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  1. cuthound

    Gardner 5L3

    Half a pint of diesel per kilowatt hour works for akmost all diesel engines, especially for diesel generators.
  2. cuthound

    Gas pipe sizing

    Indeed, unless in this case BSS meant "bluddy stupid share-owner" 😁
  3. cuthound

    Gas pipe sizing

    Not a total load, but one of the ex-Ownerships share boats suffered a gas explosion, which resulted in blown out windows and moved bulkheads. It was in the mid 1990's. It was reported at one of the annual owners meetings. I understand that the gas bottle was not quite empty when it was being changed. The co-owner apparently tipped the bottle on its side and opened the valve again for some reason. Gas rushed into the boat cabin via the open door and unfortuneately his wife chose that moment to switch a light on. The spark ignited the gas and blew several windows out of the boat. A passer by boarde the boat and threw the bottle into the cut, extinguishing the flames. Both the co-owner and his wife suffered minor burns and the boat was out of use for the rest of the season.
  4. cuthound

    Lockgate Refleks 2000 thermostat problem

    I had similar problems. This thread shows how to fix it. In particular Koukouvagias thread on stripping and servicing a drip feed stove is useful.
  5. cuthound

    The wood panels on the walls

    For a moment I thought you were saying your boatbuilder welded the MDF 😂
  6. cuthound

    Magnet Fishing

    Many of the bridges near me have an untidy pile of rusty carp next to them. The local scrapmen (totters) who tour the area in an old pickup shouting "any old iron" haven't cottoned on yet. I suspect the local scrotes will throw it back in and thenear the magnetic fishers will fish it out again ad infinitum.
  7. cuthound

    Monitoring lithium batteries

    My worry is how reliable is the BMS? If it goes faulty then it could easily trash the expensive lipo4 batteries. I think I will wait at least another 5 years before buying any, and learn from other people experience.
  8. cuthound

    alvecote historic boat gathering

    North, about a mile further on.
  9. cuthound

    Banbury pound water level

    That's the one. My parents are visiting tomorrow and I've asked myou father to bring the Stanley Holloway CD so I can make a back up copy for him (and keep it safe at my house 😆)
  10. cuthound

    alvecote historic boat gathering

    The view of the piling opposite my mooring. Definately about 6 inches down to the "tidemark". I note that CRT have issued a stoppage notice for Glascote Locks for 21st August, to remove an obstruction from a paddle. I wonder if this is why the pound is so low?
  11. cuthound

    alvecote historic boat gathering

    The pound between Atherstone bottom and Glascote top is currently about six inches down (it was lower until the recent rain). My modern boat draws about two foot six inches and I cannot get the back within a foot of so of the bank at my EoG mooring.
  12. cuthound

    Banbury pound water level

    "Little Aggie" "Brahn Boots" Full list with words here https://www.seiyaku.com/lit/monologues/index.html
  13. cuthound

    Banbury pound water level

    My father had a illustrated book of Stanley Holloway monologues, which, when I was a boy, he used to read to me in a broad Lancashire accent. Unfortunately the book got lost. Years later I bought him a CD of Stanley Holloway performing these monologues. What a shock, when it turned out Stanley was a cockney, not a Lancastrian. My favourite monologue was "three ha'pence a foot". It is also loosely related to the inland waterways 😁
  14. cuthound

    Monitoring lithium batteries

    Correct. Ericsson were using transistors to shunt charged lead acid battery cells for quicker charging in the early 80's. Worked well and shortened charging times by an hour or two but the shunt components were mounted on top of the cells and vulnerable to damage ehen topping up. Has the bunny been made redundant? 😁
  15. cuthound

    Monitoring lithium batteries

    I was led to believe that is heat whilst charging that kills phone and laptop batteries early. Some people leave them on charge for hours even when they are charged.

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