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  1. I thought the press release was a joke....sadly not it seems....
  2. Thus proving that there is a reason widebeams aren’t the best choice on the GU!
  3. That would explain the delay....probably sold them both a new engine as that was obviously the fault....
  4. Lets hope its batteries dont die in the tunnel!
  5. And actually stopping and listening. We met someone who came in full chat when I was over halfway....much horn sounding and yelling saw them reverse out...they then said I wasn’t obeying the times....I pointed out there isn’t any times and they needed common sense.....
  6. Guess no one was going to give way or reverse.....I am surprised it doesnt have timed passage like the others there.
  7. There’s a Lidl right by the towpath as you come into the town. With regard to kiddie the Sainsbury’s is ok if you leave someone on board or probably if you did it early as for some reason scrotes don’t tend to be early risers...but just be wary.
  8. The people I know that live around Worcestershire know that “Kiddie” isnt somewhere they would choose to visit!...
  9. We built a boat for a customer who had a mooring at the bottom of their garden at the apartments just beyond Tesco on the offside....they were woken up one night to find the local yoof had cut the ropes and torched it.....
  10. To be honest I was reluctant to stop the prop turning less it went missing.....
  11. I have to say whilst we’ve stopped for shopping at Kidderminster I wouldn’t leave the boat unattended....
  12. I had it done when I first got the boat in 1992...boat was then 9 years old and baseplate was badly pitted. Done it ever since and no more pits...readings the same on the last survey as when I got it. Now had it grit blasted & molten zinc sprayed...even with a deep draught there’s little removed
  13. I trust you tried again or sent an email explaining what had happened? Ive found CRT quite helpful sending out a new card which although doesn't help at the time does mean you aren't out of pocket....
  14. I thought the cafe at the locks sells them? They certainly used to. Somewhere on the CRT website...possibly linked from the page about the self pump outs is a list of stockists across the country which may or may not be up to date. Scroll down on this page. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/boating-services/water-points-and-sewage-disposal
  15. You and me both...only after reading that did the link seem obvious! Funny when your worlds suddenly collide!
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