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  1. Cut to the correct length to give an SWR of ~1 they also make perfect 1/4 wave Marine band VHF aerials. It just came out for river use, on the canals it just lived in a cupboard.
  2. I proposed this (and discussed it with Nigel Moore) and despite the naysayers - yes, it could easily and legally be done.
  3. Do they ? Mine never has, are you just guessing or is your BSS different to others ?
  4. The figures I have seen for Anthracite show 8.6kWh/kg But Diesel & Petrol are much higher at around 12.5 kWh/kg LPG is 13.6 kWh/kg & Seasoned Dry wood is ~4.2kWh/kg
  5. If you are loking to only work with an OFTEC certified fitter you may have a problem - he will not doubt only work on it if it is fitted in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, and invariably, you cannot fit one on a boat within the manufacturers requirements (Flue length is a typical failure point) What sort of range is it ? Solid fuel, Gas, Diesel, wood, ???
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I think someone must have hacked your account and been posting under your name for the last 5 years - it was certainly someone who regularly complained, everything from Solicitors to Estate Agents, to electricians to ...........................
  8. I see a recipe for disaster. Sourcing your own wood and equipment etc, Getting a 3rd party to cut wood Getting someone else to install everything WW3 will start when the sink doesn't fit in the hole, when the cooker doesnt line up with the gas supply, ...................................... Of course - it is never the fault of the person who ordered the materails ! Its best not to micro-manage (thats when you upset the workman and he walks off leaving a party done job), tell him what colours, designs etc that you want, let him source the materials (he'll get a trade discount so he'll make a bit more money, even if he charges you the retail prices) let him cut to fit and let him install. Only one person to blame when it doesn't work.
  9. Maybe it you disolve half-a-dozen 'blue pills' in a bucket of water and then put your crutch cover in the bucket it may 'grow larger'. Worth a try ? Intentional error !
  10. Houses don't need to move, so liveaboard boaters could have the same restriction - just a big puddle is sufficient.
  11. The beautiful little market town with the UK's best pub for dogs (msn.com) Garstang also makes the perfect destination for those looking for a walking route, with the Wyre Way offering a long recreational route. The route has links to Morecambe Bay with the Forest of Bowland passing through Garstang. Visitors can also enjoy the breathtaking scenery while walking through the town, with the scenic Lancaster Canal offering a popular spot for walkers or canal boat sails.
  12. feck 1 / (fɛk) / noun Scot obsolete worth; value amount; quantity the greater part; the majority
  13. reck [ rek ]SHOW IPA See synonyms for reck on Thesaurus.com verb (used without object) to have care, concern, or regard (often followed by of, with, or a clause). to take heed.
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