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  1. The positive outcome you anticipate is far from obvious, at least to me. Suppose that the excess water is entering the canal at regular intervals then the effect will be to create a progressively escalating flow of water down the canal, to the point at which it overwhelms the banks etc. In appropriate circumstances it may well be better to allow it to flow out to holding areas as it goes along so that none have a large amount to take on. Only someone with expert knowledge and access to real time modelling is likely to be in a position to make the judgement.
  2. Yes, he just changes the north and south (of the bridge!)
  3. I was about to ask a similar question - where exactly is this sluice? As I have looked at the aerial view and not found it easy to see what might have 'saved' the caravan park.
  4. I've now done something silly that I cannot see what: I cannot now drop another pin, long press only gives me the lat/lon data at the bottom of the screen . . .
  5. G583+MF Wadebridge ///uplifting.desktop.tarred Perhaps because I already had Google Maps set to open at my home address it was significantly quicker to get the Plus Code (in both cases I had to remind myself how to do it). The previous discussion does seem to assume that everyone is connected to a GPS source. The above were done simply by knowing where on a map I am, using my desktop/laptop. Now find out where I am!
  6. But at the moment 'experts' are not of a single mind. Do you just choose the one that agrees with your prior opinion? What if there are 3 on one side and 4 on the other?
  7. I'm not sure in what sense you are using 'unenforceable' here. If you mean that there is no way that CaRT can compel licence holders to follow them then I agree. However, if you mean that CaRT cannot apply the T&C's then I do not agree. Once you have signed the T&C's you alter your rights, as people have discovered when they find that they did not spot an unfavourable condition is some small print that they really did not read. How often do folk read them all when loading a new app onto laptop or phone? Did you spot that the app you use as a vital part of your business has a condition that it may only be used for personal purposes and not for commercial ones? You can happily carry on doing that but if the owner of the app discovers what you are doing, do not be surprised if they take action to prevent you from doing so (such as blocking your login). In the specific case of noise, CaRT do not have the powers to go around forcing boaters to not make noises in ways that the T&C's forbid - that is something that the Local Authority does have the legal power to do (subject to court approval) However, if it comes to CaRT's attention that a boater has persistently been making out of hours noise then they are perfectly entitled to apply the consequences of the signed T&C's, namely to withdraw the licence. After that they are able to use the law which provides powers to deal with unlicensed boats.
  8. It may or may not be relevant but I noticed with interest a Supreme Court ruling yesterday that the Human Rights act trumps any other attempt to restrict it by regulation. As I read it.
  9. Not been my observation but, then, I largely support his latest contribution. Certainly as it refers to badly phrased questions.
  10. Mike Todd


    Quiet a few canals have short river sections (eg Trent and Mersey at Alrewas, already mentioned) and these are liable to flooding or becoming impassable.
  11. Thanks for the responses, most helpful.
  12. Just about beginning to think about where we might venture next year! Can anyone say when it is optimum to try to visit the Basingstoke, in terms of avoiding seasons when it is more likely to be unavailable?
  13. I thought that the principle was (and certainly the case with predecessor legislation) that you cannot use information in ways outside those to which the other party has given consent. It does not prescribe ways in which information may never be shared irrespective of apparent consent. Comes back to the point as to whether it is possible to obtain a licence without signing up to the T&Cs. Once you have done so then GDPR allows the uses as cited. IIUC
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