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  1. Germany has (off the top of my head), over 3 times the number of reported infected than we have, but less than 10 have died. Surely that suggests we might not see anything like your estimated predictions?
  2. Worth just taking stock of the numbers amidst the panic and hysteria; the number of fatalities here only just past double figures, with estimates saying the likely number of cases between 5000-10,000 or possibly more. Germany at about 10 fatalities with probably more cases than us. So only very small numbers in proportion.
  3. How is it the wrong approach? The government advice says just as much, with the emphasis on washing your hands. But not to go to the ends of the earth to ensure every last surface is clean. And as I say, providing you're sensible in what I detailed above and keeping a reasonable distance from others (including self isolation if need be), you've a good chance of avoiding it.
  4. Perhaps we shouldn't go too overboard with the hygiene; for sure wash your hands properly and frequently, cover your coughs and sneezes and wash afterwards. But too much attention to hygiene and you could drive yourself mad. I think a more important thing is to try and get out of the habit of touching your eyes and mouth and perhaps carry some tissues around so that if you need to scratch etc, you can use a clean tissue. Is there any idea yet about how long this virus can survive on your hands? Suppose you're more likely to subconsciously rub your eyes when you wake up.
  5. I tried to point this out yesterday after there had been a big drop in newly infected, but was downplayed by the negative brigade. Two days of drop offs is encouraging. We have gone up to 80 odd new cases today, though at least still not in the hundreds.
  6. It's simple science that good hygiene will reduce the spread and slowly kill it off. My hope is that the intensive media coverage will perhaps get it into people's heads to take more care, to be more conscious of their hygiene.
  7. I know full well it is potentially a serious illness. But it's also clear that many of the population of Italy seemed not to take much notice of the hygiene advice initially, with reports of continuing to hug and kiss one another. Other European countries aren't seeing increases like Italy and that is down to better hygiene and being more careful.
  8. Please stop scaremongering. It isn't helping. Without being vain but my advice above is a lot more useful than both your input here and Rickent's.
  9. If people take hygiene seriously; in the main frequent thorough washing of hands, particularly before eating; remembering not to touch sensitive parts of face when hands not recently washed; and covering coughs and sneezes then washing hands afterwards, then we can prevent a situation like in Italy. It's not just up the government or the NHS, we all have a part to play.
  10. I know that, I meant the increase had slowed in Italy and has been fairly stable here over the last 3-4 days.
  11. Early days but on a slight positive the number of cases per day here aren't currently going up and up much...last 4 days the figure has hovered between 40-60 or so. Also Italy has seen a fairly big drop off today.
  12. People shouldn't, or at least try, not to panic but at the same time I'm concerned at the blasé view some seem to have about this; largely because it could imply a complacent attitude with hygiene. Earlier today I saw a person serving in a pub cough all over the bottled drinks, without making an effort to cover their mouth. This sort of thing shouldn't be happening at any time, but I was hoping the media coverage of it may have at least caused people to be more careful with hygiene (both for themselves and those around them). Careful and good hygiene practise is the best and easiest way really to help slow the infection rate.
  13. I find the Germany numbers a little more reassuring; over 700 cases and last I looked still 100% survival and not that many in a serious condition.
  14. Thanks for your advice and offer. The Thames through London is something I'd like to do and in a way would be a shame not to do it while the boat is there, but will only have two weeks max to get from near enough central London to Nantwich, so leaning towards Harefield Marina as the 'launch pad'...at the moment!
  15. The slipway at Isleworth looks the best bet. Is it as complicated making the preparations to use the Thames in London as it is for the Manchester Ship Canal? I might be tempted by a trip up to Tower Bridge and back before making the journey north! The other option I'm looking at is forgetting the Thames altogether and using the slipway at Harefield marina, then boating down to Brentford before turning around, so that I'm still starting from the beginning. How long does it take from Harefield to Brentford please?
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