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  1. It wasnt, it was footage of a boat coming in and mooring up and then another boat ramming the first one. There is no similarity to a bridge hole situation.
  2. Or even a bit like a fascist, like Hitler.... 😁
  3. Must be a cheap Japanese import, not in my collection.
  4. matty40s


    Very cheap for the spec, but Photonic Universe have quite a good reputation as a whole. I wonder if they are offloading old de-badged Sterling stock.
  5. I suspect that the wall may have collapsed very soon looking at the adjoining walling, and the local activity hastened its demise. I also agree that the blue diggers appearance reduced this stoppage time from months to day.
  6. You have never had properly cooked spam fritters then.
  7. Just didnt have the balls to go for it did he..
  8. MrSmelly does this already and hes not won the lottery.....allegedly.
  9. Should be ok, the tides are getting bigger so you will have a longer push. The later you leave it, the more fresh there will be after the rain in the last few days.
  10. Nene came off strong stream on Friday, back on on Sunday. With the rain today, I wouldnt think it will be navigable for most of its length for a week or two now.
  11. matty40s

    Boat rage

    No, never seen it before.......😎
  12. .ng is far more likely to be someone from that country attempting to charge for helping the process, or just farm Credit card details with personal information added as part of the form filling....m
  13. We plan to stay afloat forever, and that's a mighty long time..(cheers Prince)... If we dont, it means the surveyors missed something pretty drastic in our survey, or we havnt bothered maintaining the boat as it should be.
  14. Japan has also had this squad training together, doing performance improvements and analytics, for the last 214 days without any other distractions.
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