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  1. matty40s

    Cheshire Locks

    Classic case of use it or.....
  2. matty40s

    Used narrowboat prices (by brokers)

    Boats have kept their value of risen for the last 5 or 6 years.several reasons including those above. Boats which would have been scrapped 10 years ago now sell for £15k, There are customers waiting for certain types of boats to come to brokerage and they generally get sold as soon as they appear (if not prior to going on the web) for asking price. This has not so much to do with brokers raising prices as customer demand driving sales.
  3. matty40s

    Rylards Paint - suppliers ?

    Rytex have stopped producing their Coflex VT - their version of Comastic - due to EU regulations banning coal tar products from Jan 2019. Old Friends had its last coats of Coflexa month ago with some carefully hidden away tins.
  4. matty40s

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Tawny will still have a working boat colour scheme.
  5. matty40s


    I believe we have moobs, so MrSmelly tells me anyway...
  6. matty40s

    Happy birthday tree monkey

    It was yummy😆
  7. matty40s


    Old Friends Canopy..... 😊
  8. matty40s

    Happy birthday tree monkey

    Indeed it is.... ...and what a cakey. .. Happy birfday again from Kathy and me.
  9. we didnt ignore this rule, we tried to make an unfair rule into a rule that could be monitored and recorded as a rule that could give heating and electric consumption as a valid use of diesel.
  10. Brother in Law has a barge in the Seine in Paris as his work base/office, they use agridiesel, not road diesel.
  11. Its a bureaucratic rule brought in by people with no real knowledge of how diesel is used and no respect for a country which has at least tried to "officialise" the process by self declaration and HMRC retailer checks. The EU don't accept that small vessels MAY have a separate tank for domestic(boiler, stove, cooker, heating etc) usage, they don't accept that a percentage split may be used from a single tank for heating/electric generation, they don't accept that the UK/HMRC are trying to play fair against a very ill thought out ruling. No, lets stick the boot in, lets fine them and add to the Brexit fee....... Out means out, Tusk, Merkel and others will suffer more when we've gone.
  12. matty40s

    Historic Boats for sale online

    She sold, as I thought she would, very quickly. Had great fun working through the various bespoke controls and back up controls, only the second boat we havn't managed to get round the marina entrance into the dock - had to move the two boats opposite the dock and reverse her into the moorings and then straight into the dock. indeed, and for your records, I will now post a picture of the new back end as well
  13. matty40s

    Solar and Electrics

    If you only have one domestic battery (110Ah?)of dubious lifetime length, then it is likely that your expected usage far exceeds your batteries capabilities. The solar charger probably has a safety feature which will not let it charge a completely discharged battery and this is what you may be facing now. If you are living aboard and have an expectation of lights, charging a laptop/ipad/phone etc along with using water pump, shower discharge pump and other electrics, then you need to upgrade your basic power bank first, before replacing items, which may not be faulty - but just designed not to work or protect themselves, - or yourself from an exploding battery!! Try London Boaters.Org for local electricians advice, nobody else like to come down there due to congestion charges, parking charges, traffic jams, inability of boaters to get to accessible moorings, terrorists and the queen.
  14. matty40s

    star class boat Pegasus

    Not sure the mast is a historically accurate one....
  15. matty40s

    legal expert required

    I would think that their billing department would send out thousands of invoices to said quays, wharves and unmanned estuary bouys, just in the hope that 5% of them (CRT target for non-responsible possible accounts) will be paid without question.

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