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  1. Most modern chargers and inverter chargers will NOT charge under a certain voltage as a safety feature....if one of the batteries has faulted out or shorted, it might blow up if the bulk charge of over 14.5 or even worse, equalization charge is allowed to be put through it. The only way of trying to charge those batteries properly is off the boat with a decent auto trickle charger for a day or two..you will then find out whether they hold charge or not. My guess from your description is not. The only other thing I can think of to take them down that low is if you left the 240v immersion on when you went out cruising.
  2. Cheddington station is about 15 minutes walk from the canal, but moorings are good and safe, both at the Brownlows and at Cooks Wharf stretch. Tring station is at the middle of Tring cutting, not many people moor here as it is gloomy and damp Linslade is good if you can get a mooring, south of the Tesco is most likely. Fenny Stratford trains are few and far between, you have to change at MK,and dont run sundays.
  3. A rather large widebeam was lifted in at Stowe Hill just over 12 months ago, they finally made it off the GU on to the Thames at Brentford a couple of weeks ago. This is a distance of 82 miles. They probably moved less than 2 hours every 14 days, 3 or 4 miles at the most each move. There will be some who say this is not within the spirit of the rules, some who say it shouldn't be allowed, but IS bona fide navigation, they are doing the K&A next then back and over to Europe..probably by 2023...😁
  4. I tried 2 doses of k-seal to try to stop a water leak from one of my 2L2 heads. It had been very slowly seeping since 2012, at first only visible in bright sunshine as steam coming from the paint. K-seal didnt fix it. I thought it was one of the famed porous heads of a saltwater cooled engine. I got brave last year and took a grinder to the head to find out whether it was terminal as the rust continued to grow and paint to disappear. It transpired there was a hairline crack on the head...previously disguised by a Braunston based Gardner expert... fill and paint job. Local garage donated some advanced metal weld, an epoxy system that can be ground flat and painted afterwards. I used a grinder to run a trench down the crack, used the epoxy over the surrounding area along with working it into the trench. Smoothed off a couple of days later and then painted up. 12 months on, no water leak and zero loss of coolant. I believe the K-seal didnt work as the slow revving engine never gets hot enough.
  5. Only if you turn up with a bowler and lacey collared shirts.
  6. I have lots of informed knowledge thankyou, with very close personal experience.....including bladder cancer......humour is not allowed anymore??
  7. Smoking doesn't kill, death does, smoking might just reduce the amount of time you are alive for.. As might the number 39 bus...
  8. As I have said previously in this thread, you can get FAR better prices for wholesale Calor gas than from Calor itself. You just have to find out who is selling to the people who are selling it cheaper than anyone else. Then come to an agreement with that supplier,maybe taking solid fuel as well to ensure a full lorry load, then cancel your Calor contract.
  9. Les used to be the welder for Stowe Hill Boatbuilders and could overplate the tank or build you a new one.
  10. Speak to Les at Welford Marina Services, if hes not on holiday, will have hoses there.
  11. That's strange, it's usually India and Pakistan with coconut gifts...
  12. Did they drop a hand grenade in Loughborough, navigation closed at bridge 26.....
  13. You might find that the boat builders and owners are one and the same. I do believe that the owners of Delta Marine had built themselves a fat boat to retire to ..going to European waterways, perhaps this is it.
  14. Change supplier. Calor have you over a canister if you order direct. There are wholesalers who will sell you calor gas £10 less than calor charge you. Shop around and boot Calor out.
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