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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. To do the Walsall once is unfortunate, to be caught there twice is idiotic/stupid/unfogiva le/mad/daft/loony/lost* *please delete as appropriate
  3. Bedford river was absolutely packed with rowing teams on Sunday, lovely to see. We actually felt like we were in Italy for about 2 hours as didnt hear an English voice until we went into the museum.
  4. Mike Askin explained it very well last year on his youtoob channel.
  5. If people arent sure, the key selling name is Le Y'Lande d'Regent Blanc
  6. If I wanted to live in a dentists with a doctors surgery waiting room to relax in, this would be ideal, just missing the numerous NHS posters.
  7. I would moor below Kings Lock, not above, as pound and lock can empty with no vandal help.
  8. Boats dont normally moor in that pound, Blaby about 5 locks up is where the next boat usually is.
  9. You have some interesting cable arrangements in certain locations, look forward to seeing what goes on there!.
  10. You mean like checking a duck isnt actually a goose?..no.
  11. It was very common for hire companies to use welded to baseplate tanks for pump outs and shower drains(with a bilge pump). This hasn't really changed, Black Prince still do it with their 2 toilet massive tank under the central bed system. They don't build the boats to last a lifetime, just a hire boat lifetime. For those Black Prince owners now worried, I would be too.
  12. Water and steel = rust, speshly when its rusty already(orange water). Suck it all out, dry it, then de-rust it, treat and apply either a decent bilge paint system, or blacking.
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