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  1. None. Northampton Southbound Roadchef has just 1 and a half spaces allocated to electric charging.
  2. Will it??.... Bringing the thread back to it's original National Grid problem, where is the power going to come from for all these electric vehicles? Where is the infrastructure going to be located? South Mimms today for example, approx 500 cars, 20 coaches,/minibuses, 20 HGV. 12 Tesla super charging points.
  3. People dont leave because of those, people leave because of the owners. Allegedly.😎
  4. Always remember that the flood levels indicated are "buildings and roads " flooding, not navigation. It takes a while to work out the safe cruising levels, and flow meters where available are also important . The Soar for me is one where I can work out when it's safe to go from Wreake and Rothley Brook catchment streams and the City centre level in Leicester....sometimes when in the red at locks. Next week looks fine until after Bank holiday so even if the SS warning comes in, it wont be in for long. https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Detail/1500/1647 One of the storage areas! Yes, there has been a lot of rain in the last 36 hours, but the levels are fairly stable looking at most gauges.
  5. The Nene is very complicated because of the various flood alleviation schemes, different catchment areas, and the way the locks are reversed. I would say its OK unless the text warnings come through, although if you are out when this happens, you could be stuck. Unlike the Ouse warnings, (divided into 3 distinct areas), the Nene is just one.... So can be hairy at one end and lovely half way down......however, the warnings dont tell you this.
  6. https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Map/Search/Catchment/Nene I find the Shoothill gaugemap far easier to use than anything the .Gov does, it also updates quicker.
  7. My bad , sorry, forgot to add the internal flight. We are dropping vehicle at Jacksonville and have an internal flight to DC on the last day, hence the New Orleans direction.
  8. We have currently got White Sands, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Vegas, the Ozarks and maybe New Orleans down as some the targets. If I see a hurricane forming, the that might be a sidetrack.😁 We have the Ranger Raptor, so hopefully we can turn off the tarmac at some points and enjoy the interior. What we need is something we can plan ahead on, giving driving times, possible diversions, and other places of interest,.something we can save to laptop or phone, and amend as we go along maybe?
  9. He was still alive in January when we saw him in Glasgow....just.
  10. Its without for me as I have to keep my svelte figure in order to get round and in engine bays to do stuff like remove gear boxes , replace drive plates and batteries and replace engine mounts. I also spend far more time sanding, scabbling, taping up and painting than I do in engine bays(due to other staff that cant) so am probably making up excuses. Those who know me know svelte is not entirely correct, And I do like butter on crumpets, pikelets and oven bottomers, however, do know that bacon ...AND butter would probably annoy my doctor, so I dont.
  11. That's the bottom end because of the wier on the Trent. Further up it is still do-able in some stretches, even when on full pelt. Sometimes it's actually easier after it goes up over the fields and the flow slows. Corrected as I see they have changed it to Bridge 2, City Centre. The worst bit in flood is above that, up to Kinga Lock.
  12. Yorkshire have officially denied knowledge of your existence and asked for your true Yorkie credentials to be expunged from the records... They have cited extreme provocation in their applications and have termed the WUSS as the deciding condition.
  13. So, we are landing in Denver in a couple of weeks, and exiting from.Washington Dulles a couple of weeks later.....no real plans..although apparently I am the nominated driver for the Million Dollar Highway.!! We have several must do's, and some would like to see's. What is the best digital route planner, can you create and save this on Google maps or is there a better way?? Unfortunately for the planet we have hired a rather large Ford 4x4 Pickup, however, as this the worlds top selling vehicle, dont feel that we are completely to blame for the rain today or next month.
  14. It's not just you, so many people think that by sitting in a marina on a landline, their batteries will last forever as they arent being used. They dont, they need to be cycled, even if only a bit, just to prevent sulphation. ....which is what the sterling gizmo is supposed to do but doesn't.!!
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