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  1. Yes there is some variability, so you need to ascertain who is promoting it. eV sites tend to say it is over 50%, but more impartial sites, (reports from universities and even some recycling companies) put it much lower. The latest one I could find was on Wikipedia, which is not always impartial, but at least can be updated by those in the know) shows it at 19%. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battery_recycling
  2. Maybe, and that is the proper way to do it, but it doesn't come for free.
  3. I'm not trying to prove its wrong. I'm pointing out the practicalities. It probably allows them to claim there are lots of chargers available, but doesnt tell you its limitations. However if you arrived at one with an almost fully discharged battery, plugged your car in, went to an all day business meeting and then on your return found that your battery hadn't charged enough to get you all the way home again that evening would you be: a) overjoyed and tell everyone how wonderful lamppost charging is, or, b) fed up, and feeling that you had been cheated?
  4. Yes you can attach a charger to a lamppost, but assuming that the supply is rated at 500 watts, the 500 watt sodium discharge bulb has been changed for a LED (as shown in my first link) then the charger will take 60 hours to charge an EV. So it is probably "greenwash". There is a lot of money to be made from fooling the gullible. You canna change the laws of physics captain. 😁
  5. Lets introduce some facts into the streetlight charging debate. According to this website https://www.quora.com/How-much-power-does-a-regular-street-light-consume, typical sodium discharge street light bulbs are rated at 100-500 watts (up to 2 amps at 230 volts), and there LED repacements are rated at 10-30 watts ( up to about 0.15 amps at 230 volts). 500 watts would not power a very large battery charger, so charging would take a minimum of 60 hours according to this site. (Based on a13 amp supply can feed a charger which takes 10 hours) https://www.spiritenergy.co.uk/kb-ev-understanding-electric-car-charging So unless they change the streetlights, Ssociated cabling and supply transformer for higher powered ones it looks unlikely to be viable.
  6. Although in theory 95% of tne materials in a lithium ion battery can be recycled, currently only about 5% worldwide is. Compare this to lead acid batteries where the recycling rate is currently over 95%. Surprisingly China is actually the world leader in the lithium ion recycling race. http://www.mining.com/close-loop-lithium-ion-battery-recycling/ The reason for the low recycling rate of lithium ion batteries over lead acid batteries is two fold. 1. Their construction of many small cells interconnected to make each battery means recycling is labour intensive and thus expensive. 2. The value of lithium is low compared to lead, although lithium ion batteries do contain expensive metals such as cobalt, as being in minute quantities. Until the cost of mining lithium rises, widescale recycling of lithium ion batteries is likely be be limited, unless there is a sea change in economics of recycling.
  7. Are you sure you weren't running a genny after 8:00pm? 😁
  8. Can't see that working too well with all the dog walkers about! 😁
  9. As it seems they cannot meet their claimed mileage range it would seem so. Best believe independent test reports instead.
  10. I was 16 when they broke up. First noticed them in '67, just when they were shedding their "prototype boy band" image. Like most of their music from "Rubber Soul" onwards. Not so keen on the earlier stuff. Prefer the Stones though.
  11. Err, at the dawn of motoring EV's were more common than ICE vehicles. The public chose ICE vehicles for much the same reasons as today, however the gap between them is finally closing. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_electric_vehicle There is nothing new under the sun! 😁
  12. Absolutely, they were Notty Ash's biggest export! 😁
  13. You been on the booze again Rusty? You're slurring πŸ˜‚
  14. If they had been looking at their smartphones rather than watching where they might have fallen in the canal, rather like the lady in Birmingham a few years ago. πŸ˜‚
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