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  1. Hudds Lad

    Moderator Vacancy

    ....make comments about it on a forum?
  2. Hudds Lad

    Transferring ownership

    probably suspended due to someone fraudulently transferring a few boats into made-up names a few weeks back shortly after that data breach they had. coincidence?
  3. Hudds Lad

    Please Hoot

    if short of space it was advisable to use one of the smaller breeds, like a Teat
  4. Hudds Lad

    Please Hoot

    this would make transit of Foulridge tunnel interesting to say the least
  5. Hudds Lad

    Please Hoot

    I don't usually, why start now
  6. Hudds Lad

    Please Hoot

    Recently, when approaching Bridge 39 on the Shroppie (you know, THAT bridge), I gave a good toot on the horn and heard no reply so proceeded albeit at tickover so the inlaws could take the obligatory pics. To my surprise I met another boat nosing in, so I promptly backed away to let him through. We exchanged pleasantries as we passed and then he asked "Out of interest, did you hear my horn?", I replied I hadn't and did he hear mine, to which he replied he hadn't either. Can only summise we had tooted at exactly the same time and for exactly the same duration. The only other explanations are either the geography blocking the sound from being carried, or that he was a big fat liar 🤣
  7. Hudds Lad

    Odd enquiry

    that's all well and good, but I had no idea it now came in different flavours. which do I want? Original Classic, Original, Heavy, Power or Orange? colour me confused 😖
  8. Hudds Lad

    Odd enquiry

    if it was mine i would, but she’s almost 13, 5’8” and very self-conscious so things have to be “just so”, its hard enough to get her off the boat and working locks as it is thanks for all the above suggestions, gives me something to try and my daughter does like a trip to The Range (usually because she comes home with a load of art supplies).
  9. Hudds Lad

    Odd enquiry

    I know this is a bit odd and i'm unsure where to put this thread but figured here was as good a place as any, so.... does anyone have any top tips for removing lock winding gear grease from clothing, namely waterproofs? last time out my daughter managed to get some on her brand new (yellow) coat whilst crossing the lock gate and trying to avoid the gate paddle gear the thick of it was hastily wiped off with tissue but some remains and I now fear its set for life, unless you know different? right, there you go, i'll now await the sage/sarcastic advice
  10. Hudds Lad

    I Pads and Android (In)compatibility

    you could also use Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) to store all sorts of files and access from any device that has the app/program. don't be conned into paying though, the free Basic package is all you need. and if you feel generous use this link and we both get 500mb extra storage free, I won't be offended if you don't though
  11. Hudds Lad

    7mm Thick Copper Plate

    not if you look at it from left to right
  12. Hudds Lad


    what if you manage to combine the two and produce a beer sandwich? would that be allowed on the grounds of outstanding ingenuity?
  13. Hudds Lad

    When and where are the angling matches?

    looking more into that Junior and youth competition led me to the webpage of the Izaak Walton (Stafford) Anglers Association which has listings for 2014 😂 their facebook page however gave me; Iwaa match calendar for the Autumn / Winter : Sept 30th Autumn league Staffs & Worc canal Boat Club area. Oct 6th proposed pairs practice open Trent & Mersey canal Hoo Mill / Fruit farm. Oct 7th proposed pairs practice open Staffs & Worc canal at Stafford. Oct 14th Autumn league Little Onn. Oct 20th pairs final Staffs & Worc / Trent & Mersey canal Hoo Mill / Great Haywood. Oct 21st Junior championship Little Onn. Nov 11th Autumn league Little Onn. Your cooperation will be appreciated. Match secretary Alan Round.
  14. Hudds Lad

    When and where are the angling matches?

    also interested in this given the amount of fishing pegs ive seen marked up and down the Shroppie
  15. Hudds Lad

    Silly hour boaters

    we were passed by one at 11:30pm-ish, i wouldnt have minded but they had a radio blaring away which was way louder than their engine. i quite fancy trying night cruising, but the rest of the crew are dead against it

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