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  1. i'm recently new to specs for reading/close work and did the same, i thought i had gone overkill with four pairs but i am clearly outclassed (doffs cap)
  2. EA Trout & Coarse 2 rod license for 12months £30 (https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences/buy-a-fishing-licence) CRT Waterway Wanderers Permit for 12 months £22 (https://licensing.canalrivertrust.org.uk/Account/SignIn) also i think if not on THIS LIST then you'll need a permit from whichever local club rents the rights
  3. finally got a notice from CRT… “Dredging works will be carried out within the stretch of Lock 26 to Lock 32. The works will be carried out to individual sections: Lock 32-31, Lock 28-27 and Lock 27-26. Navigation will be closed as these works are happening. We aim to have the works complete by Thursday 9th July.“
  4. might pay to check the Facebook page of any pub that takes your fancy, lots are not opening on the 4th for various reasons. The Sportsman opening on the 9th and i think requires booking The Rat & Ratchet has no date yet, brewery opening their pubs in stages and the Rat is not listed on the 4th or the 9th so may be later. just did those as an example as @doratheexplorer mentioned them by name i know of one that won't be opening because "we have not been able to come to an agreement with our landlords on new terms reflecting the new trading situation", The Sair won't be opening as the rooms are just too small for social distancing, and my local next door is not opening at all for the forseeable
  5. @Alan de Enfieldyou'll never get a week's beer, clothes, food & beer in one of those, also need room for the wife & child, and beer, did i mention beer?
  6. i see part of the lockdown ring around Leicester includes the M1, will there be a detour or can we use one of these "air bridges" they keep banging on about?
  7. We're thinking of having a boat built and are considering asking if we can have a discount for not being vloggers/youtubers so that the lads can crack on without filming interrupting their build schedule We do watch a lot of these vids, purely for entertainment and to see places we've been or plan to go. They need to be taken with a massive pinch of salt i feel, some of them are so feckless you wonder how they've managed to live so long. I don't think any of them ever say how they do it is how it must be done.
  8. didn't last long, navigation closed again whilst "local repairs" are carried out on 12E
  9. I'm up in Golcar between a pub and a club, very quiet on an evening and weekend but very busy in daylight for foot traffic, expect it will all change this weekend. the only alert i've had from CRT today is that they've now finished dredging between 12 & 13
  10. Nope, not a teacher, don't have the patience. In years gone by though i did have to learn new equipment/software at work and then pass it on to a workforce of varying ages, the simpler you can make it the easier it is for everyone.
  11. In that case its still the arrow and SHARE under the video, then click COPY LINK with your finger or appendage of choice, go to post here but now hold your finger/appendage on the window where you'd normally type until a window pops up and select PASTE. Submit your reply.
  12. I've not been down since lockdown began, and from local Facebook groups it would appear the towpath is rammed most days. Is it all being staged from the fields by Titanic Mill again?
  13. when watching your vid on YouTube just underneath the moving picture to the right will be a curved arrow that says SHARE next to it, click this with your mouse. A small window will open showing some icons and just under that will be a URL (web address) that says COPY on the right of it, click this. Now go to do a post on here, click your right hand mouse button and select the option that says PASTE. Submit your reply. the above assumes you are watching YouTube on a PC or MAC
  14. do they not just paint top and sides to let moisture out the bottom?
  15. last time we came down heartbreak hill we came upon a chap coming the other way just about to exit the lock, i noticed he was singlehanded so i told him i’d get the paddles as we were going in, he nodded and carried on. wasn't until we came to the next lock with its gates wide open and paddles still up that we realised he’d no intention of doing them himself, and the next three locks we came to were the same
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