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  1. £80K = 1/3rd So its out of your control then. They probably think that they would be breaking the law - but they wouldn't. It is the seller that is breaking the law, not the buyer. Or maybe they think that the boat is 'not safe'. Why would they think that after its survived, 3 years / 4 years ??? its is suddenly going to 'explode' or burst into flames. There is nowt so queer as folks.
  2. Just tell him you'll buy it without a BSSC or an RCD, and you'll take the 'risk' and pay £X cash.
  3. Absolute cow-droppings. It will not fail its BSS - it is just illegal to sell it under 5 years old without a BSSC He is probably worried about getting a fine / prison sentence. Don't worry about it - make a stupid offer and see if he accepts. A couple of years ago I bought a boat where both the VAT certificate and the RCD paperwork was 'not available'. I offered £80,000 below the asking price, it was accepted and I bought it. I was able to get a copy of the RCD paperwork from the manufacturer, and a copy of the VAT certificate by making a 'donation to the coffee fund' of the local customs office. Nothing happened to me or the seller - we are still at liberty.
  4. Ooops - the OP claims all rights to the thread - she will be sending the God of War after us.
  5. There wouldn't be - they have all been squirreled away awaiting a price increase due to lack of availability after 12th April
  6. Unfortunately 'new' materials have replaced it and I cannot even find the patent now, but it was this stuff "CalFlam" which was almost as flexible as 'flexible' mains leads. https://www.farnell.com/datasheets/100664.pdf
  7. Who knows ? If they couldn't be bothered to get off their backsides and vote on (probably) the most important issue in a lifetime, then 'sodem hall' and ignore their bleatings
  8. You take the radius of the individual strand and multiply by 3.142 'squared' to get the area of the strand. Then count the number of strands in the total 'core'. Multiply the number by the CSA (cross sectional area) of one strand and you have the total area (mm2) of the cable. As an example ( for a standard 1mm2 cable) you could have 1) 32 strands of 0.2mm diameter (32/0.2) 2) 14 strands of 0.3mm diameter (14/0.3) 3) any other permutation. The current carrying capacity is determined by the total CSA of the conductor. The voltage rating is determined by the insulation thickness / type. (I had 10 years as a cable designer and wrote cable specifications for the NCB, British Aerospace etc. I have several patents in my name, with the most notable being - 40 years ago - a Fire Resistant cable to replace PYRO)
  9. Basically - no access to or from the Trent to the Yorkshire waterways (or Vice-versa) Duration of closure "unknown" & until further notice as it is the main-structure that has failed.
  10. I wonder how many didn't bother voting leave because they thought there was no chance of it ever happening - were they correct ?
  11. Earlier Commons leader Andrea Leadsom dismissed the petition as not being on the same scale as the pro-Brexit vote in the 2016 referendum. "Should it reach 17.4 million respondents then I am sure there will be a very clear case for taking action," she told MPs. She added: "It's absolutely right that people do have the opportunity to put their views and that can then spark yet another Brexit debate."
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