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  1. Laziness and somewhere to dispose of the dredgings! 😁 Seriously I did don waders and remove a few bricks that the boat was grounding on. Bit worried this year that the level is already 150mm down. Last August I couldn't get the stern within a metre of the bank. Hopefully we will be some serious rain (preferably only during the hours of darkness) before the summer really starts.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. Just shows how easy it is for for a rumour to grow legs. 😁
  3. Before I bought my canalside house, I had to see if CRT would allow me to develop the mooring, as I had no intentional of purchasing it without being able to have an end of garden mooring. Eventually they gave permission and I was able to proceed with the purchase. During negotiations with CRT the local moorings manager said to me that if dredging needed to be done, it would have to be by a CRT approved contractor and it would cost me "at least £6,000". Fortunately the water was (just) deep enough not to need dredging. Might be worth talking to the local CRT mooring manager to see if they can recommend a contractor.
  4. I'd agree, I have been cruising this canal for the last 30 years and have only ever experienced minor issues once, in Kidderminster (and that was 25 years ago!).
  5. Yes, when I first went along the Coventry, both Glascote and Atherstone locks had top gate paddles and were very quick to fill, unlike today. Why they removed them rather than fitting a baffle has always puzzled me.
  6. Went through Glascote Locks on Monday. Absolutely disgusting that CRT didn't have any volockies operating this long and arduous flight. 😁
  7. Especially where Sydney goes for a wee! Despite what others have told us both male and female dogs leave brown patches, unless the wee is immediately diluted. Congratulations on your new home. All it needs is a navigable waterway at the end of the garden to make it perfect. 😁
  8. Indeed, with a boat battery it is time for replacement when you can no longer live with its reduced capacity. In the commercial world of data centres they are replaced at 80% of capacity and capacity is over specified by 25%. If you let a battery go below the 80% capacity and a customer suffers a loss you csn expect a big law suit to follow. Great batteries providing you can live with the wide voltage difference between charges and flat. Almost indestructible.
  9. On a shareboat you are only on it for a week or two at a time at a time and have to empty the holding tank before handing over to the next shareholder, so no in that context it doesn't significantly increase your costs. However if you were living on-board a boat with a dump through toilet then you either except the smell, the cost of pumpouts or change the toilet type.
  10. Ideally to measure battery capacity accurately you need something more variable in resistance then a bulb. That way you can keep adjusting the current back up to 5 amps (in your example) because the dropping battery voltage will cause the current to drop too.
  11. This ardvark of yours, presumably it is some kind of ampeater? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aardvark 😁😂😂
  12. When I bought my boat, which has a macerator pump out toilet, I was advised to use nothing at all. This strategy has worked well, no smells noticed by me or anyone else. However when we had shareboats with dump through pump out toilets, there was always a smell a few days following a pump out, whatever we used. This is because the tank contents are exposed every time you flush the toilet. The only thing that kept the smell manageable with this type of toilet was weekly pump outs and lots of blue.
  13. If she get Tony Tugboat to put it on his trailer, then yes 😁
  14. I keep it simpler than that. Top chains only, so the fender can slide up if it gets stuck when descending and a cut link to break if the fender gets stuck when ascending a lock
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