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  1. Hudds Lad

    June holiday advice please

    an added advantage of two boats is that you can have a meal together aboard one, then beggar off back to your boat and leave them with the tidying/washing up 😉
  2. Hudds Lad

    My Poverty is Going to be Alleviated!

    in other news, a lovely lady from down south rang me yesterday to inform me the accident i didn't know i’d had a few months ago was totally not my fault and i’m in line for some serious compensation!
  3. Hudds Lad

    Foam - which type?

    it was just an idea to try and keep a bit more warmth down by the bed, and a bit less condensation on the portholes come morning. and with an initial outlay of around £15-£20 for three portholes it seemed worth a punt. our first week this year is mid Feb and as we had similar last year and it was a tad parky i was just looking at a cheap way of saving some heat. the bungs would only be onboard when we were (some of the other shareholders are resistant to change). i’m only toying with the idea to be honest, i’ve no real clue if there’s even a benefit, just any solution needs to be temporary as we’re a shared boat.
  4. Hudds Lad

    Foam - which type?

    a self-supporting piece of foam, to be wrapped in fabric that matches other stuff on the boat. pic shows the sort of choices i mean
  5. Hudds Lad

    Foam - which type?

    thinking of making some porthole bungs, and am bewildered by the vast array of foam types (and price thereof) available. is there any particular type i should be aiming for, or avoiding?
  6. Hudds Lad


    wow, you plainly don’t have much experience of body piercing if you think that’s the most disgusting 😂
  7. Hudds Lad

    Speeding on The Fosse

    around 6000 terrapins
  8. Hudds Lad

    Gatwick Drone

  9. i too was a victim of a Hai Karate gift set one Xmas, but as i was 11 or 12 at the time it was of little use other than an addition to the Chemistry set another relative foolishly bought me 😂
  10. Hudds Lad

    Big electric barge

    and don’t forget the one about feeding waterfowl bread causing angel wing
  11. Hudds Lad

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

    as Chirk is now also in the firing line, i wonder if it will see similar railings in the not too distant future?
  12. Hudds Lad

    Comments on boat for sale

    @matty40s don't let PETA see your Xmas decorations, they may take exception to the angels atop the tree 😁
  13. Hudds Lad

    Mountain Warehouse

    ok, I've read the OP about three times now and I think i'm just missing something. you went to buy something, you couldn't find where to put your discount code, so you ordered it anyway without discount and now it's their fault? then before you received the goods you tried to cancel the order and because they can't do this it's fraud? nope, i'm still not understanding your gripe with them. just as an experiment I quickly opened their site (never used them before tbh) and tested the checkout procedure, the arrows point to where you click to get the pop-up box to enter the code
  14. Hudds Lad

    Leeds & Liverpool Canal questions

    we've hired a couple of times from Silsden and the furthest we managed in a week was to go west first as far as the other side of the Foulridge tunnel, then back east to do the 5 & 3 rise, passing Saltaire then winding and coming back to Silsden. However, this was 5 of us at the back-end of Summer so long days were possible and there were no restrictions in place. As @rgreg has said, out past Skipton is a beautiful stretch and the canal following the contours and winding round hills affords some stunning views.

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