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  1. I wanted to call ours Nota Bene so it would be nb Nota Bene. Geddit? Oh well......
  2. OK, a bit over the top. I would leave a bit of space. Agree with the 'security' comment so I'd like to be adjacent, but leave a gap. OMG! the dilemma is how much of a gap to leave. How long is the next boat to arrive going to be? Will they get in or do I need to leave a bit more space? But if its short that'll waste space. Worry, worry! Maybe I'll go somewhere else after all......
  3. Good grief!! What kind of boat is this system for? V8 cross flow engine - they'll not have problems on rivers.
  4. Nice gentleman at Pennine in Skipton (a Northern canal!) has an interesting looking vessel, moored near their dry dock, which has a minl excavator device on it. No idea if he undertakes such projects - my comment is based solely on seeing him tootling backwards and forwards in/on it.
  5. No warranties given or implied - you might want to have a look at BSS examiners for South Yorkshire list on Google. I've recently had dealings with: Name: Richard Fee Address: Swiftcraft Boats Parkin Lane Apperley bridge Bradford BD10 0NF Landline: 07850249449 Mobile: 07850249449 Email: [email protected] via BSC and subsequent troubleshooting and service of an Alde balanced flue - don't know if he does everything but I was very happy. I understand he was going to be on hols for a bit so may not be immediately contactable.
  6. I did hear the apocryphal tale of a freestanding tap at Gargrave which had to be disconnected when the local resident got the bill for her recently installed meter and found she had been supplying passing boaters as well as her own bath.
  7. Yes and no. The signs for the first one have now been sprayed with black paint ie no longer say 'water' and the tap is dry. The second still works - phew!
  8. Has anyone any idea what went on / is going on with the 'services' at Gallows Bridge in Skipton (br 179 L&L)? Travelled into Skipton (South to North) a couple of weeks ago pumping Winters water out of our water tank as we travelled and stopped to fill up with clean fresh water. My nice new Watermans key fitted the Elsan and toilet doors but not the chunky CRT padlocks on the tap access doors. Tried my years old key and that did not fit. Even borrowed an aged key from Pennine when I asked if they knew the story but no dice. Ended up making an unnecessary detour as far as the Niffany winding hole just to access the water point at br 176 + three swing bridges each way (plus one grounding!!!). Rang CRT but they had no answer although said they would send someone out. We dropped in two days later but keys still did not work. I did a lot of fiddling both days so I don't think it was my 'technique'😑. Lots of boating activity in the area so I'm guessing I'm not the only one affected - still waiting for an answer from CRT although it is a bit academic now - just curious about the reason.....
  9. Have a look at my recent post under 'Glandular problem' and particularly the link to tubing kit. The one I got came with about a metre of tubing so you should have a wide choice of where to mount the cylinder.
  10. Ah! Memories of our first narrow hire. Cursed the hire firm roundly for not checking that the bath plug was present.
  11. Opener

    which Aerial

    Very nice but I bet its a [email protected]@&r to point in the right direction for the best signal.
  12. Opener

    Glandular problem

    OK - the outcome (and many thanks for the advice and offers). If my experience helps some other ignorant oaf then my work here is done..... Pinder 50ft cruiser stern shell from 2003ish - I'm guessing equipment will not have changed radically. I went down the ' ole armed with an adjustable spanner (black mark!) and a tube kit 807201 from ASAP Supplies plus a liberable supply of hope. I should have realised from the advice offered above that the markings on my damaged connectors referred to the tube gripper and not to the thread of the connector itself. After a quick attempt at cross-threading the connector, the 1/8 went in easily, on both the stern gland and the grease cylinder. Phew! Fitted one end of the tubing supplied (fairly stiff (=tough) translucent flexible) to the stern gland. It comes as a connector, a compression-like olive thing which will stop the end of the tubing deforming and a screw on end. All holds the tubing securely. Measured how much tubing I needed to get from cylinder to gland and cut off the requisite length using heavy duty scissors. Mistake! The act of cutting deforms the end so that you have an end shaped a bit like a pair of lips instead of a nice round profile. Cut it back a bit with a craft knife to get a clean cut. Connected second end to the grease cylinder. Spot the deliberate mistake? Disconnected end from stern gland again and screwed down greaser whilst watching the grease creep down the tubing. Left as little air in the line as possible and reconnected. All seems to be working fine - no seepage or excess drips. Well happy. Thanks again guys.
  13. Opener

    Glandular problem

    Hold that (very kind) thought. Am now sitting on the boat ( in the dark) and will be down the 'ole tomorrow equipped with a commercial toob kit and a lot of hope. Update follows! I got very confused by adverts talking about 1/8" and the stamped 8mm markings - see above. Back soon.
  14. Opener

    Glandular problem

    Aha! A straight answer. I thought previous references to 1/8" to 5/16" were to an adapter I would need. I see now t-hat that is a description of the whole lump at the end of the toob - told you I was thread-igorant! Cheers ps - not a josher - just a plain bow.
  15. Opener

    Glandular problem

    Ahem!! Excuse me......! Whilst no third party normally sets foot (oops!) down my engine 'ole from one years end to the next, I've had a fitter and a BSS examiner planting their size nines down there recently. Since I got fresh anti-freeze and a BSC out of it I'm not going to cast aspersions but do feel that there is a genuine doubt here.... I'm still a bit lost though as to whether the advertised 1/8" BSP fitting is going to fit in the holes my defunct fittings marked '8mm' came out of.
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