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  1. Ahhhh I’d forgotten that bit!! I must admit we now drive to rugby as it’s cheaper to get to london than Harborough!
  2. Depending on where you need to get a train to and the times etc there is a station at South Wigston which might be a cheaper cab ride.....there are also buses from Kilby Bridge into Leicester but Im not sure of frequency etc. edited to add Id Highly recommend booking a taxi at least the day before if not more....they do a lot of contract work and one might not be available if you leave it to the day.
  3. CAV Dynamo Regulator just popped up on Ebay.....says off a JP but I'm sure it will be suitable for other engines too! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223525327745?ul_noapp=true
  4. We moor at Debdale Wharf and Id agree that either Kilby Bridge or the pontoons/castle gardens would be my choice..... or if time permits then go down the Harborough arm and use the moorings there which imho would be better...if you wanted to pay you can always stay in the basin with a hook up if needed......you could then walk to harborough station in about 20 mins which would be one stop into Leicester or get a train south. Leicester is getting better but id be wary of leaving my boat unattended outside of the above moorings....im sure it would be fine but..... Also the locks from Kibworth northwards can be heavy going mainly due to lack of use sadly....you will also need a CRT key for some....
  5. Make sure you have a “proper” BW/CRT key...not an eBay knock off..had to operate sawley for another chap who’s key wouldn’t operate the panel....bit of a bugger if you are on your own!
  6. frangar

    solar power

    I’m thinking of getting semi flexible panels and fitting them with magnetic tape which I hope will allow a small air gap to allow water to drain & lift them slightly from a hot roof. I could also then take them off in the winter when I’m mainly on a hook up. The main reason for fitting flexibles is to keep a low roof profile...and I don’t like the look of rigid panels!!
  7. After 6 years I’m guessing it will either need new batteries or like a lot of modern cars something electronic will have died making it beyond economic repair....the yard near my unit has a endless supply of what I consider “modern” cars coming in to be scrapped..very rarely is it for a mechanical or corrosion failure...usually it’s electrical or electronic...and given that every year more gizmos are fitted to cars be they EV or ICE then this will only get worse....and hardly green!
  8. Even by trip boat standards that’s far from pleasing to the eye!!
  9. I don't need another can.....I don't need another can.....
  10. Well my 42 year old Land Rover is allowed in the ultra low emission zone in london with no charge so I don’t see any reason why diesel boats should be banned. Maybe you would be happy on the tideway with a clockwork boat but I’d rather be on something with a reserve of power...and I’m not talking about just leisure boats but the tugs which haul the rubbish barges & the traffic which is building the super sewer & HS2 works...oh and let’s not get started on the plant that’s building those projects... Im all for people powering their boats or vehicles how they decide...I don’t agree with self serving politicians forcing it. I find it most amusing that those saying we should ban all diesels then think nothing of jumping on a plane for a city break....The irony of Emma Thompson jetting in to talk to the daft protest in london seemed to be lost on the snowflake brigade.
  11. So not designed for us boaters that actually want to move round the system whatever the weather or season then! I rather rest my case.
  12. Of course the electricity to power everything will generated by fairie dust....not to mention the resources needed to make the batteries & electric motors....oh and the limited life of said batteries when compared to a well maintained Diesel engine.
  13. Hopefully the same will apply to red diesel too. If only our politicians would see sense and get on with it!
  14. Thats very tempting but might be a bit tight going up Foxton.........
  15. So can you give us reassurance that we will still have a decent chandler in braunston?? You guys will be missed if you did go!
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