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  1. matty40s

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Thats quite a far reach of the Anglesey Branch isnt it...?
  2. matty40s

    Solar question

    The Tracer will not charge batteries with a voltage as low as this - a safety feature. You need to run your engine, hope the alternator can put some charge in them quickly - or as others state, stick them on charge using a domestic 240v supply for several days - you might save them, you might not.
  3. matty40s


    Cant help with the stain but why are you recreating a BW/CRT Elsan block in your garden??
  4. matty40s


    ....and most people who know them recommend installing the buggers without a filter anyway.
  5. matty40s

    K&A Closed Until Further Notice

    You tell that to the two lads on their way to Bath from Whilton with their new boat last week, they reckoned they would be there in 2 and a half weeks. ☺
  6. matty40s

    Thames Moorings a warning

    Why not travel to , say , Bristol, or many other places.......😀
  7. matty40s

    Thames Moorings a warning

    But there are!!!!
  8. matty40s

    Calor Gas Prices - Increases December 10th

    Don't worry folks, price rises are not important, look what they are doing for us. Winter is upon us We're ready! Dear Network Plus user Since last winter, Calor, together with its business partners and other SHV Energy colleagues, has spent this spring and summer looking at contingency plans, past performance analysis and future resource management, in order to set ourselves up for this winter season. We have implemented essential changes with an absolute focus on improving safety and availability, which are summarised below. Cylinder Availability Our customers need safe, affordable cylinders of a size and type that are suitable to fuel their LPG appliances. They expect these requirements to be met via a local collection point or a fast, reliable delivery service. As an authorised Calor retailer, you are fundamental to our ability to deliver this promise. Below are some actions we have taken over the last few months to enable you to do this with confidence. Established a dedicated national cylinder supply department to constantly monitor and adjust cylinder stocks by location to ensure supply/demand fulfilment. Purchased thirty seven thousand additional propane cylinders (18, 19 & 47kg), which are now all in our plants. Secured 13% more cylinders in our plants today compared to a year ago with improved availability across the core range. Ensured winter butane stocks are already in place. Cylinder Distribution Our success in the cylinder markets relies on our ability to provide retailers with a safe, secure supply of cylinders from across our range. These need to be provided on a fleet of dedicated vehicles driven by fully trained and competent professionals. That has always been our mission and we have made some recent changes to improve our competence in this area even further. These changes address our drivers and our infrastructure. Our Drivers Our drivers have always been an important part of our customer-facing team of service providers. In the last few weeks, we were delighted to welcome 12 apprentice drivers who will be in place this season and we see this as the first group of many thereby creating a growing permanent driver workforce. All of our existing drivers have been put on more flexible contracts which include a performance-related bonus scheme. They will also be provided with additional training to enable us to have a single team of national multi-skilled drivers able to deliver cylinders and bulk gas as demand requires. Our Infrastructure Earlier this year, we completed major investments in our cylinder filling infrastructure in the north and the south. This significantly increases our ability to fill and maintain cylinders for use throughout the whole of GB. Our Calor Centres, depots and filling plants are now all ‘winter ready’. Ongoing stock levels are monitored on a national basis, utilising automatic ordering technology, ensuring that cylinder assets are in the right place at the right time. Our vehicles are managed on a national basis too, so that we have a fully integrated logistics capability from filling plant to retailer. To support this distribution-focused infrastructure and our independent cylinder retail network, our sales, marketing and support services are now managed through a dedicated team of field and office based professionals. Finally… We believe we are better prepared for winter today than for many years, but we would like to ask for your help to get maximum impact from these initiatives: Please order what you need for when you need it – over ordering or under estimating could lead to shortages in some areas or reduce your ability to supply your customers if you run out. Check your stockist and wholesale customers’ stock. Cylinders which just sit in customers’ premises without being used cost us all – including, ultimately, the Calor consumer. If you’re worried about any aspect of your own winter preparations, call your Calor Sales Professional, they may be able to help. We can assure you that we remain totally committed to our retailer network and to the future development of the cylinder business. We are going into this winter with significant resources so that you can feel confident in your mission to supply Calor to your customers, wherever they are and whatever the weather! Kind regards, Calor
  9. matty40s

    Thames Moorings a warning

    it is well out of the time that a mooring charge should be issued, 3 months after the mooring date. Ignore it or just write back with your proof. It is really sad that this is happening.
  10. matty40s


    "Can we discuss compensation?"
  11. matty40s

    Calor Gas Prices - Increases December 10th

    apparently 19 litres of petrol in my diesel tank, topped up with diesel and then driven at speed for 50 miles (then topped up with diesel again), probably did my engine the world of good.😁
  12. matty40s


    theres always one gets through the net...
  13. matty40s

    Calor Gas Prices - Increases December 10th

    Wholesale diesel is dropping below 60ppl at last this week so the price of red should drop below 80 pence again for zero rated purchases. The gas is indeed a cartel style arrangement. As far as road diesel goes, I drove up to Blackpool last weekend and the first garage(Shell, Shardlow) I stopped at on the A50 was at £1.55 on the pump and £1.54 on the illuminated road sign. The lady said oh, would I like the lower price......... I purchased 5 litres (enough to get me to Stoke Tesco where I filled up at £1.26.
  14. matty40s


    Except special cases
  15. matty40s

    Calor Gas Prices - Increases December 10th

    Calor have gone up several times in the last few months, not always informing of the rise. It wouldnt be so bad if they had full stock of all cylinders but quite a few are non-existent now and Caolr do not know when or if they will be able to re-stock. Patio (BBQ) gas ran out the 2nd week in May and only became available again late October.!! As for the satisfaction ratings - they havn't heard the last from our local standards of delivery champion, Excuse after replaced Customer Service Manager after Excuse....

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