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  1. Wow. I’m glad I posted them now. Thanks for everyone’s input. Really interesting to read.
  2. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    So it appears if you don’t like what someone says you put them on ignore rather than put your point across to validate your argument....apparently my views have upset someone as well....hey ho.....
  3. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    So you have just raised points that have been roundly shot down but now don't feel the need for debate.....why exactly are you continuing to post in this thread if you don't want debate? Pompous doesnt even come close!! Unless you can answer some of the points put to you there seems little point in further posts from yourself......
  4. Does anyone know if any records were kept of the boats found?
  5. These pictures have popped up on a plant group that I belong to on Facebook.... thought some might find them interesting on here. Apparently they date from the 1990’s
  6. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    What universe are you living in?? Why do you expect police horses to use the towpath? If it’s to prevent rural crime we rarely see a passing police car through the villages here let alone a towpath patrol!
  7. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Can you imagine the state the towpath would be in if horses were allowed free access....if you think bikes chew the ground up then look at a bridle path?.....and I’ve yet to see a horse rider clear up after their animal.....the roads round here get covered in horse crap as it is.
  8. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    I don’t have a hotline....I do use the correct channels to contact them as anyone can when there is a breach of the byelaws. Edited to add Oh they are definitely goons.....if they were inner city youth then they would be quickly locked up for their actions but because they serve a purpose to their masters they are allowed to roam free.
  9. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    If you think that any hunt has full control of the dogs then you are more delusional than I first suspected....shall we consider how easily the Sabs can get the pack away from the hunt? Or indeed how often the Sabs look after the hounds when the hunt has lost them?
  10. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Horses actually aren’t allowed on the towpath without permission from CRT. Boats like Saturn have to get permission from the local CRT managers. Also there are rules concerning that number of dogs off the lead under the control...or not....of one person in any public space. There is a big difference between one person walking a dog and pack coming towards you....especially in a busy location like foxton. That’s the main access to the lower car park.
  11. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Hunting is not permitted on CRT land....having a load of out of control horses, dogs & hunt goons coming towards you is hardly compatible with a major visitor attraction. CRT have also written to the Cheshire hounds after they used the Weaver towpath & a week later tried to dispose of the fox they had killed by chucking it into the T & M
  12. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    So 14 pages in....still waiting for some answers from the pro hunt mob....guess more waffle will appear before that happens....and they say this forum isn’t like real life.... Do be warned if you are out in the Foxton area especially with dogs or children....the Fernie seem to think nothing of taking the hounds up the path and across bridge 61...CRT have been informed to the hunts activity.
  13. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    So things like hounds killing pets or indeed livestock is ok by you then? Or are these examples not valid!?
  14. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    I think you will find that Sabs use scent to cover the trail of the fox and put the hounds off.....not to lay a complete trail....but once again you pro hunt types do like turn the facts around to suit. Thankfully on here as in the big wild world the pro hunt idiots are few and getting fewer....they will be one species that I and lots of others won’t miss when they become extinct.
  15. frangar

    Boxing Day Meet.

    So the pro hunt people still can’t answer why a trail hunt was laid through a residential area.......but have said how wonderful hunting is and how it controls foxes....both of which are untrue. Foxes are very good at regulating their own population btw.....but let’s not get facts in the way of the thrill of chasing a wild animal to death shall we......

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