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  1. frangar

    "Perfect" Handle Screwdrivers

    There’s a lot of new kit that still uses Phillips tho...and you will bugger the screw heads using a posidrive driver on them.
  2. frangar

    aldi comfort

    Graham does still service via mail order....or he did!..it’s not hard to remove & refit the burner unit & he can give full instruction & new gaskets etc. I thought he had someone he recommended to do mobile servicing too. Both the Alde’s I’ve had...which are/were serviced regularly...have always made a whummph sound when they fire up....
  3. frangar

    Freshwater pump recommendations

    I used to swear by jabsco ParMax 4 but having recently replaced one that was getting noisy with a ParMax 4 plus I’m less than impressed...it’s noisy...the difference in pressure between cut in and cut out isn’t much and I’ve already had one replacement after a pressure switch died in two weeks. I will be fitting a square D external pressure switch soon but it’s a bit disappointing that one is needed on such an expensive pump.
  4. This has popped up on the BBC news. Wonder how long before they start sniffing round marinas? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-46049014
  5. frangar

    General builder required in Ipswich

    Oh that’s a grand idea! Sorting houses out is much harder than boats!! Thanks for the idea.
  6. Bit of a long shot this but my mother has a rental property in Ipswich which she is selling and according to a surveyor it needs a firewall sorting in the loft space. It’s a standard Victorian terrace and one side of the wall in the loft doesn’t reach the roof timbers. She’s had a quote from one company for £5k (!!) which seems steep to me. If if anyone knows of a reliable builder type in Ipswich I’d love to know...its not a massive job but she wants shot of the house! Ta!
  7. frangar

    Mooring help

    I guess they probably are....personally I’d rather be on the BCN but at least with you there and now off the cut we know your point of view is even less valid.
  8. frangar

    Mooring help

    He’s obviously been kicked off the caravan forums so is now back here....mind you must be boring hauling a tin box about so I guess you have to cheer yourself up somehow. In boating terms this is “London”. The same lack of moorings is now affecting most of the southern waterways....especially any that are vaguely residential..official or not. It’s the same way that people now...thankfully I’m not one...commute from Leicester into london every day.
  9. frangar

    Jam Ole Run 1995 - the first one!

    Our trip through london last year was very diffrent from our previous in 1994. I was extremely grateful to have a mooring booked at the canal museum. Moorings for a 50ft boat below Ricky were incredibly rare. On the way out we got to kings Langley before stopping. Sadly the chances of keeping it wound on in the style of the Jam Ole run are very slim. Don’t even get me started on the proliferation of wide beams!!
  10. frangar

    Jam Ole Run 1995 - the first one!

    Surely a wide beam moored on a bend just means there’s more cushioning before you hit the bank.....
  11. frangar

    Jam Ole Run 1995 - the first one!

    Well that saved me writing a post! Totally agree....I can only imagine the howls of outrage now from the CM’ers if Rocket Ron boated through now.....in fact I’d love it if he did!
  12. frangar

    Mooring help

    Because thanks to all the articles,TV programmes & silly house prices it’s now rather hard thing to do in the south east! Then when you find a static mooring is harder to get or 5 times the price than you expected you decide to CC along with the rest....sometimes a reality check about how it really is can be a good thing. As stated before there are myriad posts like the OP both on here and FB....and I don’t see new moorings being developed in the south east at the same rate. Im all for living on boats...but Its not all plain sailing....🙄😝
  13. frangar

    Mooring help

    And just maybe by pointing out the downsides we may help save him a great deal of money & stress.
  14. frangar

    Mooring help

    Trust you to make a point of a spelling fail...perhaps as someone that tows a shed around you may suggest a few sites near water that fit the OP’s desire to have a waterside location?
  15. frangar

    Mooring help

    I’m not sure either being welded to a pontoon in a marina or fighting it out with 4000 other boats in London is any of the above. Oh and just to keep it “on topic” for the benefit of the OP I live aboard....and have a mooring in a marina but we go around the system for at least two months of the year plus escape for a few days each month as work allows...

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