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  1. Ive got a 2L2 and felt a bit, just a bit sorry to be of having to out him, but he didnt have any excuse at all of tickover once out of the tunnel, other than to impose his superior excellence on to other boaters and the trip boat.
  2. Gordon, I love Volockies that assist my passage, I do not like Volockies that Insist on how I do my passage. There are some that have a power surge, especially at high volume tourist locations that like to shout and dictate how everything should be. If your use of capitals helps you put your point across..That's how some of the volockies seem to us experienced boaters to be working - and it isnt working. They are NOT giving up their free time for us, they are giving up their free time because they want to feel included, want to give something back, want to do something interesting in the countryside, they are contributing to CRT volunteer numbers, they are contributing to the waterways network and to help inexperienced boaters.
  3. Unfortunately, I see this more and more. One weekend out on our own boat this year... Waiting mid channel at Stoke Bruerne top as trip boat on towpath and the boat in front moored across the bollards - the bloke shouts "Oy, you gonna come and help my missus, shes on her own" - being 140 feet away from lock and the lock being surrounded by a multitude of tourists and boaters, we aren't even sure that no-one is coming up the lock, never mind being in a position to assist. Waiting at bottom lock for two boats to go up, Kathy goes up to help. As the boats leave, some woman with a walky talky round neck tells Kathy to close the gates. Kathy points out that theres a boat coming down. "well you have to shut the gates anyway - and I cant see that far" - Kathy leaves the gates open for boat to enter...Woman with Walkytalky walks off in disgust. coming through tunnel, Trip boat behind, the boat in front is going tickover even when the oncoming boat has passed. Reaches the end of the tunnel and the boat in front continues to do tickover after a swift look behind and a discussion with his wifey. He swings across the navigation channel, blocking the few passing chances. This is a boat known for going quite fast past moored boats locally(he has previous!!). Still thwarting progress up to Blisworth, having to take the boat out of gear every few yards, the trip boat and me are arms in the air - whatatwat kind of feeling. thought we had a chance after the winding hole, but moored boats..up to the sluice and bridge50, yes, chance....but he slews across in front of us- in the whole distance from the tunnel, he has refused to glance back once. So, coming along to the end of the straight after bridge 50, moored boat (the container boat) just after corner, I do a Michael Schumacher move, take the inside left, after I am halfway past he realises that I havnt lost momentum like he has, ....and he sticks full throttle on!! Fatal mistake, he joins his front end to my middle and a subtle right steer of the boat ensures his front ends up on the towpath whilst Kathy explains the stupidity of his actions in quite fruity but polite English. Narrowboat Kala, Gardner 2LW, well done, arse of the weekend.
  4. We have had several duff batteries in the last 12 months direct from suppliers, they at first blame the boats and charging systems, but when the rest go the same way with 2 independent electricians showing the boat systems to be fine, agree to replace - but don't pay for the time or aggravation/inconvenience. We have removed one Northampton supplier from our phone list, one battery was supplied unwatered!! Standard unit will be the base price , wanting smaller sticky out bits in strange places ups the price by factors of strangeness and awkwardness.
  5. The Watford lot are generally ok, they don't get opportunity to perform or show off like most flights as there is no local parking access. It was however the flight I was ascending, where one kept shouting at me to move back, I didnt/couldnt, MOVE BACK, I didnt/couldnt, came stomping down to admonish me until I pointed out that at 70 feet I had nowhere to go back to.........
  6. Its not strange at all, CRT took delight at grinding off lots of paddle lifting gear last year to stop boaters trying to escape the Leeds Liverpool,
  7. Mrsmelly will have it, he needs a pram hood and that's far more stylish.
  8. You are bricking up the interior??
  9. The access cover is the grey sprayed thing.
  10. The only help I need at those locks is a volunteer gate paddle on the top gates to appear everytime I go through.
  11. I have heard it the other way round so it's probably swings and roundabouts.
  12. This doesn't surprise me in the least, the fact that for years they have completely shut the cafe from Christmas to mid Feb doesnt exactly get the crowds coming to see nil boats because the lock flight is shut for Winter maintenance. He's got a red one and a green one, thats all I know. I just carry on as normal.
  13. One just waves a flag around, and then tells you off because you didnt know what the flag meant. I have asked them to go for a tea break before now when they tried to take over.
  14. You might as well call Tuckeys, they do most of Ray Bowerns craning work and a lot of his lorry work too.
  15. Sounds like you have been watching too much Delia Smith...... Give it another few days and you will have doubled the size of the tank.
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