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  1. One of my party tricks when I was an eight stone teenager was to rip a telephone directory in half (when telephone directories were 2 or three inches thick, not the thin pamphlets of today). It always impressed the girls and drove the boys mad when they couldnt do it. The trick was to break the spine and rip from spine to open pages. Most people try to rip from open pages towards the spine.
  2. My dog loves babies, but couldnt manage a whole one. 😁 I usually reserve this for concerned mum's, who on seeing my rescue GSD ask if he likes children. 🤣
  3. Bad language, avoid if easily offended.
  4. They will probably send them home in a taxi and ask them to self isolate. 😣
  5. To minimise accidental sparks it is good practice to insulate tools with a couple of layers of insulating tape, remove all rings, watches etc, surround the hull near the batteries with cardboard and tape up connections as you take them off. Wint stop sparks from capacitors charging though!
  6. Used to be done by hitting the pole with a hammer and an experienced man listening to the sound.
  7. Looks like Dr Who has come to save the canals from CRT. 😁
  8. Thats what I was gently suggesting in post #8.
  9. I had a boss like that. He was a very against people working from home unless there was a very good reason such as such as privacy when writing staff appraisals in an open plan office. One day I was working from home, writing appraisals, and so was he. Then I got a phone call from him, saying as we were both on a conference call that afternoon, I might as well join him. He lived on a static houseboat on Taggs Island,at Hampton, a 10 minute drove from my house. I drove over their, and he insisted I accompany him on a trip round the island in his rowing boat. Then he showed me how he was learning to play the satir (he is married to an indian lady). We had the conference call and then he insisted on playing an Eric Clapton DVD, before reluctantly allowing me to go home to get on with writing my appraisals. Until that day I hadn't realised why he was so against home working, but it was simply that he was too easily distracted, and thought everyone would behave like he did!
  10. I have had my boat 6 years and it has a Beta 43 engine. I have never changed the impellor. Surely an impellor like that would only be on an engine with raw water cooling, not one with keel cooling.
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