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  1. cuthound

    Stratford to Gloucester

    Ah yes the pyschodelic 70's, just as I remember them! 😂
  2. cuthound

    Stourport Ring report

    Sadly it sounds as though you are drinking in the last chance saloon, and if not careful will become fully fledged canalcoholics 😁 For me it was the slippery slope of hiring, then shared ownership (much cheaper than regular hiring if you find you need a fix or two of canals per year) before slipping into the murky depths of complete addiction - boat ownership! The 4 Counties Ring provides a bit of everything, from urban cruising, tunnels, beautifully situated lock flights and rural countryside. Enjoy your forthcoming holiday and don't forget to ask advice about the route on CWDF and of course provide a report of it after completion.
  3. cuthound

    Rubbish Pipex Email server.

    Some ISP's offer this, usually at a price, so you will need to check with Pipex. For example BT offer this with their "BT Premium Mail" service for £7.50 per month.
  4. cuthound


    Exactly, as evidenced by them slowly disolving over 11 years 😁
  5. cuthound


    My boat was zinga'd from new, then coated with epoxy blacking. It also has anodes. The boat will be 13 this year, and will have the original epoxy blacking renewed. The anodes were replaced 2 years ago.
  6. cuthound

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    That is beautiful compared to this monstrosity.
  7. cuthound

    Charging problems

    See transformers don't work on DC, only in A.C.. A 24-12 volt buck boost converter would do the job though.
  8. cuthound

    Coffee and red wine combo

    Arrange a visit to Specsavers 😂
  9. cuthound

    Well it's Valentines day

    You didn't forget Shrove Tuesday. This year it is March 5th. Oh no, I've just realised that not only did Machpoint005 respond to Tumshie first, but we are both responding to a year old post 😁
  10. cuthound

    Braunston tunnel horse path.

    I think so, at least it was when I last walked it with my old dog 5 years ago.
  11. I believe those wishing to remain in their marinas are demanding a new poll 😁😂
  12. cuthound

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    Cancel the booking? 😂 Seriously though, can't you add a matting agent to the gloss? That way you should be able to achieve anything from almost gloss to completely Matt depending on the amount of matting agent used.
  13. cuthound

    Luxury Holiday Exchange

    I have claimed on my car insurance twice in 48 years, both times with LV or it's predecessors. Once for damaging the engine when I drove into a puddle that was deeper than it seemed, and once for taking avoiding action when I met a car overtaking on a blind brow. Both times my car was written off and the insurance company paid out in full, less excess. However with my contents insurance I have claimed twice bit only had one successful claim. The unsuccessful claim was when my expensive record deck got knocked onto the floor and the 'accidental damage' cover was void because damage by impact was excluded. Since then I check an insurance companies record on meeting claims before giving them my money.
  14. cuthound

    Insurance 'Moan'

    I agree providing I feel comfortable with the insurance company offering the cheapest quote. No sense in saving £50 if the cheap insurance company won't meet a claim.
  15. cuthound

    Brexit 2019

    If stress occurs when pressure exceeds our perceived ability to cope, then how can people ever learn to cope with stress? I had a stressful job delivering projects, and found that I performed best when slightly stressed. So as I became more used to stress I could push myself harder and maintain a certain level of stress. I never felt in my comfort zone, because every job (and client - often the biggest source of stress) was different. As others have said technobabble for snowflakes.

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