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  1. I've often thought just this, but i'd imagined something like rubber or ABS-type material. Or even at a pinch a long flap of something like car inner tube material to bridge the gap, would require gates shut in a particular order though.
  2. Thats a terrible shame, life can be harsh like that sometimes On a happier note, if you have a Gmail account they have a special folder dedicated to this sort of thing. In fact upon checking mine just now it seems that a Mr Kelvin Williams (Director of the International Monetary Fund no less) has been in touch about the US$5,000,000.00 of mine. Also, amongst the promises of all night erections and lose 13 stone in a fortnight pills, there nestled a mail from Mr John Kolbe, Director of Auditing and Accounting Section of First Abu Dhabi Bank about the US10 Million Ten Million United State Dollars that he’d like to give me 40 percent of for helping him out! So, as it seems i’m going to be flush, perhaps we could talk about investment opportunities??
  3. Probably needs someone to dust the database, Mods have run the hoover round but missed that bit with the Mr Sheen. Not the end of the world, unless you wanted the valuable insights provided by the chopped pork and ham?
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Give it a hard reset, this will sometimes clear things up. Hold power and home button in until you see the apple logo on a black screen and then let go and let it boot up. This will not wipe any of your files.
  6. I wondered the same with the collapsed edging between the bridges in Braunston, but then figured they’d have to shut the entire junction to dewater and repair it. So instead it gets worse and on we go.
  7. I’ve done it, but had to omit some info. Last “valuation” was done with a survey at Reading which google tells me is in Berkshire, this was not an option in the list. No idea of the age of our batteries, an “unknown” option may be useful. And if you’re interested in typos, you list “bow truster” instead of “bow thruster”
  8. They've already responded and started rolling out new signs...
  9. Is the local cinema showing a re-run of The Spy Who Loved Me?
  10. According to the Book of Face it was stolen from somewhere in Staffordshire the night before.
  11. We were there just before royalty paid a visit and the City of Culture thing happened so the towpaths had just been upgraded on the way in, but can agree with @Alan de Enfield that there were a lot of dog eggs around, mostly on the cafe side of the basin which put us off overnighting. Seem to recall the bridge into the basin being quite tight too, so perhaps not for those with a lot of stuff on the roof.
  12. Its odd that they’re bothered by the occasional noise from Huddersfield International Airport, but not the constant noise from the working quarry next to it.
  13. Thats probably the least intrusive such device i’ve ever seen, all the others just seem a great way to lose fingers when reaching into the murky depths. That said, i don’t feel its designed for typical canal debris. Get in touch with them, they must have a test rig they can throw a sleeping bag, duvet, feed sack, bicycle, cratch cover etc. at to see how it copes? I’d save your cash for other things.
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