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  1. no continous moorers preventing you mooring at Etruria?
  2. I was right then 😃 2x £3.80 Is it a duty to produce off spring? Am I now a freeloader for not having them? Cor blimey can’t do anything right these’d days
  3. £10 for two pints in the Crown by Limehouse Basin, eastend pub. £13 and more in the jewellery quarter in Brum, and £7.60 in Tod, I’m led to believe.
  4. and possibly 30 years ago you could find parking space in London, and some kind soul would give you a push when your battery’s flat 🤷‍♀️ such is life, if some have found a ‘loop hole’ to live in London I can’t blame them. if I were young I’d do exactly the same thing,
  5. have you visited by boat and if so what’s been your experience? genuine question not looking to argue. I found coming through to Paddington there were at least two stretches of visitor moorings left unoccupied. I’ll have to look on map to say exactly where but if I remember right both before reaching the Paddington arm for the Basin. It seemed much more congested in the Eastend. I was surprised how lock landings (bar one) were left free and water points were not squatted. Possibly the amount of tourists was a little irritating. Sitting in the way at lock landings with the obligatory coffees (when they should have an ice cream with flake) and of course when someone is moving they have all day to do the one lock 😂 in a lazy cool continental what’s the hurry manner, “But Ive come from Cowley mate and want to get to Limehouse.” where’s Cowley ? they say.
  6. I’ve heard the many horror stories of Tottenham. When I came through Tottenham lock on Monday it absolutely threw down the rain and the wind blew fierce. Worst 10min of weather I’ve experienced when boating but kind of fun. And I lost me cap to the wind. Had no choice to sit for 10min while it blew itself out. And then bright sunshine! On my return journey I’m looking forward to seeing more of the London boating and finding out how it all ‘works’. I’m interested in spending time at Hackney Wick. And perhaps St Pancreas. Any pointers, recommendations or advice is welcome 👍
  7. Ok …in that case there is a knot that will shorten a rope and then easily un pull. Dunno what the knot is mind. my gunnels are quite low and often go beneath a concrete ledge, I keep a small wheel which does the job of keeping me off.
  8. YouTube it, very easy, I like the hemp looking stuff, I dunno maybe 8mm? 6mm? Am I being thick? I don’t get what you mean by that, the gunnels are always the same distance from the hand rail?
  9. is that a hook that goes on the hand/grab rail? and can be moved about? I think I might splice the rope on if so
  10. what happened there then? any tips, in hind sight was there something you could have done to avoid it? Ive had bikes pinched off the top purely because I’d neglected to lock them once once in Brum and once in Nottingham why are you such an angry man? the earlier comment was regarding the apparent friendliness of the London boaters in response to someone who might be nervous/cautious/wary about mooring next to them. But you turn it round to suit your political agenda.
  11. I expect he’ll explain it again before the day is out.
  12. It does for sure, but I’m very much not a Southerner, it’s always felt like a different world to me down here, as if it’s someone else’s back yard 😃
  13. I’m neither defending or attacking them, but yes, just like anywhere it makes sense to be cautious, but I would say doubling up with the majority of boats around central London would probably not be an issue, on the whole they appear to be a friendly bunch
  14. Exactly so, and why people always connect an overstayer with the NBTA always puzzles me, especially as overstaying will inevitably increase when home moorers come out for the season,
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