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  1. I have just replaced the bottom rubber on my similar windows. Material was supplied by a local boat yard and had a Channel Glazing label on it. It was a close match to the original. The other rubbers are 10mm wide X 3 mm thick closed cell self adhesive . The catches are the sort of slide bolt used on old furniture, so try a search for antique cabinet bolts using images on Google.
  2. I have the cointra heater. It is an excellent device and very compact. Runs from 2 type D batteries. Ignites on demand so no wastefull pilot light. Designed for the motorhome/caravan market. Bought from a caravan parts supplier in South Wales, it came with parts to replace a morco . It has past its BSS without question.
  3. You will need to post a picture showing the whole cooler to be sure, but it has the appearance of a Bowman oil cooler. The correct fitting to screw into this should have a parallel thread and use a sealing ring , if you used a taper fitting it will expand and crack the casting ( as shown in your picture! ).
  4. The Bradford on Avon company know operates from the AB C dock (Alvechurch) at Hilperton I think. If not them then another company making windows from this workshop
  5. If you spend a little extra all of these bearings can be overhauled by just replacing the bearing insert with a non rusting stainless steel type. With the shaft removed completely if the hole below is big enough just twist the insert to vertical in line with the casting slots and lift out. These all come in 2 sizes of OD relative to the bore , which can also be imperial or metric, so check before ordering. Also all bearings come in cheap Chinese reduced quality or European / far east better quality
  6. I think you will need to talk to the local boatyards and see if they can help you. You may have to go to Trowbridge or Devizes for this
  7. I have a lathe and probably bronze from which to make you some. However I would need a sketch and details of the hole size in the steel part. PM me if you want some.
  8. It looks like standard hydraulic banjo for steel tubes. In that case the thread is m14 x 1.5 pitch, you will also need to measure the diameter of the hole and the size off the threaded end to get the correct item as 3 types exist. Light ( L), medium (S) and heavy, they are all probably 1.5 pitch with a choice of 3 sizes relating to each tube size. Dont rely on the banjo hexagon size as different manufactures have different designs. Use a copper washer for the seal against the sump as the rubber element in a standard dowty washer will soon give up at engine temperstures. If the
  9. I have been using a product called silky rx, from a uk supplier. Made for american RV drop through toilet. No smell for a couple of years. It is some type of biochemical!
  10. Just incase I missed it, have you done the obvious and checked for leaks on the rear of the valves on your triple manifold. From the picture they appear to be plug / taper body valves that primarily rely on the silicon grease to seal. I have seen a few of these develop leaks. Easily fixed by regeasing with the correct grease, screfix or any good trade plumbing supplier sells this. Mike, as you say, incorrect use of a manometer, especially if the bottle valve leaks a bit, will tell you lies!
  11. 3/16 and 1/4 inch unc threads are used on some cheap flanged bearings, also m5 but this is a fine thread. Try bike and motorbike parts suppliers. If no luck pm me and I will see if I have anything If the bearing is that bad then you may be better to fit a new insert. All of the above assumes it is a 2 or 4 bolt cast unit with self aligning bearing.
  12. Cpc site says ac and dc. I have this type ino7260 model and it works finr
  13. Have you checked that the 12volt cables are the correct size and not oveheating and that you have not got any loose or bad connections causing a high resistance and voltage drop a short time after apply a load. Also check any voltage drop on the isolator terminals that may be caused by light corrosion
  14. You can buy cheapiss dc clamp on meters from CPC. Part no IN05110 is a typical type
  15. If the Saltford one is in the marina it is only for moorers. Swineford is probably the same I have only found facilities in Bristol harbour and Bath marina (also a caravan site) or Bath narrow boats and CRT at Dundas and Bradford on Avon. Then Sally boats, ABC and the Boatyard at Trowbridge
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