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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. It may help with responses if you could say where from and to where. Someone from Scotland may not be interested in moving a boat from Bristol to London (for example)
  4. It is a clause in a contract which you signed and agreed to, but it is not covered under legislation (Act of parliament). You are asked / told not to run a generator near other boats, but I guess if you are first there and other boats join you, its their 'lookout'. If you moor near boats already moored it would be the 'socially correct' thing not to run your generator. It seems odd that he is reportedly running 'generators' (multiples)
  5. Just for clarity, as people not used to tidal waters may think that the chart depths shown are 'actuals', they are LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide) heights These are not the actual depths of the river. If the tide tables show (for example) a Low Water of 0.83 metres and a high water of 6.9 metres, these figures have to be added to the LAT, so 'your' 5.3m channel actual depth becomes : 6.13m at Low water 12.2m at High water
  6. If you run out before you get there, there are occasionally sellers of weed, under some of the bridges in less salubrious areas. Not supporting a habit, Just trying to help.
  7. Thanks, I missed the solar panel comment (and the composting toilet - but perhaps less said about that the better)
  8. He has made no mention (no budget) for Solar and I already mentioned it / asked the question. If he runs the engine 4 hours per day to recharge the batteries @1 litre per hour = 120 litres per month - 1440 litres per annum. With prices soon to approach £1.50 litre it won't be far off £2000. We cannot look backwards to the prices we have recently been seeing and expecting them to continue. Various 'things' happening around the world have been affecting demand and pricing and the prices have been artificially low for some time now - already prices 'at the pumps' (garages) is increasing from around £1.10 to around £1.18 Changes in taxation & Duty, the introduction of compulsory white diesel for boats and the additional costs incurred by canal-side sellers are all going to affect the price we pay. No more 'fiddling' the declaration and claiming 100% domestic.
  9. A Danforth folds flat such that the stock fits in between the flukes. It is 'wide' but flat so can fit into NB lockers in the well deck (for example) Without disassembly my 30kg Mantus anchor would take a huge amount of storage space if it was not kept on the bow-roller. The stock is almost 1 metre long so you can see how big a 'beast' it is.
  10. How about taking your battery charger to the bow and connecting it to your BT Battery, use a 230v extension lead to get power from the generator to the battery charger. It may need a few wires disconnecting / reconnecting but it sounds like the only (simplest) way to get your BT battery charged.
  11. That sounds strange, is it not just a 'generator' and it produces 230v, you plug your battery charger into the socket and it charges the battery ?
  12. Probably save about 5 minutes. It is the batteries that control how much charge they take, not the alternator. A 70Ah alternator will not put in 70Ah. As the battery charges it will take less and less amps, until when it gets to about 90% it may only take 5 amps and another 5 hours later it may be down to 1 amp, It doesn't matter how big the alternator or battery charger is, that is how batteries work.
  13. Where can you get diesel at under £1 per litre ? (most NB's seem to use between 1 and 1.5 litres per hour, near the bottom end if just 'ticking over'. And rise even further when we can only source White diesel and the waterways suppliers have to put in loads of new security and infrastructure - I can see £2 a litre on the canals.
  14. Just a couple of quick observations : If you are CCing then you will be moving a lot and need to run the engine, if you have no electric hook up you need to run the engine for (probably) 4 hours every day to generate electricity) You are showing £176 for diesel. That is less than 100 hours engine running (2 hours per week) . You will need to be running the engine probably 20+ hours per week so you need to multiply your diesel cost by 10x No plans for Solar panels ? Your gas budget is only for two 13kg gas cylinders per year. If just cooking probably 1 per month / 6 weeks is more realistic. People using gas for heating will use 1 or 2 cylinders per week in the Winter. If you can find a Liveaboard mooring in London it will be £10,000 - £15,000 per annum. Not sure what you consider 'reasonably priced'.
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