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  1. That’s good to know....might explore when we next pass. Be a very useful mooring as long as boaters are respectful of the site and don’t annoy the house dwellers.
  2. That looks interesting all round...the clips for the pipe & cable look like the nail type...
  3. I might have a tentative trip in next time we are passing...what could possibly go wrong??!!!
  4. 240v will kill you on a boat just like on land...doesn’t matter if it’s coming from the grid or 100w inverter.... I wouldn’t want 240v in any bathroom
  5. Every time I go to a lumpy water boatyard and see how the boats are propped up I wince....beer barrels & dodgy props look to be the norm...I know the boats are fibreglass but I still think the boat would win if it fell on you!!
  6. What’s the depth like in there?...often been tempted to go in but never been brave enough!
  7. Ive mainly sorted myself.....did phone them when we found the whole of the Perry Barr flight dry a couple of years ago due to paddles being left up....decided that was a bit much for two of us and didnt fancy leaving the boat on its own....to be fair CRT were there in a an hour....phoned them at 8am on a Sunday....two really helpful guys on site just after 9...the four of us got it sorted pretty quick...they even refused cups of tea!
  8. Im having shoe plates welded on my 1983 boat.....its got a 6mm bottom and it was flagged up at the last hull survey....it wasn't desperate but considering we are getting the hull metal sprayed and 2 packed it was considered prudent to do any welding first.....we are quite deep draughted for a welded boat at 2ft 8in so often rub the bottom especially when moored.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-51184713 Sadly this sounds like it won’t have a good outcome. Thoughts with his family.
  10. So does the OP want to come back and reiterate what he said as it seems to have been well & truly debunked?
  11. I find planet rock is more bearable....with radio 4 when it’s the hairy bikers as they are dire.
  12. Vactan doesn’t require rinsing....are you confusing it with Fertan?? this is the link to the pdf http://www.paco-systems.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/vactan.pdf
  13. You do know that Vactan is considered safe for potable water as per their website ?? That’s without overcoating. edited to add quote from website “Vactan has been tested and certified as fit for use for the carriage of grain and use in potable water systems. It may also be used in sensitive foodstuff areas.“
  14. Interesting review...and thanks to @blackrose for the link....I think I want greater accuracy especially on the DC range. It’s a very good price for a fluke though.
  15. I’m a bit wary of used Kit if I’m honest...been bitten before like that..the repairs cost as much as I could have brought new for.....and it seems the fluke “lifetime” warranty isn’t transferable. I shall think about it.....
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