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  1. Remember Del Boy's Peckham Water ? (Christmas Special 1992)
  2. I thought it was an Abscess they were removing today ? (Google definition : An abscess is a painful collection of pus, usually caused by a bacterial infection.)
  3. That 40% figure is 'set in stone' (The law actually says "Rivers registration shall be 60% of the canal licence fee" (or words to that effect, I cannot find the Act at the moment) It was passed as an act of Parliament and would need another to change it - I think they are a little busy at the moment to even say 'too busy to look at it'.
  4. Does that prop-shaft look as if it has been slid 'forwards' a few inches - clamp marks on the shaft near where it is rubbing on the bilge pump hose, or is it bilge pump hose rub marks ?
  5. Here is some in case you need it later :
  6. You can't blame him, he's probably realised how disorganised the system is.
  7. Save plastic - buy your water 'loose'. In Cambodia if you buy a can of 'pop' the seller opens it and tips it into a sort of waxed paper bag and gives you a paper straw - its no use explaining you want it for later, they 'make more' from selling the cans for re-cycling than he does from selling the 'pop'.
  8. There wasn't one to put back. The BSS has an RCD down as an 'advisory' not a 'required' item. (A in the text indicates an advisory item) 3.9.2 Do all a.c. electrical circuits pass through a consumer unit? (A) Check that all a.c. electrical circuits pass through a consumer unit (also known as fuse/circuit‐breaker box or distribution board). NOTE ‐ examiners are encouraged to confirm during prior dealings with the owner, the location of the consumer unit. Advice for owners – it is strongly advised that a Residual Current Device (RCD) is installed to provide appropriate electric shock protection on a.c. systems. NOTE – for the purpose of this check residual current breakers with overcurrent protection (RCBOs) may be considered an acceptable alternative to a consumer unit. NOTE – in cases where the only power source is via a shore‐power lead, an acceptable alternative to a consumer unit is a MCB or RCBO incorporated within the lead.
  9. You think correctly (but it was an RCD) "I can give you a fail, or you can fit one and get a pass - you have paid up-front so I don't care either way". Nipped down to the local electrical wholesaler, fitted it, he called in 'later' and said have you fitted one? I replied I had and he wrote out the certificate. I have no confidence in the calibre of people involved in the BSS, I complained to the 'office' and was told that they would take action and improve the level of training. I asked if I would be informed of any outcome and was told no - it will, be handled internally and will be confidential.
  10. So showing a fault (reversed polarity) is 'working as it should' What would happen if you did have reversed polarity. Don't sound right to me !! I wonder what Boater Sam would suggest ?
  11. The birds come home to roost :
  12. Yes - but like being unable to recover your anchor that you deployed to stop you going over the weir and dying - the fuse 'blows' for a significant reason and saved your wiring catching fire, your battery exploding due to a short and you getting sprayed in acid or burnt to death as the boat catches fire. I may have exaggerated slightly, but if the fuse blows it will be because of a serious fault and your panels (anchor) should be the last thing to worry about. The fuse has done its job.
  13. You mean those that are told 'we are leaving' and then stamp their feet screaming "not fair I want .........…" and embarrassing everyone.
  14. I've not seen anything on the news ………………………………….
  15. Or, what we attempt to do here is to correct any misunderstandings and lament that the BSS examiner can be far more rigorous than the BSS rules, even inventing non-existent requirements. It pays to read the rules and understand what is required not what you are informed is required.
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