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  1. Having just come along the Soar it seems that the first rule of widebeam ownership is you must moor on a lock landing....and the uglier your fat narrowboat the more entitled you feel to do this....
  2. I must be one of the few that can’t stand Landlord....however I love Taylor’s Boltmaker!
  3. What you need is a few solar panels....no need for those big diesels.....
  4. No doubt Peterboat will be along in a bit to say it just needs a solar panel on the cab and you only need to dig for 2 hours anyhow...
  5. I’ll have to dig the laptop out tomorrow and have a go....I did try to rip it on my phone but Facebook was having none of it!
  6. Interesting video about a “zero emission” JCB mini digger....the language is a bit rich at times mind you!
  7. frangar


    I did notice that most of boats in the ad weren’t moving.....
  8. IBC is Intermediate Bulk Container....those big opaque tanks with the steel cage round them...they hold 1000 litres How longs a bit of string?? Hard to judge isn’t it.....just sayin....
  9. How exactly are you planning to remove all traces of dye from your fuel system?? And let’s bear in mind that some boats use fuel at a very low rate....what are they expected to do with any remaining red?? Pump it overboard?
  10. Of course it will take ages for the traces of dye to go so now might be the time to get an IBC tank or two of red......who’s going to know that it’s not fuel in the tank from before they stopped you using red?
  11. But we will soon be leaving the EU so technically this need not be applied. Sadly I bet it is tho. Time to write to your MP I think.
  12. Mine is painted a shade of red lead. I don’t find it hard to get the nut back on but actually getting the filter back in can involve manipulating the piston position a fair bit as you put the assembly back. That’s on a twin.
  13. Sadly true....will miss them...bet the replacements won’t last as long.
  14. Not keen on them as a loco....now an HST set can send a shiver down the spine!
  15. If the bottom of the box had material in it then I’d be checking the engine sump. Whip the big side door off and drain the sump. It’s worth taking the filter off which can be a fiddle but it’s amazing the crud that can live under it. Also check the gauze filters in the oil tank if you have them.
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