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  1. I volunteer to be an advance taster for the program 🍺
  2. They do green stuff in Rotherham, but I am not sure it qualifies as tea ?
  3. I should sell my vlog of Matty & Kathy’s wedding cruise. I am sure it would give hours of entertainment ?
  4. I thought I saw this boat in a lay-by- no sign of a trailer ?
  5. I used a visa agency, cost £100 didn’t need a visa because I am British born, but that cost included opening a bank account. We used a friends address for mail. Important that if they offer you a credit card, take it to build up your credit rating just make sure you pay it in for ll every month (or don’t use it)
  6. I would definitely be interested in Measham!
  7. So what is the problem? The canals are for all. For all you know, that is a favourite mooring of theirs / live and let live
  8. Just don’t mention the cricket ??
  9. As an avid All Blacks supporter ( obviously) I have to say - well done England, out thought and out played the all blacks. If it wasn’t for one poor line out it would have deservedly been 19 zip. Whitlock incident was ‘ hand bags at dawn’ and dealt with. a great game with the right result, no cards involved and well refereed. We now know who the World Cup Champions are, and they deserve it. Now I need 8 stiff whiskies ?
  10. Ha, job done, hardly even ruffled their hair
  11. Shhhhhhh We did become regulars at pie night and quiz champions
  12. Oh my word. The poor couple. 5 whole days! Try 6 weeks moored next to matty40s ?
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