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  1. Poor forward planning on the part of Amazon, I say🥴.
  2. Haven't read the whole thread but why all the fuss over delivery problems - ain't you not heard of Amazon lockers?
  3. Make sure you have plenty of water on board before you arrive. Last time I was there (Summer 2019) the 'advertised' water point above lock 2 was non-functional and any water on the pontoons looked a bit difficult. Otherwise a top mooring for a city visit. Exit via the arches and under the station = straight into city. I reckoned that it is 48 hours on the finger pontoons but longer (?14) up against the edges since only the pontoons are labelled. (Beware the wind when arriving/leaving - its always there!!)
  4. Yup! Cratch stops the rain and grass stops me tripping over bolt heads 🙄 .
  5. Not much helpful to add - just make sure that the drain in your shower tray is towards the stern (assuming the stern usually sits lower than the bow.). Otherwise you will always need to mop out water that does not drain drain by gravity.
  6. Agreed but hatch is fairly well forward plus I've got a cratch which encourages careful stepping. Bolt heads are fairly low profile plus foredeck is covered with pretendy grass. Gets quite warm under the catch plus limited rain falling in there so not much water lies in there.
  7. You have my sympathy - I've just finished my tank. Fixed with hex head bolts but the main point was that some sensible person, probably when the shell was built some 17 years ago (Pinder), used some lubricant on the threads which meant that all 16 sailed out. Suggest that, as well as suggested above, you chip out the groove around the hatch early doors. Once you solve the fixing bolts you will probably find that the hatch is just as reluctant to lift. Brick bolster + lump hammer??
  8. Opener

    Wire crimps

    Middle of (my) Aldi last night - a cable crimper kit. Crimper plus a moderate supply of a few varieties of connecter. Mainly red kit in a shrink wrap transparent box. Six or seven quid-ish. Not sure if it was a 'pliers' or a ratchet crimper - tightly packaged.
  9. I always wanted to call ours Nota Bene but the crew wouldn't let me - said it was too sub-tull. 🤔
  10. Hmm!,. Good point which I hadn't considered. However, there will be two schools of thought. A - your point. B - opposite so that the open end will try to screw itself through or round any blockage, hopefully before it undoes the twist. I think I did vB but was more interested in the threshing around action rather than the screwing bit.
  11. Flexy curtain wire is your friend for many applications, and cheap too. I've been using mine on the pick up tube in the water tank. Step one was to feed it through. Step two was toremove and strip back some plastic sleeve, damage the end to make a worm/hook then cut the wire to a suitable length and stick it in an lecky drill. The threshing and hook end should help it pull itself through and clear any blockage regardless of right angle. Worth a shot.
  12. Ouch!! Glad I'm re-blacking now. A lot cheaper even using 'disposable' brushes. Why is epoxy termed 'two pack' - I was assuming two different cans but the blurb seems to suggest two coats?
  13. Final episode: tank blacking (Rylard) nice and hard after 10 days in enclosed cratch with tank lid off. Sprayed inside with detergent and sponged down vigorously. Hosed off suds and pumped/dried down. Refilled with water 🙄 - used mainly for washing/toilet but now using for drinks - not foaming at the mouth yet. Keep checking pump filter throughout this process - some bits are bound to get filtered out no matter how careful you are.
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