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  1. Newspapers? Verify? What on earth is the world coming to?
  2. And if it works perhaps we can then have a cap on cars and trucks on the roads. Just had a long trip to get our second jab - great to have the roads so quiet, almost like when I first learn to drive except that the M5 did not exists back then!
  3. But the usage environment (a typical boater's life - whatever that is) the tests should seek to rep0licate that without any prior knowledge of how the additives work. After all, the boater is only concerned with the effect not the mechanism.
  4. You will get wetter on a semi-trad or cruiser (unless fitted with a canopy for any of them)
  5. . . . and those projects they did tackle took longer because of all the workarounds.
  6. I thought that read and white diesel were now generally the same fuel - only the marker dye differentiates.
  7. The main difference is not the number of locks but that the bunch together at Tardebigge. After all, you have to do the same height change whichever way you go to Brum (no intermediate downhill) and they are mostly of a standard rise. Each has its own special quirks of canal history/engineering.
  8. As I recall from researching the area when we visited last in 2019 (we left our boat in Plank Lane marina for a trip back home), Bickershaw Colliery was extensive and an area north of the canal and bridge. Now much of its is the marina basin and a large housing estate. see https://maps.nls.uk/view/101103656. The colliery appears on the 1894 edition but not on the 1849 one. see https://maps.nls.uk/view/101103656 However, the latter does show two tram road tracks which later became more extensive (Bickershaw Sidings) so perhaps it was just under construction at that time. I haven't
  9. Failure to avoid the repetition is 'proof' of a lack of understanding of the history!
  10. No, it is the one where the unattractive is taken away in a pumpkin cart in the middle of the night. (It was not called Night Soil for nothing!)
  11. Let Machiavelli speak: the idea of getting public donations as a means of keeping the canals in operation was a daft idea from the outset but it was a political idea so CaRT were required to give it a go, despite all the indication that it would never achieve anything much. In a way, the first ten years of the Grant Agreement has been a pilot study, sorting out what works and what does not as a basis for setting the next decade's model (let the politicians loose and there will be other pipe dreams to deal with!) The interesting point will be to see what the consultants have to say bot continui
  12. As Alan indicated in previous post, I think you were fortunate to get away with it in certain locks
  13. Ah, their dastardly plan to obviate restrictions is revealed: hand over tenner as registration fee and then beer (one pint per person) is free so not breaking the rule about not selling drinks indoors!
  14. Actually I think it says that he works in London and moors at Reading.
  15. Always useful to remember that whilst one coat of paint may stick to the previous layer, that older layer may not stick to anything - including the hull. Chemical reactions may make the situation worse if it reduces the adhesion between the older layer and what is underneath it.
  16. £4550 1987 = £13089 2020 VAT in 1987 = 15%, 2020 = 20% £5232 1987 = £15707 2021 (with VAT)
  17. at approx 53.281366, -2.607367 and from Google: (strangely when I look at Google Sat view in two different ways one shows it and the other does not.
  18. My records show 57 as Lubenham Wharf Bridge but OS give the road as Laughton Road. Streetview also show that from one direction there is a long straight approach and on the o0ther side good sightlines with plenty of warnings to SLOW for the bridge which does give a kink in the road. Someone asleep at the wheel? If this story is really funny enough for a music hall then it si no wonder they closed down. Hardly merits criticism for an extra 'b'. Plenty of such typos appear hear as elsewhere - better to get the notice out as soon as possible, especially over a holiday we
  19. Back to Tom Puddings? There is form . . .
  20. But that's not 'sleeping' - even if it looks like it with some folk we pass!
  21. Clearly missed (a) date and (b) the sarcasm!
  22. But only until midday (according to my childhood myths)!
  23. We recently found it quite easy. Maybe it depends on the council
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