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  1. Yup, this is Matty’s full time work now. Apart from when he is fixing things on my boat 😎 I call him Ashdowns boat valet ! Quality painting takes time
  2. Signwriting looking superb
  3. Being a simian, you are aware the thermometer needs to be inserted rectally for an accurate reading?
  4. Starting to look better now
  5. I agree, one is 9 foot tall, the other is 5 foot 😎
  6. We waved on Monday last, but you probably didn’t realise who it was. You were on the bow of Sickle as we cruised past for drinky poos wit Matty & Kathy
  7. And so it begins Matty and Bob have a job and a half!
  8. Just missing some Xmas lights, like the boat moored behind you night before last 😎
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Kiwidad

    Mulled wine

    Yummy, I had a wee dram of this with a certain Matty just last night.
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