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  1. You did notice that you could buy 500 litres (and I gave the price) ? You did notice that I stated it was for RED DIESEL ? You do think that marinas and other suppliers are VAT registered ? You are aware that VAT is only 5% ? You did notice I said 'try it yourself' ? As I'm sure you are aware, all business transactions are exclusive of VAT (it is only required to quote VAT inclusive when selling to the end user) so the quoted 72p that the marinas are quoted as paying would be exclusive of VAT Lets say you buy 500 litres at 60p, add the VAT and it becomes 63p (VAT on red diesel is 5% for quantities below 2300 litres and 20% for quantities above 2300 litres.) So you can either pay 63p (inc VAT) from Boiler Juice (less if you phone up your local supplier) or you can pay 100+ p from the marina. I do buy red diesel (Gas Oil) regularly, normally 1000 litre lots, to keep the tractors, dumper and digger from going thirsty.
  2. Then they are not buying very well. Fuel dealers are in the low 50p range - anyone can go onto boiler juice ,com and get 58p Gas Oil NOT Kerosene. Try it yourself. 500 litres at 59.9p Quote for 2000 litres below
  3. But you have always needed them - who would you send up the chimney, or into the mill if you didn't have them ?
  4. Although I am still paying around 50p for "Gas-Oil" (Red Diesel) at home.
  5. Hmmmm I'm not sure about that. They will normally get up onto the plane at around 15-17 knots and once on the plane (over the hump) you can throttle back a little and maintain the same speed. If you want to increase speed then you need more Revs / Power and as power developed is approximately proportional to the cube of the engine revs, fuel consumed is also proportional to the cube of engine revs. The more revs you have, the faster you go*, the more fuel you consume. * Planing boats.
  6. A strange lot - a wonderful country spoiled by the people. We had a factory just outside Paris and I was responsible for some aspects of the business and some of their multi-national customers. On one visit out into the 'sticks' we were early so decided to pop into a 'transport cafe' for a cup-of-tea. Needing a Pee, I followed the signs to 'out the back' and ended up in a fully tiled (huge) shower room, but no sign of urinals or toilets. I then noticed a rope hanging from the ceiling with a 'gymnasts ring' at the end of it - there were a couple of 'footprints' moulded into the floor either side of the drain. It suddenly 'clicked' what it was all for - the drain was quite a small diameter, but then I noticed a stick leaning up in the corner of the room - obviously used for chasing the turd down the hole. You then think - I know where the term getting the sh11ty end of the stick comes from.
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if he got a big majority. Even Labour MPs have had enough prevarication and are saying they were voted in on a manifesto of Leaving - they should honour what they told the electorate they would do. Lewell-Buck also blasted Remainers in her party who have pushed for a second referendum, saying they “need to start listening” and “get realistic”. “I stood on a manifesto that said I would deliver the outcome of the referendum,” she said. “I would obviously prefer to leave with a deal, but if it comes down to no Brexit or no-deal then I would go with no-deal because the consequences mean that Labour will not be in government in the future and we will lose seats. For me that is a far worse scenario than any Brexit outcome would be.”
  8. Assuming it has built in compliance with the RCD it should be somewhere near the RCD 'plate'. Mounted on the stern / transom usually on the Starboard side. There is also a second (known only to the manufacturer) location used in the event the boat is stolen. Quote : Hull identification number location? The HIN shall be located where it is clearly visible when the vessel is in the water, namely, on the upper starboard quarter of the outside surface of the transom or if the vessel has no transom, on the uppermost starboard side at the aft end of the hull.
  9. Someone has been reading my posts and suggestions on this forum !!! LBC political editor Theo Usherwood also appeared to suggest calling for a suspension of Parliament before October 31 could spare the former Foreign Secretary from facing opposition from MPs. Mr Usherwood said: "It looks something like a plan from Leadsom. "On the week commencing 14th October, Boris Johnson suspends Parliament, following the longest session since World War II. "On 31st October, the UK leaves the EU without a deal. "Then, in the week of 4th November, it is clear that Boris won't be able to pass a Queen's Speech. And so he calls a General Election, having delivered Brexit."
  10. Thank you. We had been in touch with them (after we inherited it) and they verified it for us. Nice people.
  11. Well spotted - you know your stuff. Yes - thought to be late 1800's. but the stand could be post WW2 Had to pull the curtains in the hall as the Sun was streaming thru and the paint tins getting a bit warm. Curtain tie-backs covering the horses head.
  12. No its been on the 'hard' in Plymouth since Winter (Wife had a serious accident and is still not walking) That was 2 years ago (before radar fitted) the deck paint has not lasted (professionally painted in 2015 = £10k !!!!!) Paint now :
  13. But can you comply with the planned EU move to ban the disposal of 'grey' water directly overboard - it must be held in a tank and emptied as per 'toilet (Black) water pump-out ? (Already introduced in Turkey & Greek waters)
  14. I can find nothing about mooring in my GJW "Plain language Policy Summary" except : If loss or damage occurs whilst your vessel is moored or ashore in a marina you will not lose your no claims bonus and we will not apply the excess. Nothing about 2-weeks or short term.
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