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  1. At the moment. Discussing it with bin-lorry driver (from over 2mts away) they are struggling for staff / drivers, they are having to take 4 trucks off the road on our 'local' route due to 'self-isolation' They are planning to collect 'general waste', 'food waste', 'garden waste' and 're-cycle' waste all in the same truck, all will be taken to land fill. They are working out plans to extend bin collections from fortnightly to monthly if they lose many more drivers. We are self-sorting further so that all 'burnables' can be kept separate and burnt so reducing the volume an weight of rubbish. We have to pay £20 + VAT per week for the bin and 20p + VAT per Kg of rubbish so it all adds up.
  2. It has been totally deleted - cannot get much more 'altered' than that
  3. That's not very nice is it - don't you think she should put it back as he wrote it ?
  4. The offer is mainly for the local employees - they are in discussions at the moment for the Partners to be given a 6 or 12 month sabbatical on no pay. They have 100's of 'locals' working for them. Asians value education and put Western kids to shame, many 100's of KPMG employees are 'locals' and are well qualified. Yes their salaries are higher than the 'rural workers' but isn't that the same in every country in the world ? It is 'interesting' to drive thru the most rural of areas, and see bamboo / reed houses that have no mains electricity or mains water and see that a very high percentage that have satellite TV aerials and everyone is carrying a mobile phone (not a Nokia as only 'poor people' have Nokias.)
  5. KPMG in Asia are currently working from home, once current work is completed they are looking to lay everyone off on 50% pay for (probably) 6 months.
  6. Right - I'm with you now. Yes the 1st table is total (inland & coastal) Subsequent tables actually state when they are "Inland" only.
  7. We know what you mean but for the sake of the OP could you correct 'engaging oil'
  8. Looking at reports from around the world there is much suggestion that it is because of the failed "let everyone get herd immunity, we'll put up with a few deaths but long term just let it run its course". Then by the time it was decided it wasn't working & lock-down was implemented it was too late. Of course, Trump has jumped on the bandwagon.
  9. No, I doubt that many of us have.
  10. In which case it was no longer compliant. The BSS does say that the boat owner is required to ensure the boat remains compliant and any modifications could require it to be retested. Do a forum search for invalidating your BSSC
  11. OK - whereabouts (what sort of area ) will you be continuously cruising ? If you are looking at a widebeam boat then it is not always as easy as a narrowboat as a 'fatty' will not fit on all the waterways.
  12. Possibly its a cry for help "I know nothing about boats or mechanicals, and just wanted a floating flat"
  13. I went and turned our heating off on 4th March, checked all pumps, battery charger etc were turned off, master switches off, AC off and that the Solar was working OK. With hindsight, pretty much just timed it right.
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