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  1. with the added bonus that you can walk round the back of Lidl and gaze at the façade of the site of the last ever Sex Pistols UK gig
  2. probably now on FleaBay with mark up applied
  3. Hudds Lad


    if you ever get through them, there's always Project Gutenberg which has over 60,000 to choose from https://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page
  4. Hudds Lad


    I use Calibre to feed books to 3 Kindle Paperwhite's, it's only a couple of clicks to convert .EPUB to .MOBI fantastic program considering it's free and what it can do
  5. recently got round to sourcing a new tiller bar and handle , its a bit easier when you can moor outside Midland Chandlers and pop in with bits to be measured. anyway, long story short, whats the best treatment for the shiny new untreated ash handle? I was thinking Danish Oil but have recently read that will make ash go all yellow? thoughts?
  6. i'm kind of jealous, to get at our prop it's all boards up, lay on the engine and reach down the hatch up to the armpit to get at the prop. that said, putting my arm in doesn't cause the hatch to overflow instantly, or indeed at all. so swings and roundabouts I guess
  7. still going strong with its own Linfit Brewery beers, far as i know its the Landlord’s son and old staff who run it now.
  8. no love for the Sair Inn in Linthwaite? only a 10-15min walk up the hill from the big pound by Titanic Mills (Bridge 40 - 39 or Locks 17E - 16E) on the HNC on re-reading I guess you stayed on the Broad
  9. its blue with cold because its outside in the snow as per picture, as it has no door it cannot be lit so will stay blue despite someone trying to warm it by pinging rubber arrows off it
  10. Hudds Lad


    i used ours to open the weedhatch when some kind soul overtightened it, its all about the leverage 😉
  11. i was happy up until 7, then I took the semi-forced leap to 10 and massively regret it, everything has been hidden and dumbed-down
  12. solved! unless Notifications are turned on in the Action Centre of Windows 10, it seems it will just ignore any preference you have. my little friend is now gone odd how it only happened on this site though, ah well, every day's a school day
  13. I've compared browser settings between the two, and there's no difference at all, cookies are set to "Don't block cookies" so colour me confused. I might clear them and try again, see if its some sort of corruption.
  14. ours seem to last about four years, engineer suggested this was due to the cable having a few too many bends and should be more like 8 to 12? current rate from RCR to supply and fit is £35, I know this as our throttle cable went after leaving Middlewich this year (we had a spare onboard but wanted to leave a spare so paid full whack from RCR)
  15. no more than standard browser level, just noticed on my laptop this is not a problem, so its just the desktop 🤔
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