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  1. matty40s

    Boaters group recognised by CRT

    Not provocative at all, just frustrated by the sound of it. Here's a plan for you, set up a website to publicise the boaters reps, contact them all and publish their supplied information on CRT meetings and what they are allowed to do as reps. This will allow you to move from Really Awkward Person to Reasoned Advocate Person and make you feel better and the Boaters Reps feel like they are being listened to.......by you and Boaters....not CRT that would be silly.
  2. matty40s

    Boaters group recognised by CRT

    Andy is also a member of this forum but hardly needs to duplicate the excellent posts by Kiwi, who not only includes details from his notes, but has updated us since election to the post. I suggest if you want to know what the other 2 are doing, you may need to search elsewhere, maybe the roving traders association.
  3. There will be lots of yellow vested folks pointing you in the right direction.
  4. matty40s

    The Long Good Thursday

    Thats Bad
  5. matty40s

    The Long Good Thursday

    if your on hesienberg just stick to the crystal meth...
  6. matty40s

    Laurence Hogg - RIP

    Sorry, did a quick search and didnt find anything, now found it, will report my post and get it merged.
  7. matty40s

    Laurence Hogg - RIP

    Ray Shill mentioned this earlier, he is probably too upset to post anything more. I have met Laurence once, and I and Kathy have chatted to him many times on here, in fact, he even used to come on and out of the chatroom on his internet. A fantastic waterways historian and someone who wanted things done properly, which is why he sometimes became frustrated with BW and CRT. from BCNS email. Hi All It is with a heavy heart that I send this to you:- The following information was sent to me by Bob Williams. Dear friends, You may not know that our long-serving supporter, Laurence Hogg (aged 65) died very unexpectedly in Shrewsbury Hospital on 3rd June, overwhelmed by progressive medical problems. The funeral has been arranged for Monday 25th June, 2:30pm at Bushbury Crematorium, north of Wolverhampton. Laurence was widely known in waterway circles, often called upon for his expert knowledge, particularly in the Midlands. His tenure of nb "BARNET" for many years served as a base for film production and for volunteer activity on the canals. Latterly he had developed an alternative interest in trading model railway items, many created by his own ability attracting an extensive following. Attached is an obituary I prepared for publication which you may want to insert in your next edition. The photo is my own and does not need any acknowledgement. Regards, Bob Williams, Director s
  8. matty40s

    The Long Good Thursday

    Order your coal now, best price of the year. 👍
  9. matty40s

    Moorings Leicester.

    2 days ( formerly 48 hours at Castle gardens and Friar Lane) , not sure about the brand new ones at Memory Lane, Richard T might know, he was there a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Oh my goodness, Ray, I didn't realise Lawrence had left us.
  11. matty40s

    A new problem at Minworth second lock

    It is definitely happening more often nowadays. I was collecting a boat early morning from Crick and as I passed Buckby top (in a car at 6am) saw a quite distinctive boat moored on the lock landing. As I came to Buckby top at 9.30 am the same boat was still on the lock landing with hatches open now and a CRT hopper full of cleared floating branches and debris on the opposite landing. The moorings further back were full. Sticking the nose on the gates and letting the back end drift not very gently onto the moored boat, I crossed his back deck and went to the top gates to fill the lock. Lock full so I came back towards the boat and his head popped out of the back, "sorry mate, only just got here". I just told him he was a liar and lock landings shouldn't be moored on.
  12. matty40s

    London Boaters - Government Review

    The hand held device that the boat checkers use is set to kilometres and you get a notice if you don't move more than 1km after 14 days at one spot. Neighborhoods, parishes, down/up two locks, go round the corner have been completely removed from any sense of common sense used by Enforcement officers.
  13. You might be ok saturday so long as you leave early (before 5.30pm)- Sunday is a no go as far as public transport from Hillmorton to Braunston goes unless something has changed in the last 12 months.
  14. matty40s

    Droning over Marsworth

    It reminds me of the Nutcracker Suite you heathen... do you have no culture...
  15. Its free if you park over the hill and fly the drone over instead.....

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