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  1. I’m not antivax....I won’t be first in the queue though....give it a while to prove it’s reasonably safe...and I doubt it will be effective when the virus mutates as it will...oh and I won’t be wearing a mask if it can be helped.
  2. Hopefully you’ve patented the cure and are about to become very rich indeed then.....
  3. Given the history of RCR staff....I won’t use the term engineers...it’s an implication I stand by...if you had anything to do with said book then If I was you I’d disassociate myself from it!....
  4. Totally agree. Mask wearers seem to ignore any distancing or hand hygiene when entering shops even where sanitizer etc is provided. We are out boating and watching others when shopping is quite interesting. The amount of chins protected seems very high.....
  5. What model Lister is it? Different suppliers are better for different engines...and they aren’t all canal based.
  6. I’m guessing that’s Ms Horton of RCR fame....in which case it might have some use as ballast but little else......
  7. I have to say it’s quite a few years since we did the Erewash but an encounter with quite a lot of feral youth in the middle of it trying to work out how to trash our boat in a lock together with broken paddles/glued shut anti vandal locks and a very low pound on the way out...not to mention a noisy night thanks to a metal stamping works at the end rather put us off ever venturing up there again....hopefully it’s better now but it’s firmly ticked off our list!
  8. Banbury has a history of hating the canal.....seems that's continuing!!! Its a shame when they have had so many redevelopment opportunities to make the most of it!
  9. He was still living aboard his boat in Audlem a couple of years ago when I went through....the boat name escapes me at the moment but it was the same one he had at Marsworth....should be going that way later in the year so will keep a look out My Back cabin chimney is one of his....still doing its thing...must be about 25 years old now!
  10. Let’s hope it’s just a rumour. I know they shut down temporarily when lockdown happened just after I got my new bits from them. It would be a big loss if they did close...a very helpful company who know exactly what they are on about.
  11. That does depend on the time of year...before Easter a couple of years ago we had a right old job finding a lockie who wanted to take money for a visitor licence!
  12. frangar

    Life Jacket

    The "horseshoe" type are more comfortable than the squarer type....I keep thinking of getting a couple to replace ours but we don't use them enough to justify it really. Its a good point about looking for a 275N one especially if you go boating in winter with a heavy coat etc on.
  13. Bet it would still sound nicer than a jap digger engine!!
  14. Ahhh I didn't see that....would still be nice in a small tug I guess...wonder what spares are like?
  15. Shhhh! I’ve got my eye on some of those bits! 🤣
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