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  1. I'm sat under a 'flying saucer' as we type. The hole from the inside is 100mm diameter (4 inch in real money) Examples : 101mm here Stainless Steel Solar Deck Vent - 78-434-100 (marinestore.co.uk) 96mm here Force 4 Venticlear Stainless Steel Vent | Force 4 Chandlery 92mm here Force 4 Waterproof Ventilite Shut Off Vent 97mm here Stainless Steel Mushroom Deck Vent with Clear Centre (228mm OD) (asap-supplies.com) Chech the size of your mushroom hole Vetus Mushroom Vetus Mushroom Vent Portos 117mm (4.5). - portos1 (marinestore.co.uk)
  2. Certainly coastal boats are showing the same trend as canal boats. Prices are escalating and there are not enough for sale. One of the main differences is that whilst a narrowboat is a narrowboat is a narrowboat (maybe different paint and older engine) there is a big difference between Cat A, Cat B and Cat C boats, not that many people are looking to take on the oceans with a CatA boat. but offshore (CatB Sailing) is increasing in popularity whilst Coastal (CatC Motor and sailing) are very much in demand. There was a nice 36 foot sailing boat moored in front of us and he was putting it up for sale and had arranged for a broker to come and take pictures and details, I just happened to be on the poop-deck having Tiffin when the broker arrived. He wrote down the details and gear list, said I won't bother with pictures, I have a waiting list for this type of vessel, & I won't even get the details onto the website, it'll be sold within a week. And, it was.
  3. But they were only a problem because they were incorrectly installed (pop riveted instead of screwed down) We have never had any mould problems, and even when waves have broken over the boat they have not leaked. Simply remove screws and it justs lifts apart, you can clean or replace parts as necessary. They even have a sliding collar (inside the boat) so that if you don't want a draught you simply push it up and it blocks off the air flow. Our Sea going cruiser with 'flying saucer' vents (piture on River Trent)
  4. I disagree - if someone knows little or nothing about a subject, how can they know if a boat is at 'market price' or 'overpriced' ? Knowledge and experience of a market is the only way to tell. If a boat is considered to be overpriced by someone then they will not buy it, but someone who does buy it considers it to be 'market price' I think diesel is 'overpriced at ~£1.40 per litre as I used to pay 28p per litre, and some years before that 5* petrol at 4 gallons (18 litres) for £1.00 Maybe I should stop buying it so the vendors know I cannot be duped ! In the last 3 years some of my vintage Gun collection have increased in value / price by over 3x using actual achieved auction sales of similar models. In the last 5 years ,my house has more than doubled in value, and since it was built in 2006 has more than trebled. in value. One 'person of thrifty origins' perception does not a market price make.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Where is the logic ? Why are you deducting the VAT on the new build ? will you not be paying VAT ? You can buy the new build for £105K (VAT paid) or you can buy the 2nd hand boat at £75k (VAT paid)
  7. I've just replaced one of my lift pumps (not a BV1305). The suction on the 'presumed poorly one' was reasonable when put against the palm of my hand. The suction on the replacement one was tremendous, and when put against the palm of my hand it resulted in a 'love-bite' on my palm. A non-scientific test but there was a very noticeable difference.
  8. Why do you lose the VAT, I've never understood this statement, particular as there are instances of people buying and then selling the boat for a higher amount. For years, people have been on waiting lists / booking build slots for new boats, cars etc and then selling it as soon as it is built, the new owner has no waiting and gets his instant gratificatiions for which he is prepared to pay a premium. The VAT is part of the purchase price, just as is the Buisness Corporation tax, light and heat, labour costs and profits are. The purchase price is the price you pay. Do you worry about the VAT content when you buy a new car, new shoes, or windows ? The seller loses the VAT because he has to pay it to HMRCE. Please explain it to me and show your workings.
  9. I have had that with other brands, and on trying to buy it have been told to produce a purchase order with a VAT number on it to prove I am 'commercial'. If you shop around you'll find some still floating about - I finally got all I wanted from Norfolk Marine Chandlers (website : norfolkmarine.co.uk) Free postage, and no question of who I was, or my skill levels. In the end I was one can short so went to my local chandlery and it was sat on the shelf but, I was refused it because I was 'non-professional' (guess I should have had my paint splattered overalls on), so went back to Norfolk Marine.
  10. I have had several boats with 'flying saucer vents' (including sea-going boats) and have never had any condensation or leaks, but they have a bad name with some on the forum - maybe they are not 'traditional enough'.
  11. 29kgs - nothing to an ex-marine, his pack would have weighed twice that.
  12. The advert does say "with conformity certificate" which could mean the 'whole boat" or, it could be just the Hull / Shell. If it is non-compliant then it cannot legally be sold for another 3 years - hence the low price
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