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  1. i'd take a guess at the gloss finish theory coupled with them swarming to mate or feed, hence the high concentration, in the same way as you get large clouds of them dancing round stern or bow fenders on moored boats etc.
  2. fingers crossed for “goldilocks” weather then
  3. We were forcefully overtaken coming up the Shroppie, bloke stood on the bow shouted they were late for an appointment as they motored by. Saw them a little later as they were mooring at Brewood and the ladies of the boat were getting the dogs off etc. so I asked if they managed to make their appointment, they had no idea what I was on about.
  4. thanks for the explanation, makes sense now 😉
  5. Right then clever people, either I'm being a bit thick here or something is plain wrong. Just read a CRT notice for the Shroppie near Chester and was puzzled by the winding hole references (red bits) Up Stream Winding Hole: SU-019-014 Quarry Bridge Down Stream Winding Hole: SU-015-020 Cow Lane I can't honestly say I'd paid them much attention before, and to me they look like OS grid references, but...… using those references they're out in the Celtic Sea off Land's End ?!? so am I missing something obvious here?
  6. if weight is an issue have you considered a monocular/spotting scope? i’d avoid the “compact” style of binos as they can be difficult to actually see through
  7. last I saw on the Facebook thread was that CRT were going to crane it out?!? starting to wonder if this boat belongs to a high-ranking CRT employee as I can't see them going to all this bother for a regular Joe Public
  8. Hudds Lad


    when cruising along various canals there always seem to be sewage treatment plants in very close proximity to the cut, surely it can't be that hard to have elsan's built near or at them and cut out the middleman so to speak? always amazes me that so many have linear moorings near them as well, guess you get used to the whiff after a while. although I did work near a pig farm once, and if the wind was in the wrong direction it would literally make you gag
  9. pic borrowed from the facebook thread. according to the rumblings on there it was built in Warwick and is en route to the Thames to a permanent mooring.
  10. you'd have to turn the sound off it was the Scorpions to be fair oh, just realised that's Love not Life
  11. I run a QNAP TS-251+ with twin 3TB WD drives as a media server at home, it also ran a private Minecraft server for my daughter and her friends when they were still into that sort of thing. Its vastly overspecced for what I want it to do, and i'll admit I don't understand a lot of its capabilities, but when I looked into it before purchasing it seemed a tossup between QNAP or Synology.
  12. possibly more in the Harry Enfield “i saw you coming” style of pricing
  13. could also be down to folk taking the piss with the initial price they want for it
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