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  1. I would have gone up to £60 squids for them, but then someone would have pipped me with 5 seconds to go
  2. And a thought re teenagers. Consider a boat and butty. That way both the youngsters and yourselves have private spaces
  3. And he lives here now I engaged Matty40s of this parish to do some preparatory work on my shortlist whilst I was in NZ. i then came over and we visited the shortlisted and vetted boats together - then bought one and moved on board
  4. Oi, will you lot stop trying to drive the price up! Typical auctioneers i have bought loads of stuff (tat) over the years. I might have to return all my bricks and track down my missing horse brasses at this rate 😎
  5. The loop is there to catch bicycle pedals
  6. I have heard the french are pretty good at making these
  7. Caught the groom trying to escape on a trip boat! Safely back where he belongs now, tied to the big tree outside his boat - saves on water if he has a shower in the rain. I may untie him in an hour or so.
  8. Matty has promised the weather will clear up! Great to meet some of the old crew at our mini banter last night. It was a great evening. About to check on the groom, and make sure he has not scarpered overnight 😎
  9. Knowing that Mrs Wainwright is trying to get funds, my answer is: 948!
  10. Kiwidad


    Now, finally, you are a proper boater
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