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  1. Going onto the Lancaster next week. Today I have spoken to an other narrowboat owner who has just come off it. He said two narrowboats had been burnt out on the towpath. Both within around one mile of bridge 16 going north. Is anyone aware of a crime spike or places to avoid? Thanks
  2. Sorry, over reacted
  3. Hello sea dog The internet is a safe place for people to take swipes at people. My better half spent a lot of time picking and sewing her choice of curtains. At some point you and I will meet on the cut and you can tell that to my face.
  4. This is our net curtains. Standard nets with voile curtains used as colour screen in front. I'm sure my late Grans would like them. 😁
  5. We used the wooden inserts last year when it was really hot. See my previous post. We also use window netting on the doors. Use lots of fabric on the width. Have it longer than the doors to enable you to put items against them to stop the wind blowing them open. We find on a windy day only have one door open. You could also use incognito incense sticks. We were advised to have them in the centre of the boat. Let the boat fill up with the smoke / aroma from them. They are supposed to keep insects away. You can buy them from Holland and Barrett. Hope this helps.
  6. Yes remember seeing that and it was closed. Thanks
  7. Re shops and mooring North of Lymm. Just left Liverpool having travelled through Lymm last month on route. In reverse from Wigan Junction L&L bridge 2 open aspect overlooking Scotsmans Flash. L&L bridge 4 pub closed and mooring looked grim. L&L bridge 8 water tap is next to bridge at ground level. L&L bridge 9 open aspect overlooking Pennington Flash. We moored here for one night. L&L bridge 11 Ok mooring for shops and pub. We didnt moor here. Bridgewater Canal BC Butts bridge Pearson book shows water tap and waste. There isn't any services on towpath. There is a private wharf which was locked when we passed. BC Astley bridge, Astley Green. Mooring opposite a pub. We stopped briefly it was quite and pub was being used. BC Worsley opposite Worsley Dry Dock. Pearson book shows water tap and waste on towpath next to the bridge. We couldn't find it. BC Sale bridge Sale Good mooring. We have moored at public car park / next to pub last year and this year with no issues. Five minutes walk over the bridge into Sale town centre for all shops. Also Viking Launderette. BC Dunham Underbridge. Open aspect moored towpath side to visit Dunham Massey National Trust House BC Bollington Wharf, Little Bollington. Water tap is next to the gate leading into private mooring. We have moored here last year. The Swan Pub is really up market pub for a drink and food. Also used Olde no.3 for a drink which was pleasant but a bit basic. BC Lloyds Bridge. Signage states pump out and Launderette. We haven't used services. I believe you may know Lymm. Great places for pubs.
  8. Hi How do you prove ownership of your narrowboat? I have recently painted my narrowboat and choose not to paint the name on it. A boater mentioned because my narrowboat has no name displayed on it how can I prove I own it! Anyone heard of this before? P.S I keep all invoices from the marina and of works carried out on the boat, plus insurance. Thanks
  9. G, thanks for the informed reply
  10. Hi I am taking my narrowboat boat onto the Lancaster Canal for 17 days. I am considering increasing this. From the people who have taken their boats onto the Lancaster. How many days would you recommend on the canal to enjoy it to the full? If I end up there for 30 days is this too much? I enjoy hiking. Thanks
  11. 're when taking window out during painting your narrowboat. Has anyone stayed in their boat at the time of painting? What do you cover the window internal to stop dust etc getting in? Thanks
  12. Matty, Reg Thanks for the helpful reply
  13. Hi I have decided to take out the windows. I plan to stay on the boat whilst painting. The boat will be out of the water in a shed. I have purchased a roll of no nonsense hard floor covering from Screwfix that decorators use. I plan to put this over the inside of the windows to stop dust etc getting into the boat. The windows are channel glaze. What have other people done. Any advice welcome. Any tips 're getting rusted screws out. I will have to drill them out. Thanks
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