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  1. Not usually, plenty of space when I've been through in the Winter. This is probably the first year I wont have been through there at least once for about 7 years.
  2. 70mph, nationalnspeed limit. It was this one, and just checked, there isnt one on the opposite carriageway so it must have been these.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. I came up the M1 last night late on (11pm) from Luton to Daventry as the A5 is now having 6 months of closures. On 5 separate occasions the traffic was reduced to a single lane using gantries and for 4 of the areas, cones. The one site with no cones almost saw a major accident as a coach driver in front of me moved left into the path of a Amazon lorry that didn't want to join the single lane, the lorry didn't slow and inches kept them apart. There was also a camera went off as I passed, 2 miles before the roadworks start at Junc 13. I was doing 69mph(so probably 67). It will be interesting to see if a ticket is generated and what do in this case.
  5. Plenty of comments about Colonwood if.you search on here. Perhaps some boat builders are quality rather than dear??
  6. Red is the same as Winterblaze further south. I've burned it for 4 years with no issues, easy to keep in for long periods and occasional clinker to clear.
  7. Its not the ones in the 2nd lane, its numpties sat at 65mph in the 3rd land, with nothing in the left 2 lanes for miles. There is precious little enforcement any more, and one problem with the new style of cars, is that once theyve got their sat nav on, cruise control, front distance sensors, lane management etc turned on, they lose all involvement with driving other than moving the steering wheel at the other end.
  8. No, because Whilton would start to sell them...
  9. Dont go for deep back boxes as this will limit the depth of insulation behind. Most boats dont have faceplates, surrounds etc as the sockets sit in wood(ply/solid/MDF etc) therefore are just set in the gunnel inner side.(usually).
  10. Hope its got up to date charts and VHF..... Enough fresh to get stuck on the Staythorpe wier I suppose.
  11. You dont often see Lidl or Aldi trolleys in the cut either 👍
  12. You sit down to work at a laptop waiting for a flight, order by app or go to bar and lose your table, laptop, bag, passport, tickets and currency...
  13. Trent above Shardlow still looks swift but back down where it should do, I am not sure the land has managed to dry much in this last 5 days of mist and cloud though, so dont think it would take much for it to start rising again.
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