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  1. You do mean RCD... I wouldn't get RCR to change a lightbulb.
  2. Hobbit Not being offensive there, but you do live in a hut in a foreign country.... https://www.thestoveyard.com/products/hobbit-stove
  3. Stoke Bruerne flight was closed Jan-mid March for gates, cill protectors and other works. The missing lower gate paddle at lock 18 which has not been there for 18 months wasnt re-instated while this was going on.
  4. Must be quite a bit of water about....
  5. Originally paired with William, the butty was a real butty then, only when separated, the drive was added.
  6. Midnight Blue, nearest and LH is latest Symphony mix, far one is Symphony paints Mason P type mix from 2017. This has lost its purple hue, except for where protected by cratch cover etc.
  7. There is a LOT of difference between the various Midnight Blues produced. Symphony standard midnight blue is different from the Symphony Midnight Blue Masons P type copy produced for us a few years ago. Craftmaster MB is probably more like the MasonsP was.
  8. At least you will be able to get out of Yorkshire....
  9. I was slightly disturbed when I looked at my weather station first thing this morning.....
  10. ..and are too rich to get taxed, having offshore Cayman Islands havens. As an aside, what happens to offshore Cayman Islands accounts when the Cayman Islands disappear under the glacial floods.
  11. The price is VERY right, its £5 a foot and more expensive down the main GU.!!
  12. River levels permitting!!! Do you offer gritblasting too?
  13. Its OK, Eton educated Rees- Mogg says nothing to worry about here....
  14. You are lucky, the Tories have shut all the swimming pools round here , you cant swim in the rivers or sea due to sewage, and it's still pissing down.
  15. Unfortunately, it's gone way beyond tipping point, far beyond what current scientific models were predicting, and will affect the worlds populations negatively in an very short order. Food shortages will be the main cause of population movement and decline, with self sufficient nations becoming focus for migration. The UK is far from self sufficient, especially as now out of the EU trading block. As far as it affects us right now, we were setting off for Easter on the Thursday before...until I saw what was coming on the radar.... The hail that fell in a square mile round here was confirmed by the European weather services as the largest ever in March in the UK.
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