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  1. I think we were about 1st boat down last August when they finally lifted their lockdown, loads of rubbish and little water.
  2. Dumb barge, engine added later?? £125k and no mooring guarantee.....separate negotiation with the Ferry Quays people.
  3. I believe the term now is "Cultural Head Attire From the Eastern Global Region" hat.
  4. Non stop shiny boats this morning, get away quick John 76767
  5. He was trying to fill the pounds, not the sideponds.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Holland /Belgium/S.France, buildings dont look English.
  8. I reported the seller yesterday
  9. You will probably need a 5 gallon containers of it in some CRT waterways in a months time just to find the channel.....
  10. Here another one that elbowed it's way into my YouTube list.... Disaster at Bratch Locks. So, did his boat sink, did the lock gates fall off, did the Bratch turn into a water chute... No, after criticising a local member of staff for using a leaf blower and not turning it off when he wanted to do his important video, he then stuck a counterfeit SD card in his camera and lost the rest of his days footage in what "would have been my best ever video..."
  11. You know in another 80 years at one of those stationary engine shows, this will probably be on row 11, stand 5
  12. 2 ex mice in galley this morning, one was just a guts pile, the other one had been carefully dismembered and looked like a school dissection, one leg outstretched, tail in right place and guts in a long line. Sorry if you are having lunch.
  13. Already started down here, hire boats already gone out and lots of marina based boats moving.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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