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  1. do you use it in your Castle as well as your boat then?
  2. take a good look at any marina entrance, why do you think they are so battered, dented and scuffed everyone struggles at some point, you can have all the experience in the world but one good gust of wind at the wrong moment can turn a perfect entry into a scene from Pinball Wizard. Once when we came back to Overwater on a windy day there were two full coach loads of old dears sat outside the cafe waiting for their turn on the little trip boat, i got in ok, turned reasonably ok, lined up for the service pontoon and then the wind slammed me broadside into it, reckon my face could be seen from the ISS.
  3. so after all that it was just screen margarine blocking your view
  4. are you going to start ranting about "road tax" and not stopping for red lights next? anyone who pays tax "contributes" as you put it
  5. have you tried putting a magnet in the canal where the boat was moored? could be it pulled its pins and they're now underwater, a passing boat found you drifting and moored it back up with what was to hand? or i'm totally wrong and some scrote has had it away with your pins
  6. apparently it's beacuse it uses a cheaper CSTN screen with 65K colours, good for battery, bad for readability. It also cuts power to the screen after about 15-20secs to save battery, this cannot be changed. Press one of the scroll keys to wake it back up. if you can remove the scratch resistant plastic sticker from the glass its said to improve it by around 15%
  7. How would a cyclist, or cycle commuter, or Strava hunter, know about it to be able to see it? CRT can splash as much cash as they like on making videos and it'll all be wasted until they can find a way of putting it in front of their target audience.
  8. I bet the dog did it, whilst you were asleep it was using its iBone to watch Braveheart on Petflix and decided it liked the idea of FREEEDOM!
  9. Another local paper now part of the Reach PLC Group, formerly Trinity Mirror Group, so is it any wonder. They took over our local rag in 1999 and slowly drove it into the ground, moved printing to Oldham, moved office to outskirts of town and then shut it. Its now a joke of a paper employing freelance journalists who trawl the local Facebook groups to lift stories often without permission for clickbait articles for its own "Live" website. Not fit to wrap yer chips in the name of the editor says it all, Mr W. Ankers
  10. remember if you pass a boat whilst reversing that strongly smells of Wizards Cabbage, don't forget to speak and shout greetings backwards too, that'll really freak 'em out
  11. and if you can't find it near you, it's free online too https://www.towpathtalk.co.uk/read-online/
  12. Had my first ever phone, an Ericsson EH237, with Vodafone back in the early 90's. I was paying £5 extra a month for insurance, and when the aerial snapped i went to get it replaced. Showed the bloke in the Vodafone shop and he said it's a tenner for the part. Proudly I told him I had insurance. Then that's £25 he said, with a smug grin on his face, to pay the insurance excess. I paid a tenner and fixed it myself and a month later I kicked them to the kerb when the contract ended. I've never been back to Vodafone and I've always paid attention to insurance policies ever since. Had a 3 Sim for the boat which was preloaded with 12gb and lasted 12 months, thought that would work out ok as we're only aboard for 8 weeks of the year. Coverage was great for us, but i wanted to try a firestick on the boat and the Teen tends to spank the data allowance whilst we get on with cruising so needed something better. Now have a 3 Sim with unlimited data, minutes & texts, with Personal Hotspot & Go Binge for £16 pcm
  13. Hudds Lad


    Each to their own, all personal taste at the end of the day. But they do seem to be better suited to certain styles, and in my opinion narrowboats are not their forte. from reading the ad i'd assume you were correct, built by ABC and fitted out by a retired joiner.
  14. Hudds Lad


    ABC Boats & ABC Boat Hire are two entirely different companies
  15. Hudds Lad


    Don't think anybody is having a pop at you, hope you're not taking it that way for that sort of money you could get a much better quality boat albeit somewhat older, better to wait for something that's nice than panic buy a floating horror
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