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  1. Predictive text or Auto-correct is a pain in the nethers, took me three goes to type the word "Tea" yesterday on my phone as it thought it knew better.
  2. Hudds Lad

    Spam pm

    I've not received any spam PM's, who do i complain to about this? are you giving some uffish thought to the manxome foe, @Athy?
  3. how does that help unless you carry a measuring weasel in your pocket at all times?
  4. my daughter's school's "mission statement" still winds me up - Everyone Exceptional Every day
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. are you sure? because they are weasily mistaken for a stoatally different animal
  7. do they have a Stone of Destiny in every one?
  8. in the early days of TomTom it was possible, with a bit of patience, to make your own custom voices (only 59 files to record and trim down). i still use the one i made for a southern friend occasionally on my ageing TomTom Go 550 Live
  9. There are full plans for an L shaped (or straight) pull-out dinette in Narrow Boat & Dutch Barge Joinery Designs by Mike Jordan CanalBookShop has it for £18.50, might be worth an email see if they have a secondhand copy if you want it i don't suggest you pay the £199 asking price on Amazon good book for reference as it covers a lot of projects
  10. When my mum passed we let the solicitor do the probate. Mum had always hoarded paperwork, there were bank statements and share certificates dating back to the mid 70's. She'd had a friend who was an ex-bank manager and had dabbled in lots of small investments over the years on his advice and it was impossible to easily tell which were existing or cashed out. Also my wife works for one of the "big four" accountancy firms so there was a compliance issue once we inherited everything as potentially some of the shares were in their client companies. we had done a lot of the legwork, but
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