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  1. If you can't tell the difference between a £35k boat and a £75k boat then in my opinion you haven't looked at enough boats yet. As itherschave said, get the wife on board and thrn look at as many boats as you can to determine what features you like and don't like. Only then refine your search.
  2. Diesel heaters need to be well loaded to perform at their best. It is better to undersize thsn overrate. What size and how many radiators have and what capacity is your calorifier? This site may help you calculate the rsting of your radiators. http://www.simplifydiy.com/plumbing-and-heating/radiators/power
  3. They would be on the canals too if they were deep enough. Maybe that's why CRT dont do much dredging? 🤔😅😂
  4. Unless you really, really abuse a lead acid battery its capacity is unlikely to change significantly in a week. Same over a single month or two unless you are not fully recharging it every significant discharge. My Lifeline AGM's are 12.5 years old now and still have about 40% of their original capacity left. They were at 65% of their original capacity when I bought the boat at 6.5 years old. I will keep them until they can no longer support the boat overnight, but given the eye watering cost of Lifeline's now, will probably replace them with something else.
  5. Perhaps it was agents code for subsidence? 🤔🤣😅
  6. The SoC reading on Victron BMV can me made to read reasonably accurately. You just need to: 1. Reset the BMV to 100% when the batteries actually are at 100% monthly, and, 2. Reset the battery capacity to the measured the capacity annually.
  7. My boat was 12 years old before needing a repaint. Many boats require repainting within 5 years. It had been polished from new with Craftmaster carnuba wax twice a year, when I bought it, so I continued to do it. Was it a coincidence the paint had lasted that long? I don't know, but given the cost of professional repaint I'd rather not take the chance for a couple of hours polishing per year.
  8. If you have a Smartgauge and a battery monitor which shows amp hours used, you can assess battery capacity by taking a fully charged battery down to 50% on the Smartgauge, then noting the amp hours used and doubling it. You can also discharge to a higher value and multiply the amp hours used accordingly, for example discharge by 20% and multiply by 5, discharge by 25% and multiply by 4 etc.
  9. I find that making them a cup of tea first thing, followed by breakfast is usually enough to get them moving for the rest of the day. 😁
  10. Constant stream of boats going both ways here on the Coventry, despite the inclement weather, mainly private boats. In the 6 and a half years I have lived here I have never seen it so busy.
  11. Perhaps Counsellor Andy Solloway could persuade his local authority to stump up the cash for the repairs? 🤔
  12. I suspect the motivation for the government is pressure from the licencing trade. I will watch what happens over the next month before deciding whether or not to venture into a pub. I take the view that I am responsible for my own safety, and thus watch what happens as lockdown is eased, before deciding what is or isn't safe practice.
  13. cuthound

    Towpath stoppage

    I'm wondering how we can get National Grid to check whether all the other canal towpaths have HV cables under them? 5 months cyclist free hmmm. 😁
  14. cuthound

    Life Jacket

    I thought you needed the floaty bit as well? 🤔🤣😅
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