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  1. Close - happiness is arriving at the boat (currently in Plymouth)
  2. Alan de Enfield

    March of the Widebeams

    Fatties can use the canal 10pm to 6am Skinnies can use the canal 6:01am to 9:59 pm Skinnies get longer because there are more of them Eire (Ireland) is looking to get closer to 'Europe' and are planning to introduce driving on the right, but are looking to do it progressively, the plan is that initially cars heading 'North' will drive on the left whilst those heading South will drive on the Right.
  3. Alan de Enfield

    Eberspacher question

    It will depend on model - check the manual. I have an 8Kw (D8LC) and it uses a CONTINUOUS 10 amps (240ah per day)
  4. Alan de Enfield

    Max persons underway

    The RCD Requirements : 6 STABILITY, BUOYANCY and LOADING Maximum number of persons From ER 2.2, the Builders Plate shall include the - number of persons recommended by the manufacturer for which the boat was designed to carry when underway. ER 2.2 requires that the manufacturer’s maximum recommended number of persons that the boat is designed to carry when underway is shown on the Builders Plate, and according to ER 2.5 this number must also be stated in the Owner’s Manual. This maximum recommended number of persons is also an important piece of information to be incorporated in the stability and buoyancy calculations. The maximum number of persons may be limited by either or both, the amount of practical seating space available or the maximum weight that can be safely carried, both of which need to be applied. The harmonised standard BS EN ISO 14946:2001 Maximum Load capacity defines a ‘seat’ as any surface where a person may sit with minimum dimensions of 400 mm width by 750 mm length, i.e. depth of the seat plus clear space for legs in front of the seat, and recommends that the width be 500 mm. For cases where a seat is not provided it defines ‘seating area’ as clear cockpit sole space of area 750 mm by 500 mm for each person. For small boats and dinghies the deck area beside the cockpit may be considered as the seats. The maximum recommended number of persons must not exceed the number of seats/seating spaces available when measured according to these definitions. However for larger boats the sensible limit on the number of persons is likely to be far less than the number from a calculation based on the available area.
  5. Alan de Enfield

    March of the Widebeams

    My boat is 14' beam - I know my place and where I can go (and its not the narrow-beam canals)
  6. Alan de Enfield

    Max persons underway

    But that was in the days when folks took responsibility for their actions and were not led by the nose with Elfin-Safety I wonder how many of the 'self-builds' have done stability test in accordance with the RCD ? I wonder how many 'self-builds' have just looked at a comparable boats and said "ours is the same size, so we'll quote the same".
  7. Alan de Enfield

    March of the Widebeams

    Not unreasonable. The ombudsman shows his (lack of) teeth again.
  8. Published too early - should have been 1/4/19 Hmmmm - happiness is not being able to go to Butlins ?
  9. Alan de Enfield

    Brexit 2019

    You only have to read this thread : The economy is going to collapse, the £ will be worthless, tariffs will force the price up so high we will all be using food-banks to survive etc etc etc - who will want to come and live a worse life than they have in (say) Poland or Bulgaria ?
  10. Alan de Enfield

    Brexit 2019

    But no one is going to want to come here (either legally or illegally), we will all be dressed in rags and eating grass and nettles, swedes and turnips, the roads will be even worse than they are now and no-one can afford the petrol (or the cars). Horse and Cart will be the main mode of transport and we will be all living in shanty towns. Taking the remainiacs views into account Brexit will result in Zero immigration.
  11. Alan de Enfield

    Mooring required kintbury/Hungerford

    Are you sure there are no alternative areas that would be acceptable ? Its a very popular area and moorings are not easy to come by - there seems to be dozens (100's) of folks wanting to live there. A leisure mooring may be easier to find than a residential mooring, or even CC if you think you can meet the criteria. Good luck !!
  12. Alan de Enfield

    Stern tube - low grease consumption

    Why is the inlet / supply side of your diesel filter connected to the stern gland ?
  13. Alan de Enfield

    Max persons underway

    I'm sure that in 99.999% of the time overloading it with 12, even 20, people will have no dramatic effect. Knowing how 'insurers wriggle' I would suggest that they may claim in the event of an accident you are not covered if the boat is 'overloaded' (It could be that you hit the lock gates - you couldn't stop because of the additional weight / momentum) If you decide to go for that (or any other similar) boat that you get a letter / email from your insurers confirming that carrying 8-10-12 (however many) that you will still be covered even tho' the RCD plate states 4 people.. So you are not just in the position of saying "well when I phoned Doris said it would be OK" Just suggestions - its your boat, your life and your money
  14. Alan de Enfield

    Mooring valuation

    I'm confused - I know its easily done : Unofficial 'residential use' may be 'got away with' but I would have thought that the process of selling and involvement of Solicitors, due diligence etc would highlight the fact it has no planning permission, and the Solicitors 'searches' with the Local Authority may bring the lack of PP to the fore. Just be aware of poking the hornets nest.
  15. Alan de Enfield

    Max persons underway

    I'm not sure that is quite correct. My boat will 'sleep6', but is rated at : 8 for category A waters 10 for Category B waters 12 for Category C waters , & 14 for Category D waters.

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