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  1. Is petrol cheaper than diesel? Yes, I know it is per litre but in terms of generating x amount of electricity?
  2. Makes the same point about the north/south divide but also interesting that most areas' holdings went up between July and August.
  3. Aren't they in the North?
  4. I was surprised to hear on a recent weather report just how different the summer rainfall was in the north-south divide. Whilst the norther canals and reservoirs were awash with too much, many southern areas were well below average. We forget that the weather varies considerably across even our compact country (well, at least the canal network) when drawing generalisations.
  5. Can you give us some idea of the costs inc fitting and what range that will give you? How will you fit them in? (We all like a trailblazer!)
  6. On that basis we would not have the likes of Aylesbury etc. Me, I'd do it cos it's there!
  7. So then everyone will put their genny on the towpath and call it an electric charging point!
  8. Unless you are using the goat chain differently from an y way that I have seen, it is still a means of tying the boat up by rope which cannot readily be secured by a padlock. That said, it is intrinsically better way since to unloose the boat requires going onto the boat to untie it rather than pulling out a pin and tossing it into the water with the rope still attached.
  9. Ah but they have bow thrusters to compensate - seen one steering principally with them!
  10. Would make a lot of sense if the connection through to the Weaver near Weston Point were re-made. Another great circular route.
  11. A simple way to experience if us to take a sheet of paper, A4 will do and hold one short end so that the sheet curves downwards. Then blow across the top of the sheet from where you are holding it. You should see the sheet rise up. If us easier to do than explain! Btw I'm not sure that it needs to be shallower one side but a result of just not being quite in the middle. Doesn't take much off centre to produce enough net difference to move the boat to one side bur once you start it is a self magnifying process.
  12. Depends on what you need to have in each cabin. 60 ft narrow can easily have two cabins and a shared walk through bathroom, a galley and sensible living area. It can also just about go anywhere, albeit with a bit of special magic. You really are not going to know until you try it - hiring for a week will go a long way, but best to do it in January/February so long as the hire boat has decent heating - at least you would discover how much heat you do need!
  13. That is a somewhat inferior system design: an attempt to login is not the same as logging in. Once the name/password have been entered, one response is "combination not recognised" (or whatever) and another is"you are logged in". It is entirely feasible/sensible at that point (before logging someone in) to post "you are banned". This at least means that the user knows that they have supplied correct combination but avoids a possible system vulnerability by logging someone in that should not be, even if for a short time.
  14. But the net balance between the two depends on elasticity (market not hulls!)
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