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  1. I've watched a couple of the original Video Active canal videos within the last few weeks. Just wondering if anyone has watched them and how do they find them? They were made in the 1990s and seem quite informative generally. Does anyone even remember being caught on the camera as they sailed past and seeing themselves on the resulting video?
  2. Interesting, how about the 25ft Aintree Beetle? Thanks
  3. Thanks. Paying to leave in marinas for a short time sounds and easier and cheaper option!
  4. Thanks. Any idea about the cost please, as they don't say on the website? It's just a general query at this stage.
  5. First off how much would a boat between 25-30ft in length with a 20hp engine and a PRM 150 gearbox typically weigh? Secondly please, what would be a rough figure for the cost of transporting a narrowboat of this length and weight by a low loader for 150-200 miles? Take it trailer isn't an option even for a 25ft boat? Would a crane be required or would a winch do to get it onto the loader?
  6. Philip

    Snob boaters

    There is certainly an element of snobbery and one-upmanship and has been for ages, albeit in the minority. Been on hire boats and had passing private boaters turn their noses up or make comments implying we didn't know what we were doing etc. The very occasional boater pulling their nose up at my cruiser or sneering reference to "my plastic boat". I've no doubt a similar thing went on with Springers when there were more of them around. I don't understand why things like Cruisers, Sea Otters, Aintree Beetles and Springers etc get labelled by some as 'a starter boat'...what makes them 'a starter boat'? Why should the ultimate destination be something big?
  7. There is a steel gate at Quoisley lock on the Llangollen dating from 1963. Wooden gates fitted prior to the 1960s often lasted 40-50 years, why only 25 years now?
  8. Thanks. I'm weighing up the options but tempted to go with the 30ft boat rather than the 25ft as I was thinking initially. If it is a wet locker, are these important to have or would a normal wardrobe suffice for hanging damp clothes? I agree, it seems odd to only have the WL on one of them. Also odd that only one has an electrics cupboard.
  9. Looking at a plan of an Aintree Beetle, it has what looks like a wardrobe at the back with the abbreviation 'WL' on it. What does this stand for please?
  10. The pressure of water would just tear through the canvas!
  11. Why have many been retained then, for example on Shropshire Union, Staffs and Worcs, Grand Union and L&L?
  12. And the middle paddle.
  13. This is a more recent view, courtesy of Roger Kidd on geograph. And a picture of the same lock in the 60s, looking the other way:
  14. Nope, but close! Lock keeper's cottage.
  15. Very close! Nope, it's further in the distance and only indirectly related to the canal. Clue - many were demolished a few years after this photo was taken (1958).
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