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  1. Hudds Lad


    good stuff, supposed to be taking the parents-in-law to Llangollen next week, best breathe in 😂
  2. if it keeps people away from our local moorland then i'm happy, although the idea of the idiots then burning forests down with disposable BBQ's is not appealing. Some idiot launched a petrol bomb at Holme Moss last week, and last night alone 9 fires were started on the moors along a pathway it's all very well inviting the public along to places but it turns out a lot of them are selfish idiots
  3. I've only ever had positive dealings with the boots-on-ground CRT staff (minus chuggers obvs) its the management structure that will let you down, a bit like the NHS
  4. if you're not careful CRT are going to put you on some sort of nuisance list glad to hear you're getting sorted promptly though
  5. lets not forget, it's also Lost Sock Memorial Day today
  6. at least it wasn’t a body cavity search 😲 say hello to Dr Marigold 😂
  7. as far as I remember you can't split the feed from a single LNB into two, the way to feed two twin-input boxes is to upgrade the twin LNB to a quad LNB
  8. modern variation on a cooking pit/haybox/cooking bag, friend has one of the bag thingies and swears by it. wife saw one on a YouTube vid from Foxes Afloat I think and quite fancied one until she saw the price
  9. but first, you must find the number...…………. website via mobile yielded no numbers other than a suggestion to ring 999 in an emergency (assuming that's a breach, drowning, boat fire, meteor strike or mrsmelly buying a short boat) I'm now going to attempt to find a current list of regional numbers after the shake-up, print it, laminate it and put in me wallet to keep the moths company
  10. I did get a reply to the form 6 days later to tell me they had passed the info to the local team, and another 6mins later to say it had been passed to the local Supervisor. luckily it wasn't paddles at both ends of the lock or some of the T&M would be a bit empty by now
  11. I can imagine, recently on the T&M we had a problem with a ground paddle only closing about halfway, so I thought i'd grab a contact number off the CRT website using my phone. That was my first mistake 😂 Totally useless, makes you fill out a form if not a 999 emergency and then when you choose a structural problem from the drop down menu it gives you a link to regional numbers that "may be more helpful", so you click it...……….and it takes you back to the start of the same form that has now lost all the info you put in 🤬 Luckily there was a CRT bod sat in his van a few locks further down so we told him about it.
  12. same applies to old band t-shirts, always some chancer trying to palm-off a recent reprint from ASDA as a legit 80's concert-bought shirt
  13. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices#form that? https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/14993-bridge-20-coxhead-swing-bridge-leeds-and-liverpool-canal or that perhaps
  14. It's become seller-speak for "neglected for years and knackered, but i'm a bit of a chancer and looking for someone with more cash than sense" see also, "super rare" or "mega rare"
  15. just in case you can't grasp how exclusive, we'll plonk a gratuitous Rolls Royce in the shot 😂
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