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  1. There were several, including a Range Rover with the raised roof of a Discovery, and a Rover P5 on a Land Rover chassis. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/20933/lot/412/?category=list
  2. I always thought Strange Rover was a great name. Pity someone got there first.
  3. One in mint condition would be great 😁
  4. Sure you sure you didn't misread it? Probably said 1% chance of being dry! 😁😂
  5. I thought Logan's Run provided the answer. 🤔😁
  6. So does ours, but they are all reserved for people with disabilities or for mothers with babies. 🤤
  7. It has always been so. In 1975 my late Father in Law bought himself a new MGB and was surprised to find he had to fold the door mirrors in to get it through his garage doors. He never had that problem with his 1950 Sunbeam-Talbot 80.
  8. Yes, it's the one disadvantage of having them in the garden. The mooring and patio are probably wearing a bit thin now from all the scrubbing. 😣
  9. In my garden the ducks are the pests. They now come up to the patio window and tap on it for food, much to the disgust of Zeus 😣
  10. When I changed the coolant on my 60 foot boat with a Beta 43 engine, I pumped the old coolant into containers, so i could measure the quantity. Turned out to be 45 litres. I did the same when changing the contents of the Webasto central heating system, (1 full size double rad, 1 full size single rad, 1 half height double rad and a towel rail) and that took 25 litres.
  11. Possibly, but a mileage based one is what is usually used to compare fatal accident rates of road vehicles, planes, trains etc.
  12. Depends on the type of battery. If it is a wet cell type, then you can use a hydrometer or refractometer to measure the specific gravity of the acid in each cell. Cells that are sulphated and shorted cells will show lower specific gravities with the battery bank fully charged. However if you want remote monitoring without any input from you other than reading a meter, then the answer is no.
  13. Thanks for the update. Leaky mushrooms are usually easy to fix. The mushroom is usually held on by screws into tapped holes in the roof, although occassionally nuts are used on the inside of the roof lining, which can be a problem to reach. Scrape away any old sealant and reseal using Sikaflex or similar, or if you intend to remove the mushrooms often in the future, a gasket made from neoprene sheet.
  14. cuthound

    wide beam

    Tixall Wide? 😂
  15. For a minute thought you said the Brexit thread was like a bug and should be fixed. 😁
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