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  1. As we have little room in our gas locker we have been advised that we can fit a bubble tester vertically to fit in the locker. Just asking for some advice as to whether this is the case as we were led to believe they are meant to be horizontal.
  2. Our boat is 21 years old and we still have the original Wiring in it so a lot will prob apply. The only thing we have had installed was solar panels. Just wary of messing with the wiring as the saying says.... if it’s not broke....... Will look at the other page (battery charging primer) Thank you again!!!
  3. Exactly what we need!!! Thank you!! Will message you photos Tomorrow if you don’t mind. Thank you!!! My husband has started reading your page already!!! It’s just what we need !!!
  4. And more expensive ?. Will look at going from the main fuse board. Thank you for your advice. Will look at getting the right size cable and other accessories And get it done. Thanks again.
  5. Our other thought was to put two batteries in the front separate locker of the boat not linked to anything else electrical in the boat. Use a solar panel to charge them when we are out. We was then going to use a solar regulator to put a cable from to a socket for the 12v Tv. When in our mooring we can plug into the 240. 12v is so confusing lol.
  6. May try this using a spare battery and a solar panel. Keep it separate from the main bank of batteries. Could be less hassle.
  7. Will look to doing it either from the Boats main fuse box (with advice) or separate batteries/solar panel rather than Connect to the main batteries and solar panel.
  8. Thank you to you all! Now I know what exactly we need can order and get it sorted. Thank you again for your advice It’s very much appreciated!!! Thank you ?
  9. We were advised to go straight from the main boat batteries to a regulator, then heavy duty Cable from that to a 12v plug. Ready for the tv to be plugged in. The tv would not be used when the engine is on however the batteries are connected to solar panels. Does this sound about right?
  10. Thank you will have a look for a 6 to 8.5mm to be on the safe side. By any chance would you know if we would beed a regulator or could we just use a fuse?
  11. Sorry forgot that bit ?It would need to be 60ft in length.
  12. Hope someone can advise. What size cable would we need to wire a 12v/25w tv directly from a 12v Battery?
  13. We recently change a water hose. Thought all was done. Traveled for 6 hours 30 locks and engine fine and was able to touch the engine after as it was cool enough. However it didn’t heat the water up. Any ideas?
  14. Thought all was done. Traveled for 6 hours 30 locks and engine fine and was able to touch the engine after as it was cool enough. However it didn’t hear the water up. Any ideas?
  15. Woo hooooo. All done. Thank you so much. We also managed to get a mate round who says he has never seen the sort of system we have, as our boat uses the fresh water and has a self bleed. Very confusing but all is done now.
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