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  1. matty40s

    Harvesting free power

    ....is it really that looks good since you ran a booza! !
  2. matty40s

    Leicester Ring

    Having lived in or around it since 1986, I know you all are 😆
  3. matty40s

    Route advice

    The rivers ( apart from a quick blip last week) have been remarkably benign this year and it would take a lot of rain to make them unnavigable (and very little is forecast for next 2 weeks). It's a great trip, with mild weather looking set for ages. Aim to do south of Leicester ( Kilby bridge) to city centre in one go....secure moorings there, and then get to Birstall at a minimum on the next leg. Other than that there are no " no go" areas until you get to Stoke.
  4. matty40s

    Leicester Ring

    Its called a weir. 😀 I always spin the boat round first in the Mill pool, then let it drop down stream of the fuel boat in the current, and then steer into the current to moor up to the fuel boat.
  5. matty40s

    Leicester Ring

    Perhaps theres something new none of us know about yet.......
  6. matty40s

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    I must admit, my car gets washed every time it rains.
  7. matty40s

    Marque Narrowboats

    well the 25 year survey gives me another 150 years before I need overplating (if I can find a secret supply of Comastic)
  8. matty40s

    Marque Narrowboats

    another quality shell from Marque...
  9. matty40s

    Marque Narrowboats

    The guy (Mark) was originally an apprentice then working for the Tim Tyler stable of builders, hence the lovely front ends and way they swim. He set up on his own to produce quality shells in their own right ( I believe over a 100 were produced).
  10. matty40s

    Harvesting free power

    Save yourself even more, take a flask and sandwiches wrapped in tin foil while you read the free papers....which you then take home to light the fire made out of their lovely wooden chairs. At a push, strap your fridge to a sack trolley and plug it in for a few hours, so long as the door stays shut it will keep its temp overnight. 😀
  11. matty40s


    If you black them they last longer
  12. matty40s

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    I did, last week.....😎
  13. matty40s

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    So's the one in the OP - from drinks cans.
  14. matty40s

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    can't believe the amount of people who post my pic........

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