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  1. Never heard that before, do you have any reference, or, is it simply RCD compliance ? (which doesn't apply to commercial boats)
  2. You can still use diesel powered heating, it is just 'propulsion' that is being legislated for, but you can of course 're-jet' the heaters and use domestic heating oil, or even use LPG powered heating.
  3. Why do most woman get married in White ? So they match the rest of the domestic appliances.
  4. Correct, they are currently on coastal water, but my policy (and the condition) is from when I had the boat on the River Trent. I had added cover for 'tidal waters' so maybe, as a consequence, this has changed the BSS clause.
  5. That would suggest that if your boat is on waters that don't require a BSS then they will not offer cover. That is certainly not the case.
  6. If you mean real craftmanship using 'real' wood and good quality materials, I very much doubt you'd achieve your budget. Everyone has a different idea of craftsmanship - it could be 'totally hand built cabinets from real wood, made to measure' or it could be 'MFI units, hand modified and cut down to suit your boat' The more you vary from 'the standard' that a boat builder offers the more it will cost. The manufacturers "extras" price list for items fitted during the build on one of my boats totals over £100,000 (its not a NB & I have very few of the optional extras) Things like a 'saloon door curtain' is over £300, cushions for the stern £1,300 etc etc. I strongly suggest that you consider electric propulsion (it will cost possibly £10,000 more due to the batteries, generator, and solar panel costs) but from 2025 all boats built in the UK must be capable of being conveted to 'zero emission' propulsion and by 2035 NO boats are allowed to be built unless they have zero emission' propulsion and by 2050 NO boats will be allowed on UK water (Inland and coastal) unless they are zero-emmission propulsion. This means that diesel powered boats being built in the next few years will likely depreciate very quickly as people are unlikely to buy a non-zero emmission propulsion boat as the dealine gets closer.
  7. Hemel Pike kept 'a girl at every lock' didn't he ?
  8. Real 'slapstick' comedy. "D'you want it pasturize? 'Cause pasturize is best, " She says, "Ernie, I'll be happy if it comes up to my chest."
  9. We may see a lot more of these : My offices in Wythenshawe (Manchester) were very close to the big dairy - when I was going into work at a round 7:00 am, was about the time that the fleet of milk-floats were returning from their rounds, every day there were at least a couple that hadn't quite made it back, and a few others creeping along at 0.001mph to try and make the last few 100 yards.
  10. Presumably that is said as a joke ? ANY boat with incorrect cooling can overheat any engine. It is the way the boat is built that determines if the engine will overheat. Just because in your boat the Beta did not overheat does not mean that the Beta will not overheat in another boat.
  11. I made up a 'canoe-skirt' for ours - elastic around the edges to hook over the hatch and doors. Back doors closed, hatch lid pulled up to 'stomach', skirt applied. Watertight and warm.
  12. Some boats (particularly modern trads) are not easy , and can be so tight as to make changing the oil filter a difficult job. Drop the spanner or a nut and it could be 'goodbye'. My Trad :
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