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  1. I'm booked to do the Manchester Ship Canal on Monday - sweating a bit looking at the forecast!
  2. Except that it is dangerous!
  3. It states on the CRT stoppages page that Whitby bottom lock needs to be booked at the Northwich office, but this was from 2012. Is this still the case?
  4. Slightly off topic, but what is Castlefield like as a place to stop overnight nowadays? Are Stretford and Sale better now?
  5. Bridgewater Co have said the lock keeper can get there for 07:30 to work me through Pomona lock in order to reach Mode Wheel for 08:30. Credit to them for this as 8am is their normal time.
  6. Spoken to the Bridgewater company, they indeed don't come out on Sundays so it'll be Monday 8am down Pomona. Would like to still go up to the Mark Addy and back on the Irwell so guessing I'll be looking at 9ish or so by the time I get to Mode Wheel. Hope that won't be too tight for reaching Ellesmere Port before dark! By mid February it should be light until 17:45ish.
  7. Did the four counties ring single handed in September in not the best weather; 7 full days and 2 half days and this included the Caldon Canal down to Froghall/Uttoxeter Canal basin and the Leek Branch to the feeder. Probably averaged around 9-10 hour days but still managed a couple of 'lazy' mornings, so hardly breaking my neck! Was enjoyable, particularly the Caldon, but others may prefer shorter days and to stop off and visit places en route. Each to their own.
  8. Was there not a similar kind of resentment from working boat crews towards the 'new kids on the block' (the up and coming leisure boater industry) in the 50s and 60s? Some narrowboat owners seem to look down on GRP cruiser owners (and the things themselves!) although from personal experience it is reasonably uncommon.
  9. Thank you all The Pomona lock situation seems poor value for money if I'm honest; for £30 to be taken through a standard canal lock you'd expect an efficient service 7 days a week, rather than a 'turn up when it suits' approach that it seems to be! 72 hours notice seems excessive too to be honest. Was hoping to go up the Irwell as far as navigable before making for Mode Wheel!
  10. Yep, made a couple of copies of it for that reason. Do the Bridgewater Canal lockies come out to do Pomona lock at the weekend? Looking at doing the Ship Canal on the Monday and locking down into Salford Quays the previous afternoon.
  11. I now have a certificate of seaworthiness for mine (mud weight was sufficient!). Looking to do the trip mid-February and about to send off my completed application with relevant forms. Take it they are ok receiving this by post? I can't email as the certificate of seaworthiness is in paper form.
  12. Well I have a mud weight. What's the minimum length of rope/chain required to tie to either the weight or the anchor?
  13. Thanks I'm going to buy an anchor and chain, can anyone tell me or link me please to the minimum length of chain required and the correct type of anchor? I've had a quick look on ebay but there seems to be various different types of anchor and different chain lengths.
  14. Oh, that's a disappointment! Thanks anyway.
  15. Regarding needing an anchor, I have what is best described as 'half an anchor' onboard; it is J-shaped with only one stake (so like ⚓ but cut off one of the arrows!). It has a ring to tie a chain to though. Would this be sufficient?
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