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  1. Actually that might not dim….sorry.
  2. One of these with a quinetic kinetic switch? https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/QUR302.html been using the 240v versions in a house very successfully.
  3. Given the high quantity of crewcab tippers next door it probably is the truth
  4. I thought I might get into trouble for saying that…
  5. Lovely view of the A38 from the bedroom window! Funny it doesn’t seem to mention that……
  6. It’s back on the craftmaster webshop but doesn’t seem to be on the MC one yet. I am glad it’s back available tho!
  7. That’s really good to know. Many thanks for the information….think one is now definitely on the short list of suitable stoves.
  8. Should say that if the pontoons are full then the dock walls are ok to moor alongside too for the most part…just a bit high in places. Also highly recommend “On Toast” for possibly the best toasties in the world. Just on the right hand side of the dock as you come out the lock….and Nielsens yard is always worth a nosey round to see what’s in the dry docks.
  9. You would be incredibly unlucky to find nowhere to moor in the basin or just thro Llantony bridge….there are a few odd moorings on the Severn by pubs. Just check it’s not going to be a spring tide etc as if so it’s best to tie up and let it go rather than fight the flow and rubbish etc.
  10. Yes it is! You just need to avoid the DIY sheds and the like. You can get it online too.
  11. Nope the model I’m looking at has a grate & ashpan just not an external riddler I’m looking at the multifuel versions…want to have all the options
  12. That’s reassuring to know! We can only fit the short one in the house but I did like the oven version. Do you burn wood or solid fuel on them…I’m hoping to burn mainly wood but I did notice they lack the external riddler that a squirrel has for solid fuel. They do seem a nice solidly built stove…and I’m glad to hear you find them controllable. Many thanks for the information.
  13. Sorry for a slightly non boat question but it is related as I think these stoves have been fitted on boats We are now at the stage to look in earnest for a new stove for the cottage. As there seems to be a possibility that we might become a clean air zone at some point sadly it looks like refurbing the existing squirrel might not be the best idea......looked at a Short Chilli Penguin in a showroom and it looks like its going to fit the tiny hearth we have and seems pretty well built....Just wondering if anyone has one on a boat and what they think of them? I am a little wary of it being steel rather than cast iron but think that might be my old fashioned idea...I guess it wont move and warp...Id also would have liked separate ash & fire doors but these seem few and far between now....and they do have a 10 year warranty which seems pretty good.
  14. Thus proving those in london have no respect for others…I’d also rather not tie up to a boat of unknown pedigree….both the boat and occupier.
  15. But the twirlers say it’s all about the “lifestyle” not the freeloading……
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