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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I just tried emailing it and got an 'expired error' Ok - got it to work this time 46 pages - Industrial engines first, then scroll down for Marine engines. Alan
  3. oops -sorry I'll email that section. The 'most important one & I didn't send it.
  4. This /\ /\ /\ I am just in the process of doing the same. My Hempel paint states (for painting metal) : 3 coats of High Build Primer (5 days maximum overcoating time, or rub it down to get a key) 1 coat undercoat/light primer (30 days maximum overcoating time, or rub it down to get a key) 2-3 coats Anti-Slip Deck Paint (3 days maximum overcoating time, or rub it down to get a key) It is also a good idea to ensure that each paint layer is compatible with the previous ones.
  5. Take out the hairdryer and the washing machine and you have the 'normal' ~100Ah per day. There is a 'written' rule in boating "don't generate heat via batteries" - get Alice to cut her hair or get used to it drying naturally.
  6. I reckon getting 1% of rated output (average) for 6 hours per day would be going some. If we take your '10% of output', and the commonly quoted daily usage of 100Ah then you need to be able to generate that in the short winters day (say 9:00am to 3:00pm) that would be roughly 12,000+ watts (120 x 100watt) of solar panels assuming a cloudless sky, no rain, no shade etc etc. Those panels would output something in the order of 1000Ah per day in Summer. I think you'd get that on a house roof, no chance on a NB Solar does not work sufficiently for 5-6 months of the year. Yes, you can get quick 'bursts' of good output but it is not sustained. This was 18th Feb from a 170 watt 'low-light' panel
  7. Good luck with that - unless you are a very, very 'light' user of electrikery. 7 months is do-able but October - March is problematic.
  8. I do find their figures somewhat misleading They quote Income as £210m and 'Resources Expended' as £156m. All find and dandy saving £54m into the bank for a rainy day. What that Pdf doesn't show is what is easily found in the C&RT annual accounts. The income from BWML was £8m per annum (only £6m last year due to being sold off 3/4 of the way thru the year. The cost of raising the £210m income was £45m So the nett income is actually £165m Not quite as good - only leaving £9m What concerns me is that C&RT will no longer have the £8m income from BWML In 3 or 4 years they lose the £51m DEFRA grant. If C&RT continue as present they will actually be operating at a loss of £50m per annum If C&RT's backlog of maintenance continues to grow with the present income - what is going to happen when they have £50m less to spend ? It is interesting to note that 'Charitable giving' has actually dropped by £1m compared to 2017/18 In 2017/18 the cost of raising Voluntary income was higher than the income. Voluntary income was £3.4m last year. Expenditure raising that income was £3.9m. Loss £500,000. The cumulative loss (since 2012) on voluntary income against cost of raising that income is some £5.5m
  9. My Reeves had the holding tank cut up and removed and a proper system installed instead.
  10. Yes they will give permission for an extended stay - the thing to do is contact them as soon as you are aware of the need to 'overstay' DO NOT wait for them to approach you and tell you you have already overstayed. Any supporting evidence (Hospital notes, GP reference etc) will ensure a speedy and favourable response. They may ask you for a weekly update and look for indications of when you will be able to move - but in true cases of need you can stay as long as necessary (although after several months it has been known for them to suggest to may be better served in a marina.
  11. Its a tough market - Some butchers have to put bread in the middle to make 'both ends meet'
  12. Thank you - I assumed there may be an odd 1 or 2, hence my :
  13. In which case - I wonder why they have declared "A boat with no home mooring" option when they licenced it. If they do have a mooring - why not just tick the box on the licence application that says "home mooring" and give details - all of the problems would never have happened. I'd suggest that they are just tied up there 'free-loading' for as long as they can get away with it.
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