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  1. Good to hear you are sorted. Incidentally, have you noticed how much alike we look from our profile pictures. Could we be related??.......
  2. Nice one - as with the Texas, it sits on legs rather than the base sitting down on the floor. Provides valuable additional storage space. We store a chunky outdoor, two singles or one double sleeping bag in a stuff bag plus two folding chairs (in bags) plus bed linen [and some kindling. Frame design is different ie one leg at each corner and the frame extends back beyond the base so it does not require the extra legs that this one uses. Looks well padded though.
  3. As you probably saw, the Texas makes a (nominal) 6' x 4' small double. To make life easy (for them) they just stick it in a cardboard box very slightly bigger than that (and about a foot thick). We've got a short front deck and double front doors so it came in that way no probs - just check its the right way round before you screw the legs on!. The biggest footprint, once it is in position, is the 6x4 so if you can lie down on the floor, it should fit.
  4. A passing thought. Does your bathroom sink have an overflow (which would conventionally join the sink waste after the plug and provide a new source of air)?
  5. Hmmm! Lots, aren't there? Use the search terms 'sofa bed help Texas 2015'. That should narrow it down.
  6. Have a look/search for a 'Sofa beds' thread from 2015. I'm in there and refer back to a previous thread. The Texas is still listed by Benson. Ours is around 7/8 years old and is still (fair weather boaters) in 'as new' condition - very happy with it (on our 50ft cruiser 2 fixed berth).
  7. Can't imagine it's beyond redemption - it's a chunky piece of kit. I only replaced mine cos the two bits are really tightly fitted together and awkward to split.
  8. I used to have one of these before a pump change. Beware of taking chunks out of nails/knuckles/fingers etc. Isolate water supply - the filter is in line so when you split it you've got a tank full of water just ready to empty over you! Filter body is in two sections. The white body in your pic is the main section. The black bit in the top rim is a slot - look carefully. There is a tab in that slot - one of four. The black connector at the top of the pic is screwed onto a boss on the other half of the filter body. You might be able to unscrew it or leave it attached but there are two wings where it screws on. You need to get at those wings and turn them to ' unscrew' - actually a bayonet fit. Turn about 2cm to disengage tabs then pull apart. You end up with two bits with an O ring between. In the larger bit there is a gauze mesh filter circle. Wash (you did keep some water, didn't you!) and reassemble, staunch bleeding then run pump to refill system.
  9. 1. I use nappy pins where Armco is available plus a centre line tied to the boat on the towpath side then across the roof to the water-side handrail. To untie the boat involves walking down the gunwale (or cutting the rope). I was not happy with pins at a recent mooring but took the bow/stern ropes through the top eye of the nappy pin but also looped it around the bottom of the pin as well - felt a lot more secure. 2. I've been eyeing up goat chains recently and was about to pose this questions: what are the pros and cone of goat chains? I can see that there is less chance of chafing if only rope is used to moor, they give you a little bit more length of rope to get back to the boat, harder to cut through than rope and nasty peeps may not be able to reach the rope through the end eye, less chance of them 'accidentally' coming loose. But do they not rattle when boats pass/do they have to be tight/set at 45degrees/how do you store? So, convince me.....
  10. Each to his own! We got a cheap 'end of roll' bit from a large retailer and cut it to the front/well deck. The well deck is under a cratch so not exposed to weather, except from a little run off from the very bow with a little bit of water coming under the cratch leading edge. WE think it looks good, it tidies up the bow area, it is easy on the feet, it cleans mucky shoes when locking/mooring and feels (very subjectively) less slippery in the wet. The water tank filler is in the corner so liable to overflow when filling. The 'grass' is cut around the filler neck with a small removable triangle which can be left up to allow the area to dry. Not fixed down in any way - just rely upon the deck shape (and heavy storage boxes on it). It has only been down since last season. The paint was sound before laying but I have not had the grass up to examine underneath yet. The crew and I are happy with it!
  11. Opener


    Agree with Alan. 13kg gas, cassette, coal x3 bags, crates of kit (car to boat), compost (at home) and others with judicious use of bungee cords. One on board, one at home. Folds virtually flat so lives in a cupboard. Customised with hand grip and foot board. Light enough to carry to/around supermarket then steal empty box to carry groceries. Comes around periodically at around £15. Worth its weight.......
  12. First Puffer Parts, now MoG. Close the Co-op and there'll be no reason to stop (apart from the 'secret' water point).
  13. Corn Exchange open Sunday (according to their website). Bars around you seem to close outdoor seating music at 9/9.30 as a condition of their licence so quiet evening.
  14. Wharf is fine - we've stopped there (for days) a couple of times with no bother whatsoever. very convenient for city centre (try indoor market and Corn Exchange) - no personal experience but Armouries feels a bit 'out of the centre' but ? quieter. Arrived at Wharf prior to Waterfront Festival a couple of weeks ago and was a bit apprehensive about getting moored for all the boaters who were attending. Needn't have worried - had the moorings to ourselves. A bit notorious for the wind making manoeuvring dicey.
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