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  1. Maplin to the wall, this can't happen

    That’s my view of them too. Sometimes handy when you are up the creek on a live event but increasingly not stocking stuff needed to get you out of the mire...like fuses and connectors....the pricing is daft too when you can often get stuff delivered next day for less. Sad as I remember when they had the single trade counter in Southend.....
  2. Rather nice canalsise property

    That seems a bit pricey considering the area! If I was paying that sort of money I think I'd want things like an indoor pool & spa etc....it's a bit footballer inside too if you know what I mean.....
  3. 'Vollockies' versus Lock Keepers

    Foxton & Watford flights had paid keepers but I think they are all volockies now.....and it shows!!
  4. 'Vollockies' versus Lock Keepers

    I thought the non tidal locks on the trent were now volockies or self op?? When we did the Aire & Calder only when there was commercial traffic in transit were the locks manned....we self op’ed
  5. 'Vollockies' versus Lock Keepers

    I think the lockies on the Severn and the bridge keepers on the G & S are still paid positions.....for how much longer who knows!!
  6. Editing time limit

    I’m not so sure. Some might totally change their posts I suppose but if you’ve had a brain wobble or mistyped it’s really annoying when you notice it a bit later. Especially if like me you are dyslexic and can’t always see what is wrong at first.
  7. Editing time limit

    Just found this too!! Hardly progress!! Can we get rid of the time limit??
  8. Pubs in Foxton

    Yes you are right of course!! Teach me to engage my brain! Why cant I now go back to edit it?? When did that change??
  9. Pubs in Foxton

    Yes but the thread is about what was there in the 50’s/60’s/70’s....Bridge 69 is a very recent addition along with the shop next door, only appearing after Tony & Mary were chucked out of what’s now the Foxton locks inn where they used to run the pub & yard before BW decided that making it pretty was more important than a working yard & decent pub...try going into the Locks Inn now in your boating scruffs to see the look on the faces of the both the staff & punters! Hilarious!
  10. Leicester line shut again....

    Yes!! I’m less than impressed it won’t be fixed till Monday....what happened to 7 day working? You’d be a bit miffed if you’d had a run out for the weekend!! It’s really not looking good for the summer.....
  11. Pubs in Foxton

    I’ll ask Mary Matt’s next time I see her when exactly they opened the pub at the bottom. I think it was the 70’s but not exactly sure. There is the Shoulder of Mutton in the village too if you go the other way from the bridge.
  12. Leicester line shut again....

    Just had this stoppage. Looks like CRT haven’t done a thing about the leaking gates...I don’t hold out much hope of the navigation staying open over the summer!! Notice Alert Leicester Line (Grand Union Canal) Starts At: Lock 37 - Blue Banks Lock Ends At: Lock 35 - Whetstone Lane Lock Up Stream Winding Hole: Market Harborough Arm Down Stream Winding Hole: Freemans Meadow Lock Sunday 4 February 2018 10:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Water resources Original message: Low water levels between Blue Bank Lock and Whetstone Lock which means this section is temporarily unnavigable for our customers. Our Water Control Team are to attend site tomorrow to undertake a full investigation. We aim to have this section navigable again tomorrow and will update this notice. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/12291/between-blue-banks-lock-37-and-whetstone-lane-lock-35
  13. MCB Trip thingy

    LOL.....it’s always the caterers!!!
  14. MCB Trip thingy

    Ive also had them so they trip at far less than the rated load....this seems to happen when they are regularly tripped due to circuit overloads...happens quite often on temporary power installations where caterers seem to think they can power an all electric kitchen but only need to order a 10 amp supply.
  15. Seagull IV Cartridge

    Yes I knew about that article....I have wondered if there was more to it as Harald always struck me as a good chap who had a nice business....seems an odd thing to do and put the whole lot in jeopardy....I’d been dealing with him since the mid 1990’s