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  1. And the relationship between speed and fuel consumption is very non linear.
  2. Last year we went out and in without too much disgrace! Surprised though just how much we heeled on making the turn out.
  3. I just wonder why Parliament would bother with passing new primary legislation given that, according to another thread on this forum, all diesel will be banned anyway! Or am I just madly expecting joined up government?
  4. We have just turned our 60ft in the winding hole at Bridge 91 on the Huddersfield, above Stalybridge. It is supposed to take full length and at the surface is larger than many we have used on other canals. Alas, it proved to have the standard Huddersfield depth! We did make after a couple of thousand little forward and backward moves!
  5. Check this before going - I thought when we went that way two years ago that they had stopped offering it.
  6. I thought I read a few days ago that electric car sales have dropped i the last year.
  7. I only know that BWML have repeatedly asked CaRT to reinstate the elsan at the bridge but they decline. It would be normal business relations for one company to be reluctant to provide a facility free to another do that they don't have to fund it themselves. I gather that moorers in the marina have to use the CaRT pump out. The folk who urged Cart to divest themselves of the marinas might reflect on beware what you ask for.
  8. Had just the same a few weeks back.
  9. The person who today helped cope with the leakage on Rochdale Nine is definitely old school. They do exist.
  10. Yes the marina is open for business but quite full. They managed to accommodate us for 10 days or so whilst we returned home back in June. It is run from elsewhere although there is an onsite office used occasionally. Location of office well hidden. Note that as a result of a standoff with CaRT there is no elsan on site although the pump out at the lift bridge is supposed to work. A fairly basic marina but If all you want us to moor a boat then just fine. Bus route passes by. Now called Pennington, used to be Leigh.
  11. So . . . let's make horses compulsory and introduce a new set of rules that restrict the amount of waste output. Oh, I forgot, animals are one of the greatest sources of pollution. Perhaps we will have to go back to bow hauling, that should fix the obesity problem. I put my faith in the power of road transport lobbies - if electric traction is made possible for trucks that routinely cover several hundred miles a day, I bet (as with the existing marinised truck engines in most canal boats) there will be a solution for us as well. But I doubt that it will involve solar panels on truck roofs . . .
  12. Oh, I guess you missed my irony re media, social and trad . . .
  13. We used Butts Bridge today - building looks awful but the inside was not as bad and it did seem as if someone is caring for it. There is a separate tap for the elsan unit from the water supply, albeit still inside. Rather glad that we stopped to fill at Plank Lane. (Whatever gripes you may have about CaRT, there are worse navigation authorities . . . )
  14. No, it says so on the bridge. And Dacorum and wiki and CaRT . . .
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