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  1. I see what you are saying but from the sound on the video there doesnt seem to be any compression for whatever reason...which I would expect even with no fuel. If it was running OK then my money is on an open valve either due to carbon or decompressor.....and it would be unusual for that to happen on all three cylinders....Id expect just a misfire or similar. I think try turning over by hand by some means even if its the Alternator belt to see if it gets compression at any point would be my next move.
  2. That sounds like a decompressor is in operation …I’m not sure if they are linked or individual on each cylinder on that engine….looks like they are the same for both cylinders whatever as there seems to be no real compression resistance from that video. Is it the same if you crank it for a bit longer?
  3. There wasn't any mention of a mooring in the ad I saw....which would explain the price and indeed add to the desirability...so I thought you would mention it if it was included.
  4. Im guessing its been overplated and its certainly got a trendy london interior that appeals to those wanting a flat that floats rather than a boat that travels but even so!! Seeing what sells at somewhere like ABNB is interesting....it seems back cabins and a proper engine count for little even when in a shell from a top rate builder....yet paint a bit of sterling board in white emulsion and they go in an instant. Apparently the lack of appeal of back cabins is why its now hard to find brass fittings in places like Midland Chandlers....everyone wants chrome or stainless....sad times for a traditionalist like myself.
  5. Just seen this on facebook https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/618632773049588?media_id=0&ref=share_attachment A 1984 48ft Springer for £52K!! Blimey.....Are things really this mad?
  6. It won't be cheap but why not get those remetalled? Im sure a internet search or maybe even looking in the vintage engine/car mags might provide a lead....unless you can find some proper NOS....but the Indian stuff as you have found is crap!
  7. Indeed they are...but the "Welton" marinas are before the locks.....
  8. Trust me its there....Just inside the entrance to the marina....and Im pretty sure there isn't any lifting kit at Welton Hythe for any size boat....I don't even think they have a crane pad....unless they have built one recently. There was a widebeam on the VM just along from the junction a while back so they do physically fit through mores the pity.
  9. I have just added a point to that effect.....There is already a widebeam in Welton Hythe however....and Im guessing it got there by water!
  10. Now this one apparently bound for Weltonfield or Welton Hythe tomorrow.....dont they know the Leicester line is a narrow canal???...Just ridiculous! Notice Alert Grand Union Canal Location: Braunston Tunnel - Grand Union Canal Starts At: Braunston Tunnel West Portal Ends At: Braunston Tunnel East Portal Tuesday 27 September 2022 07:30 until Tuesday 27 September 2022 09:00 Type: Booking Information Original message: Braunston tunnel will be closed to traffic from 07:30, possibly until 09:00 on the 27th September for the passage of a wide boat travelling from Braunston to Welton. Boats may enter the tunnel if directed to do so by CRT staff at the tunnel portal or after 08:00 if no member of CRT is present. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/23405/braunston-tunnel-grand-union-canal You can find all notices at the url below: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices Edited to Add I guess it might mean the southern portal of Braunston Tunnel as the village of Welton is there but to my mind Welton in a canal context is on the Leics Line...I have sent a message to CRT asking where exactly they mean.
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