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  1. adrianh

    Name The Header Tank

    P m me the size you require and I will turn you a short cylinder of blue acetal rod . Looking at your tube probably 5 mm dia x 20 mm long will do.
  2. adrianh

    Kennet&avon max. Dimensions

    Some of the concrete lined areas between Bath and Bradford on Avon are well under your draft other than in the Centre of the channel so nobody could pass you. Had the miss fortune to get behind a very large dutch barge that constantly ran aground and caused havoc 2 years ago. I would say the Bath end of the canal is totally unsuitable for your hull. The river from Bristol could also be a problem when low water levels.
  3. adrianh

    Instantaneous water heater

    Yes I have the cob 5, it works well but likes a steady water pressure so had to fit a pressure reducer in the water feed. Ignition is quick via 2 cc batteries. You can buy adapters to suit old larger flue . It has some connection pipework supplied but needed different bits to go to 3/8 od pipe without a soldered connection. Also has a standoff bracket to give the correct flue position as a paloma replacement. Supplied for the leisure industry but no warranty if used on a boat. Has all the safety features you would expect on a modern device. Bought on eBay from a caravan wholesaler in south wales at a good price with next day delivery last year.
  4. adrianh

    12V Spot Lights

    Have you checked your battery voltage, they may flicker if it is low.
  5. adrianh

    Rookie questions...

    I find that a rubbing of candle wax on the sliding surfaces works for months
  6. adrianh

    Bristol floating harbour

    On several visits to Bristol last year it was almost impossible to moor at Hanham lock due to ccmrs. Also a similar problem on most other river pontoons. Can be difficult on the river at Bath although currently more spaces as the construction work of the bank side has stopped, just watch out for the obnoius and rude day trip boat operator who wants to use at least 3 moorings to load his boat! Last year canal vm sites seemed better policed although lots of boats now moored along the first 10 miles from Bath, so can be slow going especially as an influx of wide beams that have to move frequently
  7. adrianh

    Inverter ac mains and AC out connection.

    Your incoming mcb should ideally be a 2 pole combined rcd mcb type to allow for the chance that your incoming supply has the live and neutral crossed over or that other peoples locally connected faulty equipment renders your neutral connection live at 240 volts ac. A single pole overcurrent device does not protect you if this type of fault occurs, very similar problem to the loss of 1 phase in a 3 phase supply which can give excess neutral voltage and play havoc with electronic equipment as i have found to my cost. I am not familiar with your device but how does it handle neutral to earth bonding?
  8. adrianh

    Another oil leak!

    Did the old filter sealing ring remain stuck to the seal mounting face? Have you accidently mounted the new canister with its own seal on top of the old seal, if so it is certainly going to leak. You need to dismantle and check. It is good practice to oil the seal face on assembly to allow it to bed without getting damaged. Also check your filter has the correct internal thread for your engine, do not assume the old one was correct type as this could be why it was tight to remove.
  9. adrianh

    Cable size for 12 volt fridge.

    Yes you could connect the 10mm square cable at this point, but not to the type of fuse holder or switch that appear to be fitted - they are probably on the limit at 10amps . You would need to fit the industrial 20 or 30 amp bottle fuse type which are much larger, as well as find a DC switch that is good for 30 amps, to ensure you do not get a significant voltage drop as the compressor tries to start. The existing supply cable also looks like 10mm but assembled with some very light duty crimp terminals, so likely to give significant voltage drop under load . As others have said, you would have a much higher chance of every thing working correctly if you pick up a new supply from the battery isolator through an 20 amp inline fuse fitted with a cover, also you need to run a return cable of 10mm back to the neutral anchor point adjacent to your batteries.
  10. adrianh

    Italian Water Pump

    The 2 Bar came from the data sheet for the one you said looked the same, ask the manufacturer if they have the data sheet for your old pump to confirm this. It is not unusual for this type of pump to be relatively low pressure, with the pressure dropping as the gap increases as the parts wear. I might be able to help with the pressure switch identification/replacement as I work in that field some times . PM me when you post a picture.
  11. Cointra optima water heaters appear to be the equivalent, with battery ignition and ignition sensors, so may be an alternative. I have seen one recently and they look a neat unit. Generally suplied for caravan and motor home market
  12. adrianh

    Italian Water Pump

    This is the link to the data sheet of the newer pump ( your old one may have been slightly different), it may help if you are looking for a pump with similar ratings. They are listed as self priming although would need to be damp to achieve this. http://www.depcopump.com/datasheets/gianneschi/ACB61G_Data_Sheet.pdf It is not easy to equate the flow/pressure if you are changing to a plunger type pump. If the pump still runs, measure the flow ( litres per minute) at a shower head, then use this to estimate the running pressure for this flow from the data sheet. I have chosen the shower as generally this will have the lowest flow rate therefore the highest system pressure in a dynamic situation. Plunger pumps have a much flatter pressure/flow curve, so you do not want to go to too high a flow rate or the pump will cycle on/off instead of giving a smooth flow. If you have an instant water heater this can cause a few problems. You may have to add an accumulator for a new pump, also if you have a calofier check the relief valve setting as the old pump is only rated at a little over 2 bar. Stuart Turner (UK) used to make a similar range of pumps. Do you have a separate pressure switch, as I cannot see anything on this pump. If so does it have a make/model on it?
  13. adrianh

    Italian Water Pump

    Have a look at Lowara or Calpeda. Both Italian and available in the UK and may have similar pumps. An impellor pump is much better than any of the plunger pumps as it gives a steady flow, but when made for drinking water are expensive. Lowara are commonly used for drinking water as they are stainless steel. Not sure if they do low voltage models . The running on could just be the porting to the pressure switch blocked ( ? Chalk or dirt deposits) , if the slowing down occurs as the pressure rises above normal, because it runs on, then it is because the motor is overloaded. A good industrial motor repair shop should be able to help with brushes, although getting the correct grade for a DC motor can be hard.
  14. adrianh

    wd 40

    This will just leave a film on it that will burn off when you next run. Wd 40 does attack various plastics,silcons and rubber, so you are asking for trouble!
  15. I used to have them until the boat safety deemed that they had insufficient air flow to match my appliances some 20 years after the boat was built! Had to change them all to mushrooms which do drip condensation occasionally