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  1. No particular motive - just that, to me, you highlighted the importance of -1 and -2 and the link to BSS. Helped ma.
  2. According to the box, the ones for sale in my local Lidl are dash-1s with pictograms on the box suggesting it is unsuitable for anything that moves ie yacht, caravan or mobilome. Hey-ho! Better luck next time (they've got a stove fan, though!!!)
  3. Ooooooooooh!! assumed that was moulded plastic - yes, its rubber. Will investigate that further although the 'catch' feels like it is between the circumference of the blade mounting rather than the spindle. Yeah! - first port of call. Very helpful to the extent of saying 'no way, Jose'. Hey-ho!
  4. Another 'thank you' to everyone for the info. Got my CO alarm at home to avoid it annoying the marina neighbours by beeping 'low battery' all Winter. Marked up as 50291: 2001 but its a FireAngel CO-9B which is listed in the BSS leaflet as tested to -2. Nevertheless, I'll have a look at the middle-o-Lidl one.
  5. 15+ year old boat / first owner fit out. I've got a combined light and extract fan in the bathroom - only I haven't 'cos the fan no longer rotates freely. The rotor+blades catches on the mounting/motor and I can't see a way of parting the two to remove the obstruction. So, I'm looking for a replacement fan/motor. Labelled MANROSE 12v Showerlite code BSL 112 (its a DC 12v 2.8w fan). Looks like I may be able to get the complete assembly - fan+light+housing at great expense but the non-fan bits are fine. I'm told the fan is obsolete - shame 'cos it looks dead simple. Anybody got a spare bit/fan knocking around? Or any bright ideas? Fan + legs.pdf Fan label.pdf
  6. Yeah - I'd accept that. I guess my problems arise when filling from a waterside tap in the marina. Along a path then along the jetty to my bow. Not long enough to stretch empty but as soon as the water is turned on it makes a dive for the water. Wouldn't be sorted with a hose that stretches dry since, full, there would be even more to dive in the cut. I'm solving with a 'magic' on the path connected to a lay flat but non-expanding on the jetty. Still takes some supervision though. All fine out around the cut though - just zig-zag and trip cyclists.
  7. 'Magic' hoses are great in theory but: they are not long enough and will not reach the boat when they are empty / take on a life of their own when you turn the water on and make a dive for the nearest/muckiest patch of water they can find. Dead easy to stow away, though - bucket/bag/box. Next time you are in the hose shop buy a packet of the rubber washers that fit in the tap connector - they leap out and dive in the cut (following the hose). My local B&Q have a special at the moment - a flat flexible hose of about 20m which is as small as a magic but does not contract - standard fittings.
  8. I reckon our previous owner got sick of the clips since there are only two per board plus a stash of spares in the mini drawers underneath. (Can't claim to have spotted kitchen maker - SWMBO was passing........)
  9. Your doors/plinth look very much like ours. Are you having trouble keeping the kickboard in place? Those black bits of plastic in the slot on the back of the kickboard are what is left of the fixing system. There should be a black plastic spring clip on each which clips around the cupboard legs. A couple per board should suffice. I think the units look like Ikea although I can't see the relevant clips listed on line. However, they do list a 'Metod' ventilation grill is you do not want to go down the mousehole route. (More than one item identified as Metod - add 'kickboard')
  10. Try watching a narrowboating vlog via YouTube - and seems to pop up in every second advert break at the moment. Various types available some of them powered. But they are in kit form so every cog, nut, bolt and belt required - build it yourself.
  11. I like the thick, black (expensive) Gorilla tape. It's quite thick so should take up any surface irregularities. Seems to last quite well outside as well.
  12. If this is clear and a couple of inches wide, Wickes do a version if you have a nearby branch. I made a roof for my garden shed with double walled acrylic sheet and ran this tape down the ridge. One length on each side then one length to bridge the other two. The walls of the shed are disintegrating but the roof is still watertight.
  13. Seriously but 🙂. A lot depends on boat construction and/ or layout. Our front doors are easier than rear hatch but there is a galley and shower room in the way. 'Rollups' make the job easier but definitely a two person job for a full size. Can be made easier with a couple of straps across the width. Gives handlers something to hold onto. But all worth the effort - we started off with a lump of foam on hardboard. Now spring interior on slats. 😁
  14. Easy - but depends on how big a tin opener you've got 🥴.
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