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  1. Today is a good day

    O' I don't know : Fleas Cockroaches Ants Flys Worms (various types) Ladybirds Mozzy's & (Obviously) The Scottish midge
  2. Today is a good day

    But after 40 days & 40 nights you'll be glad you got the boat - keep a long anchor rope on board (just in case)
  3. Today is a good day

    170W Solar panel.
  4. My boat

    But a market has to be more than one person - hence a market price cannot be at a level that only one person will pay it.
  5. My boat

    Let the market decide : Put it on ebay and you will get slightly above the market price. Market price is when two people want it - the winner in an auction is paying 'one bid' above market price.
  6. Battery Monitor Shunt Wiring Best Practise

    That's what I thought, but in the text you appeared to be fitting 2 shunts (shunt before shunt)
  7. Earthquake

    So, as Jeremy Corbyn was a Russian paid informer, indirectly, the Russians caused it. "The Czech documents listed him as one of the security team’s “sources” and he was given the code name ‘COB.’" The Czechoslovak secret agent who met Jeremy Corbyn during the Eighties claimed last night that the Labour leader knew he was a spy and said the MP had supplied information to the Communist regime. Speaking for the first time since it emerged that he had met Mr Corbyn, Jan Sarkocy on Friday dismissed the suggestion that the Islington North MP believed he was simply a diplomat. “Everybody knew that ‘diplomat’ was just a cover for spy,” he said. “It was a conscious cooperation. Diplomat and agent were the same thing.” The defence secretary, Gavin Williamson has become the first member of the cabinet to respond to the allegation that Jeremy Corbyn briefed a communist spy, the Evening Standard reports. Williamson, at a Nato meeting in Brussels, is quoted as saying it is proof that the Labour leader cannot be trusted:
  8. Earthquake

    Is it true that they have taken over from the Aliens in the 'abduction and probing department' ?
  9. Earthquake

    Is it your birthday ? A 4.7 magnitude earthquake has hit Wales, with the epicentre in Swansea. More than 1,000 reports were reported to EMSC, an independent scientific organisation based in Paris, with it being felt from Cornwall all the way up to Liverpool. At around 2.30pm on Saturday social media went wild after they felt the earth shake. According to EMSC, it measured 4.7 on the Richter scale, at a depth of 10km. Dyfed-Powys Police issued a statement saying they are receiving an "extremely high call volume" reporting some sort of earth tremor in the area. The force said it is receiving reports from across the whole of Wales but reassured people that it was nothing to worry about.
  10. Aceleron - repurposed lithium batteries for boaters

    Or they have tried selling them elsewhere and nobody wants iffy, secondhand batteries - "sell 'em to some boaters' they won't know anything about the technicalities of batteries, and if they burst into flames, the water will put the fire out - Win, Win"
  11. Height of a narrowboat

    Another simple way is to just dig the bottom of the cut a bit deeper for whatever the distance is of the reduced height, this means the water will follow the contour of the bottom and give you more 'head-room' without altering the airdraft of the boat. If the bottom is made gently sloping then there will not be a sudden 'drop-off', or 'step' to negotiate.
  12. Height of a narrowboat

    Yup - its tha dam s icky le er between S & U He gave up on he eco-fan as i gave off so much hea that he duck s ar ed o mel . (Maybe you would be kind enough o fill in the blanks for me.)
  13. Aceleron - repurposed lithium batteries for boaters

    Head-In-Hands -------------------OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH Just Using Fresh Water Muscles.
  14. Aceleron - repurposed lithium batteries for boaters

    True Story : Daughter in law is a real 'townie' from Stoke. My wife has driving horses (horse and carriage) and has driven at County level - we were discussing the possibility of using one of the horses to tow the boat. DiL asked "wouldn't its hoofs go soft & how would you get it out of the canal in the evening ?" She couldn't understand the uncontrolled explosions of hilarity.