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  1. cuthound

    When do you run your engine?

    Ah, peevee or peevor. 😁
  2. I filled up my Webasto CH system with a 50% mix, as per instructions, only to find the radiators wouldnt get hot. On the advice of NMEA and others on here, I diluted it to 25% and it has worked fine ever since.
  3. cuthound

    Electric boats - the future???

    But how many new builds with car chargers are built every year? Certainly nothing like a million. Whilst every little helps it is just scratching the surface. The maths just doesn't add up. Acording of the link below, streetlamps have bulbs of up to 250 watts, or 60 watts if they are of the LED type. https://www.quora.com/How-much-power-does-a-regular-street-light-consume It is a safe bet that the wiring for any existing streetlamps will be sized for this, so capable of delivering a continuous current of about 1 amp. Electric car chargers are rated between 3.0kW single phase (12 amps) and 120kW 3 phase (about 160 amps per phase at 0.8 pf) https://www.spiritenergy.co.uk/kb-ev-understanding-electric-car-charging Therefore all of the wiring to all of the street lamps (and probaly the infrastructure feeding them) will have to be replaced for this to be viable.
  4. cuthound

    Electric boats - the future???

    I was working on needing about half the number of charging points to electric cars. I think private car ownership will reduce slightly, as autonomous cars will be "hired" when we need cars, so each vehicle will be used more. Isn't that what BMW and others have done. Put a small genny in the car and call it a "range extender". The real breakthrough for electric vehicles (and boats) will be when much higher energy density batteries become cost effective, but I see no sign of that happening yet. For example aluminium air batteries have a theroretical energy density of 8000 watts per kg, compared to lithium ions 265 watts per kg.
  5. cuthound

    Electric boats - the future???

    I completely agree. I have yet to speak to anyone associated with the electricity generation industry (I was closely associated with it when i was working) who believes we can support much further load. Some talk of trying to balance out the peak and lull periods, but that will require a huge change in the way people live and work. It is from November until February when the TRIAD agreements kick in (companies getting paid to run their standby generators to reduce the load on the grid), because the renewable generation capacity falls at the very time the load goes up. The other issue never discussed is the gargantuan task of getting power to where it will be needed and then rolling out charging points. With over 37 million vehicles on the road of which about 31 million are private cars, and a government policy of having electric only vehicles by 2040, we need to be installing around a million charging points per year for the next 10-12 years to address this. At the moment there is virtually no investment in power station, distribution systems or charging infrastucture to achieve the political aims.
  6. cuthound

    Electric boats - the future???

    I realise that, hence my commnet about not having any power in reserve, but was making the point that there will still be conversion losses.
  7. cuthound

    Electric boats - the future???

    However you still have conversion losses. If you connected the diesel directly to tne prop it would use even less fuel (but may not have much power in reserve).
  8. cuthound

    Electric boats - the future???

    How? Cars can use regenerative braking to charge the barteries, boats cannot. Also factoring in the charging inefficiencies, unless you have solar panels to top up the batteries, then reshaping from the diesel engine will consume more fuel than if the diesel was driving the prop directly, as in a normal boat.
  9. cuthound


    My wife usually buys Zeus a squeaky ball every time she does the weekly shopping. He does the same, nose in each bag until he finds his new ball, completely ignoring the Sunday joint 😅
  10. cuthound


    Funny you should put that up. My GSD has just removed the squeaker from his latest toy. This one has lasted well, he got it on Friday 😆
  11. cuthound

    Can anyone ID this Tachometer, please?

    Calcutt Boats have a windmill for their logo and specialise in BMC engines. http://www.calcuttboats.com If the OP's boat has a BMC engine, then perhaps they could help.
  12. I wonder which CWDF member he is referring to? 😆
  13. cuthound

    13/10/2018 - Major outage

    Thanks guys for fixung it. When I woke up this morning I thought I must have over indulged with the beer last night and lost a couple of days of my life 🤣
  14. cuthound

    Dog sets world record for jumping

    Sounds like your Mum really spoiled that dog 😁
  15. cuthound

    Time Lady

    Hmm, quite a sticky situation then 😆

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