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  1. Well it's Valentines day

    Roses are red Violets are glorious Never sneak up on Oscar Pistorius
  2. Boaters please dispose of your rubbish

    Our local council changed its waste disposal site policies last year, using the excuse that too many were disposing of trade waste without paying for the appropriate permit. Now all vehicles must be registered. Vans, trailers & certain sizes of 4x4 are limited to 12 visits per year, some sizes of vehicle or trailer are banned altogether. Bulky waste such as washing machines, sofas etc. used to be collected within 3 weeks if you gave them a ring and cost nowt, now they want £35 per item. The skips they used to have at the disposal sites for broken tiles, rubble, plasterboard are now gone as this is classed as commercial waste and is banned. And the upshot of all this? Flytipping has rocketed and so has the amount of man-with-a-van cheap waste removers via facebook.
  3. How many?

    nope, the "somewhere" was an article in Canal Boat magazine, re-read it yesterday as it was bugging me where i'd seen that figure
  4. Tiller bar length

    was just wondering the other day, what determines the length of the tiller bar? are they standard sizes, or are they made to suit? sometimes I feel ours is a bit too short, its a semi-trad rear and is not comfortable (for me) to stand in the doors and steer, so I am usually stood at the left of the tiller bar which obviously leaves you open to the bar being able to shove you in I guess. thoughts?
  5. How many?

    Think I read it was 30 some thousand somewhere recently ?
  6. Any good data deals ?

    It's quite a turnaround from how they used to be, had to be a Gigabag which was data only, now it seems a much more sensible attitude. Although this means they have killed off Gigabags apart from one token useless one which only has 500mb for £5?!? I'm toying with the idea of a 3 PAYG Sim pre-loaded with 12GB of data @ £27.99 that lasts for 12months. In theory we can cane it for a week on the boat, then it can sit dormant until we're back on again. Already sourced a cheap Huawei E5573c from a local cash converters type shop, it's locked to 3 at the moment but can easily be unlocked buckshee with online software
  7. Get ready for the onslaught.

    This. I know not everyone likes the company of others, but a smile or a nod in response to a "good morning" costs nothing. Amazing how many will just act like you were invisible. Perhaps its just my sunny Yorkshire disposition Don't even get me started on that time I tried to talk to people on the Tube when visiting London...
  8. Any good data deals ?

    you can get 12GB on 3 which lasts 12months for about £28 EE do a 12gb which lasts 6months, but they feed you 2gb a month found this link on a caravan forum, seem cheaper than going direct https://www.mymemory.co.uk/mobile/mobile-phone/sim-cards.html
  9. Just testing my new dongle.

    my 12yr old daughter is at Scouts with a lad called Amos, and one called Caleb mind you, there's also a young lad in her class at school called Storm
  10. Any good data deals ?

    my experience of Vodafone was back in the early 90's, it was more customer service than network that put me off 'em
  11. Generator Accidents - A Timely Reminder

    good god man, no! I merely meant you scoop some water from the cut and douse your hot ashes rendering them wet & cold and safe for disposal by sensible means only thing I chuck in the canal is the occasional dregs from my cup of coffee when that last inch or so goes cold
  12. Any good data deals ?

    and just what is that protecting your Huawei from scuffs, scrapes & scratches? Have you somehow stumbled upon the best use for Tofu? (I hope so, as it's no use as food)
  13. Any good data deals ?

    in a slightly hijack way i'd like to ask what equipment you lot would recommend for onboard WiFi? thing is, I don't want a 12 month contract as at best we get 4 weeks per year onboard, so I want something portable with an external aerial that I can slap a sim in, and probably unlocked so I can use whatever provider I see fit. Need something to appease the tween when we're moored up, and possibly a bit of streaming too.
  14. Generator Accidents - A Timely Reminder

    I've never understood why folks do this, especially with a massive source of water to damp them down to safe disposal levels but a few feet away?
  15. 19lb Pike

    http://www.runcornandwidnesworld.co.uk/news/15889064.Schoolboy_lands_whopper_pike_weighing_almost_19lbs_/ more interesting to me than the articles main content is the way the dad describes the canal, i guess you’ll see more maggot drowners now never been myself, is it that quiet?