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  1. Usual nonsense as they try to blind you with meaningless figures without context. Perhaps a shift to climate change from vandals as the new excuse is on the cards?
  2. Brolly Mate has a hole in for the tiller pin, at least the one i got rid of recently did have, also has the two screws and a bit plastic to save the paint/brass/chrome from scratches. Laundrettes or tumble driers?
  3. When did Peter Kay start boating?
  4. I’ve never found a horn to be of any use whatsoever, nobody ever hears them, or admits to hearing them when asked about it. Last time out, approaching a blind bridge ‘ole, i gave a long honk and on hearing and seeing nothing further slowly passed under. Imagine my surprise to find a boat patiently waiting the other side. I thanked the chap for waiting and told him that was the first time using the horn had ever worked in my favour. No problem he said, but what horn? He’d seen my bow coming out of the bridge so had waited 🤷‍♂️ I approach any blind bend or bridge expecting to meet something, at a slow enough speed to deal with it, the amount of folk who’ll blindly go unsighted at full chat IMHO has increased.
  5. Don't be so hard on yourself, surely you've not broken everything you've fiddled with?
  6. That’s a fancy name you’ve given your Citroen Congrats on the milestone, here’s to many more 🍻
  7. I now have visions of some bloke somewhere on the waterways who, every time he has problems coiling his rope, finds the nearest Jean, Dick or Pierre and launches them into the cut muttering about how it never makes any difference anyway
  8. Not all 4-pins are the same though, remember that from my teenage dabblings with CB A quick google shows three different manufacturers having different pinouts for the same connector type, you’ll need to be more specific with name and model no. to be sure of a working replacement.
  9. Hard to tell due to the white balancing of cameras, but have you gone cool white throughout or warm white?
  10. This is more likely due to them using the handheld laser measuring devices and not having the nous to change the settings
  11. I now have questions about Paddington
  12. Titus would NOT have approved, i on the other hand like a Saltaire Blonde or three
  13. It can also be ground up and the resulting powder mixed with distilled water to create a solution, a few drops in each eye is perfect for when you need to give something a long, hard looking at...
  14. We were greeted at the door with “Have you booked?” when we said no we got “hour, at least”, place was half full and empty tables covered in detritus. We left and went to Tesco. Not sure we’ve ever been Harvester’d, is it any worse than a Toby Carvery?
  15. The moorings at Brownsover are quieter than you’d imagine, and an easy walk to the retail park or down “the black path” to the big Tesco. You will take your life in your hands crossing the A426 to get to the Bell & Barge where you should book if you don’t want a wasted trip (DAMHIK). The moorings by Rugby Golf course have the added bonus of the occasional free ball, seen several go in the cut whilst moored there and the boat in front of us got hit, so something to look out for.
  16. That’s grim reminds me of the bins at Autherley
  17. Not saying i’d use ‘em, just posting the info for the Lady
  18. I think the Fitout Pontoon sell design kits for about £30, have a look at their website
  19. I doubt you could sustain supping canal water 🤢
  20. from the RCR website; River Canal Rescue Members – Service includes: Labour, Parts & VAT £150 • Engine oil change up to 5ltrs • Fuel filter replacement • Oil filter replacement • Gear box oil top up* • Antifreeze check* • Battery check – starter cold test and charge state • Fan belt check and adjustment* * Replacement is undertaken at an additional cost for parts and labour
  21. I highly doubt it, there are companies set up that do purely fuel polishing as its enough of a job on it’s own, you reckon RCR will go that far above and beyond? Oil, filters, belts (if required). That’ll be it.
  22. Foxes too, in the rough ground after the horse field just before Bridge 13A, watched a young ‘un chasing butterflies as we pootled along
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