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  1. I've never come across a dog that serves food. I've seen loads that take food though! 🤣
  2. I use Ford Super us Premium as it potentially has a 10 year life at a 50% concentration. https://parts.vospers.com/genuine-ford-super-plus-premium-antifreeze-5-litres.html Mine has been in 7 years so far and I check a sample every year by adding some nails and a bit aluminium and copper to a sample to see if they corrode.
  3. True, also even if the top of the plates are exposed by a couple of mm no damage will result as the active material is enclosed in a grid which is surrounded by a solid lead frame. Damage occurs when when the electrolyte level exposes the grid containing the active material. If the OP separates the Trojans and monitors the voltage of each over a few days, one will drop faster than the others if it has a short.
  4. That is what I carry, along with bolt cutters. However I have never had a camping chair around the prop, so couldn't comment on how they would cope.
  5. I wonder if I can just drop a water source heat pump into the cut at the end of my garden to heat and cool my home? If a quarter of a million homes use water source heat pumps to heat their homes in winter, will we have to contend with speeding ice skaters as well as speeding cyclists?
  6. I agree. Overcharging results in excessive gassing, high temperatures and loss of active material from the plates. I would say the OP's batteries are probably Ok. I can't explain the squeaking noises or the bubbles coming from the plates after a couple of days of being off charge. Perhaps a flatulent mouse is trapped between the plates? 🤔😅
  7. Yes but only 271 times. The topic still has a long way to go to catch up with best toilet choices. 🤣
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Why not ask one of the the UK importers, such as Lockgate Stoves their opinion. https://lockgate.com/ If you get a written answer and meet it then any subsequent BSS examiner will be forced to agree that it is compliant with the manufacturers agents recommedations.
  10. Indeed, the point I was trying to make is that the alternator is either in current limitation or voltage regulation.
  11. In the early stages of charge the alternator is current limited, that it it cannot produce more than its rates current without the voltage dipping. As the battery charges the alternator voltage rises because the alternator is no longer working flat out and the current drops. Eventually the voltage rises to the regulators set voltage and current virtually ceases.
  12. Maybe that is because the forum software used to tell you if it was someone's birthday. Now unless you know when it is someone's birthday it is impossible to find out. It would be nice to have people's birthdays announced and post numbers are another tradition that I would like to see revived
  13. Happy Burpday tree monkey. Have a gud un! 🥮🥧🍰🍻
  14. Rather than a plethora of signs everywhere, which leaves CRT vulnerable to claims from the odd hazard they failed to identify, they would be better with just one sign at canal access points warning that the canal system has many hazards, including trip hazards, unprotected drops, deep water and speeding cyclists. Then it is for the user to do his own risk assessment, now being aware that being canalaide is a potentially dangerous environment.
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