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  1. Nobody in Europe is daft enough to buy the Joke....sorry, Juke..
  2. However, there are now hundreds out there isolating themselves each night along the cut and who's checking......
  3. I think you are referring to an Eberspacher or Webasto(other models are available)......which, I agree with you. however, a diesel fuelled Lockgate/Kabola/Refleks are no different in cost (especially with diesel price dropping now), and only need a good clean once a month and they are very efficient and hot.
  4. 1. Not as far as I know, but if you are on facebook there are countless groups you can join, some quite good at that kind of thing. 2. red diesel is still available, and at your own declaration at present - although HMRC has had its wrists slapped by the EU and is maybe going to change it if we dont leave soon!! basically, the present system means you declare how much diesel is used for propulsion, and how much for living (heat/light/electricity generation etc)...propulsion is charged at full duty price - heating type is currently around 70-90p a litre. if you have a dedicated tank for a stove - this will be 100% domestic. 3. bowthrusters are fitted regardless of boat length - it is down to the commissioning owner - and there are no hard and fast rules.....many of us have up to 70 foot boats without, and dont struggle. If the boat is 60 foot exactly - you can probably squeeze through the whole system (a couple of locks you will have to reverse through). 4. if your asthma is serious - diesel stove may be better than solid fuel because of the dust. Gas is an expensive way to heat a boat in Winter yes. Spray foam is best. There are coal boats across the system which usually supply diesel and gas too - some do other things like pumpouts - but not all. 5 There are modern apps and software, but the canals dont change much. the books you used to use will probably still be fairly relevant although many named pubs may have changed/closed. 6. Toilets - pick and choose - empty cassettes several times a week, or pumpout once a month. Smelly(MR)l be along to tell you the cassette is the best thing on the planet - although his present boat is a pumpout. Composting - some say too much trouble - getting too in touch with your waste - however , seem to be getting more popular. Merchant is still around.
  5. I would make sure I was first out....
  6. ...and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, etc etc...
  7. Apparently Foxton was packed yesterday, car parks open and full, picnickers, ice cream shop open along with gift shop at bottom. Just no boats moving.
  8. Makes a lovely frozen yoghurt.... https://www.sweetfrog.com/
  9. Absolutely non stop this weekend, at one point yesterday 8 boats came past nose to tail. Lots of inflatable canoes as well.
  10. Didnt matter, he wasnt wearing glasses
  11. Well I'm still here and still remember the abuse. Completely uncalled for and he was not carrying shopping. I dont attract attention for using locks incorrectly as I dont. This was quite a surprise when it happened. Let it rest, and seek help if you can't.
  12. Which is why I didnt recommend a scabbler in these temps. We so use a scabbler on bitumen.....but not above 20celsius...
  13. Abdication was never a good leadership model.
  14. Is your boat on a landline normally, if not, have you good solar?? Just asking as most CCTV systems require 240v power 24/7
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