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  1. So not only is the bridge in the picture not the bridge hit, the canal is not blocked in either direction and nobody has spilt their tea either.
  2. Jimmy might well need a boat half the size.
  3. Several issues will affect this. There will be NO unemployment after all the migrant workers earning less than £38k are sent home, DrinkDriving Minister Robert Jenrick told us today. There will also be no benefits either, as the Government is stopping all that rubbish, speshly for the illegals who will all be taken in dinghys to Rwanda. The government will also have access to your bank account, PIN number and birthday cards so you will have no money at all. A boat can be classed as a tent under new legislation put together by the Patel/Braverman thinktank and will thus be removed. Homelessness doesnt happen any more as this Government pledged to end it in 2017....and always carries out its pledges. Seriously though The boat will have to have an enhanced Boat Safety, be registered as a business with CRT and have a fixed address(mooring) in order to be considered for housing assistance on a rental basis.
  4. I forecast that it will stop raining in mid February.....
  5. Easy, Hampton Ferry in Evesham. Somewhere, I do have a screen grab from Farson Digital Webcams of me moving a boat from Gloucester to Stowe Hill.....I hadnt even realised I was that close to Evesham, and went through at full pelt!...it was early in the year though.
  6. First decision is whether you want stainless steel or a plastic one. If it's going to be under the bed, it will need very good spray foaming to stop condensation problems, and if the bed is to the side of the boat, have you considered how you will ballast to counter full/empty tank.?
  7. Most of the local boats on this pound were given 6 month licences during this year, most had reduced cruising during Covid and without the local interaction, hadnt restarted longer journeys(up or down a set of locks. ) Most have restarted using Leicester line and Rugby/Calcutt directions now, but more boats are infiltrating from Milton Keynes given the enforcement there has been upped. In all previous years, the Stowe Hill winter moorings have been on the far side of the water point from the A5. Last 4 years 3 boats max, one who paid for 8 years didn't bother as nobody else did any more. This year, the signed moorings are from the A5 bridge and past the water point as well....a long stretch, at least 3 boats(including the above mentioned chap,) all beyond the water point again.
  8. Strangely enough, builders like Aqualine, Collingwood etc, which are volume, still dont carry out some compliance details like inspection hatch fitted to fuel tanks.
  9. You keep referring to things that state we are still in the EU. Until the younger voters rescue us, we are no longer part of that crew.
  10. If you can manage a days travel either way, try Stowe Hill.
  11. I don't think the K&A reaches the South of Burmingham unless its had an unadvertised rethink recently.
  12. We know you want that to be the case, or need it to be the case, but unfortunately for you, this is NOT what the BMF has stated to its member brokerages that the future of boat selling under their umbrella will be.
  13. ...but if you have chucked it off Wolverton Aqueduct, it will probably be flat packed squashed anyway.
  14. You could get up the GU as far as Wolverton Aqueduct then just chuck it over the side onto the Great Ouse. Seriously though, you do not have the headroom with one of those lifeboats to get under bridges on the Nene and Middle Levels.
  15. It looked like cheap white sticker letters to me.
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