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  1. You wait, when i see the detector van i’m gonna tell on ya
  2. Give my regards to the basin, i did my canoeing badge with Scouts there, you couldn’t pay me enough to roll one over and get a gobfull of water there nowadays
  3. Seen a pic recently of a drained pound with a cruiser suspended mid-air by its mooring lines, can’t find it now though. However, drained pounds have been the norm long before any drought on the Narrow
  4. HS2 is certainly levelling up the contractors and plant hire firms’ bank accounts. The cost keeps going up, and the length of track keeps coming down
  5. Excuse me sir, do you have a licence for that content? 😛
  6. Especially if you don’t unscrew the sprinkler off the end
  7. So you're saying i should “rosa klebb” my boathook?
  8. What's with this craze for rope "swag" fenders recently? This chap has them on the bow, i've seen others with them round the stern, and even round the full exterior of the boat hung down like christmas garlands. They're just asking to get snagged in a lock
  9. Do you mean one of these? They are useful for light duties, that said i did manage to use ours to hook a feckin great branch out of the cut on the approach to Rose Narrowboats the other week, was amazed it held out. Never have found out what the threaded bit under the red cap is for though?!?!
  10. Try to get your boat as near as you can to the chandler/timber yard/DIY shop, it's much easier to just pop out of the door and pop the poles on the boat roof than try and wangle them into your car DAMHIK We had no poles or plank as the previous owner found little use for them on his Thames mooring, so sacrificed them to the old pagan god Keepthiasswarminwinter
  11. Notice Alert Oxford Canal Location: Between Dunchurch Pools Marina and Braunston, Wide beam passage Starts At: Bridge 81, Borstal Bridge Ends At: Braunston A45 Visitor Mooring Saturday 20 August 2022 07:00 until Sunday 21 August 2022 19:00 Type: Advice Reason: Information Original message: There is a planned wide-beam boat journey on the North Oxford Canal from Dunchurch Pools Marina to Braunston taking place between Saturday 20th August to Sunday 21st August. We kindly remind boating customers to be aware of a wide-beam boat and take extra care whilst navigating through this section of the canal. And two mins later the almost verbatim notice but for between Braunston and Dunchurch, so guessing its an out and back trip planned sometime over the weekend. We’re out on Weds but back on Sunday, might catch a glimpse of this mythical widebeam moving
  12. How do you steer that then, and still see where you’re going? Also, i’m concerned by the owners electrical setup
  13. I know locally to me the paid member of staff is often accompanied by one or two volunteers as he does his jobs.
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