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  1. Absolutely nothing to do with boating but it brings to mind a journey by car a few years ago. Tootling down a dual carriageway in the dark and as I caught up the dark shape ahead of our car resolved itself into the front end of a rather large artic. Scared the bejazus out of me - thought he was coming the other way. When we got to the next well lit roundabout it turned out to be an artic cab unit being towed backwards with just the hazard flashers working - no trailer board or red lights. Caught MY attention 😲.
  2. Not sure what material but ours sound like this. Made/installed by the previous owner/fitter-out. Same sort of fittings as in #11 but white plastic (handles) and brass (bolts). Stored on board and fitted when required using the handles to manoeuvre into position and the bolts to hold in place using usual steel hatch sockets. And they are 5mm thick - light enough to position & store. Rigid enough not to rattle or flex. On narrow-boat/both sides.
  3. I understand bridges and swans and reeds, and, just about, blue circles but what is this supposed to represent? Almost looks like an open water anchor. 😟
  4. This 5/6 digits question has had me vexed for a while. How can a 5 digit boat be immaculate and a 6 digit a scruffy wreck? Apart from care and attention. Now I know. OK - so what is this symbol on a 5 digit plate (on a very tidy boat).
  5. Agreed - a different viewpoint based on a very limited set of circumstances. Just seemed to me that many have a downer on Alde when it is not all bad.
  6. Seen na few adverse comments about Alde - I suspect we are far from typical users but I'm always puzzled by very critical comments. 2003 50ft boat - used only during the season for fairly short periods so by no means a CC. Alde 28** Comfort series which lives in the cupboard. Heats water via the cauliflower plus some background heating but via fin-rads so not really significant output or load. Separate wood/coa; stove for space heating. We must be on to our third spark generator in seven years but I put that down to infrequent use. Alde goes on in the morning for about half to one hour to give stacks of water to wash / wash up or shower if turned up a bit. Ditto, half hour later to wash dishes - ample hot water. We probably use one or two cylinders PER YEAR so nothing like the poor experience of others. So don't be put off cos it has an Alde - not all experiences are poor.
  7. So, what's the pump all about? Is it just the difficulty of hitting the hole in the top of the header tank (small jug used with care😁) or something else?
  8. Just their little joke - go back to the Alde site and when you get the right manual, scroll down. English version follows the gobbledegook version for my model.
  9. Do I remember reading somewhere that 'special (=expensive) equipment' is required to drain and, particularly, refill the system with liquid. I could never work out why - maybe it is prone to developing air pockets or summat loike that. πŸ€” Equip is held by accredited service engineers πŸ™„. Your reference to a 'pump' reminded me.
  10. I always find it a bu@@er to see the level in my header tank - take a small torch along with you and shine it from the back of the tank. If the water is mucky enough you'll be able to see where the light shines through/doesn't.
  11. Poor forward planning on the part of Amazon, I sayπŸ₯΄.
  12. Haven't read the whole thread but why all the fuss over delivery problems - ain't you not heard of Amazon lockers?
  13. Make sure you have plenty of water on board before you arrive. Last time I was there (Summer 2019) the 'advertised' water point above lock 2 was non-functional and any water on the pontoons looked a bit difficult. Otherwise a top mooring for a city visit. Exit via the arches and under the station = straight into city. I reckoned that it is 48 hours on the finger pontoons but longer (?14) up against the edges since only the pontoons are labelled. (Beware the wind when arriving/leaving - its always there!!)
  14. Yup! Cratch stops the rain and grass stops me tripping over bolt heads πŸ™„ .
  15. Not much helpful to add - just make sure that the drain in your shower tray is towards the stern (assuming the stern usually sits lower than the bow.). Otherwise you will always need to mop out water that does not drain drain by gravity.
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