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  1. I’ve lifted this from Facebook in case anyone making a run for home wasn’t aware.
  2. I suspect this won’t be the last crime during this....if we get out the other side without any large scale civil unrest I will be most surprised.
  3. Foxton was due to reopen for boats this week....not sure if it has. It was even more popular with gongoozlers when it was drained!
  4. That might change after boris addresses the nation tonight......
  5. Im at present at my mothers house in Essex while the boat has work done on it in the Midlands...the nature of the work means for once Im not doing it and its not habitable while its being done....My mother is stuck out in South Africa where she does have a house so thats not too serious as long her visa etc can be extended....however technically she gets the 25% discount on council tax at the essex house so with two of us for an extended period that might be invalid....and our Doctor etc is in the midlands.....so getting back to the boat on friday is probably the right thing to do.....At this rate the journey home will end up like something out of the Dukes of Hazzard on a moonshine run.......
  6. If it’s not a war what is it?? Can you ask the virus nicely to leave?? Exactly what is needed now is a decisive leader....they may make mistakes but faffing around like labour would be doing would be getting us nowhere...this is not the time for “social worker” politicians.
  7. I think if Corbyn was in power now it would be worse than Peterboat says....the idiot would have opened the floodgates to all...this virus has shown from Europe that is madness. Being an island has served us well through history....he wouldn’t have taken heed of that and we would be in an even worse state both for health & wealth.
  8. So if I say that this is what happens when you allow open borders I guess you might say im racist too....We should have shut the the borders to all incomers at the first hint of this virus...there are massive advantages to being an Island....Id have flooded the Chunnel too....you might think that extreme but we live in extreme times.
  9. Im not Judging....Im reporting how the events were on the ground....its up to you how you interpret it.....
  10. We went to Costco in Thurrock yesterday....let’s just say our ethnic brethren were trying to push the rules....and the staff were doing an excellent job of pointing out what was & wasn’t allowed...and enforcing it well. They even had head office staff on the shop floor. It’s funny because I hadn’t realised on all my previous visits how ethnically diverse the customers of that branch were.......
  11. If you want one the suppliers are listed on both the london boaters Facebook page and the Baton twirlers website.
  12. Yep...the cost of the gas is cancelled out by the lack of expensive parts like air motors or fussy voltage requirements etc. Just an bi annual service & the odd thermocouple etc. With the possible demise of cheaper diesel they are looking even better value.
  13. On the plus side when working properly it’s very energy efficient! I love my 2928 Alde...planning on keeping it going as long as I can.
  14. frangar

    Modern Oils

    The pipe just goes through the “shelf” inside the tank. If the gauze gets blocked the oil level reaches the top of the pipe which acts like an overflow....and lets the oil to the bottom section of the tank so the engine isn’t starved of oil. Given the cost of oil vs the cost of engine rebuilds why would you want to extend the oil change...even with a JP dry sump that takes 7 gallons of oil I stick to the book for oil changes...cheaper in the long run.
  15. Sound advice but I’d crack a joint open near the calorifier too...the Alde pump isn’t always the best at pushing air...sometimes you need to manually bleed it too.
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