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  1. Indeed. Perhaps your opinion of events would help your argument rather than spitting the dummy out....
  2. Care to elaborate?? If you are putting the other side it’s not looking good for you so far.....
  3. My most fun tow was a big wooden twin screw motor launch that I locked out of Gloucester with...his steering failed on the narrow bit of the Partings....that concentrates the mind!! Got him back into Gloucester dock in the end tho!
  4. I’ve towed a few boats that I’ve found to be in trouble over the years....two were where RCR couldn’t be bothered & had left the owners...both of whom were members...to their own devices...both tows were much longer than RCR allow too!! No money changed hands....I work on the principle that it might be me needing a tow one day! I did get a rather nice Thai meal as a thank you tho!!
  5. I’d always use a roving trader to refuel over a marina that might have a large tank and a small turnover.....that statement together with the easy start is enough to make me think twice...let’s hope they come on and say what their side is.....
  6. A can of easy start is hardly good practice to get an engine going under any circumstance let alone one that has just been fuel polished.... 55p/mile isn’t bad. HMRC allow 45p/mile for tax purposes and that means I just break even. I would however expect some of those “extras” to be included in an original quote. I always quote jobs on the higher side of what it might be...customer then gets a nice surprise if it works out less.
  7. I’m not sure moving round london in a widebeam can be called easy....just because it fits through a lock doesn’t mean it’s suitable for the waterway concerned.
  8. Oh that’s a bit of a bugger. I must say the new flue pipe I got from midland swindlers has got much thinner wall that I thought it might have.....I haven’t checked to see how it fits on the stove flue adapter......that’s fridays job.
  9. I think it’s 4.5 inches. Or at least my Epping copy is. I’m fitting it into a 6 inch collar...using some fire rope to pack the space out together with some high temperature silicone.
  10. They do check....I was the only boat there a couple of years ago....just moored up...when a knock on the cabin side and a chap in full parking warden outfit with a portable ticket machine etc asking for the fee...still that was better than Windsor where I hadn’t even tied up before I was asked for the fee.... edited to add ive only been been able to find space on the pontoons once...they seem to be less well policed and attract the permanent mooring types....
  11. CRT really need some better contractors & civil engineers....anyone who has been through in the last few years could have seen it needed more than a bit of repointing......
  12. But obviously they laid the trail close to if not across the tracks...and they have full control of the hounds at all times....shall we wait for the cries of “the Sabs led them across the tracks.....”
  13. That makes even the remote parts of the BCN seem close!! As as others have said it does sound like a faulty unit. You could have a holiday at the same time @Keith M!!!
  14. Was the charger totally isolated from all loads...eg battery & boat systems?? If it was and it was showing that it was supplying amps then I’d suspect a faulty charger....have you tried disconnecting the DC leads from the charger and switching it on?? (Make sure the disconected leads can’t short out on anything!!)
  15. Is this a new installation or has it worked previously?? You could try isolating the batteries from the charger and just power the boat systems and see what voltage is displayed then. When you say rhe voltage is 12.8 on the batteries I take it this is with the charger off? Does the voltage rise before the charger shuts down?
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