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  1. 3D zebra crossing

    Extremely dangerous. Cyclists might try to swerve around it and hit a pedestrian. Or they might end up going through a space/time vortex and actually falling into the hole! But I still don't understand where all these images came from as I thought 3D art can only work from one perspective? https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2012/feb/01/3d-street-art
  2. 3D zebra crossing

    https://www.boredpanda.com/3d-pedestrian-crossing-island/ I thought this was an interesting idea. But I can't get my head around how it could possibly work when viewed from different angles? Surely it would only look like a 3D zebra crossing when viewed from the intended perspective that it was painted at, which is fine if it's just from the perspective of a driver coming from one direction. I don't think it would work from the opposite direction would it? And I don't understand how they've got the images in the report?
  3. Surveyor recommendations

    I don't know how much John Polley charges, but he came to Watford to survey my boat so he does travel. The phrase "highly regarded" is selective I'm afraid. Trevor Whitling may be highly regarded by some people, but not by others. I've spoken to a several people over the years who've shaken their heads and given me a knowing look because they had a similar experience to me and don't regard him highly at all. If your experience was good then that's what you should report, but mine wasn't so I'll also say what I think. It wasn't just that I later found he'd missed important aspects of the boat that I'd commissioned him to survey, it was also that he then decided to involve himself in the financial negotiation with the vendor which I had previously and specifically asked him not to do. I've no idea whether he was in collusion with the vendor or not, but either way it was very unprofessional and his intervention ended up costing me a lot of money. I've said all this on the forum before so if it comes as a surprise you must have missed my comments. Edited to add: this all happened about 20 years ago so perhaps (and I hope) he has improved since then.
  4. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    I just get popups and warnings when I click on that link.
  5. Surveyor recommendations

    Having also used him I'm afraid I wouldn't recommend him. This guy is in a different class: He surveyed the same boat and found all the things that Mr Whitling missed - one of which was a major problem. Unfortunately he was my buyers surveyor! http://www.newhambusinessdirectory.co.uk/Business-Details.aspx?companyID=44716
  6. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    *See emoji - and try to develop a sense of humour! (I wasn't being serious!)
  7. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    Sure, you can use it without any liquid in the chamber, but you're unlikely to see any bubbles if there's a leak!
  8. Weird Insurance renewal!!

    I've been with Craftinsure for about 12 years now. I think after about 8 or 9 years they get to a base price (or maximum no claims discount) and then the premium doesn't seem to reduce any further - or if it does it's by incrementally and insignificantly smaller amounts. Fair enough I suppose. if they keep reducing it in big chunks they'll end up with nothing. Yes, but over the years I've seen no evidence (either on this site or from talking to people) that any other insurer is better than Craftinsure when it comes to paying out, so I'll continue with them.
  9. Nasa BM2

    Yes, they're in a terrible state...
  10. Book Recommendations

    I'm still not sure why one would want to measure tail current? If it does (or does not) reduce to 1-2% of nominal battery capacity, what does that actually indicate? How is it useful?
  11. Never get anything on the prop again!

    I'm sure there was one moored on the offside between Denham and Uxbridge about 10 years ago. Is it still there? As you suggest, they're stern-wheelers rather than paddle wheelers. I'm just going by the fact that paddle steamers had a paddle on each side of the boat while steamers with a single paddle at the stern were called stern-wheelers. Anyway, the reason paddles died out as a form of propulsion and most remaining boats using paddles are now purely for tourism or historical interest, is because they are inefficient compared to props. The majority of the paddle is out of the water as it revolves.
  12. Height of a narrowboat

    Really? Are those the general dimensions? I've got an overall height of about 8ft and an airdraft of about 5ft 8in. It's never failed to get under any bridges. I've seen narrowboats with slightly greater (unadorned) airdrafts than my boat.
  13. pru tim

    Sense of humour failure Mike Yes, he's not the best at steering.
  14. New service to boaters.

    Fortunately I'm not moored in a muddy location. I'm on a river with vehicle access right up to the boat - not a muddy towpath in sight.
  15. pru tim

    I like watching them too, but what's this got to do with boat building and maintenance? Perhaps in the latest episode which I missed, Pru was shown servicing a diesel engine?