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  1. https://www.johnbarnard.biz/tips-tricks-videos/ You could do worse than watch a few of these.
  2. Calmer Kharma.......spotted in Lestoh.
  3. Most of the locks coming through Leicester seems to have a paddle taped off, Birstall lock 2.....this wouldnt be a problem if the gates on the river sections didnt leak like sieves. Some of the tape has been there so long it has completely faded to white. A surprising lack of rubbish until below Lime Kilns lock, and then disgraceful.
  4. Sileby Marina....I will post current price tommorow..... Pillocks Lock also do it, but it's a credit card machine that allows no domestic split except for residents on a Saturday morning.
  5. MrSmelly is after a 2nd pumpout at the other end of his posh boat.
  6. On this day today....reaching the first lock Kibworth Top, on the way down to Leicester, not too happy to find the bottom gates open, paddles all up!! ...and the offending boat stopped for lunch on the lock landing below....
  7. Just turn the boat round, it's far easier and cheaper. We've been planning a new galley for 18 months....
  8. Beta are open in the morning. Get your engine number, and ask them, they will tell you whether it's one of theirs, and which filters to use if it is. They are very helpful people (now they are back from lockdown)
  9. Covers the filler and chewing gum.
  10. The car is pictured with each member of the family individually.. ..more stupid, namby pamby do gooders that must be offended
  11. Changing the subject somewhat, I am amazed that the people who must be offended have not called for the name of that lock to be changed yet....
  12. They will have to dredge the canals and rivers to allow the barges to work properly, and man the locks.
  13. You mean like the Belgian Minister for health... No he probably doesnt, the stupid Yanks led by their idiot President seem to think that Covid is still just a joke...until they die of it.
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