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  1. matty40s

    Historic Boats for sale online

    dad did, so we suffered it😫
  2. matty40s


    I havn't done a lock on my own boat since May(quite a few nice lock free hours around here). I have done quite a few locks on other boats this year, and I am really trying to avoid locks with Vollockies after the last 5 years and new "rules" becoming apparent more and more. I object to be told how to boat, or when I should raise a paddle, or whether I should stay on my boat while a locky raises 1 paddle a few notches every few minutes,, object to be told to move a 70 footer backwards going uphill in a lock, I object to having had to rescue a hire boat going uphill at Foxton with the Head volunteer lockie sending water down and the boat deck being under an waterfall, I object to seeing volunteer lockies deciding to just do the boats that suit them.
  3. matty40s

    New Cycling Trust

    most of the illegal immigrants have at least 6 people to a bike - according to the latest research - outsourced to a Bangalore Data filing agency
  4. matty40s

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I grew up with that stuff, standard NORWEB issue bog paper. Once leaving the family home, 3 ply quilted aloevera lovely stuff has never been a cost issue.πŸ˜€
  5. matty40s

    Historic Boats for sale online

    hedge cutting now too...πŸ˜‰
  6. matty40s


    I can see batteries in one of the photographs, says 24V system so presumably there's at least 2. Types of wood used...Pine T&G......(some) Not much left of the sink in the bathroom.....
  7. matty40s


    Apparently those signs are no longer there!!
  8. matty40s

    Otters in the GU

    Smart Motorway Project Jim. Probably otters where the river Tove meets the canal at Towcester and then st Cosgrove where it crosses the Great Ouse.
  9. matty40s

    alvecote historic boat gathering

    Landscapes and charcoal scenic pictures mainly.
  10. matty40s

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    I am not fan of boats that only have electrics and lighting along central strip of ceiling. It's a simple and cheap kind of fitout, yes, but do you really want to be mistaken for Heathrows new runway approach. Tidy looking boat, don't think it's overpriced for a 15 year old boat. Am looking at opportunities for an In Water Evaluator...never seen this before, especially when going to pay an out of water surveyor for the same or better information.
  11. matty40s

    Aqualine Canterbury wiring runs

    Indeed, as what should be installed in an Aqualine doesn't necessarily follow the prescribed route of the standard RCD book, as I have already pointed out. I have seen lots of examples.
  12. matty40s

    MPPT fan/controller

    beat me to it Jess
  13. matty40s

    alvecote historic boat gathering

    Sounded and looked good when you chugged past me t'other day.
  14. matty40s

    Aqualine Canterbury wiring runs

    Although the Aqualines are built to a standard sort of design with the RCD manual being a pretty much one size fits all except for the equipment fitted pages, there are usually lots of anomalies. This can be where the owner has specified slightly different lighting or media requirements and the wiring is then changed specifically for that boat. This does mean sometimes that things aren't wired as you would think ( eg under gunnel lights from a shower pump circuit and an aeriel booster from the bow thruster batteries, not the domestic bank.) The only way of finding out usually is to power everything off and then methodically work your way through.
  15. I don't tie, I have 2 lines and run them round the bollards so I have control going down or up. This has never been questioned by the Thames locked so presumably I either look like I know what I am doing or it is acceptable *or both.

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