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  1. Indeed. There are many many advantages....I love my vintage diesel!
  2. Sorry. Yes. 10ft is Leicester to Harborough! What beam is that boat then?
  3. The maximum published beam is 10ft from Berko to camp hill....that looks wider than that to me....and whilst I agree that the offside growth needs trimming maybe some common sense....which widebeam owners seem to lack in particular....would be useful in choosing a mooring location.
  4. So you haven’t acknowledged it’s a widebeam on a narrow canal......I think that’s a bit more pertinent than the tree growth.
  5. Surely that signifies a stag or hen party???
  6. So can boats fly a flag to indicate we would rather operate the lock ourselves with no volunteer involved??
  7. Or quite a few places on the GU as well.
  8. Take yours! You will just fit the rufford locks at 60 foot and it’s an amazing trip. You could always split the trip..the marinas on the rufford branch are next to a station.
  9. A few years ago when I was working of a boat fitter we had a complete box of faulty lamps. They failed as soon as they were installed...not even a flash as the filament failed...have you checked the lamps for continuity across the Filament? Worth a check...it was the cause of a lot of muttering in our yard....they were branded lamps as I recall too.
  10. They only stock the gloss/raddle & undercoats...in all the colours...not the varnish/bilge paint/polish etc. Was in there yesterday hence the teamac. Slightly annoying now wharfhouse in braunston who did stock everything have gone.
  11. Well as it would affect widebeams more I’m all for it....might need to raise the tonnage so heavy narrowboats are exempt.....🤣🤣
  12. Slightly off topic... Ive just brought some Teamac bilge paint as it seems international have stopped making danboline in red and I now can’t get craftmaster easily....I will see how it goes!
  13. Agreed!! If we can get them all off unsuitable canals life will be better for all concerned.
  14. The new friars mill moorings have water but not electric...although the bollards are there they aren’t connected. Great mooring tho...used it a few months ago.
  15. frangar


    Was it Keyless entry? I take it they didn't break into the house to get the keys first? It does seem car crime is growing again...even semi classic cars are being done....Im getting worried to take my Landie out of secure storage these days.
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