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  1. And in wall cavities and underfloor spaces across the country, at meetings of the maritime branch of The Rodent Rollup Smokers Association, they still speak in awe and hushed tones of “the day the powder came” 😉
  2. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/railway-pub-marsden-canal-jump-16960228 apologies for the link to my shitty local rag, but its the only copy of the vid i could still find.
  3. as long as you account for the expected expecteds & the expected unexpecteds, the known knowns & the known unknowns. then the unexpected unexpected & unknown unknowns are a risk you can live with in an unexpected unknown kind of way
  4. Also, expect the unexpected No book, app or program can take into account moored boats, queues at popular locks, fishing matches, fallen trees, rubbish round the prop, mechanical issues with your boat etc. Use any plan as a rough guide, and don't panic if you're not on schedule, on an out and back just make sure you know when you're halfway on your allotted time so know when to turn and return. On our last week out last year we had a lovely trip planned from our old marina up onto the Bridgewater and back, as we left Big Lock at Middlewich I put a few revs on only to find no increase in propulsion which turned out to be a snapped throttle cable. The ensuing wait for RCR cost us the rest of the day and ultimately meant we did not reach the Bridgewater but only Dutton Stop Lock. Still had a great trip though
  5. i'd guess because you own the land and not the water, you can't really moor on land unless you have your own crane/lift, so even though tied to 'your' land you're still on 'their' water.
  6. surely just another hole in the hull that you don't need? Plus all the space you'll lose housing the motor, battery, wiring etc. and the loss of beer tokens. i'd have one if it was a magic one that only appeared when reversing, otherwise I've managed so far without one. I can see where they'd be useful in certain circumstances with bigger and heavier boats.
  7. as above, if not fully wiped to factory settings any app downloaded under your old apple ID will usually ask for a password when an update happens. just give him the password, nothing will be lost.
  8. i’d hate to bump into the spider that made that web on the stern ?
  9. with the added bonus that you can walk round the back of Lidl and gaze at the façade of the site of the last ever Sex Pistols UK gig
  10. probably now on FleaBay with mark up applied
  11. Hudds Lad


    if you ever get through them, there's always Project Gutenberg which has over 60,000 to choose from https://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page
  12. Hudds Lad


    I use Calibre to feed books to 3 Kindle Paperwhite's, it's only a couple of clicks to convert .EPUB to .MOBI fantastic program considering it's free and what it can do
  13. recently got round to sourcing a new tiller bar and handle , its a bit easier when you can moor outside Midland Chandlers and pop in with bits to be measured. anyway, long story short, whats the best treatment for the shiny new untreated ash handle? I was thinking Danish Oil but have recently read that will make ash go all yellow? thoughts?
  14. i'm kind of jealous, to get at our prop it's all boards up, lay on the engine and reach down the hatch up to the armpit to get at the prop. that said, putting my arm in doesn't cause the hatch to overflow instantly, or indeed at all. so swings and roundabouts I guess
  15. still going strong with its own Linfit Brewery beers, far as i know its the Landlord’s son and old staff who run it now.
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