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  1. Hi all, I am interested in a narrowboat. Lots of recent work carried out. However the seller says he had some welding done along the waterline. Is this something that can be done successfully or should I avoid? Any thoughts or experience? Cheers
  2. Hi Cheesegas, Do the words "broker" and "honest" actually go together? ?.
  3. Hello everyone, I have just had a really frustrating experience. We saw a narrowboat online that we wanted to go and see. I rang the broker who immediately started to ask all sorts of questions about what kind of boat we wanted and what sort of price we were willing to pay. He then told me the boat in question would need work on it to make it into the kind of boat we were looking for and that it would end up out of our price range. The call ended with him telling me he has boats all over the country and he would be in touch if anything came in that matches our requirements. We weren’t asked if we still wanted to see the boat or told of its whereabouts. I am quite new to this canal and narrowboating world. Does anyone have the names of respected brokers? Also, rather than expect to be told about experiences of unreliable or poor quality workmanship and particular builders to avoid, I would like to ask about reputable and valued boat builders. Does anyone have any suggestions and recommendations? I understand Piper is well thought of and Beta engines are good. Thanks, John.
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