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  1. You need to employ your own surveyor who’s used to dealing with such matters. If you are able to post what the issues are the forum may be able to advise...I don’t mean to be flippant but sometimes especially if you are new to boats things that you might consider serious are quite easy to sort either by yourself..the builder or a third party.
  2. I am indeed a he...as I referred to myself as a stout chap I thought it was fairly obvious...and I sleep really well...it gives immeasurable satisfaction and wellbeing making cyclists respect pedestrians...hopefully if more of us stand up to them they might get the point... Just for information I also detest fishermen so if you ride a bike and fish I suggest you are doomed.....
  3. Don’t try riding on the pavement or through a red light if I’m nearby!
  4. I think they feel a sense of entitlement because they ride a bike....this may of course spread over into other parts of their lives.
  5. Having worked in London recently despite millions being spent on cycle routes they still seem to think the pavements are theirs too...and get quite upset when pedestrians don’t jump out the way...I had some full & frank exchanges of opinion...
  6. I think a cull of cyclists would benefit the wider population much better....just trying to cross the road these days is tricky as apparently they don’t have to stop for red lights...and don’t get me started about the way they think they have a right to cycle on the pavement....as a stout chap at least I can make my presence felt....sadly something the blind or elderly can’t do!
  7. I love my trad. Protected from weather. Toasty with the range going on the back cabin....can sit on the roof and steer....need I go on??
  8. She certainly doesn’t take criticism of her company well that’s for sure...lost count of the times her & her business partner have threatened me with all sorts for pointing out their failings....hilarious really.
  9. As I see it the OP was given the advice he asked for...for some reason he seemed to take offence at what this was... If you think that’s being offensive and rude I really don’t know what those that gave advice could do better. As you well know the same advice is asked time and time again on here so a quick polite answer is often required which I think was given....when you say you are going to block someone on before you’ve made more than a couple of posts yourself I don’t think you can complain too much. Hopefully the OP has gone away and read up on the RCD & BSS and is now more enlightened on the finer points of safe gas installation....and if not let’s hope they ask advice from suitably qualified persons.
  10. We as in the forum...I as in my opinion.... Happy now?
  11. We aren’t asking you to stay.......I think the OP has been given good advice but seems to think they should be guided every step of the way...to my mind if you need that much guidance with something like gas or electricity which could easily be fatal to you or more importantly others then you should seek a qualified person to carry out the work.
  12. Well with an attitude like that expect blocks coming your way too...a boat gas safe Registered person had pointed you in the right direction for a definitive answer. If you want spoon feeding maybe you need to pay a professional to carry out work you are unqualified to do yourself.
  13. They are a bunch of something but that would probably get me a lifetime ban from here......
  14. As above or Marine Power Services of Southampton...on here as @martyn 1 or @steamraiser2
  15. 🤣🤣🤣🤣think we posted more or less together!! Sad news tho as it was useful traffic on the arm.
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