as your bilge pump can handle it and it's not dripping when the shaft's not rotating it might not be such a big issue? Another thing to try is taking the hose off the top of the gland to make sure water is coming through. If it's coming through with the engine off then it will be coming through with the engine on and in gear so no need to test that. If it's not coming through with the engine off then try it on and in gear to see if that forces water through. Just take care when stepping around rotating shafts, etc.
  3. blackrose

    Stephen Lawrence Day

    I'm watching Channel 4 news about the new Stephen Lawrence Day to commentate his murder. They interviewed some young black men about what it means to them, but nobody seems to see the paradox that 25 years after the murder of Stephen Lawrence, young black men are now killing each other with knives and guns. An annual commemoration of a racist murder is all well and good, but communities are now suffering much greater numbers of murders which are nothing to do with racism. Two different issues I suppose, just that those young guys were saying "We're a new generation and we're not gonna take any racist shit" and I couldn't help thinking "No, now you're going out and killing each other!"
  4. blackrose

    Stern Tube Leaking

    Wasn't it possible just to move the shaft a bit for the same result rather than replacing the entire gland? It only needs to be moved by a few mm to find a new unworn bit of shaft.
  5. blackrose

    Stern Tube Leaking

    How easily does the shaft turn by hand in neutral? Another crude method is to stand above and put the engine into gear, close one eye and see how much the shaft moves in from side to side or appears to wobble. That wouldn't identify any vertical movement of course. Ideally you'd use a needle gauge. Having said that your gland is flexible so it can take some misalignment. I assume you're using the thick silicone grease? There is another thin grade. Anyway, instead of just putting a fingerfull of silicone grease into the hole at the top I undid the 3 screws holding on the front of the bronze housing, slid the front of the housing up the shaft and pushed a load of silicone grease in there. Be careful you don't break the gasket as you separate the housing. Water will come in at a rate of about 1 litre/minute so have your grease ready! This might also help to shift any grit in there that's causing wear and contributing to the leak. If that doesn't work you could try loosening the coupling that holds your shaft to the gearbox and moving the shaft backwards or forwards by about 5mm. If the shaft is worn and that's the reason for the leak then this will place a new area of shaft on the seal and might cure the leak. I know someone who did this and 5 years later it's still fine. Ultimately you probably need new seals but it's got to be worth trying a workaround.
  6. blackrose

    Women in the Workplace

    Obviously neither radio "set" is DAB. I listen to LBC on DAB radio onboard and I'm near Northampton. You may actually be forced to go down this route if/when they switch off the analogue signals. You can get internet on board without wi-fi, or was that a joke? Anyway I use mobile data from my phone which suits me as I have 40gb of data/month which is plenty, but I think think there are other methods too.
  7. blackrose


    That's the market economy for you I suppose, sales of lots of products are weather-dependent - ice creams and prepacked foods like sandwiches for example. I'm not sure what the answer is? Although having said that if it were a truly free market then there wouldn't be all this tax on alcohol and perhaps people would go out more instead of drinking at home and more pubs could survive. Personally I seldom drink at home on the boat because it's too easy for that to become habit-forming and I don't go out all that much, but at least my alcohol intake is relatively low and within the unit guidelines. If the tax on alcohol sold in pubs was reduced dramatically, who knows, it might result in more liver disease, etc?
  8. blackrose


    There are a lot of unsubstantiated allegations in this civil war. I don't know if Assad has ever used chemical weapons, but I'm wondering why he would have used them this time? He'd largely won the war, Eastern Gouta had been liberated, so what would the point have been? Syria had already been attacked by the US for allegedly using chemical weapons a few years ago so Assad would have known the reaction. If that's really what happened it just seems like a bit of an own goal. Much more likely it was a staged attack to draw the west into the conflict in my opinion. And in any case, despite the moralistic and judgemental tone of the US, we shouldn't forget that historically the biggest users of chemical weapons on innocent civilians is the US who killed thousands with agent orange. I've seen the deformed kids in Vietnam - the result of chemicals still in the food chain.
  9. blackrose


    I agree with Peter Hitchens. This was recorded on Friday before we started bombing Syria. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09yh6n7
  10. blackrose

    Which 2 pack for blacking??

    Yes, as far as I know the curing of any epoxy is temperature dependent. It may seem to cure underwater, but it won't cure properly if it hasn't fully cured before it goes back in the water
  11. blackrose


    Here we go again... We have short memories. Directly or indirectly we killed an estimated 600,000 people in our invasion of Iraq using bombs, missiles and other conventional weapons. Syria are accused of killing 75 people this time and perhaps a several hundred people in total with chemical weapons and the west wants a war about it? I don't understand what makes our weapons more moral? Dead and maimed is dead and maimed isn't it? It's not our civil war and we don't even know categorically who carried out the chemical attack in Douma. Wouldn't it suit jihadi rebels to stage a chlorine attack in order to draw the west into this conflict? Don't tell me they can't get hold of chlorine and method to deliver it. And we decide to blow up the evidence on the eve before the OPCW inspectors were due to go into Syria to investigate? Why not wait for their assessment!? I smell a rat. We've done this before with Hans Blix and the UN weapons inspectors in Iraq. No wonder Theresa May didn't want to wait for a vote in Parliament. Anyway, why don't we attack Israel when they use white phosphorus on unarmed civilians including children? So it's nothing to do with chemical weapons, it's all about a greater geopolitical conflict and I hope it doesn't escalate.
  12. blackrose

    Petition for wide beam owners

    Surely if he's selling them within 5 years he's breaking the law? You want increased licence fees for law abiding boaters on that basis? Did you report the guy?
  13. blackrose

    Petition for wide beam owners

    But on a serious point, I don't think those who support the increase realise that this additional 20% levy also serves as a benchmark for a general increase in licence fees across the board. By actively responding to this tactic of divide and rule in the way CRT want you to you're just shooting yourself in the foot. Just wait and see... Real boaters should be sticking together, not fighting amongst themselves
  14. blackrose

    Petition for wide beam owners

    What about all these narrowboats using double locks solo? It's completely inefficient. I might start pestering CRT about that. Get them to put up your licence fees across the board to cover the cost or introduce a new rule to make you all wait for another boat to turn up so you can properly fill locks.
  15. blackrose

    Petition for wide beam owners

    Yes widebeamers have long been a vulnerable minority, despised and castigated by the bitter petty jealousies and of insults of the majority who want a boating monoculture and don't wish to see diversity on our waterways. And now we're being socially cleansed by the authorities!