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  1. Alan de Enfield

    Pump out prices

    Woke up one morning and went into the shower room, the floor was covered (well it looked like it - there was a lot) in maggots - little white things - horrible. After shutting the door and having a 'think about it', opened the door again and looked a bit closer - it was Rice !!!. We have a grey water tank which the Kitchen sink, bathroom basins and showers run into and I had forgotten to pump out a few days longer than normal and it had backed-up, coming out at the lowest point, the shower drain. There was no water so maybe it had sloshed out during a 'roll' and the rice had become 'beached' in the shower tray. No indicator gauge fitted, but it was a reminder to get into a regular habit of pumping out.
  2. Alan de Enfield

    Vetus vacuflush

    ???????????????? T.M.I. is an episode of South Park where Cartman is send on an anger management course
  3. Alan de Enfield

    Vetus vacuflush

    In the mornings, my bowels generally have porridge in them
  4. Alan de Enfield

    Stupid Stupid Rebranding

    I'm told that there are a large number of both ladies and gentlemen that you can pay to be your 'friend' for varying time periods, so, the concept is not unknown.
  5. Alan de Enfield

    Solar....how much wattage is enough

    I would be in a hell of a mess if I was charging my batteries at 12v. 14 amps ? Do you have any real-life experience of solar panels ?
  6. Alan de Enfield

    Petrol on canals

    I don't have a licence to store petrol, my ride-on mower is a vehicle, it has an internal combustion engine and I manually pour petrol in.
  7. Alan de Enfield

    Petrol on canals

    Or fill your lawn mower etc etc. The law can be an ass at times.
  8. Alan de Enfield

    Petrol on canals

    Interesting to note that unless you have a premises licence it would appear to be illegal to fill your own tank - Can I dispense petrol into the tank of my vehicle, boat or airplane at my home, club or my association? Yes, provided you have a licence to store petrol at your premises issued by your local Petroleum Enforcing Authority (PEA). Your local PEA can issue you with a licence if you are storing more than 275 litres of petrol, and the licence can include conditions relating to your storage and dispensing arrangements. If you do not have a licence to store petrol, you should not dispense petrol into the tank of vehicle with an internal combustion engine, either by manual or electrical means.
  9. Alan de Enfield

    Petrol on canals

    And a MAXIMUM total of 30 litres. If you have a 'fixed' tank installation then its contents do not count in the allowance. The allowance relates solely to 'loose' containers / cans. From the HSE Website What containers can I use to store petrol? The legislation allows you to store petrol in the following containers: plastic containers storing up to 10 litres metal containers storing up to 20 litres demountable fuel tank up to 30 litres Suitable portable containers are defined in Schedule 2 (para 6) and Schedule 3 of the regulations. UN approved containers are an example of such containers. More detailed information on portable petrol storage containers is available. Does the petrol in the fuel tank of my car count towards the total I can store? No – the petrol in the fuel tank of your vehicle, including boats and aircraft, does not count when you are calculating the total amount you are storing. How much petrol can I store on a vehicle? You can store up to 30 litres of petrol in a maximum of 2 suitable containers in your vehicle. For the purpose of these Regulations a ‘vehicle’ is interpreted as any type of vehicle so includes boats, aircraft and hovercraft. This type of storage counts towards the total you can store at non workplace premises. Carriage of petrol is covered by the Carriage of Dangerous Goods (CDG) and the European agreement (ADR)
  10. Alan de Enfield


    Some years ago I visited XXXXXXXXXX (a country that shall not be named or the religion mentioned) where the women folk followed a 3 paces behind the men-folk and was told 'they know their place'. I recently re-visited and noticed that the women now walked in front of the men and asked my 'guide' "is this a new freedom for women, do they now have more rights ?" to which he replied "no, but after the war no one knows where all the land mines were planted"
  11. Alan de Enfield

    Minworth embankment repair

    C&RTs own figures (well actually 'BW Dredging Standards') for the Birmingham & Fazeley states 5.3m x 1.1m minimum, but, they also quote 2mts (6' 6") for the River Trent, and we , at 4' 6" have hit the bottom several times in the 'main channel'.
  12. Alan de Enfield

    Solar....how much wattage is enough

    I have 6x 230Ah batteries. I have 1x 170w solar panel. I run my engines between 4 and 13 hours most days. My daily 'consumption' is around 100-120Ah My other boat has 2x 130Ah batteries and 3x 100w solar. Does that give any understanding of batteries vs solar ?
  13. You will not use CWDF to post or reference to any material anywhere on the site, or send any message, or make a series of posts or messages which cumulatively are; knowingly false and/or defamatory, aimed to deceive or ridicule, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, disruptive, intimidating, threatening, inflammatory, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, bullying or invasive of a person's privacy. Personal attacks on any person by name-calling, ridicule, obscene or vulgar language are not permitted.
  14. Alan de Enfield

    Pump out prices

    I find that surprising. To moor our boat at Newark is £2251, if we moved to Farndon (just a couple of miles up-river) it increases to £2388, if we go down river to Hull it becomes £2918, if we stay 'inland', then York marina is £2902

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