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  1. I think its Bhageera that's gone down with Greenshank, that was being used as a cafe overflow at the weekend.
  2. They were fine on Saturday, Redshank was up and down all day.
  3. Hudsons would not be able to pull the front end in as much as they do without having a 15mm baseplate to run the flux drive welding machine through.
  4. Ditto, if its a wide boat, the top of the covers must be 10 foot above the water.
  5. It's funny you should say that word, when BW tries to sneak that plan I mentioned above in mid Feb(with less than 6 weeks notice) in 2011, the main area of concern was that BW could provide NO evidence to substantiate their plans reasons, need for or possible outcomes, other than the fact that a couple of people had sat innan office, decided there was a problem and come up with the solution. They were forced to extend the consultation to an proper period, forced to admit they hadnt actually got any evidence, and overwhelmingly forced to shelve it as it would have become a disaster environ
  6. Strangely enough, when Sally Ash and BW were trying to get boats to move a (lot) more in 2011 by creating 7 zones on the Lee and Stort, max stay 7 days and boats having to move 1,3,5,7,6,4,2 as a minimum, if not out of the area, the rowing clubs joined the environmentalists, cyclists, boat clubs, local councils, Lee Valley Rangers, London Boaters etc in saying a big NO. Work with the rowing clubs (and they dont actually want boats moving on certain practice days) and they will support the boaters. Pi€€ them off and double/triple moor on their practice reaches and they will go the w
  7. There are no fish living at huge depths on CRT canals as they are never bleedin dredged.
  8. If you start posting in the canals and eating section(its there somewhere), you will rectify this.
  9. Dear Matty,

    Thank you for your report. Appropriate action has been taken.

    Best wishes,

    Mike (Athy)

  10. Not as touchy as you seeing the PM you sent which I have reported.
  11. Might have known you'd ship up with some clever comment, I didnt say it was yesterday, and the lockie was shutting at 3, NOT when they were supposed to be shutting.
  12. Following the lock stoppage at Bank Newton where hire boats were allowed and assisted passage so they could return to base, but not private hirers, another similar story has appeared. The Watford and Foxton flights have been on limited passage recently (10-3), with long queues and some boats arriving before lunchtime not allowed passage until next day. A friend arrived wellbefore 10am with boat and butty, booked them in when lockies arrived ....and then helped boats up and down for several hours to speed the process. The lockies were not doing this efficiently, but refused to listen how i
  13. Same as it does when you dont push them.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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