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  1. There’s was a thread not long ago that went into this, but I can’t find it
  2. well that sounds pretty defensive to me, .. but I’m not particularly interested either
  3. I don’t see why people are so defensive about letting their houses out? Why can’t folk admit to making easy money on the back of others? I rented my house out and it was great having someone else pay my mortgage on a property that increased in value. Wasn’t so great for the tenants when I booted them out. A mate of mine has just paid off his mortgage without ever having paid a penny himself. The tenants paid it. Will he reduce the rent to reflect his reduced costs? I doubt it very much. If tenants were to become some sort of shareholder in the properties they rent it might seem a better balance 🤷‍♀️
  4. I’m not about at moment so don’t know, It being a Bank Holiday I’m sure she’ll open at 12 for the afternoon, Best give them a ring as suggested above 👍
  5. if you’re struggling it’d be a ‘no brainier’ to put the rent up?
  6. making it personal are we? people on the defensive usually do. I’m sure Thatcher would be proud of you 👍
  7. I’ve not fed mine for awhile, it’ll be skinnier than yours. It’s caught it’s self but been ok. if I’d been on the boat I could have pushed against the lock side to free it 🤷‍♀️
  8. and it’s short/long enough to suite the purpose with a loop spliced either end to fit over the dollies and not require tying.
  9. …and the fat chef’s ate half your steak 🥩 I went in a bar the other day it was so posh I was offered a glass of water with my pint ..?? it’s terrible when we/I call pubs bars, a bar is something in a pub, but you know what I mean, I suppose this place was more fancy restaurant than pub or bar. I get confused with these modern ways.
  10. that’s when you need a chain of them houses, and don’t forget to charge extortionate rents, you can always spout ‘they’ call it the market rate 👍
  11. I was hoping you’d join the conversation 👍 What do you think of the new Dr Who and the stories?
  12. Providing there’s room, they’re fine. And close enough to walk into town and back with bags of shopping.
  13. ha yes, if it were a map of pubs I’d make more effort to follow the link
  14. I may have commented too early. The first episode I thought was good fun and totally bonkers with the babies running the ship. But this latest episode was dull and pointless. We shall have to see how things develop (or not). I’m still a Tom Baker fan. And I think it was the Terrance Dicks books I used to read. But not sure about that, I’d have to check. The earlier cybermen and all. The sea monsters used to frightened me. And yes, a fan of John Pertwee too. I wonder were there any canal related Dr Who episodes ??
  15. that’s the point though isn’t it ? If he’s been aboard he’d have kept the boat away from the gates yes as I said I’ve not got a 72’ boat, I don’t have those issues.
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