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  1. Same with us, king size cross bed pulls out on interlaced slats and rests on small shelf above a radiator. To put it away, simply fold the split mattress onto the fixed bit of the bed, complete with fitted bottom sheet and duvet, then slide the slats in. Took me longer to type that than to put the bed away or pull it out and make it! 😁 The only problem is for taller people, who have to sleep diagonally, but with a king size (and it's still shorter than an longeways bed) there is more room to do that.
  2. On my boat it lead to the stainless steel Surecal calorifier failing and a £700 bill for its replacement. Fortunately it happened to the previous owner, but he didn't learn his lesson, so I fitted one once I bought the boat.
  3. Nah, baby boomer me. 1954 vintage. 😁
  4. You'll never get 10 million viewings without including the grand finale of "watching paint dry"! 😂😂
  5. Teach me not to "speed read" articles. 😁 Mind you I've never heard of Fullriver Batteries, possibly manufactured by a Chinese company. https://www.fullriverbattery.com/
  6. I wonder who makes them for Merlin? I'll bet they don't make their own batteries. When I was with BT I worked with Yuasa to develop some 100Ah pure lead VRSLA's which could reliably be taken down to 10% DoD and have a 10 year life.
  7. It didn't include the management fee, which was always separate at £250 per 1/12th share.
  8. Perhaps they are planning on selling bottled canal water, having been inspired by Del in Only Fools & Horses? 😂
  9. cuthound

    reflek fire

    In the 6 winters I have had my Kabola Old Dutch it has never blown out. However in the first winter, when the high flame setting was too high, it almost ran away on a particularly windy day, resulting in the stove glowing cherry red before I noticed and turned it off. Since then I have adjusted the high flame screw so that i get blue flames up to and including setting 4 and invested in a short "cruising" chimney which reduces draught and fits under all but the lowest bridges.
  10. You are assuming that it was dug to a profile which allows boats of reasonable draught to get close to the sides. 😁
  11. cuthound

    reflek fire

    My mistake, I was looking for a themocouple operated oil shut off valve and that is what Google came up with. I should havevread the description. If the OP wants to see if it Is possible to fit one to his stove, he is perhaps best advised to contact Lockgate for advice and spares. https://lockgate.com/
  12. I misread your first crossed out line as "KELPIES FART A LOT" 🤣
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