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  1. Back in the days of double income and no kids, the one time i left the flip-off front on my lovely Sony CD/Radio it got nicked Heard car window smash, jumped out of my chair about three feet to the window and they'd already gone. They left the main unit though, so unless they had exact same model it was useless to them. Oddly our boat has a little rubber duck aerial on the roof (well, the bottom half anyway, top bit has snapped off), nicely done aerial cable into corner cupboard, but has never had a radio or speakers fitted 🤷‍♂️ I won't be adding one.
  2. Well you would, it was a joint venture between Ford and VW, think there was a SEAT shared the same platform too
  3. Wasn't there one with some sort of Galaxy/Sharan type back end as well?
  4. I think the wording on the orange flash may be causing a little bit of confusion if you can't see the tab on the top, perhaps "Please help us stay ad free! Click here to learn how to donate to Canal World today" ?? And also make the actual link in your post bigger and bolder ?? Just a thought
  5. The orange link just opens this thread in a new window. The "Donate" tab on the top works ok though
  6. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/report/winter-notices.pdf
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. I've been using one like this on the car for years, easy-on with a spanner. Can stand my fat @ss on it and it will not budge. I'd not entertain having one on the boat though. When not in use you'd be advised to remove it or you'll find the straps get nicked, DAMHIK. I always stuck it in the boot once the bikes were off.
  9. Very rarely, most of the movements published as notices seem to be ones that come to Dunchurch to be pulled out for blacking and then for the return trip once done. There was one moored badly in a narrow bit last year i think on the stretch between Napton and the turn at Braunston, think it was the infamous Miles Away, but only a problem if two boats tried to pass where it was. And one moored on the stretch between the turn and Braunston marina who was sat on the back being surly towards anyone who looked his way. Only other one we've seen this year was towards Napton who was moored in a perfectly sensible spot. In our experience they're really not the problem they're made out to be round there. Must add we've never come upon any moving whilst we've been cruising though.
  10. A quick look at Google maps says once you hit Preston from Lancaster you have to leave the water's edge.
  11. I seem to recall this old tale doing the rounds when i was at school in the early 80's, probably from my mate who had a paper round and had to deal with several houses with big dogs. The idea being when the dog jumped at you, you grabbed a front leg in each hand and pulled them apart sharpish allegedly splitting the dog's heart. I always assumed it was a load of rubbish, who has the presence of mind or technique to pull that off for a start.
  12. Giving up the boat they live on, not the cafe boat.
  13. That's reminded me i need to apply some more to the roof prisms next time we're down to the boat, it cured the little leak we had, but another dose before winter can't harm
  14. Assuming "market" meaning like a broker rather than an individual seller, such as where CRT send re-possessed boats to be sold which i think is somewhere near Chester?
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