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  1. Hudds Lad

    What the Daily Mail classes as news!

    bit harsh, it/her programs weren't that bad 🤣
  2. Hudds Lad

    Epson XP 205 printer

    can you not use WPS to reconnect the printer to the wifi? i upgraded the APs in the house and lost connection to my printer, connected it to the wifi using the WPS function, then scanned the local IP range to find it on the network so i could then access its setup page and do it properly. otherwise it would have been USB and setup disc time.
  3. Hudds Lad

    Show us ya coal bucket!

    is there much benefit to sticking a cat to the side of the bucket?
  4. Hudds Lad

    Butty For Sale

    AirBNB floating waterside glamping pod?
  5. Hudds Lad

    Dough bag review

    i think you’re always going to struggle using pre-made mixes, you need to experiment to find the ratio that works for you and your setup using your own ingredients, possibly more yeast and more kneading. took me ages to get used to our new fan oven at home, until i worked out i needed to drop the recipe temps by at least 20deg even the ones that stated fan oven temps. placement will also factor in eg. top, middle or bottom of oven.
  6. Hudds Lad

    Dough bag review

    its virtually no carbs at the moment to get my weight down a bit, which will aid with blood sugar and blood pressure, then it will be low carbs. I’m jusy trying to avoid being put on blood pressure tablets for the rest of my life, coupled with the fact me old mum had a bad reaction to them that i could have inherited. As for agreement, as an ex-smoker my risk is higher for everything, i want to live to see my daughter have a life so i agree i need to change. The Doc just gave me the bloods results and told me to alter my lifestyle and go back in two weeks for a BP test, in and out in 5mins with an air of disinterest. i suspect the local waterfowl may all be sat a bit lower in the water 😂
  7. Hudds Lad

    Dough bag review

    i ordered one as it sounded a reasonable idea and was only a couple of quid. it arrived two days after i got the hard word from the Doc about blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol and the wife put me on a no carbs diet ☹️
  8. Hudds Lad

    Dogs in pubs...again!

    you should try my daughter’s secondary schools new motto on for size; Everyone exceptional, every day.
  9. Hudds Lad

    Guns - what's the law?

    whats the law on acorn + black widow + scrote on pitbike?
  10. Hudds Lad

    Fire a TV Stick

    which it wont do unless you use a 3rd party add-on, or a 3rd party “build” with a silly name, often seen on selling sites as “fully loaded” in the description.
  11. Hudds Lad

    Rocks......£1000 delivery charge per ton

    I'm actually a Holme Valley lad, grew up on the mean streets of Netherthong been living in the Colne Valley for just over 12yrs
  12. Hudds Lad

    Rocks......£1000 delivery charge per ton

    if you knew the area, as i do with it being 5-10mins up the road from my house, you’d know that A road is near the top of a bloody steep valley. in fact if you look on google maps at the car park overlooking March Haigh its called Buckstones, people paraglide from there its that steep. The track up from Blake Lee Lane is not suitable for quads either, its narrow, rutted and passable by bike if the weather is good. lots of local moorland is SSSI, a few years ago they spent months helicoptering materials up near Holme Moss so its not a new concept
  13. Hudds Lad

    Boat fire at Clifton wharf

  14. Hudds Lad

    Vandalised boat

    probably hanging round the Hope Technology factory hoping to catch Guy Martin or Danny MacAskill for an autograph

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