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  1. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    Ssshh, you'll upset Mr Smelly'!
  2. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    Indeed, I believe they were intended to overcome the fear of getting AIDS from someone you were going to give CPR to.
  3. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    I was given one of those when I attended my 2 yearly emergency aid course over 10 years ago, as was everyone else on that course, so I presume anyone regularly attending EA courses now would be routinely given them these days.
  4. Semi disaster stove fan broke.

    Told you that the fire had to be lit!
  5. Result. Worrying that there is so much scope for different "engineers" to interpreted the regs though. In the elecrical industry there are guides issued along the regs, which go some way to ensuring a consistent interpretation. (Not always though, I once saw a building where even the aluminium window frames were equipottentially bonded!)
  6. TapaTalk?

    Thanks Mike. Looks that's another app I don't need then.
  7. TapaTalk?

    No one has yet explained the benefits that Tapatalk may offer. Without this information I find it impossible to come to a decision.
  8. Painting - cabin sides

    Only in Mr Smelly's world.
  9. Semi disaster stove fan broke.

    Ah, so that is you need the stove bolted down in order to get a BSC.
  10. Aldi "Special Boating Offers" 25th March

    This type of panel is more of a "battery maintainer", rather than a charging source. That is they will keep a fully charged starter battery fully charged, but won't charge a flat one. They are unregulated and rely on the load to keep the voltage down. My youngest son has a Lotus Elise which suffers from a flat battery if left unused for more than a week because the immobiliser dischages the small lightweight battery on these cars. I fitted a similar one to the roof of his garage about 6 years ago and it completely resolved his battery discharge problems.
  11. Eco Fan

    He's my fathers brother
  12. Eco Fan

    Is his surname "Upandown"?
  13. Semi disaster stove fan broke.

    Was that because your stove had gone ?
  14. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    You are supposed to slow down past moored boats, not subject them to waves
  15. Grindley Brook can be a bottle neck especially when the lock keeper is absent (ithe contains a staircase of three and needs someone to turn it around or it just becomes a one way street - as can the Pontycysllte Aqueduct at times). Having once taken 5 hours to go up it because boats just kept coming down and not letting anyone up until Mrs Hound took control, my strategy is always to moor before it, then get up early and do the flight before anyone else. Then stop and have breakfast.