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  1. We bought one of these at crick the other week (well she did!). The design must have been updated recently as ours came with a tiller pin size hole already in it
  2. If they just released the smallest ones and kept all the larger ones locked away would that be the lesser of two evils ? (Say it out loud)
  3. Moke


  4. Moke


  5. So now that’s been done I’ve got (well, will have) a bog seat surplus to requirements…..does anyone want/need one for nowt?
  6. Right you are. Better get busy now that’s been explained to me. Ta.
  7. I notice that while I’ve been out at work today there seems to have been quite the discussion about the nicer part of boating. This leads me to ask if anybody can help with my quandary? According to the instruction book we’ve got a Thetford C-403L and it’s only got the one cassette. I do, of course, want to buy a spare and the fresh up kit seems to be the cheapest option. The problem is, which one do I need? I’ve found one on fleabay at around £96 that says it’s for C400 but then there’s another at around the same price that says it’s for C2 C3 C4 and looks very similar then there’s one that’s about 320 dearer, looks like the C400 one but has a little funnel near the handle. I’m totally confused so any help would be appreciated…
  8. I’ve seen the French version demonstrated and it seemed pretty good. Although, scrolling down it says manufactured in vendee, France. I’m not sure how that works with the “Made in UK” bit at the top.
  9. Moke

    Will it fit?

    The plan is to travel the country. Yes were from Yorkshire and that’s where most of the families are hence the LL question, that said we’ve covered a fair bit of the canal in hire boats so it’s not like we HAVE to do it all it’s more a case of convenience. As with pretty much everything boat shaped it’s a case of trading one thing against another in an attempt to get the best fit.
  10. Moke

    Will it fit?

    That was my thoughts exactly.
  11. Moke

    Will it fit?

    Good morning everyone, I’m just catching up on the replies that came in after I went to bed. To answer some questions, we’re not planning on basing ourselves oop north (it’s just where we’re from is all) The other half has offspring in Lincoln and London, I’ve friends over Birmingham way so I think we’ll be here, there and everywhere. I know a 57 to 60 would be ideal but sometimes when everything else about the boat is good you just have to accept the odd little quirk…….if you can call 12” quirky!! By the way, it’s a round cruiser stern
  12. Moke

    Will it fit?

    Right now it’s down in Northampton, we’re going for a test drive tomorrow so that’ll be the decider. P.S. I don’t want to go into too much detail because up till now every time we tell someone about what’s happening it all goes south……and I don’t want to jinx this one
  13. Moke

    Will it fit?

    Well, thanks for the replies, they pretty much confirm what I suspected. But it’s good news. I’m aware of the Calder locks and that a trip up to York is out of the question but that’s a small price to pay when compared with all the pluses
  14. The other half and I have been looking for a boat for a while now and eventually, last weekend, we found one that pretty much fits the bill. The only fly in the ointment is the fact that it’s 61’ long My understanding is that the size limit for using the L&L is 60’ but reading the CRT boater guide it gives the maximum length as 62’. I know we can get into Leeds basin so at least we can visit family but I was wondering if anyone on here could give some real world clarification on whether we could travel any further
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